Oct 31, 2009

I have the time, finally.

Went to walk and shop around with Ru Jin and Chin Yee. It was quite tiring. But it was only in the city of Perth. How small.

A chance to see whether I have gain any fat.
Checked. I still have the hip.
Do I look tall to you guys? Hmmm.

Anyway, each of us bought dresses, different style ones. Coincident lah. I bought 2 pieces of white dress. A plain white one. I don't like flowers lah. It doesn't look like how you see it. HAHAHA.

One of it. Sorry for the poor lighting.
Show you guys the 2nd piece when we meet up in M'sia. :)

Then, we had Japanese food for dinner. I can't recall the name of the restaurant at all. Anyway, we had udon chicken noodle and some sushi. I was, surprisingly, quite full after ONLY 2 plates of sushi and the udon. I was abnormal for the past few days.

Finally, thanks for the day. Only the girls, of course. HAHAHA.

Chin Yee and Chun Wai. :)

Ru Jin and Chun Loong. :)

Oct 28, 2009

When emotions take over me

I'm suffering. It feels so horrible. So awful. I feel like throwing up. And, for the whole day, I only had garlic bread. Yesss, I did not eat anything. My hormone is going crazy and abnormal. Even my period is in a mess now.

I miss home. I miss you, you, you, you, you and you.

Yesterday night I did not get to sleep till 5a.m. I texted him at 3a.m. Surprisingly, he called me. He accompanied me to talk on the phone even he was a little unwell and tired. What's more, he had to go work at 8a.m. How cruel am I.

To my dearest, I really miss being by your side. Being able to feel you, touch you. Able to go around with you. Camwhore with you. Kiss you whenever. Cuddle with you in our space. I'm bored webcaming with you. It was never fun. It feels so unreal. I hate it so much. But it's the only way I can see how are you doing, your smiles, your lame joke making, your actions. I hate talking on the phone with you, because I can't see you. Can't show you how do I feel. I wanna be under your arms when we chat. Whenever I need you.

Believe it or not. I'm crying when I'm typing this.

Although it's not gonna be any longer, but I really can't wait to skip all this and be with you. I can't wait to leave all this behind.

While I'm typing this, I wanted to open my door and shout, "Stop slamming your fucking door!". Jesus Christ! 3 times!!! When I'm writing this post. I'll write it on the white board tonight. Trust me. She's irritating me. Thank god I'm leaving so soon and will not see her anymore.

Oct 27, 2009

Random food

Just had my dinner.

Siu Mai, with Chili sauce.

It tasted quite nice. Make me miss M'sia's dim sum even more. Can't wait to go back and have dim sum in the morning, with my family and Wayne. :)

Bought Tim Tam yesterday. Original flavour. Better than Chips More lah of course. It was on special, only $2. Should buy one more pack lah. Not enough.

Only left a presentation and one project! Can relax a bit today. :)

Probably put a mask and sleep earlier. The pimples are all popping out. Why lah? Why I sleep late then sure got pimples pop out wan?

I scared before go back, my face very chan already le. T__T

Oct 25, 2009


This is why I'm brought it over. Can always remember what he have done for me. For me, he learnt to fold stars. This is one of the must-learn-tactics to 'lum' GF lah. I guess every girl sure fall for the stars wan. HAHAHA.

Some more, he said this bottle has more stars than the one I gave him. *sei zai*

Finally had a normal dinner today, although it's only fried rice. A week never had any rice. *yum gong* I really miss the smell of rice. Was watching "You're hired 2". In the show, keep showing 三菜一汤. Just a normal vege dish also look damn nice loh. Damn tempting weh. I miss Aunty's cooking so much le. LADIES FINGERS!! Steamed chicken!! *drooling*

I wanna faster go home!! *excited*

It's always about ❤

Been eating breads this week. ONLY breads. Our fridge is empty. :(
No time to go for grocery and cook. After this week, I'll be FREEEE! So excited.

I'm trying to wait patiently. Days are getting lesser. :)

당신을 사랑합니다 . It means "I love you". So long man. If Korean write love letter, must be so damn long wei. Chinese one so short. 我爱你. German Italian one also quite short - ti amo. You see. X)

Sometimes I would imagine the scene we stay together. 一打开眼睛,就看到你. I wonder will he make breakfast for me wehh. Looks like I'll make for him more loh. Lazy fella.

