Nov 28, 2010

Believe. ♥

I'm in front of my laptop at the middle of the night. Almost 2am actually. Not like the dramatic show, with all the lights off and only the laptop light reflects on my face lah.

He's actually sleeping sweet and sound. Most probably because he serviced his friend's car today. Unlike the past few days, he'd been sleeping at 5 or 6am. Simply because he couldn't sleep at all, until 7am. Then he'll sleep until 3pm, or until I bug him up.

But today, he fell asleep on my lap while I was watching TV. Then, I started to watched his sleeping face, instead of the show on TV. I was wondering what did I do to deserve this cute, handsome and perfect guy in my life. He is, indeed, a 100% good guy; although he's not really 100% good in his studies. But I always believe there's something else in him. God is fair. If you're not good in one thing, you're blessed with other skills or expertise. In his case, he's good in mechanical stuffs but in practical side; not theory side. So yeah.. This degree is kinda just a paper sometimes.

Since he switched to Civil from Mechanical Engineering, he has to start learning soil, geography and electrical; which he was totally unfamiliar of. He's going to build road or bridges in the future! I highly doubt that he'll actually design a bridge to be build. But who knows.. Maybe he will.

He always doubted his capabilities in studies. Probably because of his multiple failures and disappointment in the past and the confidence that his Mom doesn't have in him anymore. He knows that he have to put in extra effort than anyone else, in order to do well and pass his exams. This semester, I can see how much effort he actually put in and he still doubt that he did well. But I know, he can do better next time. This time is a pass, next time it'll be a credit.

I hope every time when he gives it all out for his studies, I'm here for him and tell him 'you can do it!' *both hands rise up*. That's actually what we did for every night during our revisions together. It was kinda syiok and motivating. :)

Well, anyway.. Lets just pray that I'll get to stay longer than 18 months. I really don't want to leave him in this foreign land, I mean island.

I'm not sure whether we'll go back during CNY. I want to, because my Dad told Molly that his Mommy doesn't want them anymore. -___- He did because I told him I'm getting a PR here. He said it's okay. Then he go tell my kids like that. Where can wan? But totally not sure yet whether we'll have the extra money to go back. So, see how loh.

FYI, these are my kids. :)



For now, tata! Going to oi oi. :)

Nov 27, 2010

Free trial on Randoms.

FYI, Randoms is a brand of confectionery. More specifically, jellies.

I saw a funny looking giant on its packaging when I did the survey. But it came with a Randoms sticker on it. Not syiok liao.

So, I actually took this survey online and it asked whether I wanted a free trial. I thought, why not? A day after the survey, I received it by Express Post.

Got home and saw the package. Then I tried it out because I was looking for some light food before dinner.

It smelled weird when I opened the pack. Woah, I didn't dare to put it in my mouth at all. So I asked Wayne whether he wants to try it first. Hehehe.

It has all this funny looking jellies. So yeah.. this is a smiley face. Turned out, they tasted okay. Quite nice if you actually bite them into half first. I think most of us will just pop them into our mouth without realising their look.

This looks like a sunflower with a smiley face. -___-

And a palm. More like a cat's palm. Ah, made me miss my kitties. It has a 'tree' in it too.

Anyway, they're all cute and nice. They end up in our stomach anyway. So much for random. But if you ask me whether I'll buy this over chocolate, the answer is a 'no'. Chocolate is still my favourite.

I wonder do M'sia have it now. Try it out if you see it. :)

Nov 26, 2010

A great news for us. :)

It was outside of our house. A good day - 32c! Once in a blue moon though. But it was quite cooling during the evening. We were on our way out for a hangout at his friend's house. Drank beer and watched an old Jackie Chen and Anita Mui's movie. :)

So yeah.. I believe you who know us and have us in your FB, knows that we scored pretty well in our final exam. We were so happieeeeee! He checked it online at 9am, when I was in the car at work. And he called to send me this exciting news.

I got 1HD, 2D and 1 credit, which gives me pretty high average score for this semester. I didn't expect any Distinctions though. Just gave them a go and see how will them turn out. So happy lah when things happen as you don't expect them.

Anyway, he has work tonight, until 10pm. Maybe tomorrow. But I has no idea where to go at all. Maybe a movie and a dinner? Sien. I wanna shopping lah. Shopping is so happy! HahAha.

