May 31, 2009


This is my 300th post entry. Just want to mention about it. HahaHA.

I bought my air ticket. 100% going home! Yay! Happy la. I know I'm not as happy as the first time. Baru one month, and we are meeting each other again. How will I feel in the plane this time? Don't know la.

Thinking of giving my parents a surprise, by telling them the wrong date. Prepare a nice dinner for them. Parents need to tem wan. HAhahAHa. Haven't decide yet la.

Studying in library now. Teing is sitting right opposite of me again. She keep saying sleepy after our short break with food. HAhA. I'm sleepy too la. Cannot! Must semangat a bit! XD

I'm missing you. =)

May 30, 2009

99% going HOME

Yep. I'm going home on this June, again. One month plus. WooooHoooo~
I'm veli veli happy ok? But, not as excited as the first time la. =)

Wayne's friend, Ming Yie said, "tell her don't go study la. suka - suka then come back." wth. Holidays ma!

I still haven't buy my air ticket yet, there goes that 1%. But, I'll double make sure I won't miss my flight this time. Please don't make me miss my flight. HahA.

This time, is most probably my very last time going home. Things are going to reveal soon. Hopefully, everything will goes smooth.

My dad damn sui eh. Let me go back, some more have to work for him. Help out in auditing work with his assistant. No la, maybe some data entry work. Hope so.

K, time to study for finals. Then, can go back happily. =)

May 29, 2009

Not true

I just told myself not to miss him so much.

I realised, I can't do it. Why he can, I can't?

May 26, 2009

Pictures time!

No more assignments! Finally. Am just waiting for exams to come. Then, first semester ends. Fast-Nya. One more semester, and we'll see each other again. Same goes to Teing too. =)

P.S: Teing & Hwey, did you guys check your OCC? 2nd semester timetable and enrollment appointment are out. Don't have to attend orientation week for enrollment wan, ok? =)

Pictures over time. =)

The California Sushi, $3.

The view, outside of lecture theater.

I - zone, in Library.

Washing machine malfunction.
Makan our $3 already. It only takes $1 coin.

Shaine, my CIB classmate.

Choong Yow, another CIB classmate.
Same college in M'sia la.

Benny and I, waiting for lecture.

My laptop wallpaper. HAhaHA.

May 24, 2009

Fed up!

ADDED: Checked my unit outline. The part of assignment I'm doing worth 25 marks alone! The whole 25 marks, I'm doing alone. Good luck man bloody members. WeeeEee.

These are my group members, so called. Enough is enough. I'm not gonna care if we gonna freaking fail this assignment, since you guys are so "cooperative". I believe I still can pass this unit with a credit by doing well in my FINAL EXAM! You guys can eat shit, seriously. Makan Tahi! Humph!

Vomit Blood

I'm working my ass on one bloody freaking assignment in LIBRARY, on SUNDAY. It's due on TOMORROW. Oh god, please help me~

And I'm blogging here, with Teing sitting opposite of me reading something, I guess. HahaHA. I logged on to Facebook several times as well. I'm so dead. But I'm working. Going to finish another part then can proceed to another part.

Group members! You all can go suck balls. I don't know what's wrong with you all la. Consider myself unlucky to group with you guys. I'm just hoping won't fail this subject! Arrrr.

Wookay. *hungry*

May 22, 2009

Cold weather can get people sick

Due to the weather, I wore a top with a knitted cardigan plus jeans with boots and a SCARF to cover my neck. HeeeEee. Covered myself as much as I can.

After 5pm, met with Twins at Angazi Cafe to buy cheap food! Yay! Everything is only $3!! Bought 3 Ham and Cheese croissants and a box of California Sushi. Freaking cheap. Normally, Ham and Cheese croissant cost $5.60. I still buy it for lunch every time I'm nearby that area. Nice ma. Fortunately, the Sushi tasted fine. Better than the week we bought for$2. The rice not as hard as it was. Yummy! Should have bought more. =(

Okay, back to the Twins. I saw them and I was a little, just a little, surprised.

