Aug 29, 2008

生日快乐, 颖 and 慧 =)

Teing & Hwey,


had fun in Avril Lavign Concert? i bet you did, Hwey! = p


anyway, i shall see you tomorrow at your house!

p.s: rushing to finish my assignment now, so i can have fun at your party without feeling guilty. lol

Happy Birthday again! =)

Aug 26, 2008

I'm simply not stress at all YET

this whole week, i should be in stress for my 2 assignments due on next week and a Finance mid term exam on next week as well.

there are only 5 days left.

i think i will only be in that kind of mood on the last 2 days. HahahaHahahaha

i can finish it on time, just that it will be a not-so-good-quality piece of work. lol

i will try and start to research for my work. IF the facebook Text Twirl is gone for a period of time, that will definitely helps a lot. =D

Aug 21, 2008

Slowy is stil MISSING =''(

for those who doesn't know who is Slowy, this is he.

with big round greenish eyes, bended tail, old but cute face. loves to stick with people.

i miss him so much! =(

he's been missing for
3 days already. the vet's doc said, probably few weeks later, he will be back or something.

well, i don't really believe it. i'm afraid he lost his way home or someone took him away. =/

i cried the whole night and still crying when i was looking for him around my house. ='(

i just pray that, no matter where is he now, please be safe.

with the thought that, castrating the cat will prevent them running away again. i made a very sudden decision on that day.

i brought
Molly for castration! =S

i'm just so scared that he will leave me soon, if i don't do this. =/ i think at that moment, i was too sad or what.

don't see his face like so calm. this was taken when i stopped my car.
when i started to drive, he made noise again.
and he was shivering a little. =(

this is after his castration. after few hours of separation, i can't wait to see him.
so i skipped my class.
and this is how was he looked like. so down. ='(
i was thinking, he might mad at me.

then he started to fall asleep.

and then, slept sweetly.
saw him like that, i felt a little regret for making him so sad. =''(

and he remained so noisy when i wanted to send him home. lol
beh tahan betul. =/

he was so moody and been so fierce to Cutie.

but today, i played with him. he really changed. he become so tame and won't simply scratch people already. i made a wise decision, i think.

i still keeping him in the house. just operated ma. be careful a bit better.

Aug 17, 2008

having him make me feel secure and scared. =D

well, we had a date. =)

went to Mid Valley to watch 21 and had Kenny Roger. our first meal of the day, at 4pm. =/

cost 42MYR (cheap, right?) for both of us. we ordered 2 quarter meal and a drink.

the drink was not-so-good. it's called autumn, which is made from coke and choco ice cream.
imagine the taste. time won't order it again. =P

but he said Summit's one, the portion for the quarter meal was bigger lo. *go compare, guys!*

it was rather sweet than excited. hahaHahahaha

anyhow, there was this little incident happened in the cinema when we were watching movie.

.: this stupid idiot 马来猪,was keep kicking his seat. he finally beh tahan, so turned around and stared at him.

.: after a while, he continued to kick again. this time, he turned around and tell him politely to ask him can don't kick his chair or not.

.: after another a while, he kicked again. he said loudly, "the stupid bastard behind can stop kicking the chair ar?"

.: this time, that bastard shake his legs that make him feel like he is sitting on a massage chair.

he was actually so angry.

after the movie ended, he wanted to scold that fellow but i pull him away.

but his anger wasn't down yet, we walked to the exit and waited there for that fellow. he wanted to wait and have a fight with him. =/ *scared*

of course, i said a lot of things to him and pull him further and further from the spot. took quite some time for me to pull him away lo. =S
he was still staring at that fellow when he walked out.

ya, so it ended like that. *phew*

he was cursing and cursing and cursing when he was driving. hahaHahaha

we went to Yuen, at Sunway to have buffet steamboat with his buddies.

ate till so full. got ice creams! vanila with choco chips! nice! =)

i love this day, basically. =D

Aug 15, 2008

this moment, i have waited for so long =D

tomorrow, 16th of August 2008, his final exam ends on this day! yeahhhhhhh =D

after the days he ignored me for more than a week, this day finally arrived. hahaHahahaha

we are going for a date tomorrow, to don't-know-where-yet.

honestly, i felt very upset on the past few weeks, his pre-exam period.

he have to study and to understand loads of stuffs with his friends.
no time to be with me, for sure.

i was trying to be understanding a bit, not to show any anger to him and tried to disturb him less.

i told him how i felt. he knows that i acted more considerable than before.

at least, now i feel much better after i heard this from him.

i wonder after i get to Perth, without having time to communicate during this period, will he knows how i feel and have the time to make me feel better?

i don't know.

just wanna show how loving are they. =)

*ignores the slippers around them.*

seeing them sleeping
together so peacefully, i thought having them in my life are more meaningful. =)
they can just make me smile without doing a single thing, just by being by my side is enough.

