Mar 31, 2008

body itch

I have this problem since quite long ago. probably from secondary school? or maybe earlier.

every time after i bath, my body will feel itchy. not the whole body lar..only the neck and shoulder area.

very the cham wei. macam didn't bath only.

then i scratched it..can see many red spots around my neck lor. after a while, not itchy already.

but that is not the solution lor. i want a solution, which i won't feel itchy anymore after bathing!

sometimes, it will 'jangkit' till my arms also itchy!

i asked my dad bout it. he said:

'see you so skinny. because you don't have enough fats, that's why feel itchy. your mummy also got before.'

then i said:

'hai meh? then eat more fats ar? haha. but i seldom eat meats wan wor'

he replied:

'sik siu siu lor. that's why u feel itchy.'

p.s: question here. is it really because i bo enough fats? dad said, he read from the medical book wan wor. shall i trust him ar? lol

make me feel very the 烦 lor..

Mar 29, 2008

life-less - by kai kae shiuh

Kae shiuh and I went out for a 'date' today. hahahaha. with guan shern and jia hong as well. lol

i didn't have a car to use, so, 'ma fan' guan shern 'san ceong sui yuen' come to kajang pick me out lor. (thanks guan shern! seriously thanks alot)

yeah. we went to MV.......

to fill up our hungry stomach. LOL

after eating, we walked around..and around..and around..(this is what we called life-less, haha)

yeah, there is few road shows to see see lar. i think, one is hair show, one is digi road show. one more, is Burbery perfume. lol

seriously, we have no plans at all.

after walking not too long, i suggested go eat cendol at Penang cafe. lol

their reactions? so fast eat again? hahahaha

we still went to eat after walking another hour. lol

guan shern, kae shiuh and I. were waiting for the Penang cafe reopen~

make fun of Kae shiuh. hahahaha

kae shiuh macam never eat cendol b4..his first reaction sweet ar...hahaha

then only i know that, he didn't eat sweet stuff for one year already wor. (dun eat sweet stuff for one year ar? 1 day i also beh tahan lor, lol)

and then, he ordered one more bowl! wahliao desperate

see his way of eating also tau the cendol very nice leh. haha. in front of him, is another bowl of his! lol

chit chat for an hour like that, then we ciao lor..

ma fan guan shern send me home again. (again, thanks guan shern!)

SO, this is how my saturday spent with them. haha.

life-less hor..seriously mou liu

however, i had some funny moments with them too. hehe. thanks!~

Mar 28, 2008

who hates cats?

there is this question that i really wanna know..

who really does dislike/hate/feel annoyed of cats?

serious shit~! i guess many people think puppies and dogs are more cuter or more useful.

is it?

cats are useful and cute too! they catch rats wert. addition, they catch lizards. (for those who do not know) oh ya, they catch cockroaches too!

yes, it does sounds like they are dirty because they catch such creatures. but are they some kind more useful a bit than dogs?!!! however, they clean themselves.

my dad even say that less cockroaches or rats in the house already.

thanks to my cats~ they somehow indirectly 'halau' those unwelcome creatures away. hahahaha

their noon nap is to save their energy for the night hunt. haha.

so, do not think that cats are like some disgusting animals.

i seriously feel 'beh song' when i saw those people show the kind of face expression as if those stray cats have SARS. *beh tahan*

p.s: i do have dogs too. lol

love isn't it sweet?

erm..i thought love should be sweet, lovely, memorable.....

shouldn't be like hurting, torturing, crying.....right?

ya, last time i had once..but since i met him, there should be no more of these.

to whoever she/he out there, forget about whoever shit he/she is to you.

look forward, and you will find a better one. just like me! :) (macam sai meng saja, doesn't mean tat, lol)

anyway..being in love should be like nervous of seeing him, care about what he is doing, do things that he wouldn't have expecting..haha.

memories like these are very sweet. i wish i could have more, without worrying what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Mar 26, 2008

cute kittens

i guess i only have fade with

i saw these 2 kittens outside of an abandon house.

then, i spotted the mother with one more kitten at the roof there.

cant bring anymore back already, although they are really cute. because their living expenses also quite high lor. haha.

im going to pk dy by having my 3 cats now. lol

but seriously, seeing those kittens and cats have no home to stay, worrying for their food everyday, i feel kinda pity for them.

no choice. unless im really very the RICH, then i will bring them all back! hahahaha.

