Sep 24, 2010


I WANT Wii CONSOLE! *Sound so spoiled* Outdated some more.

But I know it's impossible to get one now. A second hand one with games on eBay cost around $150, the cheapest. Need to bid some more. Expensive for us now. :(

I thought of getting one, because I want some exercise at home. So I can move my body, not just sitting and do my assignment the whole day. Or weeks. At least I can entertain myself yet swing my arms flesh with Wii.

We had a very interesting conversation yesterday night about this. Conclusion, wait till we get a job during summer first. I can't wait for summer now! Hands gatal already. But sigh.. No choice.

The more I think of it, the more I got crazier. He beh tahan me already. -_-


SIGH. Don't think I'll get it. :(

Lecture to attend. Ciao.

Sep 23, 2010

Live to the fullest. ♥

These days, a few friends or friend's friends have left us. Most of them got into car accidents. Sometimes, I feel things are really unpredictable. People just leave when they didn't even thought of it. Sometimes when we read news online, some accident news in M'sia really shocked me. Yep, we still read The Star Online too. -_-

Anyway, the point is lets appreciate our life and live to the fullest. We never know what would happen next second. Go do what you thought of doing yesterday, don't keep dragging it until you regret. Go see the one you wanted to see. Tell him/her what you wanted to tell, don't keep it until your courage is gone. DO IT~!

Sometimes I feel guilty when I couldn't be home to see my grandpa for one last time. I regret for not calling him on the days that I wanted to call him. I keep thinking, nevermind la. Tomorrow first. I always had something to do on hand. I regret the most when I wanted to call him on the week he left. I'll never get to hear his cheerful voice again. :'(

I miss home. I wonder when I'll able to see them again. Maybe end of the year, maybe next year. Maybe.. Don't know.

I miss my kitties. <3
I miss my maids.
I miss my parents.
I miss my grandparents.
I miss my car. :(

Ya man, I miss my maids more. I see them more often than my parents. They cooked for me, washed my cloths, bring them out to everywhere, tell me what happen at their home in Philippine and know everything about me. I tell them whatever. I sayang them more. ♥

I feel like getting a pet here. A kitty or puppy. Adopt one la. Because I feel kitty or puppy makes our house merrier. 'Someone' to play with and talk to when I'm home alone. But if I really have to leave here, I don't know what will I gonna do. I can't just give away a pet that I have feelings with or leave it with Wayne. That cancels my thought. :(


Sep 15, 2010

September love ♥

Nothing much to blog lately. Everyday are sort of routine. We had lots of of laughter together time to time, except when we had to separate for class. :(

Some random pictures taken this month. ♥

Tuna toast bread. Yummy.

Fried noodle with curry sauce, with FISH BALLS. Wayne's creation.
Taste damn nice! :)

Longan. ♥

Bought jogging shoes. Finally.
We're going for jogging this week! Keep fit.

Don't know what's this called.
Purposely got down from the car to take this while on the way home. :)

A sunny and windy day. :)

A small church in Sandy Bay.

I'm very satisfied with my life now. Thanks to my parents, I'm having this perfect life. I'm grateful to them and supporting me all the time. ♥

Sep 2, 2010

First hair cut for him ♥

Since he bought all the tools needed, so I had to try cutting his hair. For the start. :)

It was kinda exciting though. At first, I was kinda 'high'. Until, he started to boss me around. He's more experienced one because he always see how people cut his hair when he was having the hair cut. Unlike me, I just sat there and enjoy the outcome.

Anyway, he was pretty satisfied. He even said I did a good job. Thanks to his guidance. ♥ He really knows his hair style very well. :)

Mirror mirror hanging on the wall. *Fish eye effect*

His hair.
The chair in the toilet finally has some use. :)

The 'murder' weapon. Didn't dare to use it.
He used it to trim his side burn.

Extra picture, with miniature effect.

Except the time my grandma cut my hair when I was 10, I started to get a hair cut at Sg. Wang ever since. It's like some kind of tradition. Mom gets her hair cut there, and I started going there as well.

But this time.. obviously, I'm gonna give it to him. =/

Anyway, I'm glad that I took the first step. I'll probably do a better job next time. :)

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