Teing was wearing a top with a knitted scarf plus jeans and sneakers. Wth? No jacket or coat to cover yourself?! And her top was the alcoholic top if I didn't remember wrongly. Damn thin eh. It was really cold like hell. The wind blew on your face, as if putting your face at the freezer for one second. So, imagine it blows on your uncovered skin. *shiver* Very easy get sick wan siu jie. Some more you thin like a stick. I was thinking, "Wa, so tough meh. So cold, some more wear so little". HahAHha. Even Australians wear like me okay. It says everything.

Then I spotted Hwey. She wore flip flops! Her toes must had been so numb. Seriously la, cold like shit. Luckily she wore a jacket. At least, covered ma. Look for me if you need sneakers before getting a new one. Don't get yourself sick, most importantly.

Need to get a glove la. Hands also freezed eh. But macam quite kua jeong to wear gloves. HAhaHA. Sort of snowing like that.

So, let's go for shopping after exams okay? Get something to keep yourself warm. Not joking.

May 21, 2009

Rainy Day

Why so scary wan? The wind sound is so so so scary. It started since morning till now, it's still blowing. If you read Deng's blog, you get to watch the video of it. Luckily it stopped a while when I was walking to Uni. If not, umbrella also no use.

nearby basketball court.

Other dorms.

And, finally i get to use the umbrella that he bought for me from M'sia. I thought I won't have the chance to use it at all. Firstly, due to the design he chose. manyak attracting lo. I want black! HahaHA. But no choice, I still used it. If not, I'll get fully wet before reach Uni. =(

Thanks hubby! =)

And, this umbrella has this perfect function!

I hate to use umbrella because the silver thingy hurts my finger everytime i wanna close it. So, he closed it for me everytime. Or i won't hold the umbrella at all. HAhaHA. So, the black color thingy helps to avoid the pain I would get. Nice one! =)

Sigh. Back to the assignment. Last one! But I have to freaking type a lot of stuffs. F you. Why la you all like that wan?

Oh, and some of the suburbs has no electricity this afternoon. One in South Perth, one in Hills. Some where near hills. Haha.

May 19, 2009




一直以来,我都觉得只要我用真心对人,别人也会对我好。 原来,现实的世界不是这样的。 他时常对我说,现实里是没有一个用全心全意地对人。 我一直都不同意。直到,我到了一个没有他的世界。

他说过,他会帮我阻挡所有的坏人,让我做一个快乐和幸福的老婆。 没有了他,我似乎遇到了我从来都不想遇到的事情。而到了现在,我只想逃避。除了对他说,我不知道我还能对谁说。没有了他在我身边,我变得很脆懦。不知道几时开始,我不习惯没有他的感觉。

他说过,朋友是不会一生一世的。我没有同意过。现在,我终于体会到了。把这一些不开心的事写出来让我觉得很心淡。 我哭了。我感觉到我从来都不想拥有的感觉了。



May 18, 2009

The truth is always unpleasant

Being mean won't help in anything okay. Someone might accept criticisms, but not in a direct way. You might feel it's alright to tell a friend the truth. But do you ever think of what your friend will think about it?

Can you imagine you yourself get the criticism from your friend who without even think of how you will feel about it after that? If you can take it, it's fine for you. But what about others?

It hurts. In a way that, being an inconsiderate friend. You know who you are. Not asking you to fake the truth, but being considerate to a friend. Telling out things straight will not helps make things better. Just so you know.

I just realised how mean were you after like 6 hours. wth.

Just applied a mask so my face don't look like shit again on tomorrow morning. Provided I'm not sleeping late tonight again. XD

"Ham sap" conversations

Any one of you has horny conversations with your another half? Yes, horny talk. Through phone or face - to - face la. Very sweet wan i tell you. HahaHa.