Aug 11, 2008

8th August, 2008

Finally, i'm well enough to blog about this day. =)

i know it's a lil too late for now. =/

On Saturday (the next day) , so coincidence, i had the
worse day of the month. for 2 days some more. =(

Anyway, on 8/8/08, it was my s
ister's registration day. for your info, my 2nd sis, Vivian.

i cropped this out. sorry for the suckness of the quality.
those good ones are all with my mom! this was took by my phone. =D
still waiting for those pictures from her. =/

my sister was looking at another camera girl and Shawn was looking at my phone's camera. =)

the crowd of the day! damn many people in the hall.
my guess was around 200+ couple registered on this day. =/
imagine how long they have to wait for their turn just to sign the PAPER. =D

Why people must choose on this Olympic Day to register huh?
really because of the date meh? too many couples for a day la.

next year on this date, there will be so many couples are out for their 1st year anniversary dinner. hahaHahahaha

flowers around, romantic dinner. lol

and, this day also was my brother,
Howard's birthday!

well, we didn't celebrate this day together. he have his friends and girlfriend, my dad came back from Japan at night, my eldest sister went to Hong Kong, and me, already have the symptoms happened for that day to come.

what a day!

btw, 8/8/08 was Jason Chu, Adrian Lee, and Li Yen's birthday as well.

Happy Birthday again! =)

Aug 7, 2008

Nice and Special! =)

Thanks to WENNI! = )

this part is so funny la. 'fishing' with the thingy at the middle. lol

Thanks to DEXTER~!! =D

look closely, my name is carved on it. =)

at first, he asked me to look for it with the light underneath the shell. so, i found it! haha

anyway, thanks a lot! to Wenni and Dexter. =) i love it so much!

Aug 5, 2008

a simple day =)

big day is officially over.

i realized i didn't see him at all on this day. ='(

first time, we didn't celebrate this day together. plus, didn't get to meet at all. (after together for 4 years, first time!)

a little bit of sadness.

i had some thoughts just now. thought of bringing
durians to give him a surprise at his friend's house while they are studying.

i think that would be quite fun. hahahahaha
they will be kinda shocked, by the durian. =/

after a while, i canceled my thought. 还是算了吧. people are concentrating study, then i go kacau them. afraid that i'll be unwelcome because of the durians. =S

anyway, had dinner with Chia Li, Twins and Dexter at
Manhattan Fish Market, Centre Point.

the food is nice, with
bottomless ice lemon tea! =D

we had
2 rounds of refill, and went to toilet once. =/

this year is so special, because i didn't have any birthday cakes to blow.
at least, i don't have to show everyone that i'm already 20! =)

although without him, but i have them! friends that aren't busy and get to make it for the dinner. =)

sometimes, i do prefer a celebration without much celebration thingy. lol
just chattings, drinkings, eatings, will make me happy on my big day too. =)

Chea Teing, Chia Li and I
3 spectacles and long hair girls. =D

Chea Hwey, the girl that never let me reveal her face at anywhere!
so bad =(

reached home. i got presents from sister and Mom =)

dad isn't back from Japan yet. hopefully, he remembers to get me something. hahahaha

Aug 4, 2008

busy-ness is over =)

finally, the PC Fair is over!

a pass for me to go anywhere without restriction.
even a no-exit board, can't stop me. lol

for your info, i helped my parents at Olympus Booth for 3 days. damn tiring. =/

that's why i didn't update my blog for so many days. these 3 nights been reaching home around 1am. =S
i even skipped my lecture to help them on the first day. =S

and now, i can concentrate on my studies. although my classes have started, but don't have the study mood la. it's all about WORK. =/

so, gotta concentrate and STUDY! no more play play around. lol

and guess what day is it tomorrow? oh, my big day. =D


just came back from a dinner with him at Tony Romas, The Garden.

we shared a Chocolate Milk Shake. sweet la.
i mean the chocolate, seriously. =)

Chicken something Platter. =S
nice! love this.

finally, Chocolate something something. lol
chocolate again. =P

we ate till very full la. we shared one person's set. =)

p.s: I LOVE YOU, NG SAE WENG. thanks for everything! =D

tomorrow, he is not gonna have a day or moment with me. have to study with his friends. =/

what to do? their final exam is a week away. gan jeong, gan jeong. =(

hopefully, he will do well for his papers. =) One of my birthday wishes for this year!

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