Sep 30, 2009

Coco Puff

I can't finish my coco puff. I mean my breakfast.
Every time when I was eating half way, the appetite suddenly all gone I tell you. Takes forever to finish it.


Miss you so so much!! And, I'm coming back later than the expected date. =(
I'm counting down. Like I always do. HAHAHA.


I'm suppose to go library. So lazy la. Whole body aches.

One question.

After you're attached, do you still dress up yourself attractively? Or you will afraid your half will be unhappy of you being too attractive?

Me, obviously I still dress like how I used to and getting better. He doesn't really mind if I wear "sexy" tops or skirt. It's like nothing big deal la.

So, how about you? Will you change your style or remain conservative all the time?

Sep 28, 2009

For cat lovers!!

It's so funny!! I love all of it.
Oh no, I love the part the bear was chased by the cat. And, the cats high fived with their hands. Ahhhh. And lots more!! =)

Watch out the part that the cat walked on the fence. FUNNY!

How cat fight with dog. Gorgeous!

They're so cute and cool! I miss Molly, Cutie and Slowy! Can't wait to go back and make them do those stunts. HAHAHA.

They're just so cool!!

Watch it now. =)

Sep 27, 2009

Lovely old times

I was reading the letters that he wrote to me when we were still studying at different schools. We wrote letters to each other, almost every day. Through post and my younger sister. He cycled to my sister's primary school and collect from her or pass her the letters. Sometimes, he passed me the chocolates or moon cakes that his mom made too. =)

It was quite lovely. Every time I wait for the letter, thinking what he's writing to me this time. HahAha.

One of the poems he wrote to me. Yesssss, he wrote poems. Not now anymore. =(

When I was reading the letters, it feels like he likes me for many years but confessed long after that. I asked him. Guess what he said.

"You terbalik the order of the letters is it?"

WHAT? How would I terbalik the order? Blehh.

Now, no letters anymore. Not even one from him ever since I came here. But I always send him cards. So bad la him.

I really miss those days. At least letters can keep forever and recall those manly hand writings. HahA. Unlike SMSs or emails. But he does not have the patience or time to write any letters to me anymore. Busy working to get enough money for our spending. Hate it.

Stop being so demanding. Grrr.

River Cruise Night

It was an awesome night. Although we didn't dance or mix around. HahAhaHA.

But the music was great. Brings the beat up. =)
We enjoyed the breeze of the wind and the view along the river.

That's me, with my beer. =)

The food served. SUBWAY. =)
Chickens, cookies, chips.

The crowd, at the dance floor.

View from the cruise.

WoooHooOoo. Teing and I. =)

Camwhore at the another side of the cruise. HAhA.
Blur blur one quite nice la.

Eye of the Perth. X)

On the way home. =)

Go to my Facebook for more pictures. =)

It was really fun. The cruise takes around 2 hours, from Swan River to Fremantle and vice versa.

Had 3 bottles of beer, but I didn't get drunk! HahAHaHAha. Relaxing and chilling. Wasted that Hwey didn't come along. She can take nice pictures with her 'baby' - DSLR. HAHAHAHA.


Today's so sunny, 26c. Normally only 20c. =)

Sep 25, 2009

Need a quick vote!

Am deciding which one is better to wear for tomorrow's river cruise night. The dress code is semi formal. This is the only 2 choices I have. Have to choose one. =)

Consider the cold weather at river side, might be 10c - 12c.

Option 1

Option 2

Imagine you can only choose from this 2, which one would you choose. Or NoOooo to both of this? Thanks for the help. =)

I know, my poses are so weird and boring. HahAHahAha.

Sep 24, 2009


I'm blogging with my runny nose. Took the medicine that Teing gave, but can't feel any sleepiness. Laid on bed, thought of something that makes me can't sleep. So I got up. Hopefully tomorrow won't get worse.



很巧合的,我们认识了对方.他是一个很风趣的人.当我上课时,他会站在课室外面打扰我上课. 弄一些搞笑的脸, 搞得我无法专心. 那时候, 我真的很开心.为了我, 他留下来让我能见他久一些. 他会时常和他的一帮朋友搞一些好笑的动作哄我开心. 为了追我, 他不惜一切做了很多令我感动的事. 追到了, 他做了一些我没有想象过的事. 他摺了千多个星星哄我开心, 许下了承诺. 他的甜言蜜语让我觉得, 我是天下最幸福的女人. 为了哄我,他不惜一切做任何事,即使有其他人的存在. 他让我觉得,我是他的一切.用了十块钱摺成的心, 代表着他的心. 写下了很多的话,很多意味着我们的未来的话. 那时候的我,很天真.我觉得我们真的会有未来.

