Oct 30, 2008

weird thought =(

i wonder did he feel excited for seeing me after without my existence around him for 4 days. i really wondered.

honestly, i was thrilled. i began to miss him on the 2nd day and tried to held myself not to disturb him to study for his final. but i stood at my position until the 5th day,and finally i moved. =)

i sms-ed him to see if he has the time to have lunch with me. and he had the time. =D
well, we met at the Face - to - Face, because it's quite near to our college. he only watched me eat because he ate already.

however, our conversations still never leave car topics. he talked about his car lights, petrol host, vacuum host, long shaft, absorbers. honestly, i preferred him to tell me that he missed me, ask me what i did this few days. or give me a kiss initially. he didn't.

i know him very well. he doesn't show his feelings or tells how much he loves me. unless i ask.

i wanted to hug him before i left to my car. but i didn't do so. don't know why. at that moment, i felt sad.
probably because, i didn't have enough of time with him and he didn't adore me as i thought he will.

every time i tried to get intimate with him through sms, he told me, "after exam first la. these days very busy la.". which made me feel, i'm so annoying.

just sometimes, he replied me, "i got miss you ar". after i asked him, "do you miss me today?".

ya la. i feel having a long term relationship will really makes everything not so bother by the guy. because, he thinks the girl will definitely understand his situation or some shit. and can make it back to her after things happen. i just can't take the facts, sometimes.

Oct 28, 2008

thing that you will never understand. =)

很想忘记, 可是你的快乐让我觉得很碍眼。 也许我太小心眼了。
这么多年了, 你的影子还在排徊着。

也许, 初恋就是这样。

Oct 26, 2008

stress can be scary =S

whole day, i stayed at home with the thought to complete part of my report.
BUT, i didn't finish it completely. only partly.
i don't know how to force myself to continue doing it.

i need a break. but it's not a suitable time to have entertainment YET, i know.
and now, i'm over stressed. i cried at the middle of the night, because i thought of something i'm scared of.
which is living a life without him or my parents or my maids.

but, at the mean time, i'm also excited to start a new live with Twins. can't wait to see what will happen to the 3 of us under the same roof. =D

i don't know how to relax myself and make myself to become myself again.

i'm hoping all this assignments period can be over as soon as it can. but, at the same time, i'm also hoping the time not to pass too soon. not many months for me to stay here, isn't?

so ya la. stress is so scary! =(

Oct 25, 2008

have a safe flight! =)

the Twins, have a safe journey all the way to Japan ok?
don't get into fights ya. HahaHAhahaha

i'm going to miss you both so much! miss me too! although, i know Teing is going to miss Bernard more. HahaHahaha

so Hwey, miss me ok?

we shall wait til the day you both are back then.

Hwey, take some pictures of handsome guys there. =D
or leng luis la. i bet, there are many of them there. HahaHahaha

try to get online sometimes. blog or msn. so, i will think you both are still alive there. =)
don't get into Japanese culture too much.

Oct 24, 2008



浪漫过后, 只有痛苦的存在。
谁也没想过认真的对待一段感情, 也要看值不值得。多讽刺!

Oct 21, 2008

SK II stuffs =)

i watched the advertisement on the TV and was thinking, maybe it's really that good, or effective.

so i decided to go into their SK II website to find out what's the function for it.

then i went to googled to see the reviews. it said, Facial Treatment Essence is the most BASIC item you must have! for clarify purpose.

i think, i shall have one of it. HahaHahahaha
to renew my skin a little, so it wouldn't look so dull or something.
but i think, this item is kinda expensive though. not sure how much is it yet.
i roughly know that it cost around RM200++. so costly.

plus, i also saw the Skin Refining Treatment. can minimize pores. wondering shall i consider this too. =/

i wish i could get some sample to try. HahaHahahaha

i wonder why he have to freaking talk about his car every time he picked me up.
this very bad, that very good, this very very not good. lol

sometimes, his topics bored me la. mostly, every time is about his car.
and now, his final is coming so soon. i became a little emotional when i listen to things that i dislike from him.

very emotional. i need adoration. HahaHAhahaha

Oct 19, 2008

dad's wish

he said, other folks told him, "daughters will normally "da bao" food back for their parents ever since they start to date." i was so speechless.

i didn't know what to tell him thou. HahaHAhaha

then i said, "you wanna have so much ajino-moto food everyday meh?"

he thought today i went to pak toh. instead, i went to Eva's house to finish up our presentation slides with the rest. it was very stress, ok.

how good, if i really have the time to date. oh no, is US. =(

his final is coming AGAIN. so fast. 10 days left!
hopefully, he can score well, do well and think well. please don't oversee the questions. =)

