Apr 30, 2008

relaxing day with assignments

i spent my day with him at home today. guess what we did?

we eat, play around, chat, and some times i did my assignments too. he just accompanioned me.

but most of the time, he was eating. chocolates, biscuits, keropok, coco-crunch, 'leong sui'. he just can't stop e a t i n g . haha

btw, i helped him to do facial too. lol.

i bought those peeling-mask for him. he some more acted like bullied by me. haha

tada~! look at his shiny face. maybe because of the flash. haha.
NO! it's the mask! ok?

when i was doing his face, i realized he macam quite handsome.

so my mouth slipped out this sentence. 'you like so handsome lar'

guess what he said again?

he said: ya wor. last time a lot of Assunta girls after me wan lor.

then we both laughed like hell. even himself also feel sarcastic. hahahaha


we had a funny conversation just now. again.

i almost forgot what was it about. ya, it's about our salary when we will be working.

me: eh, what if, my salary is higher than you? how would u feel?

him: how high first?

me: what if, i earn 5k a month, u only earn 2k a month?

him: then ar..u give me 3k of your salary, then i ma higher salary than yours lor.

me: *laugh* i mean, what if, i really got higher salary than you, how will you feel? will 'zi bei' anot?

him: 'zi bei' ar? no lar. i will surely earn more than you wan.

me: i mean what if lar. how how?

him: easy lar. we total up our salary and divide by 2, then we spilt it. (this is the part i laughed the most, i don't know why) then ma same same lor. don't know how to do maths kah?

US: *laugh laugh laugh*

(maybe you guys can't feel the atmosphere. at that time, i was seriously laugh till cried. haha)

stupid lar.

Apr 29, 2008

surprises of the day~

yesterday, my grandma bought her friend over to my house for dinner. i guess they just bumped into each other, then she brought her back. (sounds bit funny, i feel)

anyway, then her friend talked bout her married-and-
divorced daughter. she said her daughter dated with her ex-husband since form 3, for 11 years. then they married for 1 year and divorced.

god~ i was thinking..hmmm..sounds like us thou (choi! touch wood). maybe we wouldn't be together for 11 years then get married lar. but what if we do?

so, i told him about this. guess what he said?

him: then we together for 12 years then only married lar.

me: after 12 years, we 26 already wor. so late meh?

him: then ar..we married after 10 years lar. can anot?

me: what if, u leave me before that?

him: i will leave you when i'm 100 years old lar.

me: *sad*

him: u think i got that long life meh? that time i also die already.

me: *laugh*

end of conversation.

probably a bit the mou liu. haha. but just feel happie
r after hearing him said that. lol


i picked my dad from airport just now. he went to Japan for a business trip.

anyway, he gave us a surprise. guess what?

he bought me and 2nd sister a Burberry purse.

dad said it cost RM500+. i was wah~ haha.
i know it's usual price lar. just didn't expected that he will buy for us as a surprise. lol

i wasn't so obsessed with these branded things. but i'm glad that my dad actually gave us (specifically, me. haha) a surprise. so unexpected and shocked.

and a Burberry handbag (mini type) for my eldest sister. (didn't take picture of it. actually, i kinda like hers.)

and also, he surely will buy a Burberry handbag (mature type) for my mom too. that's a habit for him. lol.

p.s: each also cost RM900+. wah~!

now my mom has a range of bag collections already. from different countries and different brands. haha. thanks to my dad~

THANKS again to my lovely dad!

btw, my eldest sis and me kissed him on his cheeks. :)

Apr 28, 2008

hardest thing ever :'(

MY period pain is back! shit, i hate this.

for not having this pain few months back, i was so glad. and now, it's back!

can't take this sometimes. :(

so, it was half way of my day. went to college for my 1st day of class after mid term break. and it turned out to be like this.

:. was in the finance class. then feel bit uncomfortable, bought my ready-pad, went to toilet.

:. in toilet. damn it! it's here. at the beginning, i didn't feel so pain YET.

