Nov 28, 2008

changable ME . =D

yesterday, my house has no electricity from 10a.m onwards. which means can't ONLINE at all.
i was so bored at home, so i went to swim
ALONE. then he came and joined me too.
he said, too long didn't swim, now he doesn't know how to
float. hahaHahaha.
he was so scared when i taught him how, in case he will drown. LOL

it was fun and
COLD due to the day wasn't shine.

i played with my cats in the noon.

a Papaya tree fell down at the side of my house.
they went there to search for treasures. LOL

this is the land for them to pee and poops. =D

it's relaxing to play with them. although they are unlike dogs; listen to commands, but they are CUTE! =)

new TV is here. Panasonic as well. bigger inches and black in color. HahaHaha
now we are still struggling on the channels and sound. =S

we had the same problem with the previous plasma TV too. why la?

EDITED: we asked the professional one came over to help us on the channels and the Zzzz sound. AGAIN. lol. now it's all good! =)

there was
2 hours plus to wonder around in MV after buying the tickets for BOLT, so we decided head to Murni to yum cha first.
Carbonara Spaghetti, Roti Hawaii and BIG Longan drink.
a lot of Longan. =D

BOLT is funny and dramatic. it last for 2 hours, we came out from the cinema at 1.30a.m.

next movie will be Lakeview Terrace. shocking shocking. HahaHaha

Nov 26, 2008

extremely =(

this is how we appreciate everyday. i don't know what to describe, just don't know.

when i'm so free, his turn to be not free. when he is so free, my turn to be not free.
now both of us are in holidays, turns out to be no time for me, even he is not working.
I just can't feel good even i know what he is busy on. girls~ haih.

this is how the time flies and i'm starting to feel moody all the time. remembering, what he told me.
I guess i wasted my tears. people just don't understand. =(

Nov 22, 2008

the feel is just not there anymore

a relationship can ends in just one second, with a sentence: "i have no feel for you anymore".

i wonder how's the girl feeling right now. probably it's a good thing that he realized it earlier, instead of being together for a longer period that you can imagine of. that could be more hurtful.

we are going to celebrate our
5th year anniversary earlier, i think. because by that time, i'm not here already. and also Valentine's Day. that's sad. =(

yesterday, i
"forced" him to promised me to write me an email everyday when i get to Perth. HahaHaha
i don't think he will write me one if i didn't ask him to do so.
i just wanna let myself to have something to look forward everyday and keep each other updated. not just MSN can tells everything.

i know he doesn't tell me everything, not everything. sometimes, i wish to become one of his worms in his stomach. at least, i will know what is he thinking out of the blue.
i need him to tells me everything through his mouth, but he thinks that i know it even he doesn't tells.
ya la, obviously i need his mouth to be as sweet as honey sometimes.
but, he just can't be a romantic person as i wish to sometimes.

maybe he can still lives the same here without me, because he never tells me he can't.
maybe he will not miss me as much as i do, because he never tells me he will.

twins are coming back tomorrow. time flies so fast.

some of Molly and Cutie pictures.

Cutie never change. still this small and cute.
i wonder will she grows any bigger.

his stunt. =)

his manja pose. =D

his sleeping-with-legs-open pose. =D

basically, Molly has more poses to capture. not that i pilih kasih him only. LOL

Nov 19, 2008


my final exam has finally come to an end! WooHooo! it was yesterday, btw. =D
holidays started, but don't know what am i going to do.
i have no plans at all, but to wait for the
1st of Jan trip to arrive. LOL

we have finally watched
Madagascar 2 : Escape to AFRICA! WooHoOoo! again.
"We like to move it move it! We like to...... move it!" HahaHahaha

this movie is freaking funny. and the baby lion is so cute! only know how to dance, doesn't know how to fight. CUTE! WeeeEeeee!
we both laughed from the beginning til the end. it's just funny.

companion him to
UTAR play basketball today. i had no choice but to follow him because he didn't have the time to drop me off at Sg. Wang. so, i had to say OK when he asked, "today can follow me to play basketball ar? please la. only today la. please la."

most sweaty picture of the day. LOL

some of the games was funny. laughed till we dropped, especially when someone dropped. LOL

went to
Look Out Point. it's unbeatable when we reached the top and enjoyed the night view plus the cooling air.
we ordered B.B.Q Sizzling Steak, Seafood Spaghetti and Tempura Fried Prawn plus a Longan
drink. the steak was delicious. =D
and we thought of going to Twin Tower instead of Genting on New Year Eve.
if we get to book a place earlier. =P

tonight was a wonderful night.

