Nov 22, 2009

The slaughter of Calderon Dophins

Opened an email just now, with the title of "shame of Denmark". In my mind, I thought it would be something about environment being polluted or building issues. Turned out, it's the slaughter of Calderon dolphins!! F*** those Denmark people.

I have several pictures shown in the email. I believe most of my friends received it as I forwarded it to my buddies list. The Denmark's Government should really stop this nonsense! What the hell is this! Killing the dolphins just to prove that they have evolved?!! To prove they have enter the adulthood?!! It happened every year! What to prove? Go hell!! It's the same cruelty of killing human beings. They should really open their mind and realise the cruelty.

Denmark's Government!! Do something about it!! You can't just let them continue killing them and break everyone's heart by just seeing the pictures. I can't imagine how can they all stood there and watch those teens killing the dolphins with the hocks!!

Maybe you can't define the cruelty. But, killing ANY living creatures is cruel!! Not to count in cockroaches, lizards, etc. They just multiplied in a minute. Dolphins are near to instinction!

What can we actually do to stop all this?? Signing the petition will really helps?

Nov 20, 2009

No idea of why.

I felt different ever since I'm back in M'sia. Maybe, is the food. The people. The weather. The environment. The caring. Everything seems so different. Maybe I'm sucks in adaption. Sometimes, I wish I could get out of it.

It has been a boring life. Although he spent a week with me, played around, cuddled with me and being sweet to me, I still felt life's a little meaningless. Especially when I have nothing else better to do. I just spent half of my day at Starbucks with Kae Shiuh, online and sipped coffee.

I know I need to get a job. Make my life a little more significant. A little more valuable. If you get what I mean. I'm starting to feel I'm worthless. I could live a little better. Not to revolve around him or try to fill up my time by finding someone else out.

Now I wish I'm single. HAhAHhaHAhahA. I wonder if he ever feels like being single again.

Do I look a little bit different to you, compare with others? Do I have any special thing in me? I wondered. I wonder why, I was the one you chose. Not her, her or her. Did you see anything special in me or it just happened that way.

I wish, I do not have to make any choices. While, someone out there in this world, wish to make their own choice to decide their path. We always think that thing would be different if the choices were made by us and even things happen not as we want it too, we will not regret. Because we made the decision, not others.

Btw, I camwhore so much lesser these days. Not in a mood or wrong angle. Look so yong sui no matter with what face, what look, what expressions. Cham nya. T__T

Nov 17, 2009

Shocking decision

I've made up my mind. Even Wayne was a little in shocked when I told him.

I've decided not to go for the convocation. Honestly, it's just a cert and what I'll be doing is to walk up to the stage and get the cert. Also, lots of pictures will be taken lah. It's the memories that count. However, it seems very exhausting, just to think of the flights and the journey. KL - Perth - Brisbane.

So yeah. I'm not going for the convocation. The happiest guy, for now, is my dad. Save the flights money and get to stay for CNY. And, next month, he's going to Japan.AGAIN! So boring lah him. Lets hope the exchange for the convo is some pretty nice gifts or handbags.

A relief. I don't have to check which airline company is cheaper or what promo is on. At least, not for my dad. He's kinda annoying and hard - to - please. Bla bla bla.

In case you wanna know, I think I'll call a courier company to send my stuffs over to Brisbane. Oh, have to check which company offer better deal now. T__T

WooOooHoOOoo. I'm looking forward for the Singapore trip. Hopefully I'll able to buy nice and value for money stuffs. Christmas yo. Get to walk around with him and spend si-weet moments with him. :)

Nov 8, 2009


Actually I watched this once in the cinema. I didn't really understand the story. But now watch it again, it's still that nice. And, now I remember that I played that music before, the music she played to go to the future. The old piano is really nice.

I kinda love the last part, when Jay plays the piano to meet Xiao Yu. So amazing. But sadly, the ending wasn't that nice. She doesn't recognise him! How sad.

Watch it again if you really like the movie. :)

Direct TV

Paid TV channels such as Direct TV, will get in place when you get bored of normal TV channels. What's more, nowadays there is lots of choices in the market that could tailor your needs.

Direct TV has packages that offer as cheap as $29.95 onwards which consist of family channels, entertainment channels, lovers channels, etc. What's more, it has up to 265 channels for Premier Ultimate Entertainment package if you're a fan of entertainment industry, so you could have up - to - date news about your favourite celebrities.

Most importantly, Direct TV has a special offer now for a limited period. One of the goodness is, you'll get to watch STARZ and SHOWTIME for free for 3 months! And, you'll also get $26 off every month for a year! Sounds really a good deal thou. Save you quite an amount of money if you are good at maths.

I'm still a Jay Chou's fan!

Jason asked me to guess his MSN display picture, and only I realised it's "I Love You". So nice. Then, he told me one of Jay Chou's MV has it. So I went to Youtube and search.