直到,我们不再每天相见. 直到,他需要山长水远的来找我. 直到,他的世界和我的已经不一样. 我们终于分手了. 也许是我的任性. 也许他终于发觉了. 也许我们根本有缘无份. 也许我们的爱经不起考验. 

无论什么也许,他所做的一切,我都还记得.他是我的初恋.很多时候,我无法忘记他的一切.我还记得他的生日.我还偷偷地去找他. 我很想忘记他的电话号码.可是,我越想忘记,一切变得越难忘记. 

我不知道为什么我又会想起了他. 我很讨厌我的三心两意. 我很想把这个人从我的记忆里消失. 


老公,对不起. 我真的很不应该. 可是现在,你是我最爱的人了.我会永远守护着你,绝对不会离你而去.我会再用未来的时间,把这个人彻底的忘记. 你永远是我的最爱,一个不会改变的事实.

Credit card fraud

Yesterday when I was shopping at the Variety Shop at Carousel, the cashier suspected the credit card isn't mine. It's my fault too, because I overwrite the signature. No wonder she will suspect. But it was my first time got suspected also.

I showed her my ID to match with the name on the credit card, she was still kinda worry. She insisted of showing her some proof of my signature. I couldn't find any that time. But, I forgot my ATM card actually has my signature too. Panic. HahAHaHA.

Anyway, she allowed the transaction at the end. She was very nice and polite. Saying, "No worries. See you." So I wasn't really pissed off. =)

If it happens in M'sia, I've no idea what attitude they'll show. It'll be some tragedy.

Personal Stress Relief from Economic, Environmental Issue

Look around you, you'll be wondering why is the world changing. From unpolluted to uncertain season change. Even it's supposed to be Spring, it does not looks like Spring. While you wanna talk about certain issue of economy and environment, you have no where to head to. No one is there to listen to you.

Now, there's one place where you can speak out; where you can get the attention from people who cares and listens to you; where they share the same issue with you.

Personal Stress Relief from Economic, Environmental Issues. That's the place.

Sep 23, 2009


When you're going for a dinner or ball, you'll look for suitable jewellery to match your stunning dress. Sometimes, it just doesn't match with silver or gold only. Probably pearl necklace would help. It might match perfectly with your dress.

I feel this one is quite sweet and mature looking at the same time. And it's not extremely expensive. Only $37.97, affordable range.

Ring is another great accessory too. I love simple and elegant ones. It really shows a person's character.

I spotted this one. Only $8.99!! I love white pearls. Looks pure and simple. And, it's extremely nice to match with black dress. I've tried.

When there's discount pearl jewelry up, how could you not take a look? Probably there is something that catches your eyes. Like the jewellery shops in Carousel, they had so much sales in store that you would wanna stop by to take a look.

Sep 22, 2009

Dark circle!

Been annoyed by the dark circles I have for very long. Actually, I didn't really realised I have dark circles, til I got here. =(

So, that day I was browsing the website and I bought this. I forgot how much does it cost. It was having a promotion. After I read the reviews, considered a while, I clicked 'buy now'.

But, obviously, it didn't have much effect. Maybe I didn't apply frequent enough. Sometimes, I was lazy. Went to bed straight. Anyway, I'll still continue using it. Better than waste lo.

A picture of the product.

I wanted to blur the background, but the Magic Wand didn't really work. Or, I don't really know how to use the Magic Wand. Hwey, how to use? Teach me, please. =)


Been thinking how will my life be in Brisbane, I thought of money issue. Then, I think of getting a part time job. Thinking which is the easiest job to earn side income. I went to googled. Trust me, I was really desperate.

I was thinking, probably I can learn to make money with my blog. Like Hwey and Teing. Seriously, make it like a blog that can earn me side income. I googled.

Came to this page, I read on. Okay, kinda interesting. Since the others are not mailing me any yet, probably I should give it a try too.

Paid reviews

I registered! I cannot deny that I'm really finding ways to increase my side income. Hoping I'll get to go through those hard days in Brisbane, without my dad's help.

