Dec 30, 2009

Penang Trip

Finally, has the internet to update a little bit of my previous trips. FYI, it’s Old Town White Coffee internet. HAHAHA. My home’s internet has been down for a week plus already!! Lucky thing is I went for trips. If not, I’ll sure bore to death at home. XD

So we went to Penang. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip. The whole trip is all about FOOD. Stuffed myself lots of food and I gained a little of weight. Till now, I still feel I got fatter. My TUMMY!! Feel so bad of myself right now. Why the fats don’t go to somewhere else? My breast, maybe? HAHAHAHAHA.

Have to start workout from now on. Maybe starts with swimming. Hehehe. Hopefully, I can stop eating too much too till I recover my ideal weight, 45kg. I hate exercises that will produce so much sweat, so swimming will be the only thing for me. HAHAHAHA. See lah. Maybe add a little bit of walking in the house. XD

Back to the Penang trip. So, we stayed at Evergreen Laurel Hotel that located at Gurney Drive. It was quite an expensive stay. RM600 for 2 nights, but the room was really awesome. It has the sea view!! Service was good. Everything was great. Except the time when we check in. A minor problem occurred.

The hotel.

Our room. 2 queen size beds. Comfortable. :)

The hotel's mirror. HAHAHAHA

We had been to several places, just to EAT. Didn’t even visit any tourism places. The place I wanted to visit the most, Penang Hill, was closed. Aiyo. Too bad le. So ya, that’s the reason why I gained so much weight.

Pancake House.

Mango waffle.

Shawn and Vivian. Mango pancake. :)

At Gurney Drive. Rojak and Che Cheong Fun.

Check out FB for more pictures. XD

The trip was fun, ended quite fast without realizing at all. We went to Taiping to visit Wayne’s grandparents and headed to Ipoh for Chicken rice!! Yummy. :)

So we had a night trip back home. It was quite jam and adventurous. There was one part of the journey, where the car behind us almost can’t break on time and bang our car. The tire shutting sound was scary. There was a few accidents happened that involved 4 cars in one accident. Scary-ness.

I won’t go to Penang anymore. Once and for once, it’s enough. The 司机s there are awful. I never like their way of driving, as if they do not care about others live. So yep, no more Penang.

Dec 24, 2009

2 days left.

Only two more days left before heading back to Malaysia. Time passed so quickly. Will show you guys some interesting pictures soon. See you guys when i'm back. :)

Dec 19, 2009

Penang - in progress :)

Am still in Penang, resting in hotel before heading out again. Been eating a lot in this 2 days. I can tell I haven't gain any weight yet because the hotel provide the weighting machine! HAHAHAHA.

Took quite an amount of pictures!

Ciao. :)

Dec 13, 2009

Crowd Control Products

Due to the problem that some of the people who do not follow the rules, there is a need of crowd control to make sure the people will stay in line while queuing or waiting for to be served. It's always better to prevent any conflicts happen during the event or in the business place than to let it happen.

One way to prevent the crowd goes nut is by using the stanchions. You can always see this during a huge event, bank, or cinema. They have different designs or material to suit different events, places or atmospheres.

Some looks classy, for example, the velvet ropes. It's always seen in a hotel or high end shopping malls to indicate the standard of the places.

The price is between $47 - $50 depends on the height of the stanchions. Besides, customers get to choose the colours of the stanchions to suit different places. However, the most commonly seen is red colour velvet rope.

There's another type which is commonly seen at the cinema's queues or banks. It's called the retractable belt stanchions. It's 4 - way retractable and easy to replace or to change other colours belts. It is also possible to print any preferred messages or logos on it by the company.

Barricades are also used to control the crowd for security, traffic or privacy purpose. It is commonly seen a
t events or places that need to be secured from the public. There's several types which can be used for different purpose. For example, the picture shown beside shows the barricades can be place with advertisements or messages while restricting the area. Besides, these barricades are available in different sizes too to fit different requirements.

This was what going on.

Been going everywhere these days. Tired but great. At least kinda spent my time in a better way. Stop myself from thinking nonsense. :)

Present to you, Simon's piggy hamster. One of it lah. Manyak cute I tell you. I forgot what's its name.

The normal obedient look.

Hair spike look. Become so yeng leh. X)

Went to One U yesterday. White Christmas was the theme. So nice.

Wanted to take a nice picture of ourselves by asking a stranger's help. But, I still can't really get over the fact that I don't prefer stranger taking picture for us. So, no fancy nice pictures of us with the Christmas background. :(

However, we camwhored earlier on!

I was forced to take that picture. HAHAHAHAHA. So ugly lah. He smiled so happily some more. =P

And, a normal picture of us. :)

Btw, we also head to Genting on yesterday night. And, came down at 9am. Don't ask me why. Definitely not for gambling. X)

It was taken when we came down at 8.30am. It's like a place called heaven. HAHAHAHA.

The fog was kinda heavy too. Can't even see the road or cars ahead. Luckily I wasn't the driver. Hehehe. I fell asleep. So tired.

Thanks for giving me such lovely days and holding me tight wherever we go. :)

Dec 8, 2009

Why? WHY?

PC Fair is finally over. Tired like hell. But I feel I get fatter in this 2 days. Why? WHY? I should get even thinner. :( Thanks to my Mom lah. She spent us good food every night after the PC Fair ended. I stuffed myself with lots of food. T__T

Anyway, something happened on the 3rd day which I do not and will not talk about it. Although Wayne did not know what happened, but he still made up my day and brought me a lot of happiness. Sayang him a lot! Just to make me smile, he did a lot of silly stuffs. He can make me smile while I was crying. HAHAHAHA.

So tomorrow will be the BBQ Day, for Chia Li's birthday. I still haven't get her a present yet lah. This few days have been busy and rested at home today. Hopefully tomorrow will have some time to hunt her a present. :)

Not really in a good mood for a party. I don't feel excited as before. Why ah?

Dec 1, 2009

The best of him.

Was at Wayne's house. Having sore throat since yesterday night. He was being so sweet, made honey juice for me to moisture my throat. He bought pure honey! HAHAHAHA. He said it's more effective. And, he off to basketball and I slept for a little while.

I still remember the good bye kiss when I was down in my sleepiness. :)


Frankly, I haven't been working ever since I was back. The timing wasn't right. I couldn't get any freelance job either. So he has been paying for everything every time we went out. I contributed a little by paying for the petrol. *jeng jeng* credit card. HAHAHAHA.

His words are so comforting. "Don't worry. I'll 'yong' you." HAHAHAHAHA

Of course, I'm not behaving like an idiot, simply spin off his hard - earned money. We know well what to spend on and what's not. I just love his way of loving me and making me feel better of my lifeless period. I know he will never make me feel bad of myself.

2 days ago, we argued. I'm not sure shall I say it was a small matter or big deal. It happened so quickly till I didn't know how to respond. One thing for sure is, I cried. Very sad like that. He dropped me off at Brickfield, where my grandma was at. Everything happened all in sudden. I hugged my grandma as if something very serious just happened. Anyway, 30 minutes later, we reconciled. He came and pick me back. Honestly, I was very bad to him. Thank goodness he smiled back. It was a huge relief when he smiled at me again.


Anyway, the party will be on 8th. One thing, I'm really not sure whether we should have the party together. Most of our friends are busy with exams now and my place is kinda far. I think, it's better to have it at PJ. Maybe not a party, just a gathering or little celebration for her birthday. And it's nearer for them to come over for a little while or what not. Maybe the welcome home party change to another day or what.

It's still a thought thou.

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