It's Jay Chou's Qing Tian MV. The song is still so sweet. Most importantly, he's so good looking. Handsome fella. The cello part he played is quite awesome. That's what killed all the fans. He's so talented in music.

Then I watched another MV. The story is kinda sad, but the song is awesome. :)

Nov 7, 2009

The sky is getting brighter

I feel extremely conscious. Wonder why. Been staying up the whole night, haven't take a nap yet. My eyes don't feel tired at all. Why ah? I think I'm really feeling gan jeong for the exam.

After a night of revision with the hints given, I believe I can still get a pass for the Econometrics. Although I've messed up badly, but I think I can still do it. Not to mention, I still do not know a thing about this subject. Seriously. It's all about calculations and doesn't really connect to the practical side. So I can only memorise everything as I could.

To remedy my incompleteness of the subject, I even borrowed two books from the library. It helped me to understand how to memorise even better. Stupidity. The steps. For goodness sake, at least it helped lah. Whatever lah.

I guess hubby knew how frustrated I was. I didn't have the mood to talk with him either. See how serious the exam is affecting me now. It all started after I got my project mark yesterday morning. Pissed. At least I know I have to do extremely well for the exam. I will try my very best. *wink*

I just have to wait for that day to arrive. :)

Nov 6, 2009

I need more love.

Since I knew I have to work real hard to pass the blardy Econometrics, I feel...pushed. STRESSED OUT! I feel real pain in the ass. Gosh.

My parents chatted with me in MSN. My dad was funny. He asked me, why silly faces. HAhaHAhahA. If you're curious, it's my MSN display name. Then I told him, I like silly faces. When it was my mom's turn to talk to me. She said, my dad been asking her about the silly faces. HaHAhahAha. Since when my dad is so curious about what I wrote. Hmmm. I feel my dad has changed ever since I was away from home.

Anyway, I miss home so much!! My cats, my maids, my room. Most importantly, my family! I have decided. I'll give them a hug every day when I'm back. I wish to spread the love in the family. :)

The only thing that could 'sweeten' me now is the cinnamon doughnuts. They're sweet. I wish hubby could do something to 'sweeten' my days even more. But I know he's so busy right now. I just hope everything can be over soon before I even realise. I just hope it will.

A failure

I failed the econometrics project! Completely failed. It proved that I really don't understand this subject at all. T__T

F*** lah. How to take the final exam? And, I have to do really well for it to pass this subject. *punch the wall* I wish I could. I'm not well prepared for this lah. Curse curse curse!

This will totally pull my average down loh. I got a H.D and 2 Ds for the rest and this econometrics ruined the whole thing. How? How? HOW??

Good thing is I still have the chance to pass this subject. But, what if I couldn't?? Shit lah. There's still some part of the subject that I couldn't figure it out. And, it's so complicated.

AHhhhHHhhh! Totally ruined my mood lah. :(

One of a kind

Just finish webcam with hubby. 4a.m. leh. I'm not feeling tired yet. So cool. HAhaHahaHAha. But, it's all worth it when I watched his stupid - acting faces. His silly faces always make me smile. I miss it so much. Feel so sweet.

It's what I look forward to for every night. His face is what I always wanna see. He's one of a kind. That's the reason I was attracted to him, until now. He's the best guy I've ever met and I believe there's nobody like him. He's not perfect but he have some kind of personality that's really special. I can't describe it either. I must say, I'm lucky to have him. :)


Checked my driver license yesterday. Only I realised, it expired on last month. HaHAhahA. Luckily the plan of hiring a car is cancelled. Otherwise, potong steam loh. Excited for nothing. Hwey was thinking driving to the airport some more. We stick to the cab plan at the end.


Someone surprised me this evening. It's Jonathan, dad's friend's son who's studying in Curtin as well. He looked for me in FB chat, surprisingly. Apparently, he'll be taking Master in Commerce, either in Melbourne or Sydney. He's still thinking. Oh, and he lives in Seputeh in M'sia. So near to Mid Valley! Suddenly, all this popped out. So yeah. HaHAhaHa. But, he's still not in my favourite list thou.


I'm thinking what to pack back home. Which stuffs I should leave here first leh?

Nov 3, 2009

Thoughtful you.

"I feel I won't do well in Master."

"Don't think negative. You can do it."

"I know. But I really don't like Finance. I scared I'll get mad."

"Together study hard lah. You wanna study easy one then you get to watch drama and watch me study ah? So bad wan you."

"HAHAHAHA. I won't. okay."

"You will wan. Some more on the sound loud loud and distract me."


I think I will never regret for choosing you and spend the rest of my life with you. You're always that nice to me. Talk about after married, will you still treat me the same as you do now. You said, I'll never know about the future. But I said, I'm very confident in you. We smiled. I believe I'm 100% right in this. :)

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