If you're interested to make money with your blog too, consider about it. No harm of trying and giving yourself another option.

Advertise with my Blog

Sep 21, 2009

Recharged using Paypal

I was unwell due to menstruation pain, so I stayed at home for a rest today. I skipped classes today. HaHA =)

Anyway, I was running out of credit. And, I can't recharge using credit card because apparently, Vodafone do not accept overseas credit card, only Australia or NZ credit card. So low tech wan.

No choice lo. So, I recharged using Paypal, to pay through my bank account. It was simple, fast and safe. Once it's done, it sent the pin number to my phone and email. Overall, it was okay.

Picture of the transaction.

However, the credit card part sucks. Why they couldn't make it internationally? Since there's so many overseas students here. Most of us use oversea credit card. It's better to have an option. Convenient ma. =)

Sep 19, 2009

So sad. =(

I watched it from Facebook. I watched before, it's my 2nd time watching it. So sad. I teared. The male dog seriously very pity. His half died, and he still stay by her side. Really sad le. =(

Thanks to the girl, who helped him to carry the female dog to the road side.

Those people that ran over the dogs are jackass. How could they?!

BB faces

I thought of the baby faces. My baby faces. I can't remember any of mine. I don't remember how do I look like when I was a baby. How sad. Probably because my parents didn't have the urge to take down our baby faces. It's the cutest time of our life. Don't you think so?

So, I've decided. I will snap pictures for every faces of my babies and show them when they grow up. They would surely wanna know how cute were they. Weeee.

Every action they do, every faces they make, every sign they show. It would be memorable. Oh, and I will record a video of them calling me, "Mummy" and him, "Daddy". Ah, so warm. :)

I want a boy and a girl. That's more than enough. :)
I can't imagine how hard is it to raise a kid. Provided they are as obedient as me. WuahahahAhahA.

Sep 18, 2009

A day lesser.

Been experiencing insomnia for few nights. Almost few nights fell asleep with tears, after smsed with hubby. I can't sleep so I texted him. Even he was tired, he still sms me to comfort me. He doesn't know what to do to makes me feel better. But, his words melted my heart every time he replied me.

Today, he sms me a lot. Keep sending me funny messages. Some lovely messages. So happy la. Hopefully I can keep this happy mood till November. :)

Went for grocery shopping today. Only Teing and I, Hwey was busy with her assignment. And, she cooked us dinner! Conclusion is, she is still better in making sandwiches. HahAha. I miss the steaks that she cooked. Probably, because of Lester's help. *wink*

Anyway, we passed by this path today, out of no where, full of white flowers. We passed by so many times, didn't get to take any picture of it. Finally, get to snap one today. Weeeee.

Nice hor? So bright when there's sun.
The dry grasses outside of our dorm should have some flowers like this too.

The pin badge. Bought from Mui Yit.
The other half with hubby! :)

Talked about buying a new phone. Hubby wants a GPS phone. No more lost ways. HahAhaHA. Go Penang again. Look forward to it.

Sep 17, 2009

Impulse purchase

Bought some skin care from Sasa website again. Stared at the website for some time, then I clicked CHECK OUT. Hoping these skin care products will help. Then, I looked at my skin care box. A little regret. I bought it.

Feel like buying another handbag. But think of the things I have to bring back at the end of this semester, I hesitated. I really don't know wanna buy some more things or not. Last time, I thought I'll go to Brisbane right after this. But now, have to balik M'sia first. Although I'm leaving some things here to collect during convo on February, but scared will overweight somehow. X)

Money issue too. I'm trying not to waste money on luxuries. Save for future usage ma. I'll have to work on my own for my future expenses. I believe we can go through this, as long as we are together. :)

So lazy la. Have to study for Progress Test 2. But it's semester break after next week. Yay! Can rest la. But I wanna go makan makan, jalan jalan. Don't know wanna pergi mana also. If he's here, go where also happy le.

Sometimes, I would think, if I didn't know Twins from secondary school, I wonder do we have anything to talk about. Obviously, we do not have anything in common. And now, because we're in the same uni and staying under the same roof. Sometimes feel so awkward when we're walking together with nothing to talk about. Just saying la. Nowadays I'm having mood swing. :(

I wish.

