Apr 30, 2010

Chocoholics: You may be depressed

I received an e-mail few days ago. The title was kinda catchy - "Attention Chocoholics: You may be depressed".

The picture in the e-mail. *Lovely*

Because I've been eating lots of chocolates, like Twix, Time Out, Cadbury chocolates, orea, etc. Kinda each for a day. So I was thinking, maybe I should read it up. =)

I was quite moody for the past few days.

All the while I thought chocolates makes people feel better after eating it. Turned out, it could not be the case. But, I guess it depends on the person itself. Like hypnotise yourself, telling yourself that chocolates can make you feel happier. Moreover, they contain sugar. Sweet = happy. XD

However, according to another research conducted, dark chocolates may help reduced stress level as it lower the level of stress hormones. I don't like dark chocolate though. It taste bitter. No likey. Luckily I'm not very stress now. I'm just lonely. *OMG*

So, go read it up if you're interested or you're a chocoholic. =)

Apr 29, 2010

행복 - Happiness

Here I go. Rant about something, again.

I didn't know I look incredibly obvious in my moodless look until T told me about it. I tried to put a smile on my face. But it just looked forced. I can't give you a genuine smile, if you ask for it now.

So, we went for lunch together after lecture. It's like what we always do on Thursday. Decided on Korean food. We ordered each for ourselves, but we ended up sharing. Sharing is caring. =)

The spicy hot pod seafood, served with rice.
It's a mixed of soft tofu, mussels, squids and egg. Tasted kinda nice though.
Simple but really delicious.

Spicy Seafood Udon. I was eating half way already.
Very appetising. =)

When we were eating slowly and enjoying our time, then T spotted this at the back of the menu.

To be true, I really did felt happier.
Probably the spiciness made me have my mood back.

And, thanks T who listen to my crap. =)

P.S: Forgot to bring my camera. So the quality of the pictures are kinda bad.

Apr 25, 2010

Now or Future?

Miss home, very badly.

Miss driving around, to wherever and whenever. Even it's jam or whatsoever. I don't care. I just want to drive.

Miss playing with my cats. They're just adorable. Miss their meow meow voice. Last time W used to go to my house, just to let me video call with them or record them on action and send me those videos. Who're gonna do it now? =(

Kinda miss my parents. Haven't talk with them for few days. They're quite busy and don't quite worry about me at all. I sent them SMS sometimes though. Mummy always replies. Only Daddy won't. Tech nooby. Am I not Daddy's little girl anymore?

Miss Aunty's cooking and Bridget's hugging. No matter what Aunty cooks, it always taste nice. Except bitter gourd. No matter what way she cooks it, I never eat it. HAHAHA. Bridget hugs me whenever I come to her. Then will tell me how skinny am I. Not every time though.

Miss watching movie with W. Whenever new movie comes out, we'll go for it because the trailer attracted us. The reason of why I don't watch movie with friends any more is because I don't get to grab or hug the person beside me whenever I'm cold or scared. Feel awkward. That person or me. So used to the way of watching movie already. Unless we go with a group, there's still him with me. =)

Miss gathering around with FRIENDS. Organising parties or 'yum cha' sessions. It was way more convenient to prepare things for party compared to now. No car, no assistance, no laughter. As if life isn't normal anymore. I miss seeing people who I'm close with, eat together, laugh together, gossip together. Being the driver for them. Probably life is just not normal anymore, for me.


Tests on Tuesday and Thursday. How am I gonna concentrate with so much things going around my mind? Feels so miserable sometimes. If there is a place where I can hide and enjoy my life to the fullest everyday.

At the same time, I wish final exam comes now. So I can end it and have some fun. And, W can leave that miserable place. Although there's lots to think of now, but probably ending it is the best way to solve it and get to know how will it turns out.

Getting impatient for everything. If I could foresee what's going to happen after 2 months. I really wish I could. To see which place are you going to be at.

Shyt. Better get back to my revisions...

Apr 24, 2010

Excited? I guess.

Finally bought myself a desk lamp, from Big W. A fancy one. Loving it already. :)

Kinda lots of things on my table.
Had to find a right place for it. *OMG*

Turned out, W bought the same one in Tasmania too. HAHAHA. Coincidence. Maybe because it was the cheapest among all, which is $19. Anyway, it's really nice and BRIGHT.

