Feb 17, 2011

Can't believe I had that moment again.

It's not about Valentine's Day. We sat that out. However, he bought this lovely chocolate mud cake from Coles. How sweet is he.

Anyway, I had this terrible terrible terrible "M" yesterday. I got up on this beautiful morning, thinking it'll be a great day. However, it turned out to be the worst, ever. I haven't experience this for a quite long time, ever since I've been staying overseas.

When things were still normal, I had my cereal. Thinking.. Everything will be fine. But hell no.. Stomach started to ache and my abdomen started to get really pain. I even went to toilet for few times, trying to.. y' know. I started to cry like a baby and asking for Aunty. Then, Baby tried everything to make me feel better. Eventually, he made me lay on the bed and distract me by watching drama. When he gently stroke on my face, I actually felt so much better. The calmness.

Anyway.. Then I started to feel bloated as if I had a cow for dinner. I wanted to throw up but it was just so hard. I ended threw up in front of the toilet bowl. He has to clean the mess. Wanted to try salt water but when he was doing it, I've already threw up. By the way, salt water really does help. I remembered exactly how did it felt like.

He cooked us scallop porridge for dinner. He wanted to try the pork that his Mama taught him. But I couldn't have more appetite to have it. Anyway, porridge is good. Had a huge portion of it. Hehehe.

I really thank God that he's here with me. Without him, I've really no idea how can I go through this. The mess, the comfort, the food. :)

Feb 12, 2011

Blue Sky Scrub

I've been thinking, if I am not afraid of blood, I would have become a nurse. Take the science seriously and go for nursing course. Rescue anyone who needs help. Anyway, I was seeing the scrub uniform for ladies. They look cool, with variety of colours to choose from. They're only $60 for a set! I personally like the green scrubs, with the pockets and stitching. I think green is like much alike with environment and makes people around feel warm.

Well, if you need a lab coat, Blue Sky Scrub has it too. Its designs has awesome features such as repelling spills and releasing ground in stains that absolutely helps to keep you clean and looking professional all the time.

So, if you are looking for nursing uniforms, Blue Sky Scrubs is the place to start looking for and commit to your job. It has other products such as scrub hats, jackets, shirts and accessories. By the way, there are for men and kids too. How cute on kids.

Feb 5, 2011

I'm back..!

No.. Not Malaysia. Still stuck in this island. :) I miss you guys!

So I guess most of you know that we've moved to our new house. It's a bigger house with one bedroom, an opened kitchen, a HUGE living room and a storage room where we threw in most of our boxes and unused stuffs. Again, the living room is really huge. Well, compared to our previous place, yes, it is. You guys can have your nights here! :)

Anyway, we bought some second hand furniture to decorate our place a little. Things like, TV desk, TV, 5 seater coach, dining table and a double bed. Oh, and a huge coffee table in front of our TV. All of our snacks are on it! HAHAHA. Our TV is really heavy! It's not plasma because Wayne likes the type that he can watch from any angle. LOL. So yeah..


Empty lounge.

The messy progress.

Nice and done. We repositioned it. :)
The couch colour is so old that kinda match this old built house. -_-
That corner is our studies stuffs, with our books and all. Just so fitting with our rack and table.

Spacious kitchen.
He wants to start baking cakes and all now. All about food.

Our room, with en suite. It has a built in wardrobe too. :)
I don't like the toilet, so I'm not showing it here.
Nah.. Kidding.

I still don't like it. It's so dim and I really miss the bright yellow one.

One thing, the house is really COLD. Whenever I came home, I'll shiver for a bit. Not good. We try not to on the heater too much, save on electricity bill. So I'll wear a thick jacket instead and wrap myself in the blanket when we sit at the couch. He doesn't feel cold really.

By the way, new tenants on the top unit has moved in. And we can actually heard the noise they made. Moving furniture and walking heavily. We really didn't expect this at all. But it leaves us no choice now. We have a year lease now. They probably can hear us too when we were watching TV. -__- Really hate that.

By the way, no more sea side walking track and sea view anymore. Lots of slope in this area and only view we have is bushes. -__- Walk out a bit then can see Mount Wellington lah. Sigh.. I miss my old home. Only thing about that house is too small. If only it's bigger. Haih.

So yeah.. This will be our new home for a year. Come visit us soon kay! :)

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