Those very general horny stuffs, if you know. Depends how your another half "horny" you la. Mine, is absolutely sweet. He's lovely. But i'm not gonna reveal it la. I scared sweet till you all will vomit. HAhaHAha. =)

Depends how you define "
horny". Tell me yours.

His mom told him it fits him so well because it's so body fitting.
His younger brother likes it because it has V collar.

It's the shirt that I bought for him! WeeeEeeee..So happy. =)
Glad that he likes the shirt too.

*showed me through video call.
"Alla, damn handsome la", I said.
"If I have 6 pads now, I'll be more handsome", he said.

HahaHAhaha. I shall see after 9 months. XD

May 17, 2009

Stop me!

I been slacking a lot. Just realised I came home for only a week plus, but it's like a month already. I started my calling habit again. Keep called and called. Most of the time, video call. It's like all over again. The just-arrive-here-mood. I miss him!

And, I'm stuck in the last part of my assignment. I can't find any useful sources about China's nonverbal communication. It sounds easy but need references ma. I can't simply assume something although I think it is, can I? Only found general facts about nonverbal communications. wth. I need CHINA's information! Grrrrr. Proquest is limited. Sigh.

It makes me slack. Don't even have the mood to study for finals. Assignments not finish, I cannot start. Life is freaking complicated. And, it's freaking boring here. Without him, it's more lifeless. Only studies and assignments everyday.

Someone can stay in their room for the whole day, without stepping out at all. Toilet, maybe. And food. It makes me wanna walk out from the dorm and simply grab someone to talk with. Any strangers. If not, I can be a big fat ass by finishing my big jar of M&Ms in one day! MAYBE.

My parents and sisters went to Kuala Selangor today. Hang kai, mom said. There got place to hang wan meh? My mom purposely called me to tell me. -.-
Then, Wayne texted me. They're going to Kuala Selangor now to celebrate his mom's birthday. Went there once with them before for seafood dinner. Why la? Both also wanna make me sad and jealous. =(

May 16, 2009


What a news. I'm considering taking Master in Marketing after this last year of degree in Finance and Marketing. I never thought I'll even consider it as I really can't wait to get rid of this study life. But i considered because of him, The One.

Situation is, apply PR must meet the requirement of studying 2 years in Australia. So, it gives me no choice but to THINK about it. Probably I have to take it. Half study, half work, can? Work as in OFFICE work. Not restaurant part time work. Not sure can or not. Lots to think of. =(

I'm not even sure will my parents let me stay. But I'm looking forward to be with him right here, together. We even talked about stuffs of living together. It's the strength that keeping me strong here. I wanna hang on with it.

Everything he did for me, I remember. I wanna do something for him too. The life of living together, happily.

May 15, 2009

Kill myself

I feel like killing myself. Darn Finance! It's frustrating and annoying. With my current sleepy mood, it's just hard to concentrate. Save me.

What's in my head now

May 12, 2009

I can be stronger than you think

Ever since I was back, I been missing him more than before. Its the words that count, I guess. I been thinking a lot of the words he said to me. Ahhhhhhh! I miss you!

You evil husband. =)

May 8, 2009

$15 to WSPA Animal Rescue Team

I got a call from WSPA because i signed up the petition online weeks ago. Yep, so after the talking and all, I'm donating $15 to them every month. It's not a big amount, just glad that I did something for the animals. Using dad's money, still. He surely won't bother if the call is for him. So, I'm helping him to build his karma too. HaHa.

Okay, another serious matter. I need to get a CONCEALER la! Damn it. My dark circle damn obvious eh. Guess it's due to 8 days in M'sia without any nice sleep. Suggestions time. Let me know if you have one. =)

And, i couldn't upload those wedding pictures into Facebook la. Ta Ma De. Every pictures are almost 10MB or more. How to upload la? Few only then can still consider resize it but i have 400 pictures with me. Damn lazy to resize one by one eh. For the sake of uploading. Thanks to my brother's pro DSLR. I taken some with my compact camera too. But seriously, tak cukup cantik compared with his ones. Photoshop also cannot help much. I might just pick some then. Pretty faces only. HahaHA.