:. went back to class. starting to ache. (can't even think a thing when asked to do a question in class)

:. finally, class ended. fast fast ran out from the room and called him. started to cried from no where. then i quickly walk back to my car and ate pain killer.

so basically, i went to college for this 1hour plus class and went home with a crying face. lol

god, i hate this.

after laying on the bed for 4hours with a hot pad on my stomach, yes, i fell asleep after crying. i got better. haha.

if not, i wouldn't be in front of my comp and typing all these.

however, this is seriously sucks.

i have to travel so far to college, and have to drove home all the way with pain. god knows how did i felt.


i guess i know why i had period pain this time.

just now, i watched The Manual Herbalist (i guess so) drama.

the guy said before period, shouldn't eat so much watermelon because it's cold base. and i ate dozen of it when i was at redang lor. no wonder. i think that's the reason why i was so in pain. and now a lil bit too.

p.s: he also said drink jasmine tea before period helps too. next time i shall try it out. lol

Apr 27, 2008

movie again

had another movie again.

we watched
Definitely, Maybe. quite a boring show. probably, i just didn't like it as much as i did before i watched it. what a crap. lol
the little girl is cute. yeah, she is.

so, 2 movies in 2 days~ tomorrow starting college already. again.

shit, haven't prepare anything or arrange my table yet.

have to see Finance terms, business stats formulas, econ techs formulas and I hate the most, International Marketing! AGAIN!

i should be happy cz i had a week holiday. and he has another one more week. what the.

btw, Vincci had this fashion show at Mid Valley.

their 'greennesh' stage

the models. some are real pretty. haha

many reporters at the front stage. *flash flash flash*

exhausted but not tired. lol

got up quite early, i guess it was 9am. didn't slept long after came back from the trip.

surprisingly, not that super tired. haha

went to his house, picked him and aunty up, went to puchong, picked another aunty up. lol. with my new car~ haha.

went to pawn shop, cuz tat another aunty wanna sell off her gold chain.

went makan. then, sent them home.

end of story. lol


he and i went to my house separately. by 2 cars. cz at night, he wants to send me home mar.

hung around till 7pm, went to airport picked my eldest sis. she went to bangkok, btw.

*i drove the whole day. leg super 'bei'. lol

then, we went to Mid Valley watched Fool's Gold. quite funny one.

go watch it~! then you will know. don't listen who who said this said that. watch it yourself~

so, it was 12am already after the movie. he sent me home. haha.

i feel i didn't really rest well after the trip lor. now not sleepy also wor.

what's wrong with me ar?! lol

never mind~ i will be fine. haha.


i have learned few "phrases" from the trip.

--> leave me alone~

--> what's your problem?~

--> i got ask you meh?~

p.s: thanks to Jason See, Sunil and wayne~! haha.

Apr 25, 2008

Back from dreams

So, im back! haha

actually, it was planned to be a 4 days trip. but some thing happened on the 4th day, so we decided to stay one more night in Terengganu.

nothing much to do there. just eat, drive around, and sleep. haha. bored.

btw, we went to the Terengganu beach on the 1st day. quite windy and comfortable. lol.

anyway, redang trip was cool too. i still had a lil sea sick. lol

however, the resort is much better compared with Perhentian one. haha. i get to rest well after got down from the boat. hehe

i was so glad. got heater (most importantly, hehe), comfortable beds, big room. what else?

just got back today around 9pm, so haven't upload those pictures yet. baru bath also. hehe

eventually, i have 200+ pictures. haha. got underwater photos too.

will upload in facebook on tomorrow or later gua. bit lazy lar. too many pictures to arrange. haha

however, we felt time passed so bloody fast. didn't felt like we went for 3days 2 nights to redang also. haha.

p.s: check out my facebook pictures soon.

Apr 20, 2008

miserable moment

yesterday night, i couldn't sleep.

so, i did my lab assignment. surprisingly, i know how to do wor. haha. but not totally finish yet. was doing half way, then my eyes got tears liao when i yawned. lol

so, i still haven pack yet. it's on the day leaving lor. what am i doing?!

a lil bit miserable for me. don't know lar.

shouldn't i be a lil happy? i was so excited before my mid term exam wan lor. was hoping faster over, then can go redang~ haha

okay, better try pack something first. -.-"

Apr 19, 2008

will miss ya, daryl. lol

so, today we had a farewell lunch for daryl in Mid Valley, Little Vietnamese.

before meeting the rest, daryl picked me up from house and went mv together. so, i took pics of this. haha.

he wanted to pierce his ears before going to japan wor. lol

sprayed something first.
get ready~

ahhhh~! little bit pain. haha.

wanted to eat at Kenny Roger, but we ada 10 person wor. they cant serve us quick too. so, we changed venue lor. i was very the hungry. lol

Little Vietnamese' food is kinda nice lar. shared a set with daryl. haha

we divided the food well, and eat! haha

luckily changed venue. cuz suddenly some people are invited. lol

so, we
cam whored with him lar. and then sat there for around 2hours, we ciao. went to The Garden to cam whore again! haha.

