Dec 31, 2008

can't wait! =D

4 more hours and we are off to Langkawi! a night car trip.

btw, we are not going to watch fireworks this year. it's going to be different this year. HahaHaha
we planned to go MV for a try to get tickets for Bedtime Stories. we haven't even book any seats. maybe it's full already. LOL

ok, off we go now. wish we have a wonderful trip. =)
see you guys when i'm back.

Dec 29, 2008

all about them =)

2 more days to go! it's going to be 2009 and i'll be at Perth on February. so fast. =(
but, i still can collect all the Ang Paos first before i leave. HahaHaha

i forgot how long i have owned them. seeing them grown up from kittens to cats.
i wonder when i'm back from Perth, whether they will still remember me. it's kinda sad if they wouldn't, right? well, we took them back from a food court and they're having a good life now. they should remember me. HahaHaha

the times, when they still can sleep together in a cage.

those days, they were still have to drink milk. not cat biscuits yet. =P

days that they always play around together.

i miss Slowy. i should have bring him for castration when he was big enough. in some way, i'll not lost him. i thought it was cruel but i rather do that than losing him. i'm so so so regret. =(

sit like a dog, Molly.

the fake flower is not fake. i put it there to take the picture. LOL
such a fat cat now.

sleeping Cutie. easy and nice to carry and throw high up to the air.

maybe some people doesn't like cats, but at least don't treat them like a trash or try to hurt them when you see them at the road side. some people said, China people are cruel as they eat animals. but if we treat them like that, isn't it cruel too? be considerate, people. =)

Dec 27, 2008

i learnt... drive slowly on the road. my slow means 80km/h, or slower, 70km/h.

today, i brought my to the Chinese therapist to check out his health problems. we think that those western doctors didn't clearly tell us what the hell is happening to our we were so worried!

well, the therapist spotted all his problem correctly. his blood pressure was lower than mine! 70/60! OMG! it's because was still eating the medicine which will lower down the blood pressure that those western doctors gave to him. and, his stomach is full of medicines that couldn't digest including the Ling Zhi (灵芝) that we thought it's good for his health. now, we know we were wrong.

basically, he needs to eat the medicines given to digest out those left in his stomach. poor grandpa. =(
and slowly recover from the weakness. i know, he is going to be fine. he will be healthy again. =)

anyway, talking about driving slow. ya, because my grandparents were in the car too, i drove very slow to make them feel safe and calm. don't know why, i feel my is a funny guy.

since i was young, he brought me out with his car (those 田七 car) to help him see road sign. until i have grown up, i realized he knew the way but still wanted me to tell him the sign board.maybe that's why, now i'm not a direction cacated girl. LOL

the days that he was in hospital, it was my first time seeing him so weak and helpless. i didn't know what to do but to visit him all the time. until the day i went to see doctor and he knows it, he even worried about my health condition.

we all hope that he will be fine and be the funny him again. =)

Dec 21, 2008

be alright. =)

went to see a Chinese therapist, doctor that specialize in traditional chinese medicine.

when i was at upstairs mopping floor, i felt so dizzy, heart beat kinda fast and couldn't breath smoothly. luckily my dad was at home. doctor said my blood pressure was 80/60 and has very low sugar level. no wonder i felt dizzy. saying some problem with my liver and something to do with the flu i had before. he was right, i had a heavy flu not too long ago.

and so, he gave me medicines and i will soon be woookay. =)

this chinese therapist can know your health problems by checking your pulse only. he knows what u ate or did that cause you the problems. and he kinda dislike people's phone ring during the consultation section. when he's reading your pulse, you are not allowed to move around; not even a small move. if not, he'll get annoyed.

so, didn't get to meet up with daryl and the rest today. it happened so quickly. hopefully, can get to meet up with him on tomorrow or this week. soon, he will be going back to Japan.

Dec 20, 2008

appreciate the days

teman my brother to 1 Utama for shopping today.
well, the main purpose was to have lunch with Wayne. =)

went to Burger King. frankly, it was my first time. lol. their portion is quite large, "ng ngam" me. luckily i shared with both of them. HahaHaha
McD was always my first choice. but i think can switch already. Burger King's burger taste good! =D
well, still not too late yet.

went into SUB to hunt for brother's slacks, and he bought two. total is RM338. kinda expensive for me. but since he is working, so it's just 1/4 of his salary. i wanna WORK too!
__________________________________________________________________________ admitted into hospital. doctor said, his lung is full of water, that's why he feels hard to breath. but, now he is much better. we are so worry that he can't go through this.
don't know what to do to help him. just pray that god bless him and everything will be alright.

when we reached, there was a girl from a car accident went into the ICU. uncle said, the girl's eyes got poked by the glasses during the accident and he saw a lot of blood. i only heard screaming and yelling. scary.

watched Ip Man with brother too. i thought it's boring and only fighting scenes. but it's kinda interesting, funny and scary.

the son: "爸爸,爸爸, 妈妈叫你快点出手, 不然家里的东西都打烂了." *riding bamboo bicycle around his dad* (it's in Cantonese) funny la.