I want a Mickey Mouse ring too!!
If a guy would propose to me in Disney Wonderland, with fireworks after that. It would definitely an unforgettable moment. Like a fairytale wedding. So romantic. Happy sial. HaHAhaHAha.

A ring like this. But this is quite cheap. $34 only. 2 carat diamond. But I like la. Small one, quite cute.
Worked for few days, he keep complaining tired. Still not used to the long hours working. Miss him so much. :)

This Saturday, we're going for mid autumn festival with my uncle's family. Should be quite fun la I think.

Sep 16, 2009

An email that brings happiness

When I opened my email this morning, the title " showing you that I miss you!" caught my attention. It's from hubby.

He told me, one month will pass very fast and he'll concentrate on building his 6 packs and working while I'll concentrate on studying. Time will pass even quicker.

These days, I can't seem to be happy. At the night, I can't sleep even I'm very tired. Usually, I slept with my tears. I think of him and my grandma. I told my grandma how am I doing and feeling. All I wanna do is to quickly finish this semester and leave this place.

Hubby said, "please live your life happily. Go for the Rivercruise is good, but don't be sad when you think of me. Think as you'll bring me along one day." I cried. He knows what I'm thinking.

After reading hubby's email this morning, happy things happened, continuously.

Today, we did our Capstone round 5 in class. It turned out great, unexpectedly. We've beaten down the group that was at the first place for 2 weeks. We're the champion for the week. Weeee. We were high five-ing among ourselves. Shiok! :)

Reached home, open Blackboard. Unit controller said there's a mistake in marking Progress Test 1. I got an additional 1 mark. Although it's not a lot, still, happy sial. :)

Sep 13, 2009


It has been very boring. 2 days didn't 踏出家门. Wanted to go to the city for a walk. Somehow, I felt lazy when I need to change this morning. And, here I am. Blogging.

Just had Coco Puff. Again. A little sien already. But don't know what else to eat. And, I believe Coco Puff and hot chocolate help lessen my period pain/ discomfort. Hot chocolate helps the most. Have to drink more before period comes.

Teing and I decided to go for the Rivercruise that falls on 26th of September. Hwey's not going because it requires a semi-formal dress code. She doesn't fancy all this. Anyway, I'm still thinking what to wear. I have a few dresses. But, not sure how to make it semi-formal.

I can finish up my portfolio in a day, but I chose to drag till the last day. Because I was watching drama, typing and refer to the article at the same time. One day only finish 2 paragraphs. Can die right? Today is the last day. I just gotta finish it.

And, damn. For a 3 marks portfolio, I need to waste my money to print out those article as reference for the tutor. I don't understand why lo. Usually, only need to provide reference. She so lazy to find out then have to trust our reference la. One portfolio, I have 3 articles or more. One articles have 4 pages or more. HOW?? PK lo me. So rugi. All the paper give her some more. I'll 'pot' kao her during unit evaluation.

Sep 11, 2009

My lover boy is so handsome! HAHA

It's been so windy and wet this few days. Rain and blow non stop. Scary wei.

Forgot this morning had a group meeting. Sussan texted me, then 'Oh, I forgot.'. Luckily I was awake, so quickly change and walk to campus.

But oh, it's raining! But I didn't realise. I just thought it's very windy. Never bring umbrella! =.= Aiseh, luckily my jacket has the hoodie. But, still quite wet la.

I thought of staying at home study and watch drama. HaHA.

Why is it so windy la? It's not very cold thou. Only the sound is scary.

Miss my honey so much. All the best for your job interview today! Hope you will get the job. And, let me spend all of your salary. HAhAhaHahA.

Oh, and my mom hired him to work at her shop too. My mom told him to come work anytime he likes, work any day he wants and work until when also can. End work at 9p.m., instead of 9.30p.m.. Wahseh. I also don't have this kind of privilege. I'm jealous!!

Ok la. I skipped work for half day sometimes. HahAHhaHa.

We're having pasta for dinner tonight!! :)

Oh, and have a safe journey to my parents! They're heading to Alaska later, at 5p.m.. Have fun seeing sea whales and traveling with the cruise.

Sep 10, 2009

Best grandmother

I watched a video clip. It's so sad. I cried.
I think of my grandmothers.