I'm right here when you need me. =)

ADDED: Pimples are growing like mushrooms on my face. Adapt to the weather here again, I guess. Like the time I just got here. omg la. =(

May 7, 2009

"After 9 months, I'll be there with you"

Here I am back in Perth, again. Back to studies, assignments, and datelines. =(

I cried terribly when I walked away from him. We hugged and I was the last one who got on the plane. How great if I CAN miss the flight again. Probably this time I knew that we really can't get to see each other for 9 more months. It was so hard for me to let him go.

He convinced me. I know I can trust his words. *wink wink*

Anyway, back to busy life. Assignments are waiting for me. =O

Uh ya. Pictures. Let me upload a few here first.

The ring.

The smile to each other.

The gift.

The sisters.

The look before the kiss.

Helen & Chung.

Finally, us. =)

May 6, 2009

I wanna stay awake

WooHoooo~!! I'm at Wayne's house transferring dramas and movies to my laptop! Last night in M'sia. =(

See you guys when I'm back. Estimated will be home by 6.30a.m.. =)

May 5, 2009

A step closer.

One great news!

I'm still at M'sia! I missed my flight due to blurrness in me. Long story, no point telling now la. HahaHa. So i bought another ticket to go back on Thursday. Guilty yet extremely happy. Wasted my dad's money but get to see him for 3 more days! Skipped another classes on Tuesday. Whatever la. As long as I pass up my homework to my tutor, through e-mail. =)

My sister's wedding is finally over. It was ridiculously unorganised. I was so pissed and frustrated. Wayne kept telling me, "Don't frus la. Not our wedding also. Don't worry, ours will be much more successful". HahaHA. Anyway, wedding ceremony is really 烦 la. Especially the morning one. Walao eh, damn many things to do. Tired like shit. Luckily Wayne is Christian.

Teing, your Bernard passed me some stuffs for you. Happy or not? Cannot wait already leh? HahA. Sorry ar, took few days for me to pass him those chocos and stuffs. Was busy searching for dress and many small matters happened. I bought Mamee Vegetarian flavor back for us! Nothing else already hor? Let me know if you guys want anything. =)

He overnight at my house, in my room, for 2 nights. It was really something that I didn't expect will happen. So nice la. I still remember every words he said to me. "We're like the husband and wife now". Anyway, thinking of the 9 more months without him, all this are precious to me. I will always remember. Thank you, hubby! You're always the one for me.

May 1, 2009

Cried before seeing The One

I was wholly excited in the plane till i cried. It was 8 minutes before the plane was going to land. I was seriously very very nervous. I didn't feel unwell at all. I even fell asleep when it was flying off the ground. geng leh?

This 2 days were extremely fun and happy. Seeing him again, and the words spoken. Deep down in my heart, I feel "tim dou lau" for every words he said to me. =)

Watched The Sniper. Wah, three of them are super handsome! I kept telling him Lincoln is so handsome. HAhahAHha. Also, had dim sum at 2a.m. after the movie. Super nice! I will not have this for the next 9 months. *happy sigh*

Just came back from supper with my families. Had our family photo taken. =)
Sorry to him, that he wasn't in the photo and held 4 cameras with him to take the photo. HAha. Everyone was, "mine too, mine too." wth.

I still haven't get my dress yet. Unbelievable. Walked Pyramid and Mid Valley also can't find a dress that i like. Have to go One U tomorrow la. Last day man. Hopefully i can get something that i like. While, Helen got her dress at Eclipes. I was still considering that dress thou. But that white is super pure. Have to buy suitable inner.

My dad is jealous of my cats. HAhahaHAhaHAha.
He claimed that, I care for my cats more as I asked about my cats more than him when i was in Perth. HAhahHa. Daddy, I still love you and Mummy the most okay. =)

Okay, got to bath, apply mask and oi oi.
Another day out tomorrow with my darling! =)

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