This days been sleeping very late. Even when I was very tired, I can't fall asleep right away when I got on my bed. So torturing. Don't know next time will like that or not when we stay together. If I will, I'll wake him up no matter what time is it. Hehehe. So bad weh. HAHAHA

Oct 23, 2009

Wish granted.

The Econometrics Project's due date changed to next Friday instead of next Monday. WoOOooHoOooo. Excited! Can relax a bit and produce a better work. :)

Everything gets better now. I'm not so worry anymore. Love today!

One random thing happened. I left my MP3 player plugged in CPU when I left for the class. Gosh! I can't afford to lost anymore. This time, I only realised it when I reached home. How geng is that. I keep cursing all the way when I walked back to the lab.

*phew* Luckily it was still there. :)

But the weather was so hot and I was so hungry and I wanted to faint. Bought a Coke from vending machine after I took my MP3 player. *Chill*

Anyway, we did laundry today. It's been a week plus. So sunny today.
I start to like Winter. Although it's cold, but at least it feels nice. To me. I dislike Summer and mid of Spring now. So HOOOOT. The sun kills. *Imagine M'sia weather* HOT and POLLUTED AIR.

A view, taken from my room. Our cloths hanging there.
The tree blocked most of the view.

Am so happy and excited today. Watched lots of amazing, funny, gorgeous videos on FB just now. Laughed a lot. XD

I can't believe we have so little days left. I've made it! We've made it! Happy and reluctant at the same time. Only the fresh air that keep me wanting to stay. Hopefully, Brisbane will be a great place to stay too. :)

Anyway, I'm missing M'sia food already!! *saliva drolling*
What should I eat first when I get back? Many choices. Hehehehe.

Oct 22, 2009

Be positive.

Dad called me yesterday night. *once in a blue moon* I talked so loudly, probably Teing heard me. HAHAHA.
He called not to ask me how am I doing. Definitely not. He called to ask me buy air ticket online for him. For February. *motive* HAHAHA


Am having the toughest week throughout the whole semester. I know I can do it. After this week, I can finally give myself some enjoyable time. *phew*

Be positive, is what I can do now. It's also what he wants me to be. I will try. *smile*

I miss you so much. I know you miss me a lot too. Hehehe.
You're always the best. :)

Can't wait to go to the places we planned earlier. It's gonna be so exciting. Weeeeee.

I dreamed of my 2nd sista and 舅母 yesterday night. I saw her bulged stomach and they said it's gonna be a boy!! Hehehe. Hopefully it'll be a boy then. :)

So random. HAHAHA.

Oct 20, 2009

A release.

Marketing of Services Take Home Exam - 26th, 4pm. Pretty simple. Am working on it now.

Econometrics Project - 26th, 5.30p.m. Just knew how to start. Will continue working on it.

Marketing - Professional of Practice Take Home Exam - 27th, 4pm. Sucks badly. It's not as straightforward as I thought. Have to do external research!! F****! I'm totally collapsing. I'm gonna screw the paper.

Capstone presentation - 28th. I'm half way done. Still working on it.

I'm expecting my period to come on this few days. It was, last month. Gosh. How? HOW? HOW?? I'm so horrified right now. I'm so scared. I feel miserable. I'm gonna continue my work now. T_T

I wanna go home!! :'(
I miss you so much!! I just burst into tears. I think it's a release.

Oct 18, 2009

A simple picnic

Take home exams are releasing tomorrow. I still haven't done my Econometrics project yet. How? HOW? HOW? They're all due on the same date. Die lah. I don't know how to start the project. 见步行步咯. =/

Anyway, we went to Araluen Park yesterday. The place is quite nice. But because it's Spring, there was so many flying insects. So annoying. Or maybe because it's surrounded by trees.

We brought our sandwiches, made by ourselves. Quite nice wan leh. :)
The group brought their food too. Fried rice, chicken wings, jelly, snacks, juices. Only get to tried a few.

The teahouse in the park. Look quite nice lah but it was closed.

I think Hwey wouldn't want her picture to be publish here. So I deleted it after uploaded it. HAHAHA.

Teing & I.

A funny conversation.
Hwey: It focus on your 'CUP'.
Me: *moved away my cup*
Hwey: Your 'CUP'.
Me: Gosh.
Teing: You should say CUPS.
Me: Wth. *speechless*

Oct 16, 2009

Questions on relationship

Probably I need a more romantic hubby. Our relationship is kinda too steady till there is a need of stimulator. If you get what I mean.

Some random questions of your relationship.

Do you ever run out of topics with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? I just wondered. It didn't really occur to me before. But I REALLY wanna know. If any one of you would like to share your stories. Probably it might occur to me some day.