Ng Sae Weng, i wish you could adore me more. more than you usually did. HahaHAhaha

Oct 16, 2008

picture day! =)

we went to Chili's, One Utama for Eva's birthday celebration!
since her bf is not-so-free to celebrate with her, so we were the backups. HahaHahaha

and she treated us the meal! there was 6 of us, so you guess how much was the bill.

but it wasn't a great start for our journey to One U. one of her car tires went flat. anyhow, it got fixed and there we still went to One U.

there were 4 dishes. and i basically only like 2 of it, as i don't really prefer beef and lamb.
but i tried some of it, it was delicious. =)
we had our lunch before our classes, so we didn't really have a lot of CHILI'S. lol

it's the beef? i can't recall. =/

Triple Play, its name. =D

Grilled Salmon. average la. 3 stars. =)

Finally, the birthday girl, Eva. with her strawberry cream cake. =)

i had my hair cut, finally. and another time of straightening. this time, plus a treatment too.

it wasn't cheap. this whole blardy thing cost me RM300. my mom paid half of it. HahaHahaha
and, i sat there for 3 hours! bud also no feeling already.
plus, i had to walk 3 rounds for hair wash. goodness!

there's one moment, i wanted to tell the hairstyler. " can i just leave the place with my hair like this?"
of course, i didn't do it at the end. just sat there patiently and read magazines. =/

i'm so gonna dye my hair before i leave to Perth.
any recommended places with reasonable price and quality place? let me know! =)

Oct 14, 2008

a lunch and dinner =)

went to Taipan USJ with Eva for lunch today, called the Taiping Thiam Khee. it's actually quite similar with Old Town White Coffee.
but, guess what? it's cheaper and portion slightly larger. =)

Kaya and butter toast bread. RM1.80

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken. RM6.90

i had Cham too! but, their Cham is a little bit too sweet la. not really nice thou.

met up Hwey, Teing and Cathy too. went to Manhattan Fish Market, Cineleisure for Cathy belated birthday dinner. =)

well, let us see whose angle is the best! HahaHahaha
the 4 of us were taking the pictures for these platters at different seats. kinda weird. =D

Seafood Platter.

we ate till so full, and still have to force ourselve to finish the rest. =/
and, luckily the Ice Lemon Tea is bottomless. refilled 3 times! HahaHahaha

well, i had a great day! Love you guys.

Oct 13, 2008

Gives me hopes and smiles =)

she is Eva's poodle. so cute of her. we have become close friends ever since i always pet her. HahaHahaha

Chilli. =)

when i was on my way to Wayne's house, i saw this! =)

a rainbow, a huge rainbow. HahaHahaha
didn't know why i smiled when i saw it. maybe due to the stress i had, when we were doing the Finance assignment. so, i was glad! =)

it was raining.

i always think that rainbow gives people hopes. when you're thinking something hard, it might makes you think that nothing is impossible. even itself can form a seven colors thingy out! HahaHaha

it was so colorful which makes me think that, it might actually encouraging me on continue doing something; when i intended to give up.

anyway, i'm just glad, it appeared on time. =)

Oct 12, 2008

Home Made Muffins =D

yesterday night, we just have to go back to his house to get back my questionnaire papers, after a movie.

oh, we watched
Mama Mia! it's a terrific movie, involved so much fun, sadness, and SONGS! HahaHaha
and and and, dancing too. so much of dances. =D

anyway, when we reached his house, his mom was baking muffins! just on the right time. =)
so, she gave me those
home - made muffins to bring it back home.
i tasted it, i think it's more delicious than Kenny Roger's ones. HahaHahaha. seriously.

Aunt Sally made these muffins with patience and care.
she even bought those paper wrap just for making the muffins! =)

forgot to mentioned, it's chocolate and butter muffins. i think it contains butter. lol

plus a random picture that i took for Molly.
he is just cute and handsome! =D

Oct 11, 2008

how the blardy SPSS works?

i'm trying to key in the data we have collected for Starbucks into SPSS.
it's a program which can helps to analyze the results of the surveys, such as ANOVA, Chi Squre, Mode, Median, etc.
a very complicated one. =S

but now, due to we have 3 sections in our questionnaire. we don't know whether key in all the data in one file. or have to separate it into 3 files. i'm STUCKED!

what lecturer taught us is using a data that already available for our tutorial. so, i don't know how's their questionnaire looks like one.

we should have ask. and suppose, like nobody have asked him this question before.

therefore, now i'm doing a research on SPSS. see how does it works.