however, the way they fight is scary. maybe it's just the sound effect. lol

good news!

our maids are coming back on the 28th! just as the original plan. the suffering days are soon to be over. yeah! =) so glad. LOL

Dec 19, 2008

the hero.

i cried, due to the "stressness" at home. i really can't handle the hard time and stresses that has to happened on me. i feel so 无奈 when i can't complete a task and i'll start to cry.

he was there, looking at me crying. i guess i'm just not as tough as he thought and i thought.
i really thought that i can handle everything that i has to do at home. cleaning dog poops won't be a hard thing to do. but, clearly i failed myself.

suddenly, part of the house has no water and i don't know where to check the main pipes and don't know where is the water pump. i got panic and i started to emo and i started to cry. and, my grandparents were there watching me got panic. obviously, without my maids, i am really a failure to the house.

i started to think of my grandma who left us more than a year ago. i was thinking, "how good if she is here. she will helps me on everything and tells me what to do." i'm just too weak on everything.

this few days, he was here to helped me. cleaning the dog poops is the biggest flavor that he did for me. =) without him, i really don't know what to do and who to call.
when he wanted to leave yesterday night, my tears dropped again. it's like the feeling of leaving me forever. maybe i just need people to rely on these days.

and today i just know that, due to the working permit card that my maids can't receive today, they are coming back 5 days later from the original date which is on 3rd of January. and now my dad is still having fun at Japan. DAMN IT.

Grrr...when these days are over?

Dec 16, 2008

a night out =)

came back at 2.30a.m.
watched Wild Child, it was so freaky funny. her quote: "What are we?"
she is so cute and pretty; when her hair is blond. the songs are rock!

went to A&W for a Root Bear Float after movie. just suddenly wanted to drink it. sat there for half an hour, chatted some stuffs and off we ciao. =)

today is the 3rd day without my maids at home. FYI, they went back to Philippine for 2 weeks.

honestly, everything become so uneasy and messy for us after they left. everything seems to be so hard. yesterday was my first time mopping floor after so long haven't touch the mop at all. it was so tiring, which i didn't expected it could be so tiring. and i only did the downstairs front area. it's like, "OMG! so much more to mop!" i can't imagine how tired are they for doing this everyday. now, i know.

and, i don't even know how to operate a washing machine. the feeling is so sucks. very terrible. it's like, i can't live wit
hout them, right now, at this moment. i think i'll get used to it.

what's worst is, the dogs and cats poops! ok, doesn't feel like sharing this thou. however, we are fine. everything will be just fine. i think.

what we ate? the first day, Wayne came over to cook Maggie Mee for us. yesterday, I bought chicken rice for us. tomorrow? no idea at all. so basically, we skipped dinner all the time. good for me, can diet. LOL my parents? they had their dinner outside for few nights already.

i don't know what else can happen to us.

oh ya, today i cried because i thought i lost Molly! it was so freaky frightening and i was so scared. i realized i'm really a girl who drop tears easily. ok, it's a very long story.

came back at 5p.m and wanted to feed my cats. then, only found Cutie outside with no appearance of Molly at all. i thought, he just went to somewhere
to sleep and can't wake up. so i waited till 6 something, and he still wasn't back yet. started to feel bit worry. so i kept shouting his name and knocking his plate to have the plate sound. they recognize the sound when they are hungry.

it started when my neighbour told me, he was above my car when i drove out from the house this morning. it was so shocking when we heard that. usually, he will jump off from my car when he hears the engine sound. i was surprised. i started to cry from no where and Wayne companion me drove around to look for him.

finally, a walker told Angel he saw a white cat walking around just now. so we went to that spot and make the sound again. thanks god, i found him in someone's house compound area. he was so scared and frighten, i think.

they are my dearest and i can't afford to lost them in my life. i'm just so grateful that i found him back. =)

still, i wonder how he jumped off from my car when i was driving. that must be quite shocking for him. =/

one more thing. i have another pet again. a cat, duh.
it's a kitten. saw her quite pity at outside of Wayne's house because his grandma doesn't like cats, so she always catch her/he and throw away. the mother can runs away but this kitten always got caught even she/he hides. therefore, my kindness got 发作 again. we decided to let me take it home.

but, the thing is my cats seems to don't like this kitten at all. they ran to so far away when i showed it to them, as if the kitten have AIDS. and they even went to the roof top for sleep at night rather than stay at the same area with the kitten. so weird.

one more thing is, he/she seems hard to tame. she can be cute and fierce. maybe she was used to hide from humans, so she is still scared of humans.
maybe she still needs her mom? i don't know.

so, i think i'm gonna bring this kitten back to Wayne's house to stay with its mom. and let the god decides its faith. i don't know what else i can help.

this is he/she. i named it Bowie. only 2 months old. anyone likes cat? adopt her. =)

Dec 13, 2008

Continued - Macau + ZhuHai Trip

Basically, Macau is a very tiny country and has a lot and a lot of Hotels + Casinos. The Venetion, the hotel we stayed has the largest casino in the world. wait, or is it Las Vegas? kinda confused with the position which was told by the tour guide. =)

let the pictures do the talking. (i LOVE the suite!)