Do you ever feel like not holding your boyfriend/ girlfriend's hand? It happened when we argued. Sometimes he still hold mine, to make sure I don't run away. I LOVE to run away when I have nothing to fight him back. Childish fella.

Do you ever feel like not seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend at any moment? I did. When I was really depressed and I wanna be alone. It's kinda unbelievable because I like him to be around me when I'm down. But sometimes just music, is enough. When we had a fight, I wanted to see him immediately. Face - to - face conversations are always better. But I still chose to ran away when I REALLY had nothing to fight back. Wonder why.

Do you have any common interest with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? We did not have any. He made me to have one with him. That's car. It gets interesting when he asked me to guess the car models. Always failed. We made each other to like each other's interest. That's interesting.

Will guys get bored when they do not get to make out with their girlfriend? It's like asking the guy, 'you love me more or my body more?'. Guess what guys will always answer. I can guess it too. So, are you sincere enough to say 'I love you more'? Haha.

- To be continue -

When I am inspired again. :)

Oct 15, 2009

Stop right there!!

As you can see from the top, I'm not going to Bangkok. Apparently, the tickets were all sold off when they were trying to reach me. But my Mom wasn't well informed. Anyway, at least I can work for one full month. *comforting myself*

There's some changes in the accommodation decision that we previously decided. Because of cheaper rent. Hopefully, it's a wise one. I'm really wondering is it alright. *pray hard*

Finished MPP presentation slides today. Had a short rehearse with my group mates in my room. It's kinda fun. Hopefully it will goes well. My classmates are so participated, you see. *pray hard x10*

Ah, Moment of Truth. Not the game. It's a syllabus part of Marketing of Services. Damn it.

It's so sunny today. So good! It'll be 28c- 29c on Saturday!! Best! Hwey can take lots of nice pictures of the flowers. HAHAHA

Back to work. T_____T

Oct 14, 2009

Twice of happiness :)

Today is the last round for Capstone, the online business simulation. It was great. We scored 35/35 for this subject!! How great is it. Actually it's really not very hard. It's kinda fun instead. Predicting your sales forecast, investing your "money", seeing how will it turn out.

My group is the consistent one in the class. Keep climbing up without falling down, not even once. Awesome. Now our stock price is $163. How awesome is that. HahAHaha.

So happy today.

When I was in the Capstone class, Mom and Dad called a few times. But I didn't manage to pick them up. I thought it was something urgent. Then, Mom SMSed me. We're going to Bangkok next month! Four days!! WooOoohOooo. Can shopping kao kao. :)

She called to confirm my date of going home. So ya, I manage to tag along with them. But now I'm worrying. Is there something going on in Bangkok? Is it a dangerous place now? I been there twice but it has changed. Isn't it? Someone tell me.

Anyway, I left half of the reflection paper to write for Capstone. I can do it! *semangated*

Then, I have 3 more presentations to go. 2 on next week, 1 more on the following week. Ohmigosh. *rolleyes*

Oh, and there's one project to work on for Econometrics. I've no idea how to do it at all. *faint*

Following, Take Home Exams are out. Have to manage my time well so I can finish 2 in a week. *dead*

Finally, have a few days to take a rest before start studying for my ONLY subject in final exam. *phew*

And, I can finally enjoy and balik rumah!! Can't wait.


Bad thing for today is, I have rashes since I got up this morning. Been scratching and scratching in the class. Left hand, neck, left leg and top of my back. Pop a pill just now. After 30 minutes, feels much better now. But it's still quite itchy.

I'm hungry. T.T

Oct 12, 2009

Let's have some fun!

We missed the cleaning inspection this week!! How nice is it. I don't have to mop the floor! HAHAHA. But felt bad for the cleaner thou. She cleaned the whole house for us. At least the stove is so clean now. *wink*

Apparently, the office forgot to post up the notice in our dorm. So no one did any of the duties. And, this morning I saw the cleaner came into the shower room. Both of us were looking weird. Then Hwey came out from the toilet. HAHAHA

Thank you so much for cleaning the house for us. :)


Have to vomit out an executive summary and introduction for the proposal. Pretty simple. It's gonna be a quick one.


We're going to a park at Armadale this Saturday. Full of spring flowes, according to my Aunt. Hopefully it's a nice one. Helps to relax my muscles and all. HAHAHA.

Although many things are piling up for this coming two weeks, but we really should take some time out to relax. Not just work everyday. So dull. Life isn't all about work or scoring for assignments and exams.