Oct 10, 2008

i have companions now! =)

teing and hwey are going to Perth with me! re-confirmed again.

yes, they are! HahaHaha

i am glad, my mom is glad. and i think, wayne is glad too. =)
at least, someone can take care of me.
that's what they think, not me. i am a very independent individual. HahaHahaha

anyway, i'm really happy la. feel relief, i guess.

hwey, u no need to "song" me till the end already. can stay with me some more. lol
we shall learn how to cook together, from now onwards. =D

3 months left. how many things we still can do together? ='(

Oct 8, 2008

Kenari is forever gone =(

the blue kenari i had before, is permanently gone.
it has sold to someone else, or agents or somebody. i don't know.

i just realized after my parents are home. then, i looked around. "Mana Kenari leh?"
then my brother told me, "SOLD already." =(

not that i like that Kenari so much. however, it was by my side for 3 years since form 5, ok.

although i hate the bloody wind sound, but it did drove me home safely. =)
been to many places with it. went through several accidents with it too. HahaHaha

plus, from now on, i have no car to use on Saturday! *sadness*

it's a simple and family story to tell, if you want to know why. =/

p.s: Ng Sae Weng, you will have to take me out with your car on every Saturday if you want to see me. HahahaHahaha

when i was listening to 爱在记忆中找你, sang by 林峰, i felt sad, for no reason.

then i smsed him, to tell him, I LOVE YOU. HaHahahaha

he is injured!

it's a very small case, to him. HahahaHahaha

basically, his wrist can't twist out, so he went to look for 铁打.

why i said it's nothing to him? because, he was USED TO get injured physically very often before i know him.
so this is sap sap sui to him.

this is the "medic box", that they are using. it's quite brownish because of the medicine.
he said, very effective wo.

his wrapped right- hand. the ribbon, i tied wan. HahahaHahaha

he actually wants me to cheat you guys. says, it's my hand. lol
it's with a story some more.

he said, i went for a fight. when i used the parang knife to chop people, ter-twisted my wrist wa. -.-

ridiculous people. lol

我喜欢他的 thick and sexy lips =D


i'm writing this because, someone wrote that she likes her boyfriend's eyes. =)

a girl which have been together with her boyfriend for 3 years, and finally get to "announce" it to her family.

kinda same as us. a relationship that is blessed, finally. *happy ending*

i think, being together secretly is a kinda suffering case right? =/

ok la. i have to get back to my econs notes!
tomorrow is the exam day. shit-ness day! =(

after this, more shit-ness is coming.

Finance assignment, Marketing Research oral presentation, Marketing Research Final Report.
oh, missed one out! have to key in the survey data we have collected. =S

busy weeks are coming!

Oct 5, 2008

Giving away handbags! =)

i was studying ECONS half way, then wondered around.

dropped by Teing's blog, saw this post of winning a free handbag. HahaHaha

so i clicked into the website. oh, just one step to register only.
key in your first name and email address. itu saja! =)

i have chosen this handbag!
probably because i don't have such pretty handbag. =(

looks kinda matured for me. but i like it! i'll get to use it someday, somehow.
many pockets too! HahaHaha

still have 9 days and 12 hours more to go!

go get one for yourself too! =)

Eagle Eye...

...is actually a computerized woman?!!

we get bored after we watched till half way. but, the movie is kinda long. duration is 2 hours!
but those action parts are very good! very unbelievable.

i thought it would be more interesting than this. and, it reminded me of another movie.

neh..the one that showed his butt in front of the audiences. he stopped the guy from playing the piece too, to avoid the bomb explore. that was a comedy one. HahahaHahaha

anyhow, we watched at 12a.m. sharp! =)

after attended a wedding with him, drank some wine plus beer plus S.V.O.P mixed Coke. i felt kinda tired la. luckily didn't fall asleep.

and, luckily there's still some shocking parts. i yelled and frighten him too. HahahahaHahaha

he said, i was the only one that shouted in the cinema. ya, right.
i'm not really sure thou.

and, today is extremely special. and i hope tomorrow will continue this specialty.
only someone is special knows why. =)

Oct 1, 2008

Shitty Me =/

before i go for my bath.

OMG! i just bought the same jeans that i already have one. the difference, is just the color! =(

hopefully, you notice the difference. the right one. is darker in color.
but, they have the same design. =/

technically, not paid by me. but still, i got the same jeans!

why la i so blurr? didn't even realized it AT ALL when i tried it on. i'm sucks. -.-

anyway, i think it's okay. just you guys, don't think that i wear the same one on the following day.
well, maybe i will. HahahaHahaha

i saw this hanging in my mom's shop. i never realized it was there till today. HahahahHahaha

what kind of a daughter am i?

but i don't know what' s the purpose of hanging an award cert up there.

yes, it's an award thingy. lol. maybe is feng shui! =)

okay, off to my bath!

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