Jan 29, 2010

All about FOOD.

Looked back at the pictures I've taken last month. :)

Smoked salmon spaghetti. Somewhere in CyberJaya. Love the minced and sauce. ***

Little Taiwan. Fried Chicken Noodle. Not really nice. **

Canton bay. Taufu Seafood Claypot. The taufus are so soft, gravy is so delicious. Definitely worth the price. *****

Delifrance. Cute hor? ***

药材鸡. Herbal Chicken. Somewhere in KL, behind Time Square. Tasted very healthy. ****

Pancake House. Banana Pancake with cream. Quite sweet and creamy. ***

Kim Gary. Rice and pork baked with cheese. Love this the most. The cheesy taste very delicious!! Gonna miss this. ****

Papa Rich. Ice Kacang with Ice cream. Not really nice. **

Face to Face. Dry Pan Mee. Not bad lah. ***

Gonna miss all this when I get to Brisbane. Ohhh, Chinese food. :)

Jan 28, 2010

A little update.

We never changed. HAHAHA. The same old us. :)
We're getting ready to leave. What else to buy leh?

My little prince. Handsome fella.

Molly. He's such a handsome boy.

My little princess. Cute and pretty.

Cutie. Look at her face.
Gonna miss her so much after I leave.

The new member,
Burger. He's getting naughtier. Beh tahan him sometimes. Too active gua. Don't listen to our instruction wan.

His little basket and cushion, his favourite place.
He owns it ever since he was here. X)

My brother took a few of his close shots with his Canon DSLR during his weak period. HAHAHAHA.

Innocent look. Don't get con by his look.

Tried to put that on, to prevent him biting his castration wound.
But he didn't really like it.

Then he fell asleep. Weak and sleepy.

But he gets active again after 2 days. Run here and there. Aiyo.


We're leaving on 6th of Feb. 9 days left. WoOOooHOooOOo. :)

See me while you can. Hehehe. Gonna miss all of you guys.

Jan 19, 2010

18 days left.

Counting down to 18 days. How fast is that. It's only around 2 weeks plus left. He's going to stay with me for a week in Brisbane and off to Tasmania after that. I guess I'll be even sadder. Who cares. Enjoy the current moment ma. Happy first then only sad loh. X)

We're going for a medical check up and chest x-ray tomorrow for the sake of the visa. It's the one last step to take. Sometimes, I want it to be done. Sometimes, I wish something has got into our way. If someone ever know what I mean.

Wanted to buy our air ticket online just now. But..ngek. The website declined my credit card AGAIN. Same thing happened in Perth too. Only Air Asia website. How could it be?! Platinum credit card okay. KNS. Gotta use my dad's credit card loh later.

Haven't settle a place to stay yet. But I have several offers on hand already. Still considering which place to settle in.

Top choice: $125 per week. 15 minutes walk to Uni. A 28 years old air hostess as house mate. Fully furnished. Everything seems great lah. But I scared boring lah. Journey to Uni is so near. Scared I'll have no life again.

On the other hand, I guess I have to start buying daily products again to bring over later. Hopefully it won't overweight or underweight. Ngam ngam hou then very good lah. HAHAHAHA.

Nothing much to talk about. I guess that's it. Just write to announce. *sweat*

Jan 13, 2010

Candle Light Dinner

On his birthday, we can't think of any plan at all. Instead of forcing ourselves going to places that we didn't want to and simply waste the money, we decided to postpone it.

So, I came out with this candle light dinner idea. Did some research for this dinner, just for HIM. It's all worth it. :)

Made this all by myself. *proudofmyself*
Chicken chop, mash potatoes, coleslaw, and crinkle cut fries. *Weeee*
So glad he loves all of it, especially the mash potatoes with the gravy. :)

The birthday boy.
Excuse me for the bad background editing skill. X)

The ambience. Kinda miss the lighting.

The happie boy and I.
Self timer picha! Love the feel weh. :)

Food's done.
Time to sip the sparkling juice. Not red wine lah. X)

It's my first time making a candle light dinner for him. I'm so glad that he loved and enjoyed it. Anyway...Again..


May all your wishes come true.

Let's hope we'll get to celebrate our 6th anniversary in Brisbane next month. :)

Can't get back to sleep.

I'm ranting here because I can't get to sleep back after sending my sister to school in the morning at 6am! I've been doing this for 2 weeks already. Awesomeness, I tell you. Oh, and I also do the pick ups at 3pm. EVERYDAY. Unless, she plans to go Sg. Wang.

I wonder who'll be doing the send and pick ups after I leave.

Talking about leaving. Yep. Four more weeks to go. I'm leaving earlier than twins. The most probably case, is he's coming with me to Brisbane first. I told him, I'm afraid. :')

It's been quite a while after I was told that he's going to Tasmania instead of Brisbane. Till the moment is approaching, I realised I'm really not that ready yet. I cried so badly when my menstruation pain started. I cried even sadder when I thought that I'll be alone there crying during menstruation pain. Like I did in Perth, sometimes.