Forgot to mention, W's lamp is white! Mine is green. Heeeee. :)

Woooot! After arranging things on my table.
That's the best spot. HAHAHA

One thing in Australia, they actually don't sell the lamp with the globe. *Do M'sia sell the lamp itself without globe too?* Everywhere is the same. Only sell the lamp itself. So, I had to buy the globe separately, which I bought it wrongly! When I reached home, only realised that the head of the globe is too big. I should buy a small screw type. What to do? It's W's expertise.

Called W to complained a bit and asked for info. Thank goodness Coles is so near. So I walked out again to buy the right globe. The hassle.

Btw, I also bought Twix again! 3 for $5!! I cannot resist. Had to buy it. So I can have it for lunch sometimes. *Determination gone*

And, 4 cans of tuna for $5! I'm gonna make salad tonight! Will it taste nice with apple, lettuce and Mayo? Hmmm.

Enough of excitement already.

Left 2 more mid semester exams. Phewww. And, 1 assignment report. Kinda hate Finance. So many numbers and ratios and formulas. Oh, I'm Master in Finance. *Shyt*

Apr 18, 2010

First try on Vietnamese food.

The past two days, I lived without internet at home. The nights that I read Law text book on the bed while listening to the songs in my laptop. So relaxing. Well, Law is an interesting subject, with all the cases. :)

Anyway, I went to T's house yesterday. She made me some
Vietnamese food! Seriously, I never tried any Vietnamese food before. Not even once. So, basically this is my first time. So interesting.

These are basically the ingredients we needed.
Only the pork is cooked. And, T made the special sauce. Spicy for me!

The pork. I haven't had any meat with fats for very loooooong time.
See the layer of fat there?

This is how I rolled it. Damn ugly. The meat was gonna fall. Hahaha
It tasted really nice. Crunchy and soft at the same time.

We even had Tuna salad, with Mayo! Delicious! :)

Us, with the self timer camera. :)

We were so full. Can't even finish all. We sat there almost 2 hours to eat. And, we had ice cream for desert! So thoughtful.

Had a really fun day with her. Chatted lots of things and browse through her wedding albums. She even explained the details of the ceremony all to me. Kinda same as Chinese style of wedding though. Only they have their own Vietnamese style of gown. It's called Ao Dai. Very traditional type. And, it's much more tiring I guess. They had around 800 guests came for their wedding, but mostly are their parents' friends and relatives. So exhausted.

So glad that we can be such close friends. We kinda have some thing in common though. Like, we both think that her husband and my boyfriend are good man. *sweeeeeet* :)

Apr 14, 2010

Photoshoot & Facebook!

For the sake of showing Wenni, who doesn't have a Facebook account and wanna have a look at it! Hehehe. Just for you, Wenni. :)

On the April Fool Day, we went around the campus for a photo shoot. Just for fun. It was planned anyway. They were taken by T's husband, with a Sony Alpha camera. So here are some of the pictures taken.

And, no make up or anything. We look totally plain.

Taken in front of the library.
She's my buddy, T! Sweetest girl ever. :)

Taken at the Botanic Garden beside campus.
Love this shot. So relaxing. :)

Sitting on a L Shaped tree.

My solo shot, on a rocky.
The best shot of myself among all, I think. What to do? I'm not even photogenic.

P.S: Wenni, if you wanna see more, JOIN FACEBOOK! Hehe. :)

Honestly, Facebook is so corrupted nowadays. With porn and violent videos. But, there're also funny videos. Like the South Park video! F*** Facebook! So funny!!

Apr 13, 2010

Ajisen Ramen

I have a sudden crave for Ramen. So on this day, we decided to go there for lunch. Plus, the weather was extremely hot. Leaving the house, was a wise choice. :)

So this shop is located at George St. Kinda near thou. Around 15 minutes walk.

Ajisen Ramen.

The artistic drawings. Look cute.

The interior. During dinner time, it's kinda full house.

My Seafood Ramen. Love the Ramen. It has mussels, prawn, and squids. I really love seafooooooood. Delicious! Quite big portion, had a hard time finishing it.

Jimmy's Steak Ramen. Looks yummy.