Mar 25, 2008

Freaks people out

oh yeah, i want to share this freaky weird thing with you guys~ seriously weird, but it's very the true. lol

recently, wayne's friend discovered this Peter answers website. it's visual tarot wor.

u ask question, and Peter will answer.

BUT hor, not everyone can get answers from him. he only answer those people who trust him! deeply~ haha.

so yeah, his friends is one of the lucky ones! Peter answered all of his questions.

p.s: wayne and his bunch of friends ask questions like:

a. how many times Sunil (one of his friends) have sex before?
Peter answer: 2 times, but many times with one girl. (they all laugh like shit, and Sunil say it's true, lol)

b. who is sae weng's girl friend?
Peter answer: pc (wah~, damn shock lor. wayne was so freak out. haha)

c. how many bmw cars in sae weng house now?
Peter answer: 3. (wayne say is 4. his friends say, you drove one to college, ma left 3 lor, LOL)

d. who Jason (his friend too) fall in love with?
Peter answer: Nadirah. (ok, this freaks them out A LOT~ bcz thy never mentioned or typed Nadirah's name in b4. so weird hor?)

So, and many many more they have ask Peter. haha.

p.s: go try it out if you don't believe it. but, one thing, not everyone is that lucky~ haha.

p.p.s: tell me if you can get answers from him. hehe.



okay, I have 1 presentation due on next week, 1 individual assignment due on next month, and mid term exam is also on April~!

i seriously need some hardworking-ness in myself. haha.

later on, will have another group project. cham lor..macam no semangat to do assignment at all~


another word to describe

recently, bo 爱情滋润 tim..lagi cham~! his finals coming soon ler..less time for me already. :(

slacking again!

yeah, now eva, wenni and I are in the resources lab..SLACKING! haha.

eva is watching youtube.

wenni is reading someone's famous blog.

me ar..erm..blogging..visit short

as the matter of fact, we are skipping a very boring class..which is International Marketing class!

we cannot deny that her teaching is really sucks and bored. she can't answer questions we actually asked.

addition, she can just say 'ok, yeah. skip to next question.' (wah~! i hardly see a tutor like her) lol

so, we chose to do our homework, pass it to her during lecture, and skip her boring tutorial class.

actually, her lecture was kinda sucks too. however, we have to attend for our coming soon presentation lor. sigh. :(

why is the reality so cruel?! lol

now is raining outside..heavily type..waiting for it to stop and wayne's class to end too. haha.

okay, hope i can go back soon!

Mar 23, 2008

mad at Molly

just now, Molly followed Aunt Delly to upstairs of the house.

then, i saw Aunt Delly came down with a scratch at her eye. i was so sure is Molly's jou geh hou si.

i grabbed his neck and scolded him lar. who knows, he so 'long sei'. scratched my hands pulak. haih.

don't know why he was so aggressive. macam don't know me likdat. i kept chasing him around with a stick. lol

finally, Briget caught him, then threw him into a cage lor.

after a while, he made those pity noise. i won't let him out so easily. make him feel the punishment first. hahahahaha.

i wonder why Slowy and Cutie are so good and obedient. never scratch us before wor. lol

Mar 22, 2008

cats' fear? i thought

my maid bath my cats just now.

i still remember the first time i bath them, they were so scared. i didn't prepare anything that time, so kena scratched by them few times. cham! lol

but then just now, they were like so enjoyed. haha. so guai, quite fast finish bathing them already.

after bathing, they smell so good lor. Aloe Vera smell. hehe. i guess they like the smell too. lol

forgot to take down their pictures while they bathing. busying mar. then, put them under the sun, naturally dry! haha.

this is taken after being under the sun quite long already. almost whole body is dry.
Slowy likes Cutie lick him a lot. haha. he enjoys it.