Miss her so much. Miss her voice. Miss her nags. Always ask me to eat. Always say I'm a stick. Miss bringing her to everywhere so she will feel happy. Miss seeing her fall asleep when we watch TV together. Miss her patting my cats' head. Miss calling her every time I'm not free to have dinner at home with her.

Lots of memories flashed back. She always bring us out to eat at night. It was the happiest day whenever she let us eat desserts. She always hold our hands no matter where we go. Her palms are so soft. She's the best grandmother on this world.

Miss her so much too. Miss eating the noodles she cooked. She always use the instant noodle, but not the seasoning. Miss her nagging me while I'm at her house. Miss her cleaning our house when she come over. Miss her sharp voice. She's the second best grandmother.

I know both of them are watching over us from above. Always know that we miss them.

Sep 9, 2009

My 2nd love

Missing my cats so much. When I have nothing to do, I always look at their pictures. Also, Wayne's pictures la. HAhAhaHA.

When they're still small, they're so adorable!! :)
I won't post their still-young pictures la. Posted so many times already.

Cutie's adorable expression!! :)

Cutie's waiting for me to go back. Wuuu. :(

Molly's sleeping fatty angle. Looks damn fat right? HaHAha.
Actually, he's not really that fat la. :)

Another sleeping pose. Sometimes, see him sleep feel quite peaceful wan lo. :)

I wanna faster go back and carry them. *tickle their neck*

Sep 7, 2009

I'm not gay, but I look at good looking guys

Ah, moody. Don't know why. Hardly smile today.

Ogay, talk about the test this morning. It was so tensioned. Everyone is sitting side by side la. But, it's a calculation subject, so no point. People poking their calculators and writing noises. Annoying.

The whole 2 hours, I kept hearing people coughing la. Sneezing la. What the hell man. One guy 2 rows above me, sneezed out loudly out of nowhere. Hear also know he didn't cover his nose lo. Disgusting. I damn scared I'll kena H1N1 from anyone of them lo.

Wanna fast fast finish all the questions and leave. Guess what? I stayed till the last minute. One question takes damn kao long to finish lo. First question already takes up 35 minutes. Yes, I counted the time. In total, there's 5 questions. I didn't do one of it, because I really don't know how to do and I don't wanna waste my brainjuice to figure it out. Since, it's only worth 10 marks out of 100. I have 90 marks on hand. Although I really wanna get full for everything.

Then, keep hearing people sighing in the whole 2 hours. The fact is, it's not hard. It's just VERY VERY VERY long working for one blardy sub question. Even I sighed la. Then, the guy beside me sighed too.

I can't wait to tick off all the assessments and exams on my schedule. It' just so stressless when I look at the slashed off ones. Even, there's like 10 more of it left. :(

I can't wait to go home. Thanks for comforting me. You know who you are. :)

P.S to someone: your title just made me smiled. :)

Sep 6, 2009

F*** up.

I just showed middle finger to my laptop. ==

I'm a little frustrated with the econometrics. Lots of formulas and calculations. And, some I don't understand why. I gotta memorize it instead. :(

The test is on tomorrow!! I wonder can I do well. Hopefully I could just throw everything in during the test.

Miss you so much. I wish I can just see you.

Sep 5, 2009

The dangling sandals

So windy today. Maximum 15c. But sometimes, it shows 17c. Either way, it's still cold, with the wind blowing. There's sun anyway.

Just now, I ran out to hang my sandals under the sun. Just washed it last night. WoooOooo. So cold man. I actually felt the wind can blow me away, if I stand still there. HahahahaHA.

I was worrying the wind will blow my sandals away. So I keep peeping from my window. Then, I thought of taking a picture of it. HAhAha.

My sandals dangling there.
Hopefully, you can see the dangling sandals from the picture. :)
It's maximum zoom. LOL

I checked M'sia weather. OMG! 30c. No wonder all of them complained hot hot hot. Wayne's working in a warehouse now. For 3 days. Freaking hot also. Pity him. God, pour M'sia with some rain la. So cham la. Hot like shit.

Ah, I need to finish my portfolio. Please, don't distract me anymore. Heeee.

One more thing, did anyone realize the top left of my blog's flowers are back? It just appeared from no where again. Hmmm.

Sep 4, 2009


It's so warm today. But I'm staying at home, rotting. Have to finish up the portfolio that pass up on Monday and revise for another test that falls on Monday too. :(

So boring. So dead. I wanna go out have a walk. But no idea where to go.

