Dec 22, 2010

The surprise! ♥

3 more days to Christmas!

I've gotten my presents already. I really
♥ it! I'll stop the mystery. It's a key shaped cubic zirconia necklace and a pair of cubic zirconia ear rings. I extremely love it! It's not as expensive as diamond, obviously. By the way, he bought it from Michael Hill. =)

He hide them in a roller storage box underneath our dining table. -___- I should know! I thought it would be somewhere hard to to find. Like in the luggage bag underneath our bed! HAHAHA.. I didn't go look for it though. =)

The packaging. =)

The cubic zirconia necklace.

The sparkling ear rings.

It's not something that I expect he'll remember. It was one day that we got this Michael Hill's brochure in our mail. So I just check it out and see what's nice. Then I saw this necklace. So sparkling nice. Although other carats rings are more sparkling. Hehehe! I thought it would be meaningful if he gives this to me. Obviously, I didn't tell him. He bought it because he saw my eyes were sparkling. HAHAHA! The other reason was he think simplicity suits me. =)

On the other note, it was my parent's 29th wedding anniversary yesterday. =)

It's taken by my sister. I wish I was there to share the joy.
Happy wedding anniversary, Daddy & Mummy.

They looked really nice together with their Burberry couple top. And, I've no idea when my Dad started to style his hair. Or he just wanted to look different on that night. Both of them looked pretty young, right? You wouldn't believe my Dad is actually 60+ already. XD

So they had a surprise dinner for my Mom at The Pavillion. Sister and Dad planned this for her.
♥ And they made a video too. They looked pretty cute together last time. Old times! They still are. =)

This Christmas seems to be very special. I hope everyone has prepared and will receive their mystery gift and celebrate this Christmas happily.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hohoho~

Dec 19, 2010

Christmas is here! ♥

Baby hidden three Christmas presents at home! I have totally no idea what he bought for me. We did talked about what I like and what is nice before. AHHhhHHhh! Can't wait to open the presents! Hope it's not disappointing. But whatever he got for me, I think I'll be happy like mad. I'm already happy to the max now! =)

But the point is, how come he can hide three presents at home without me knowing at all?! I wanted to look for it, but I think I like surprise more. So, I'm just going to wait till Christmas! We've no work on that day. =)

By the way, Christmas here is not so happening. Not to mention the shopping complex is so small, not much Christmas decoration going on here also. Only a few small nice Christmas trees at the entrance. And oh! There's a Santa Clause in the mall to take pictures with kids. HoHoHo. ♥

I haven't get any presents for him yet. Don't know what to get lah. He's getting his Call of Duty game soon anyway. He said itu sudah cukup. -__- He's a very simple man. Hehehe.

Both of us have off day today. But he's off to play basketball with his friends at Uni gym. He's not totally recover from his cough yet so he wants to sweat it off. His begging face is so cuteeeee. I didn't say I don't let him go also lah. HaHAhA. We're going out for some photo shooting and groceries shopping later. It's Sunday! I don't want to rot at home and go to work again tomorrow. .__.

I'm going to play Wii now while waiting for him to come home. =)

Btw, Merry Christmas everyone! I know MV and The Garden's Christmas decoration are very nice! The huge bear is so soft and cute! Go check it out.

Dec 13, 2010


他的求婚过程好感人. 先是和她搭飞机, 让她看到下面写着 "嫁给我!". 给她一个很大的假钻石戒指. 下来后, 拿着一扎花 (有九十九支吧!),跪下来跟她求婚.好感动的场面. 




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