Mar 21, 2008

significance of something

at that moment, when i look at these, i feel like snapping a picture of it.

it have been in my house for 3 years already gua. lol. my dad bought them from don't know which country.

yes, it represents my family members, total 7 of us. eldest to youngest! haha

getting a bit stranger to my family members. wonder why. lol

if im going to Perth for 1 year, i wonder will we be more further to each other. or it doesn't matter whether im leaving or not. it's a doubt.

appreciates moments we can spend together? is it what i shall do now? lol

another lunch

we went to Amcorp Mall for lunch, a place didn't go for ages already. haha

we remembered this place in the mall called Sri Suria, so head over there to eat lar.

actually, the only thing i wanna eat there is the cendol la
r. feel like eating it. so cold and sweet. lol

his one, haven melted. mine, already melted and mixed.

then, we additionally ordered Penang Asam Laksa and Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang.

he say his nasi lemak quite nice wor. mine okok nia. lol

p.s: price is ok lar. the nasi lemak and mee, it's rm7.90 each. cendol, rm2.50 each.

p.p.s: no TAX and SERVICE CHARGE! lol

Ah Long Pty Ltd - Funny movie

now is 1am. just reach home and went to bath.

ytd was my 2nd time watching this movie - Ah Long Pty Ltd.

first time, was with my sisters, mavis, and jason. went to MV, watch at mid night. lol

so, today, wayne and I went to 1U to watch at 7pm. haha.

BUT then hor..we reach there around 1pm. then qued for tickets. then planned to watch at 4pm geh.

who knows? bo nice places. only left very front seats, which are row 1, 2, 3! Aiyo, then we chose 7pm wan lor. still ada nice seats. lol

so, what we did in that 6 hours leh?

a. eat (1hour)
b. shopping (2hours) - we didn't buy anything also lor. but then, a lot of sales going on lor. wasted!

left 3hours then. we really got nothing to do in 1u already! so, we drove out from 1u. and.........
went to his house! all the way to PJ leh. my petrol was so not worthy. :( LOL

gam ngam raining pulak when it's time back to 1u. luckily didn't jam lor. haha.

bout Ah Long Pty Ltd hor..seriously damn funny. second time i watched, still feel funny for what they said and acted. haha.

go have a laugh if you're not in a mood, or no where to spend ur money at! lol

Mar 20, 2008

Off day! aka yi yan sei gai day!

yeah, today is a public holiday! which means, i can go hang kai, watch movie, pak toh with him! hahahahaha.

i feel so excited lar. wonder why. lol

i didn't really sleep well nowadays, keep having weird dreams. which i thought i have the thing, but once i woke up from the dream, no, i don't have it at all. weird huh?

anyway, maybe we too long never yi yan sei gai already gua. feel like the first time we go out together. haha. bit the weird hor..

one of my friend, jovi, always says that we together 4 years already, but still feel like the first year we were together. lol

don't know why. i tend to feel abit the nervous whenever he coming to pick me up. haha.

maybe i scared i don't look good, have bad breath. lol

ok, gtg prepare myself already. time is ticking! haha

Mar 19, 2008

New Specs. Finally.

Today, i bought a new specs. with no intention to buy at all, today.

this morning, my bro woke me up at 7am just to give him my scientific calculator.
so, with some blurrness, i didn't realized i dropped my specs on the floor, from my bedside.
then, i stepped on it. lol. i can hear the sound 'clak'. i was like huh..oh shit!

therefore, i went to sg wang to get a new one.

as usual, my mom will bring me to the A-Look specs shop to choose one lar.

so MANY choices. haha. for me, it is TOO many. lol

i kept choosing and eliminating. haha. the feeling was quite bad, actually.
bcz, the sales guy kept giving me his choices, and i kept saying NO! haha.

Finally, after i kept trying it, from different POV, i decided to get this one! and it cost RM238. of course, i'm not the one who is paying it lar. is my mom. hehe. *ngam song*
haha. luckily, i didn't buy one when i planned to.

As you can see, it have switchable stick color.
they have few colors to choose, but i chosen these 2 colors. my mom said it's nice too. haha. so, no turning back!

hopefully, i won't get another one so soon. lol

Mar 17, 2008


yeah, i want to recommend you guys this place, that sell quite delicious 淋面. haha

it's located at PJ New Town, nearby the Mega Courts at PJ. hehe

this day, i looked for him to have lunch with him. he said he is tired eating fast food every weekend, so we found this place nearby his working place. haha

oh ya, the shop called 淋面店. straight to the point. lol

next, lets the pictures show you everything we had.

their menu. unfoldable. a little the ma fan. lol

our drinks. erm, one is 'cham', one is 4got what milk. hehe.
he looks like kiddo lor. haha

Our food! hehe. looks so tasty right? lol. with curry on top!