Then, I saw this picture showed on my sidebar's slide show. It's the sunset that Wayne sent to me when he went Kuala Selangor with his family for Aunty's birthday. He said, he wish we could see the sunset together and snap a picture of it with me. :)

The house is so cold. I wanna feel the warmness. :(

Sep 3, 2009

I need energy.

Just had dinner. I'm so so so full now. I feel like vomiting. :(

I thought I had my appetite back, because I walked a lot. And, I was really hungry. Then i stuff myself with food. Lots of food compared to few days back. I even had a mini Fuji apple. I feel so sick!

I been feeling very tired this few days. Unless I really step out of the house and walk a bit. I still feel so sucks when I'm home. I'll lay on my bed and starts to fall asleep. :(

What the hell is wrong with me?

And, I realised it's a bad thing for friends to stay together. No matter how close they are. Conflicts happen, attitudes reveal, and moments of unhappiness. It's just not as excited as you think.

I wonder when Wayne and I stay together, we will have conflicts and attitudes or not. He might tolerates me a lot. :)

Don't feel like my days.

I've been feeling very weak. Or shall I say, unwell. I have no idea why. I just feel so different. Especially my stomach. Makes me do not have much appetite all the time. The food I'll crave for in Uni, are hot chocolate and muffin.

When I get home, I won't feel like eating. So different compared with before. Last time, I would knock up their door to ask them for dinner at 6 or 7p.m.. Now, until 9p.m. I don't feel too hungry to eat. And, no. I didn't have any of the snacks that are storing in my room. T.T

And, I have difficulty in pooping. I think I didn't consume enough of water. I guess.

What's wrong with me? :(

Sep 2, 2009

Just wanna blog.

This blog seems like my personal diary now. I signed in and write whenever I thought of something or wanna say something. Like Wenni said, "you updates every second like that!". A little la. Update short and simple one ma.

Anyway, no class for 2 days!! Yay! Can rest at home. Very exhausted like that la.

Took my exam this morning, at 10a.m.. I was VERY VERY tired. But I slept quite early la, with my mask on. =.= I woke up at 9a.m., brushed teeth, lay on my bed again. HahA. Set alarm at 9.30a.m., then quickly get up and change. HahAhahaHA. Damn lazy la. Anyway, I did well for the test. :)

Then, finally gone through the 3 hours Capstone class. So boring. Was going to fall asleep. I think he debrief round 1 too much. Anyway, my group is ranking on 3th place. Out of 5 groups. HahA.

I miss..I miss..Forget it. Don't wanna make myself sad.

Too relax

Or I'm lazy. HaHA.

I forgot I'm taking a mid term exam tomorrow. 10a.m.!! So early. Usually I'll skip the lecture. But exam wor. Can't skip lo. :(

And, now I'm still lazy-ing around. Listen songs, Facebook-ing, MSN.
Okay la. I'm writing key points. :)

2 more months. Please let the days pass faster, quicker and cepat sikit. I can't wait to go home. I wanna see my cats! Seriously.

Sep 1, 2009

Christmas Month

EDITED: I haven't tell my parents about the trip yet. Somehow, I have a feeling they're okay with it. It's not the first time, anyway. :)

Which is on December.

Wayne' mom invited me to go Singapore with them for 5 days, to celebrate Christmas. And, she's paying the air ticket fare for me. Feel 不好意思. But she said Air Asia and Firefly having promotion now. So quite cheap wo.

Will stay at Wayne's Aunt house. So save up the accommodation expenses. :)

Will be going on 20th of December. I'm guessing it'll be so much fun. It's another day to look forward to. :)

I'm gonna take lots of pichas with him again. HahA.

No mood

Ah, don't feel like going to class today. Woke up at 11.30a.m., had breakfast, online.

My lecture at 2.30p.m.. Manyak lazy to walk la. I wanna stay on my bed, with blanket. *yawned*

Last night, we was talking about getting his 6 packs back. So, he said next morning 6a.m., he's getting up to go jog. He was a little unmotivated, till I said, "I like you to have 6 packs, sexy ma." HahahHAhahaHA.

He got so semangated, this morning he woke up and went jogging. He SMSed me. :)

Keep it up, darling. You can do it! Get your 6 packs back. HahAha.

Anyway, I still don't have the mood to go class. :(

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