It seems like a good turning point for both of us. Both of us have a casual job now and did well for final exam. By the way, Wayne has two jobs. He wants to work pretty hardcore for this summer. We still have our little sweet time together sometimes though. <3

I never thought that we would live together so happily. I thought we would have disagreements or arguments most of the time. Like who wash the dishes and all those crap. But no.. He's so tolerance and being so lovely everyday. He cooks for us almost every night, always give me different surprises on dishes. Hug me in sleep and doesn't snore like mad (HAHAHA). Woke up in the morning to steam buns for me before I go for work. Walked me to the car too! How sweet. <3

On a side note, I'm getting a Graduate Visa instead. Thought of getting a PR already with my Uncle's sponsor. But my field of occupation is not in their latest SOL list, for now. Well, at least there's an 18 months of hope. Pray hard. :)

For an end, hope things will get better for both of us.

I love you, baby! <3

Nov 14, 2010

Missing my grandparents.

This is not an emo post, FYI. :)

I just miss them all of the sudden. Especially my grandpa and Po Po. Obviously they're not here with us any more, maybe that's why I miss them even more. I miss my grandma too. Called her occasionally to check out how's she doing and what's going on in the family. Both of their laughter always sounded so warm and happy. I eventually cried out when I talked to her and listened to her laughter.

My grandpa was a very cute person, I would say. Especially when he loses most of his teeth as he getting old. He always joked about it.

I miss his old smiling face. Even when he was sick, he always try to have that smile on his face. And.. I really miss him. I forget did I write about this before. When I was young, he always brought me out with his car and asked me to show him the direction. His very old and junk car. He drove extremely slow too. Safety first. That was why I always fell asleep in the car when he sent me home. Saliva dripping all.. :)

It's been 5 months + ever since he left us and rest in peace with Po Po. I know, deep down in everyone of us, we still wish they're here with us and not suffer from any sickness. God took them away for a reason, I suppose. And they left very peacefully. That's what we all wanted. So yeah.. It's an ending we all hope to see.

Speaking of the oldest one, it would be Po Po. She's not actually related to any of us. But she took care of us since we were still a baby until a grown up person. When I was around primary school's age, I always threw tantrum on her and scolded her a lot because.. I think kids just don't like old people to nag. So yeah..

As I grew older, I saw the changes in her life. From walking until she fell, using something like a crutches and till she had to sit on a wheelchair no matter what. She became so old all in a sudden. She was determined to walk after she fell for the first time. But then she fell again, she can't walk anymore.

I know I can't act like how I did before anymore. Actually, she's a pretty easy person to pleased. Since I know how to drive, I brought her out to eat food that she likes and to malls to have some idea how outside looks like already, besides going to hospital and staying at home. Then, I always go home late because I hung out at Wayne's house a lot. So when I called home to tell her that I'm not coming home for dinner, she'll be happy to hear that. See.. She's actually not very hard to communicate with. I always wonder why I acted like a shitty kid last time.

This was CNY in 2006. She couldn't walk anymore. But we all adored her. I remember combing her little white hair and tied a bun for her. She loves it a lot. :)

By the way, she was the first one who knew about Wayne. Wayne came by my house during weekends occasionally and chat with her. Po Po always tell him not to bully me and treat me good. Told him I'm a very stubborn girl, so must tolerate me more. On the other side, she told me that Wayne's a good guy and don't simply let him go. At the time our relationship wasn't able to be publicised, she was the only one who knew. Wayne was really grateful about that.

When she left us, it was an unacceptable fact. She didn't leave us any words. We had to let her go and not able to hear anything from her at all. It happened in a night when we were all sleeping and hospital just called. Since then, she was in a comma. I wonder did she hear us talking to her. I blamed the hospital. On the last day I visited her, she was still talking to me. All in a sudden, she's in a comma. I don't know.. She was our precious.

I still tear when I wrote this. Thank goodness Wayne's not home now.

Anyhow, we still need to move on and appreciate what we have right now. All of them are irreplaceable. Treat your elderly well and be filial. Don't take everything for granted. Even you're far away from home, probably a call home would warm their heart up and it's more than enough. :)


Nov 7, 2010

Niko Niko Sushi & Kebab ♥

We went to Kingston yesterday to buy something from Repco. But what Wayne wanted was out of stock. All the way to Kingston. -_-

So we drove around and see what to have for lunch before heading back home. I remember there was this sushi shop, so we went and try our luck. It was open! We were quite excited because it open on Saturday. Tasmania.. So yeah.. =)

Everywhere was Coca Cola sign. I guess they were sponsored by Coca Cola. By the way, it's run by Japanese. Saw this old couple speaking Japanese to each other. And they look really friendly that type.