Overall, it was goooooood. I would go again to try other stuffs. There were snacks showed on their menu too. Japanese food. :)

Oh, then Jimmy asked, "why I never see you take a picture of yourself?" I was like... erm. "Depends la." I don't use to camwhore by myself in front of people, especially when he doesn't like to camwhore with me.

Look out for the next post~

Apr 5, 2010

Little Singapore Restaurant

And so, after stayed home for 3 days straight, for assignment sake! We decided to go for a dinner tonight. But had no idea where to go thou, because it's still Easter holiday. Some restaurants are closed.

We walked to the City. Walked and walked. Finally decided to dine in this Little Singapore. *Exhausted and hungry*

It has 15% surcharge today! Because it's Easter. *Damn* Apparently, the labour is higher for working on public holiday. But Jimmy thinks that they're underpaid anyway. Hmmm.

So here it is.
Oh, the seats are not very comfortable, for me. It's kinda low. Ya, don't really like it.

The Menu. Kinda lots of choices. And, almost full house that full of

My Milk Tea - $3.30. Tasted alright.
Btw, the crews are all Asians, who speak Cantonese! Ironic. :)

My Tom Yum Seafood Noodle - $13.90. Not as strong taste as M'sia one. But okay la. It has prawns, fish, scallops and squids. Not too bad. :)

Jimmy's Dried Wanton Noodle - $12.90. Looks delicious with the 'char siew' and chicken. No artificial colour, most importantly. :)

And we chatted the time away. Sometimes I feel kinda geram when I speak with him. Like he doesn't really get what I mean and can't get the joke. Hmmm. No idea. But still, he's a good friend and a great house mate. :)

Oh and, when I got home and switched on my room's light, it just pooooof. No light! Was kinda panic, because my landlord went off for a holiday and there's no ladder at home. So Jimmy thought of using my study table. I changed the bulb btw. Thought of experiencing it and I'm lighter than him. HAHA. But when it came to putting back the cover, I can't get to close it no matter what. So he had to do it anyway. -.-

Off the hook! Can you see it?

Apr 1, 2010

Complicated feelings

T, her husband and I went for photo shooting around the campus today. Thank goodness, the weather wasn't hot. It was cooling, chilling and comfortable. :)

I was in a good mood. :)

You know. There's a huge garden beside the campus. So we went there to take some pictures too. T's husband is using a Sony Alpha. The photos were awesome! I mean the quality. I wasn't a good model. T was!! She's really great in posing, NATURALLY. She have the gift. And T's husband was great in taking great angles. *Love*

That's T taking a picture of her husband. :)
Heavy camera. Both of our comment. HaHAha

I don't have the pictures with me right now. Will get from them someday, some time this week. :)

We're having Easter break from tomorrow onwards! For a week! *Happie*
Besides slacking, I have one assignment to complete and 3 subjects to study for mid semester exam. So, gonna try my very best in this break.

Btw, I was kinda disturbed by the video that was uploaded on FB yesterday night. About amputation..of a girl! Although I didn't watch it, but the comments they made caused me to not sleep well for the night. I sent the video to W, see what he gonna say after watching it. Then, he said he wanted to vomit after watching it. And, he kinda told me some part of what the guys did to the girl. Those guys are jerks! I hope they'll pay for the sin they made!

Jimmy saw I was kinda tired and I told him about it. He said I'm so emotional. -.- Then, he wanted me to show him the video. But they've deleted it on FB. He was sooooo curious. I was as well. But I really don't think I can take it. W said better not watch it.

I'm getting a little paranoid. It's like people around can be some kind of psycho or pervert. You'll never know what they're capable of and what they'll do to you. Now, I'm kinda scared walking alone, especially on the Tuesday nights. Shit.

I wish W is here with me now. I feel safe no matter where I go with him. I believe he can save me from any danger and capable to protect me from getting hurt. Maybe I'm over stating it. But that's what I feel about him all this years. He's my saviour. :)

Am thinking where should I go for the following days. There must be places that I can visit or have some fun. Thought of going Gold Coast. Gonna check and see.

I kinda miss everyone, recently. Families, friends, relatives. I called home quite frequently this month. But I chatted with my maid most of the time. Haha. She provides me all the information I need. :) While my dad, asked me whether enough money to use and miss him or not. HahaHAha. He's hoping for me to go back any time soon. Well, I can't. But I'll try. Daddy, miss you too

Look out for the next post! :)

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