Basically, I feel that even I didn't do well for the exam, it's okay. At least I learnt from the unit. It's not about scoring all the time. To me, at least it's not.


So happy! Counting down days. Weeeeeee. :)

Oct 11, 2009






Oct 10, 2009

Wedding bell.

Been watching pre - wedding films.

The guy has been chasing her for 2 years before they got together.
This is really a nice one. So sweet.
I feel they're so natural compared with other pre - wedding films.

Look out for the back scenes production. So funny. :)

And, they got married. So touching. Both of them cried. Like finally.
Listen to his speech during the dinner. So lovely. :)
How many pages were there. HAHAHA.

Oct 9, 2009

Too good to be true.

When I look at the pictures, it reminded me how we came this far. How we argued, how we solved the matters, how we be together. I guess it wasn't easy, but somehow we made to this far.

I remember you didn't like to take pictures. We started to camwhore together when you first got your Sony Erisson W800i because you knew I wanted to have memories with you. The first picture we took together was in your room. And, you were half awake. The fun started when you realised how handsome you can be when I said so. Your smiles completed every picture we took together.

He's really handsome in pictures. :)
I can't look lovely I guess.

I remember you did not like alcohol. You do not like to see me have alcohol as well. But when I insisted to have one, you did not stop me. You know I'll be safe even I have a sip of it because you're right beside me.

We 3, during the launch.
I had 3 glasses of wine, and you didn't have a sip.

I remember you did not like cats. You started liking them when we got Tommy and Jimmy together. They were so adorable till you have to get them a home. That's my home. Until I lost them, you knew I was so sad. That's till you found Molly,
Cutie and Slowy for me again. They made my life happier than before. You knew you did the right thing for me. They're our princes and princess. And you continue to adore them even I'm so far away. :)

When I took the night flights back to Perth, you kept yourself awake the whole night till I reach Perth safely. You'll always ask me to pray for my safety, I know, you prayed for me too. I know you wouldn't go to sleep before I arrive safely. You're just too good to be true. I'm so glad it's true.

The "S" that represent you.

Don't know why is it tonight, it just came out of no where.
But seriously, you're always more than 100% to me. :)

Oct 8, 2009

My prince & princess

A great start for the day.

I video called with my cats!! :)
I guess they didn't know that. But, I'm so happy to see them. They're still that fat and cute.

Thank you hubby. Thanks for making me happy. :)
It was really sweet of you.

Oct 7, 2009

You can let go now, Daddy.

I teared. I can tear quite easily.

Anyway, watch it. It's really nice. :)

I miss my dad now. I hope he can stop acting childish and reconcile with his son, a.k.a. my brother. It's really nothing to be mad about. But I know well, my brother is another childish guy too. Oh well. Father and son. Gosh.

I'll have to make the attempt to reconcile them when I get back on Nov. =)

Oct 6, 2009

Soooo Cute!!

So cute!! The cat looks like Molly, except he's much larger in size. HAHAHA
Stupid puppy. Still wanna bite his ears after kena 'strangled'. Padan muka, kena strangle again. WuahahAhahHA. Obviously, they're so friend to each other. XD

The middle one looks like Cutie. Except bigger in size too. HAHAHA

It was posted on Facebook too. This is just simply the funniest. I think the cat wanted to pat the puppy's head la. HAHAHA.
Cats are so cute!! =)

Oct 5, 2009

On progress

I'm persuading my brother to come for my graduation ceremony on February. Hehe. The main purpose is to be my photographer. Guess what?

He is considering!! *Happy*

But the air ticket fare is around RM1,200 to RM1,400. Depends on which airline he wants to take la. I really hope he could come along. =)

He wanted to check whether there is any holiday package, which includes hotel and places to visit. But it's a waste of money la. Just rent a car and I'll be his tour guide, much better. HAHAHA.

How good if dad could sponsor his air ticket too? Then he doesn't even have to think.
*the impossibility* Just nod his head then can already. I wish.

I'm still not sure whether my dad is coming along. Ah, lazy to SMS him. I wonder he'll reply or not. Call ah, waste of my credit. *so filial la me* Well, he didn't call me even once before. Haha.