around 5pm, i met with Wayne, auntie and Terence. went to Jusco shop for his shoe. finally, bought a
Crocodile shoe. haha.

then, we went to
Penang cafe makan. (do not have other better choice, haha) auntie paying, so we ordered quite a lot. haha. whole table also food.

fishball soup is mine~ haha. and the cendol too!
middle one, is lobak. i think so.


oh ya..tomorrow is the day!

the day to redang~! a lil bit the excited. hehe

haven pack yet also. don't know what else i should bring.

medicine? checked! but then hor..shall i buy the pill for late period ar? scared half way 'auntie visit' how? aiyo, tomorrow only think wanna buy or not lar.

okay, so dun miss me! hehe. jk nia. :D

Apr 18, 2008

counting down to fun time

Mid term is over~! damn syok~

counting down my days to Terengganu trip~ lol

actually, kinda excited, but definitely not because going to redang. -.- i seriously don't prefer going to the sea. sea side ok lar. but in the middle of the sea, no way~ lol

partly because is going with him lor. haha. can have our fun time after our exams are really cool~ cant wait for it. haha

took a few random pictures in this few days~

a smiley face that followed my dad from 1960's till now. haha

my cute little cousin~ my maid acting cute with him. lol

3 cats form a triangle. if i have 4 cats ma have a square? lol

a 'small' flood in front of my dad's pawn shop.


oh ya..my dad finally bought the myvi and i brought it back~ haha

it's SE edition and red in color..so red ar...........lol

my dad said he is selling off my kenari, and i might be driving that myvi. don't know true or not. he always ffk me wan lor. in words term.

front look

back look

the number plat is same as my sister's car one. 3788~ haha

Apr 15, 2008

my cute Wenni~ lol

yeah~ Finance is done! haha.

it wasn't really hard, but i still don't have much confidence on my score. lol. IN CASE~

"i thought it's right, but actually it's wrong." it always happens. :S

after the test, we went to Asia cafe makan then go back to college's resource lab and hung around.

got couch there mar. so, 4 of us sat there and chit chat as if no one is there. now, i realized we were talking quite loud. haha.

then, my cute Wenni, folded this heart shape. lol

it's a booklet. from watson. haha

can you imagine how she looks like? haha. she is cuteeeeeeee. lol

she would have kill me if she read this. probably. maybe. definitely. hahaha

Apr 13, 2008

it's sunday.

replaced my piano class on friday, so today was whole day at home. didn't even step out from my house.

was studying in living room, instead of in my room. sambil watching CSI too. hahahaha

my dad brought my youngest sis and maids out. buy veges and eat lar. didn't have the mood to follow them out also.

his finals starts tomorrow. feel a bit nervous for him. since it's his final exam. wonder how will it turn out.

excellent, good, or poor? i don't know.

so, my cats accompanied me when i was studying. they all fell asleep. haha. lazy bumps.

they occupied each chair for them. lol

Apr 12, 2008

unwell-ness, go away!

didn't go for checkup today.

dad said tomorrow going to pathlab to do 42test + MRI + something else. don't know whats that.

anyway, feel kinda nausea even im at home. why ar? feel so 闷. not bored, is can't breath that type.

is it really because my heart is smaller size than others? lol. i can't breath well, i feel.

i'm not stress ar..atleast, i feel so. why lar i feel so unwell? not that I 体弱多病 also.

feeling so bad this few days. how to have fun in this condition after this week?

cannot lar. i must faster get well, be healthier.

feel like sleeping.


Apr 11, 2008

unwell, bad news

feeling not so well. been few days already.

next week is mid term exam, i wonder will i fall sick lor. some more going to redang after that.

i don't wanna be sick!

tomorrow going to see doctor. do some basic check up. see what happen to my head. maybe i just do not have enough sleep. keep feeling dizzy and heavy. god~

blood circulation sucks~ i don't know.

ok, better faster go bath and get some sleep. so early yet. sigh.

Apr 9, 2008

:( bored bored bored

i was kinda excited when think of the view i will gonna see at redang. haha.

but now, i'm seriously bored to death. as i have no class today. even, i have car but i have no destination to head to. so, just stay at home.

my dad even said to me no place to go then stay at home wor. lol

kinda sick also lar. not feeling so well. walk walk abit feel dizzy. better stay at home sleep lar. hahaha.

another point, i was browsing for ways to slim down. haha. getting fatter nowadays. need to control my snacks level. :(

then wanna do a while of sit-ups, but i can't even stand for few times. so, i gave up. lol

p.s: my dad says he is going to buy the panasonic, JOBA. macam the osim one, ride horse one. -.- but this is back and forth type. lol. got many functions wor.

sien betul~ am i the only one so bored today?