The Suite.
2 Queen size beds + mini living room + 2 Tvs + nice bathroom
all the rooms are suite only. and it cost around 700++ per night.

the statue in our hotel, a real person posed there for so long.

Prosperity Tree - Rotunda Show at Wynns Hotel
there was 4 seasons. so nice. =)

Fisherman Girl Statue, ZhuHai

St Paul Cathedral

one of the cars in F3 Grand Prix Museum
i think it's cute. u can see the rest in facebook. =)

the little cute couple in our tour.
girl : Sophia, boy: Shank. so CUTE! =D
they don't know each other from the beginning of the tour. HahaHaha

okay, i'm lazy to upload some more. i have almost 400 pictures to choose. so, go check out my facebook if you want to see more. but of course, i won't upload all of them.

feeling sleepy again.

Dec 12, 2008

Back from Trip

back to M'sia life from the Macau trip. it was a very relaxing, luxurious and comfortable of 4 days 3 nights trip. just transfer the photos to my PC, need some time to pick nice ones to show you guys here. the rest, you guys can check it out from the facebook after i upload them.

now, i'm just way too lazy.

i guess no one miss me, at all? so sad.

good night, everyone.

Dec 7, 2008

Choo Yang, Tan - The Spectacles Friend =D

on Friday, met Choo Yang at one U for dinner. reached late, the twins and the 2 gentlemen left already. met with his friend too, i didn't get his name. sorry. =)

One U, Christmas decorations. White Christmas; simple and nice.

went to
Canton - I for dinner.
Wayne's Mixed Noodles.

Mine, Dumpling Noodles.

his friend, fried rice.
Choo also ordered fried rice - scallop and prawn. (didn't take the picture, lol)

Side dish - fried sotong. i think so.

after that, we teman him to shop around for his formal attire apparels. went into Padini Concept Store. so great! there was a huge sales. 70% off! he bought a lot with his friend. i grabbed 2 pieces of tops only. =) Wayne bought a formal top and a pant too. nice ones!

on the next day, very coincidentally, we met Choo Yang again at the Kenanga Wholesale City Ground Breaking Ceremony which held at Central Market Annexe.

i represented my dad and he was with his families. luckily he was there to chat with us instead of listening to names and prizes. and he wanted to know a pretty girl. indeed, she was really pretty. =D

Annexe 2nd floor.

Choo Yang and I. drank 2 glasses of red wine, was a little sleepy or dizzy.

went back to Wayne's house after the event, i had the nicest sleep ever.
no dreams, no rolling around, no eyes-stare-at-the-ceiling.

should have red wine once a while before sleeping at the night. =)

Dec 3, 2008

Christmas =)

went to Mid Valley. the purpose was to shop around, but ended up with empty hands. nothing that catch our eyes. maybe going for warehouse sales or another places. so, we moved ahead to find for food. =)

still, we didn't have our dinner in MV neither. we wondered around so long but didn't know what to eat. too much choices, i think.
he thought of going to Klang for seafood. so sudden. i didn't want to, so we changed our mind.

we went to Kuchai Lama for DIM SUM! first, went to the 龙乡, the one my families always go there for dim sum on Sunday. when we reached, they said closing already. we should know that, it was 10p.m.

we went to another one, still open and was so many people. great! filled our stomachs. =D

took some pictures of the Mid Valley's
Christmas decorations.

the theme is based on circus, i think.
i saw an elephant on a ball. HahaHaha

The Garden's decorations. so many cages. =D

Dec 1, 2008

Slacking Days

went to Cineleisure three times in a week. people just happened to go and meet there.

at the noon, went there with Wenni to walk and shop around and we had Kenny Roger as our brunch.
she bought a lovely
Ipod case and screen protectors for her Ipod Nano 8GB.

the case is so cute. doggie ears and tail. =)

oh, and we walked Ikea too. so many nice stuffs to see and can think of how to decorate our rooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. Wayne doesn't like to walk these places with me, i know. =/

at night, Wayne and I went there; again, for dinner with his friends at Tony Romas. joked around and chatted silly stuffs.
and they pretended that day was my birthday, and so we got a
birthday dessert! =D
they really sang me a birthday song and blew the candles. LOL

the dessert. it's newly launched.
chocolate ice creams and cream with a piece of huge cookie at the bottom. NICE!

and the Avalanche Chocolate. still taste sweet. LOVE IT! =)

oh ya, we had 30% discount on the bill because one of his friends worked there. WeeEeeee

yesterday night, we went there; AGAIN for a movie - Terrace Lakeview. sien sien sien.
not as shocking as i thought. i only screamed once throughout the movie. HahaHaha
but the movie's duration is longer than 2 hours. you can imagine how bored was I. first time stretched my body in the cinema. HahaHaha

Malaysia Mega Sales is on. it's time to shop, shop till drop. =D

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