So, this is what the end should be. hehe. everything 清 by us.

p.s: it cost around RM15. still affordable lar. for 2 person mar.

Fun Fair

Yesterday night, wayne and i 'sam huet loi chiu' wanna go fun fair. since i found out that this place ada, so we went there see see lar.

this fun fair is located at cheras selatan, opposite Jusco, beside Econsave. haha

unexpected thing is, many people went to this fun fair also. lol

once we reached, then we go checked out the price for the token. guess what?
it's RM2 for 1 bloody token. and we realized most of the stores, minimum also required 2 or 3 tokens to play. other places also cheaper lar.
so, we decided not to play. just walk walk around and see see awhile lor.

then i took several pictures of the place.

macam quite dangerous lor. haha

they are playing a game called lingo collection. i think. some sort like bingo wan lar. lol
can see the big and long yellow soft toy in front of the guy or not? temptating. ~_~

Mar 16, 2008

saviour of my day

So, yesterday night, i went out with jason and dexter. after 'fat mou' at home for almost the whole day. *was dying*

basically, we met becz of Jason's spoiled digital cam is with me.i did him a favor by giving it to my mom for quoting the price for repair. but it's too expensive, so he decided not to fix it. lol

so yeah..he came over to my house and pick me up. then, we went to Syed Bistro, which is a Mamak, located in front of South City Plaza. haha.

we ordered these~!

Roti Tisu and Frech Fries~

This is Dexter! erm, he is a working guy btw. lol

This is Jason, who likes to act funny. which is not really funny. haha

Mar 15, 2008

my routine of the day

This day, i'm at home for the whole day. at least till now, i haven't call anyone out yet.

the reason is, i dun have a car right now. lol so, who will be so 'wei dai' come pick me from Kajang leh? haih :(

so what i do at home for the day?

a. eat
b. sleep
c. online
d. watch drama
e. 'fat ngao dao'
f. watch tv
g. walk around my house

damn sien right? aiyo..what am i doing lar? haih..

Mar 7, 2008

Syok Subject

So we had our very 1st lecture and tutorial class for ECON TECHNIQUE. lol

when i saw the econ words, i thought it would be theories again..terms again..lots of lots of words lar..but then hor..guess what?
it's about the Modern Maths + Additional Maths that we learned during our secondary school b4..damn syok right? haha

but then..we were damn relax lor..his lecture was so cool..keep telling us that we can score high distinction for this subject..telling us how easy is it..during the whole lecture, my friends and I like 'bei hui gong ge yeh zha dou' lor..haha

and he kept repeating that he was teaching this subject for the past 14years already

trying to show off how geng is him..haha.

however, he is seriously better than other econs lecturer lor..atleast i won fall asleep and still can understand. haha

Mar 4, 2008

College break

guess what?
left one more hour break..and we are hanging out in the resource centre..haha

.::just now we went to Asia Cafe have our lunch..AGAIN! few days already went there for lunch week few

last week, we went to Eva house hang out with her puppy, Chilli..haha.

i wonder what we will gonna do on next week lar..haha.

p.s: any suggestion? which don't involve money. haha

Mar 2, 2008

emotional moment

Today, we went to Nirvana Memorial Park for my both grandmas'.

without realizing, they have left us for 1 year already. it is kinda emotional everytime i think of my grandmas.

especially po po, the one who raised me, companioned me, taught me, scolded me, praised me, for everything that she did for me. i miss her so much! every night, i would still think of her. tell her, what happened in my days. i guess she would like to know whether wayne and i still together along too.

sometimes, when i was alone in this big house, which my maids are not home, only im alone, i would wish that she is here with me. chat with me, bout my parents past, her funny experiences. but i know this will never happen again. :(
i know my dad misses her too. saw his expressions before we left. he got loads of things wanna tell her, i know.

we brought many food that my both grandmas love to eat. some food, that po po cant eat when she was here. we know she loves it.

let's the pictures do the talking. (i was the photographer, lol)
the morning view of Nirvana Memorial Park.

my grandparents' grave yard.
burning things for them.
everyone takes turn to 'siong heong'

po po's grave yard.

burning things for po po too.

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