Apr 8, 2008

redang trip :) not so good.

as what i mentioned, i'm going to redang. with him and his college mates, that i know quite well. haha.

if i'm not going, guess she will be the only girl there. god knows what kind of people will take mechanical engineering course. lol

actually, i don't really prefer sea. AGAIN. haha

as i have sea sick, have to eat medicine lor. sigh. fun or not like this?!

but, nvm ler. he is paying for all, anyway. he wants to join them, and ngeh ngeh pull me along. so, that's how it works. haha

hopefully, this time i really could have some fun. sleeping in a BETTER room. lol

someone knows what i'm talking about here.

btw, we are sharing a room with extra 2 person. which means 4 people in a room~ haha. cheaper alot mar. better, save his money! haha

So, they have booked everything. i guess i can't say no already.

i shall see how the trip will be. lol. because we are driving to Terengganu then go redang! yeah~!

p.s: this time i surely will take alot alot alot of pictures! hahaha

Apr 6, 2008


Helen, my s i s t e r and I went for movie together. yes, just the both of us. yeah, seriously only both of us. lol

my family doesn't have the tradition of going out with sisters, actually. pathetic betul.

ya, i look elder than her.i knew it. haha

so, we watched 27 dresses today.
after 27 times being the bride mate, finally she has become the bride. haha
she is beautiful, isn't she?

it's kinda funny and interesting. the way they express themselves are so fine. lol

go watch it then you will know. at least we both laughed, very loudly. haha

the ending is so funny shit~ cant describe the picture lor. if really there is. lol

after the movie, we went to Penang cafe again! i mean me. hehe. i didn't know where to suggest anymore.

p.s: everything is free for me today. wEeeeeeee. my sis is capable to spend me. haha

Apr 5, 2008


i found this website, that is a florist shop at beijing, China.

it shows the meaning of the flowers and how many of roses have certain meaning.

kinda interesting.

i just only know that there is this flower called 勿忘我 (don't forget me), which means 永恒的爱、浓情厚意(forever loving). haha.

i didn't know that 勿忘我 can be a flower name lor. lol

so yeah..if anyone of you wanna buy flowers for your love ones, check the meaning first. haha.

if not, 'dai kat lai si'..send the wrong flowers then no good lor. lol

Apr 2, 2008

Carl's Jr

before the movie starts, we went to Carl's Jr to makan.

since we both haven eat, and we heard that their portion is very large for 1 set, so we decided to share.

this is what we ordered.

what..bacon chicken burger..with large fries and drink..

after eating, macam not so full lor. haha. but the drink can keep re-fill lar. so, not bad hor..

guess how much was it? erm, it was RM28.30. lol

although the portion was large, but we both still feel doesn't worth it. haha.

rather pergi makan 2 sets of Mc Donalds. lol

the burger tasted good lar. bacon mar. haha. if not ordering set, just the burger, it cost RM17 ++.

what do you think? lol

yeah, so this was our experience. go try it out~

wonderful and pity time?

we went to watch The Water Horse, finally. decided on this. haha

it was a..erm...i don't really understand the meaning behind this movie..however, it's nice one!~

he was syoked by me when we were watching it. cz there are few scenes that are quite 'shocking'. haha

the show was about 2hours, same as my class hour. how good, if those classes change to movie classes? haha. impossible langsung~

half way watching, we can clearly listen to the thunder and raining sound of outside in the cinema lor. so, we tau outside raining already. the sound proof system of GSC so cha wan meh? lol

when we were ciao-ing, yeah, i saw rainbow~ nice and a 'wide' one? lol. i don't know what's the word.

at first, i took this.

then, i took this at another side of Mid Valley. so, i guess it's a 'huge' rainbow? haha

OR maybe it's a different rainbow? haha.

anyway, it was very jam outside. might because of the rain gua. so, we jam quite long lor. pity moment. haha.

so many cars ar..make me mood swing saja..although i wasn't the one who driving. he was wondering why i so 'meng' also. lol

p.s: opposite direction of federal highway was jam like hell. i guess it was until shah alam? pity those drivers, especially manual car's drivers. haha

p.p.s: don't go out on rainy day. lol. especially, 7pm. lol

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