NG SAE WENG, thank you for the night. i know you are the perfect guy for me and thanks god that you are sent to be by my side. i'll always remember what we did together and it will always play in my mind even i'm at Perth.

as what i said, YOU ARE DIFFERENT. totally different from other guys. =)

Nov 14, 2008

shopping is what i love to do! =D

right after my first paper, i wanted to cry. it wasn't what i expected to be. so sad. i didn't cry on the spot. i tunggu till i reached his house and cried. HahaHahaha
hopefully, i can pass the paper and thanks god! =)

we headed to MV, planned to watch Madagascar 2 to release my sadness. but, the seats weren't good. either very front, or almost full. so, we skipped the movie. we'll watch it right after my exam is over. WeeEeee

we dropped by at the Exhibition Hall for the Metrojaya Branded Sales. many brands on sales, but we didn't see a single thing that catch our attention, so we left after walking a round. lol
they wrapped my hand beg with plastic begs la. so cautious.

after leaving, we passed by a sunglasses store. he thought of buying one for our upcoming trip. but, the store is selling RM25 per pair and not much designs, so i suggested to take a walk at Petaling Street.
right after i said, let's go! he was, "seriously ar?" HahaHahaha

our results: a pair of "Ray Ban" Sunglass, 3 pairs of "nike" and "addidas" socks, an "Esprit" watch

all are imitation stuffs. but, i wonder how's the quality. we'll see whether the socks will have holes after a week and the watch will stop after few days. HahaHahaha

i'm so happy that he was good enough to stand with my emoness in the past few days. *kiss kiss*

Nov 13, 2008

In a Mood, for exam. =D

tomorrow will be my first paper, Finance! i was stressed to death. lol

however, just now Wayne brought me out to have steamboat as dinner with his other 2 college mates. it was fun and it did released my stress. i ATE a lot and LAUGHED a lot and TALKED a lot too.

and we planned to go for another trip again! this time, we are going to Ipoh, Langkawi and Penang!
yes, 3 places in 3 days 2 nights. finally, it is a land trip. HahaHahaha. no more sea sick. LOL

i know these places are not really tourism spots, but i like to explore local places! i haven't been to many local places yet, only overseas countries, so it's time for me to go before i'm heading to Perth. hahaHahaha

we still plan to drive this time, as in more fun ma. i can't wait to go for the trip.*excited*
but, still have to wait til January, because the 3 of them are working for WIMAX til end of December. *sad*

okay, time to return to my notes. *wave wave*

the Twins are coming back soon! oh no, 10 more days! =D

Nov 11, 2008

Now i know, Apa tu Pawn Shop

today, i had to helped my dad out at his Pawn Shop as my 2nd sis was on leave. i guess, she and her lovely husband went to Malacca for his birthday.

well, basically the shop only has the 2 of us. a very-loyal-worker and I. we hardly chat. LOL
he is responsible to see the gold stuffs which customers want to pawn and tell them the value.

so, i'm responsible to key in the details for REDEEM stuffs and RENEWAL stuffs. it's very easy thou, not as hard as i thought on yesterday night. HahahaHAhaha

REDEEM means they want to BUY back their pawned stuffs.
RENEWAL is which they continue paying interest to keep their stuffs in our shop from being lelong. if they stop paying for a certain period, the stuffs will be ours and we will lelong it!
i never been to a "lelong party" before anyway. lol

anyway, the environment of the shop is very suitable for my study mood. quiet and no distractions, since there is nothing out there to look at. HahaHahaha
i think, i didn't waste my day. i studied and learnt about the operation. it's useful. =)

My Observations:
1. majority of the customers are Malays and India, who are our "customer tetap". i knew it because our computer has their details saved. lol

2. there were 2 cops who came in to pawned stuffs. that's why there are roadblocks sometimes. *lame*

3. India have a lot of those heavy heavy gold necklaces.

4. we can dip the gold in the water to see is it real gold. i don't know how he get to know from there btw.