As usual, I had sushi. Wasn't too hungry anyway. Their sushi were really good. Rice was sticky and little chewy. Tuna, Salmon and prawn were fresh. A little wasabi in between. Love it. It cost $6.50. =)

The Kebab.

When he took the first bite. Quite a lot of greens, carrots.

He had lamb Kebab. I don't really fancy lamb meat. So yeah.. But I took a bite. They all mixed in quite well and taste very nice with sweet chilli. It cost $7.50. =)

While we were dining in, I took a picture of his car. And gosh! The weather was really crazy. The sun was burning, yet cold wind blowing. I think we need to apply sunblock liao.

Till I have something to write about again. Tata.

Nov 3, 2010

I'm rich. For now. ♥

It's my second day training. The people are nice and helpful. Really love the job! Although on the first day, I'd to wash the toilet. Basically, just spray some sanitiser and wipe it, sweep the floor. What a good start. -___-

By the way, male's toilet is disgusting. I only breath through my mouth, but according to my mate, it smells horrible!

This is how I basically look like with the uniform. I'm quite like it lah.

Also invested on a good quality leather shoe, cost me $50. It's one of the requirements anyway. For safety sake. But it's quite comfy lah. It's Grosby Air Step. =)

For now, I take bus to work and after work. It's quite an experience. Everything seems more like a student's life now. If I'm studying now, I would feel even exhausted. Maybe it'll help on my weight loss. Hehehe.

People are really friendly and I'm a little overwhelmed sometimes. Some strangers at the bus stop would just talk to me when I was waiting for bus. So I just replied and smile smile. 8D

Oh yeah.. So I got a confirmation on my wage rate today. It's $20.63 per hour. Guess what? Those who're under aged such as 14 years old, their wage rate is $8+ onwards. The older you are, the higher you get. The first time I feel glad that I'm 22 years old already. -_-

Count count count.. I'm getting $300+ this week. Happieeeeeee. =)
I'll probably pay my rental by myself from next week onwards. Talk about being independent. I finally have my income source. Think about shopping. Hehehehe. XD

I have to memorise the menu now. Ciao. ♥

Nov 2, 2010

Overseas lifestyle. ♥

I think there are significant changes in my lifestyle when I live in overseas as a student, compared to my home lifestyle in Malaysia. I'm going to list a few here.

The very first one is, I tend to take down loads of pictures of the food that Wayne or I cooked. Don't know why, we seem to be very proud of our own creation. While, back home, we only take the pictures where we eat out. The food that those chefs cooked.

Some simple dishes like this.. We seem to cherish it more than when we were back home.

Aunty used to cook it almost everyday, just for me. Because I really love it. But I never took a picture of it. Not even once. -____- But now... yeah. =)

Next, is probably the milk drinking consumption. I never or rarely drink milk in the morning or eating cereal for breakfast back home. I usually skipped breakfast. But here.. I have it almost everyday. To keep myself warm, full so that I won't starve in the class. Besides, cereal and milk are cheap here compared to other kind of breakfast meals. And you can buy such a big bottle here instead of one tiny pack like 1 litre in supermarket in Malaysia. Maybe there are 3 litres ones selling in Malaysia already, like Pura. I think.

Wayne said full cream milk taste a lot nicer. Abuthen.. Full cream. -___-
My bone is so much stronger now. Hahahaha

We also stock up our supplies time to time. Never let our cupboard and fridge empty. Checking online catalogue time to time to see if there's any specials or price reduced is one of my weekly routines already. Because they're really CHEAP! Take Milo cereals, it's only $5 each during specials instead of $7.99 normal price. We usually buy 2 or 3 of them to stock up.

Pasta sauces are cheap too during specials. Only 3 for $6! Extremely cheap. And he LOVES Carbonara so much since we first tried it. Adding sausages and minced beef, it taste awesome! =)

We don't usually cook pasta back in Malaysia though. Even we eat out, we don't go for western food like pasta. Probably steak or roast chicken. Yum yum. Kenny Roger, I miss! <3

I don't know about you, but you don't usually find recycle stuffs in my room. I would not thought of using these containers or any others to put my stuffs, but I'll just head out and look for a new and suitable one. But here.. We'll try to use anything so we don't have to spend a penny on these.

One main reason, the currency exchange rate is crazy. 1:3, so how to not save? -______-

A yogurt container. Strawberry! But I love blueberry more. =)

I think there are more. But somehow, I'm quite stuck now. Maybe I'll write again when any comes into my mind. Maybe these do not apply to any of you, everyone has their own preferences anyway. So yeah.. =)

I miss home! Miss patting my kitties! =(

Tata. *wave wave* ♥

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