Ahh, I really hope my brother could come. HOW?
If spend a little of money can exchange some happiness, why not la? Daddy, I hope you would read this. Or maybe I should text you this. =/

Oct 4, 2009

I'm still in Hell


*looking at my scheduled work*

Progress test, 2 days later.
1 client strategy proposal due next week.
1 presentation on next week.
Another presentation on the week after. *half dead*
One more presentation on the week after that week. *roll eyes*
1 reflection paper due after 2 weeks.
2 take home exams and a group project due on the same date. *faint*

Can die la. T_T

One good thing is, I'm doing my portfolio now, a week ahead. Hoping next week can have more time doing other assessments. Everything is piling up on this October!! How am I gonna produce good work?! =(

Heaven, wait for me.
Wenni, we shall meet at the entrance of heaven. Miss you so much!!

Can someone give me some love?

Mooncake Festival

It was Mooncake Festival last night. Mom called. Can't 3G because our house has no 3G signal. Aiseh. Can't see how happy were they.

Talked with Mom, sista, and godfather who just have a daughter in law. =)

However, my batt died half way! I was charging it already. But still failed. It cut. T_T My batt can go hell. And, I don't know wanna buy a new phone or a new batt when I get back.

But, I can feel how happy were they. They were sipping red wine, watching TV and chit chatting around. Miss them so much.

We 3, had our mooncake celebration earlier last month. So long ago. WuahAhaHA. Don't know why they had it so early here. Check out my Facebook pictures if you have not.

So ya..Happy Mooncake Festival to the loners, us. Sad. So far away from home. BUT, we're going home soon, pretty much very soon. HAHAHA. Can't wait!!

Oct 3, 2009

Holiday is ending

One more day, holiday is over. Exams, assignments, date lines, everything is coming. Sigh.

But I hope it comes faster so I can go back. I don't know am I prepare for all those. I just wish I am.

October month just started. I hope it ends, very quickly. HAHAHA.

Can't wait to see my baby!! 6 pads huh? HAHA.

Oct 2, 2009

Flood in Manila

I was shocked when I read the news just now.

Manila. It's Aunty's home. I couldn't make a call to home because my phone batt sucks and I'm in library. It dies quickly after 30 seconds talk on phone. So I smsed home. Thank goodness my house phone is 016. HAHA

They replied. Their house at Manila wasn't affected by the flood because it's all the way in Kampung area. Not the city. Thank goodness her families are alright.

So sad. People missing or died. It's the worst flood in almost 50 years. =(

Talk about complaints

You can't imagine how funny is it to read complaints that people wrote in. I had to look for 8 different services' complaints. You can imagine how many pages I've read from this website. It's for my portfolio. It's kinda fun. At least I know which service provider are suck. HAHAHA

Don't take Jetstar. Pay a little bit more to take Qantas. =)

K - Mart price matching ads. Came to think of it, it's a little ridiculous. After reading what they said. It's kinda true. Why do people even bother going back to K-Mart to match their price? It's a waste of time and energy. And, some of them say, K-Mart gave some excuse to not match the competitor's price when they go back to them. It's a strategy to make people think that they're selling at the cheapest price, so they won't think twice.


Why is the library so cold today? Had hot chocolate, but still kinda freezing.

Oct 1, 2009

The power of feedback form

Suddenly, a knock on my door.


A girl holding a table lamp, with a smiling face.

I was, "Oh, the table lamp." She giggled.

The first thing came to my mind was, "WHAT?? They know what I wrote in the feedback survey form?" Even they did, I didn't state my room number. I haven't hand in yet thou. HAHAHA. They must be so worried. So quickly send me one.


But, too bad. I've written it down. And, it's sealed. I'm gonna hand it in few days later. Wuahahaha.

Oh, finally. I have a table lamp, when I'm leaving this place like after a month. Wth. At least, I can have it during my late stay ups for exam's studies. I didn't have it for the previous exam times. Blehhh.

I'm so glad. Playing with the switch now. HAHAHA.

New Template

Again. 一时兴起, so I went to search for it. Eliminate a few, came to this one. Hope you guys will get use to this new one. =)

Now I know, work can make people forget about hunger. I woke up at 12p.m., then i began the search and did everything like the codes all. I even search for codes of the colours. Because the one it came with wasn't really nice. Then I had to figure out which part is which one to change the code of the colour. *phew*

Till, 3p.m.!! Only I look for food. I had chocolate mini roll that bought last week. Finally. My brunch. Sigh.

I wanna see him. His face, for real. Haven't webcam with him for few days. He's busy working till late night and off to bed after bath. So tired. When I talked on the phone with him, the mood just went off. I wasn't able to make myself smile anymore. 女人就是这么善变.

我很想告诉他, 我是那么的想他!

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