5. this job is really BORED. luckily i'm in pre exam period, so i have things to study. if not, i'll be bored to death. Hahahahaha. no wonder my 2nd sister bought a PSP for this job. lol

6. good thing is, the working hours are short. 9a.m - 4.30p.m. *blink blink* going to end work! hahaHahaha

that's all for it. wanna pawn things, come find me. =D

Nov 10, 2008

sad news ='(

i received a sms from Wenni, says her grandfather passed away this morning.
i was shocked when i read the sms because i was still sleeping. so, her families are rushing back to Johor this morning. it is so sad to hear that.

it made me remembered the moment i rushed to hospital when my dad called me up at the middle of the night.

anyway, this news kinda cause me have no mood to study for the whole afternoon. what i did was watch tv, eat, talk with my cats. *crazy*

last time, i heard she told me about her grandfather's condition. it was sad that he have to gone trough all these at this age, seriously. i saw twice of these happened, i can see how suffering it is to be ill at older age.

4 more days to our final exam. she have to study and handle things there. hopefully, everything will be fine.

Nov 8, 2008

"greatest day" =(

i dislike this day so much! y it doesn't come once a year or once a half year? it'll be much better, for me.

i hate suffering like this. as in don't know why i need to suffer for this. it can waste my blardy time by just letting me lay on my bed for blardy half day. =(

i have finals to come in one more week! and now, i'm drinking hot milk and blogging. because it ruined my mood for studying and the pain just appeared to call in several times in 5 minutes. *coughtakemylifecough*

and he is not here to comfort me in any way. i'm so sick of love. ='(

*mood swing like hell*

Nov 5, 2008

a fresh day =)

woke up quite early this morning. a little gan jeong of going out with him today. HahaHahahaha
but, he came to my house kinda late, around 12p.m.

anyway, we went to MV for our movie, Tropic Thunder! it's actually quite a funny and exciting show. 18PL ma. those scenes are kinda disgusting. =D

before the movie, we went to Kenny Roger for our brunch. he said, it's the food that he wants to eat the most after his exam. and, he is bored of eating Penang Cafe's food every time after his exam for the past few years.


we had so much of talking, laughing, teasing and smiling. =D
there's a point of time i looked at him while he was eating and he asked me,"what?"
i said, " nothing la."
he said, " u looks like wanna eat my chocolate only." HahahaHahaha
i said, "shit you la."

oh ya, he had his hair cut at X Cut. he complained, this girl grabbed his hair with lots of strength. pain la. lol

i love this day. just pak toh and spending our day together peacefully. =)

but, my final exam is coming so soon. i'll have to start my revision sections and study hard!

Nov 3, 2008

It's all about Celebrations

on 31st of October, we (Wenni, Eva, and I) went to Pyramid to celebrate our ended assignments period. and also, a last assignment that i did with them. which i think, we were not really satisfied with the outcome.

we went to Kim Gary and also watched a movie called
The Vampire Who Admires Me. scary shit. or i shall say only Eva and I were scared. Wenni, was so coincidentally sat between the both of us.

both of us were covering our sights, while Wenni was opening her eyes widely to see what will going to happen. funny la. *i'm proud of you, Wenni.* LOL

after a very long time, this is another scary movie i watched. =/

so, Happy Assignment Ended Day! and there comes the Final Exam Day. =(

Yesterday night was my eldest sister,
Helen's birthday. she is 27 this year! sounds old, but she looks so tiny that she doesn't looks like 27 at all.

this day, we went to
Plus One Shabu Shabu, at Jalan Imbi for the celebration. it's Steamboat, but definitely different from buffet type. they even have approximately 20 types of sauce for you to choose.
each of us had our own type of soup and we ordered don't - know - how - many - types of dishes.
i still remember, my dad said, "
it's Japan's Pig." LOL

i didn't manage to take the complete set. i started to eat. lol

the "Japan's pig". =D
i'm not sure is it this one la. lol

this dinner cost my dad RM300++. actually, i prefer to have buffet steamboat. they have desserts as well.

a gift for her. love is in the air. =)

finally, tomorrow is the last exam paper for Wayne! another celebration is on tomorrow.

can't wait for this to happen la. *ganjeong* LOL

i prayed, "Wayne will do well for his exam and score well."
someone will look after him. =)

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