He spent most of his time with me, to make me believe it will not be that bad. It's another year of separation but it'll end very quickly as well. Minus off all the holidays and the visits, I'll not be seeing him for only 8 months. Domestic flights are cheap. Yep, I believe I can do it. I just have to keep the faith in him. :)

Btw, it's our candle light dinner tonight! It's not as expensive as you think it is. I believe it'll be kinda awesome. Stay around for the next update. See how an inexpensive dinner can have such nice atmosphere. :)

*cross finger* Hope it'll turn out quite well.

Jan 5, 2010

The breaking news.

I guess not many of you knows about it yet. Wayne will be going to Tasmania, while I'll be staying in Queensland. This time, I'll be living independently, seriously. WooOooHoOOo. Excited. NOT.

Anyway, I accepted it and faced it. So, one more year of separation. I can do it. I know, he doesn't feel better either. We are tough people. HAHAHAHA.

I realised I'm really a lucky bitch. A picture of family. Nice house. A Car. Adequate finance. Pinky phone. Open minded parents. Perfect boyfriend. A sista who always find me for lunch/ dinner. A brother who find me when he's bored. What else do I lack of?

But I still sigh-ing these days. As if there's lots of problems to think. But, everything can be solved easily. I totally understand that, they want me to know money is hard to earn and I should appreciate what they can provide me. But, it makes me feel bad. Feels so wrong to live in a rich family.

Hopefully, I'll get to know new friends in QUT lah. :)

So yep. Sigh. So much things to worry about.

Oh. It's his birthday coming soon. Candle light dinner? Sound good hor? Heehehe. It's the only thing I'm looking forward to. Thank you for giving me so much happiness yesterday. I'm liking your romance side. :)

Jan 2, 2010

New family member

We have a new family member.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!

His name is Burger. My dad adopted him from his friend who's from Kuantan. Only 4 months old, not sure what breed is him. That's a temporary basket. He usually sleeps with my maids at the night, on their bed. He's like a little boyfriend for her. He follows her wherever she goes. He's quite cute lah. :)

Dad said he won't be growing any bigger. He's very obedient, but quite a lazy ass. He can just fell on the ground when he was standing still. HAHAHAHA. Gives us lots of laughter. He bitten off my dad's shoe too. Teeth growing stage ma. Bought him a ball for him to bite everyday. Should buy bones hor?

Molly and Cutie were very scared of him at the beginning. When he was in the house, they would never step in at all. A week later, Molly started to get along with him. But Cutie is still very fierce to him. Like "lets fight!". HAHAHAHA

Anyway, good to have him. :)

Singapore trip

We went to Singapore right after came back from Penang. Quite exhausted, actually. Especially the journey to Singapore is only 30 minutes by taking a flight. Yep, is that fast. Can’t even have a short nap in the plane.

Thanks to Wayne’s Aunty, who let us stay at her place. Her place is really cooling and windy, although without air conditioner because it’s at 11th floor.

One thing is good about Singapore. It has really convenient transportation, which is MRT. It connects to anywhere, especially shopping malls. Once you get down from the train, it’s the shopping mall already. How convenient is that? HAHAHAHA. The place we stayed was nearby a MRT too, but it’s mainly housing areas there. Walk around 10 minutes from home. And tah dah!! MRT! XD So many people takes train every day, some stations are quite crowded, especially Orchard Station. Exaggerate lah those people. Everyday shopping meh.

Btw, the food was really nice. I love their porridge!! It was only
$2.50 and big portion. Very cheap right? Frankly, the price of the food there is really cheap.


Mee rebus @ $2.50. Taste very nice leh.

Another thing that we love the most is the hawker ice cream!! Only $1. The chocolate is the best! :)

Delicious. :)

The shops too. If don’t convert the price, it’s really worth buying the stuffs there. There’s so many branded shops and malls which are quite tempting. Lucky thing is I don’t fancy branded stuffs. If not, I’ll go broke. Come back with empty bank account. XD But I somehow get myself 2 pairs of sandals from Rubi Shoes for $25. Hehehe.

Oh, and we went to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Hot yet impressive.

The Ah Meng in Singapore Zoo. Cute hor? What a poser.

The Night Safari's entrance. :)

Marina Bay at Esplanade.

Behind us is the Casino that's still on progress.

The Singapore Flyer.
Those white balls are the wishes that people wrote on it.

Wayne, Aunty and Terence.

The Durian. XD

Sentosa Island. Twice in a week. WuahahAhahA.

With Yee Hui. Like our little sister. :)

Forgot what construction was that behind us.

Some funny statue. XD Nearby the Butterfly Park.

In the Butterfly Park.
Paid $3 to feed the birds. Their claws are so sharp!

The Merlion in Sentosa. Huge. X)

The Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. They cheated our money!! There was no dolphin. They replaced the show with seals and they didn’t even make any announcement about it beforehand. If not, I will not go for it. The reason they gave was the dolphin just moved to the place and wasn’t well trained yet. But I wanna see the pink dolphin. Even it's not a show also never mind le. It’s pink!! T__T

Now I’m thinking wanna go to the nearby Sunway Pyramid one or not. I just have the thing for dolphin.

The sea lions.

Last but not least, Christmas at Vivo City. The Christmas tree was quite huge. :)
We went to Orchard Road too. But it was so crowded.

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