Apr 28, 2009

Complicated feelings

The feeling now is indescribable. Happy yet nervous. Don't know he will be happy to see me again or not. I know, everyone is trying to tell me, "of course he will be happy la". But, my mind just can't stop thinking about it. Heart beating damn fast, like seriously. Freaking nervous. wth la.

Wanted to do a mask to make the time pass faster, but felt lazy. Forget it.
Listening songs. Specifically are all Jay Chou's songs. Those slow slow one, can "lam sei" people wan. Damn emo like that.

12.10a.m. already. The cab will arrive at 3.30a.m. to pick me up. My first time taking flight alone. Scared yet wanna see how am I gonna feeling unwell alone. wtf.

Po Po, I hope you are watching me from above. I'm on my way back to see you now. =)

Over excited...

...till i forgot it's tonight or tonight but before sun rise. =)

I was awake at 9a.m.. Then i started to think of the departure time. it's 0650, 29/4/2009, Wednesday. okay, then i started to think it's the morning of 29/4/2009 or after 29/4/2009. Looks confusing. Or maybe sounds confusing. Then i started to OMG for few times before i look for Dexter in MSN. HAhahHA. Wanted to look for Teing but afraid might wake her up.

Checked the Booking Itinerary. Oh, it's tonight. And i hasn't start packing yet.
Anyway! I'm clear now. And i just started to pack my stuffs. LOL
Very little things only la. A lot of chocolates. And things from Teing too. =)

"Remember to bring your laptop okay, Velerie!"

Oh sad. I have classes from 2 - 7p.m. still. Dexter, I cannot screw the classes. If I do, I should be in M'sia now. Aiseh...

Happy happy happy happy. OMG! Heart is beating damn fast.

Apr 26, 2009

In deep serious shit

The Ho's sisters (except the youngest one) are now discussing about Ho's gf who looks like a lala. And, we totally dislike her from the first impression. (we - both elder sisters)

What i'm afraid is my brother will get cheat by this girl. In the sense of money and feelings. What they scared is he will get her pregnant. That girl seem to be so OPEN, overnight at our house for 2 nights already. I guess they just knew each other for not too long.

From what i heard from them, i'm really so worry about him. He's the closest to me, and now i'm so far apart and no frequent communication with him because he no online. wth he have internet connection but don't on MSN? Maybe i should e-mail him. Anyway, I don't know what is he thinking. He claimed that our parents don't care about him. sounds like teenagers depression. He is 21 la. too late for all this right? I guess that's how he get to click with this lala girl. Come home at 4a.m. mostly everyday. omg.

How i hope i can fly back now and ask him about everything. it's not something simple you know. this matter can get to very serious and huge damage point. Oh brother, what are you thinking?

When you didn't see The One for too long

Video call with my hubby yesterday night, till 4a.m.. He has to attend church service at 8a.m. on the next day some more. HAhaHahA.

Had some funny and stupid moments with him. One of it is the following.

my face look so retarded la.
His face so evil eh. wth.

He bought me this biscuit (the one he's holding) from Pasar Malam which taste VERY nice and every time it out of stock when he wanted to buy for me. So last week, he bought it and keep it in a container to protect it. HAhaHA.

Then, middle of the night, we both were hungry. Yep, i guess the following scenario is predicted. However, he didn't eat it. If not, i'll kill him and chop him into million pieces. IF i could.

His face expressions all damn funny wan. Made me laugh like hell.
we didn't talk through out the video call because the PC is at living room and afraid will wake his grandma up. He very cham lo, laugh also must laugh very soft. HahahAHa.

But, we whispered. Very long never call him. Miss his voice so much. =)
Actually I thought not to video call with him at all until i go back. Like that will miss him more ma. HahAha. stupid lo. Beh tahan, very long never see his face. Sms damn a lot.

One more very random one. Look at our conversations, more to what he typed.

He is a PC noob which has to look at the keyboard while typing. So, he was typing half way only realised the keyboard malfunction a while. There it goes.

And he laughed like hell after he typed it. wth. HahaHAhaHAha.

Apr 25, 2009

Bergdorf Blondes. I don't know why i chose it.

Bought a book from Second Hand Bookshop in Uni. Finished my very first one - Bridget Jones's Diary, it's time to move on. HahaHAha.

$8. Second hand ma.

It's like kinda reality life. About New York girls that wanna be in a glam life, with a richy blonde girl, Julie Bergdorf who has stealing habits on limited version and expensive items. A lawyer who can helps her to drop off charges by telling the cops that she usually walks off the shop with the things and the bill will send to her house YET that's not the fact. Wow.

Learned two French words: moi and tres. I know, most of you all know about these words. I'm slow. can or not?!

I'm only at page 25 out of 309 pages. Give me some time to finish it. For now, i usually read it when i can't sleep at night and fell asleep with lights on and woke up at 5a.m. to switch off the lights. =)

Apr 24, 2009

what can i do tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Anzac Day. Holiday sini. Everywhere is close, including MALLS. Where can go la? Boring lo. Harbour Town is close too! I thought can at least go there for a walk. Have some shopping on. =(

There's a dawn service at Vic Park tomorrow. Wanna go meh? We're not Australians also, so patriotic meh?

And, i used 500MB a day on watching SIN CHAN. Gosh, it's addictive but it makes me happy enough to forget my uncomfortableness. Laugh and laugh. How nice if it doesn't work by bandwidth here? Then i can watch for the whole day tomorrow. Sigh.

Do laundry? Only have a few. Maybe hand wash lo. Can waste some time of the day. The Twins, wanna join me? I don't think so. They sure wake up at 2 or 3p.m. perhaps. Slackers!

5 more days! So excited la. =)

Apr 23, 2009

Cold shower at 15c!

in a moment, i was bathing hot water. another moment, i can only feel the freaking cold water splashing from top to toe. wth. i was freezing in there while i really had to finish the bath. and, when i was drying myself in there, the air flow thingy just rocks! cold like hell.

what beats hot water when you're having the worst day of the month? ya' know, period. =(
first day some more. it has to be comfortable! yet, i was cursing all the way after the cold water feel. i didn't bother to switch to another shower room, as so many things has to take with me and PERIOD. sucks!

quickly, make sure i'm so clean already. put on the towel and walked back to the room, without cloths on. i just want the heater. quick quick quick. my hands are still freezing while typing. typing damn slow now. what a day. the uncomfortableness is so bad.

i wanna complain la! can i write to Vickery House office about it? or i was just the unlucky one? =( why la? you sucks, shower heater!

woman, I live next door only.

Saw Teing's comment in the chat box, so i knocked on her door. Wanted to tell her, "woman, i live next door only. you should know clearer than me whether the lemon juice effective or not. you see me everyday la."

BUT, she looked so pissed when she opened the door. so i, *looked at her a moment and giggled* and said, "nothing la." walked back to my room. wth.

yes, so stupid la me.

Anyway, the lemon juice doesn't really works for scar that existed very long already; those nearby my forehead ones. but it did faded a little, have to apply everyday la. And one thing, i think only apply lemon juice without the cucumber juice is much more effective but it hurts for a while. natural bleach ma.

just wondered, do everyone has to be calculative in everything? like, oh this is the scope, i cannot do more than this. if not, i loss. sometimes i feel quite piss, especially is a friend of mine who is calculative. don't know la. it's just ridiculous. suddenly thought of the one i experienced back in M'sia. PISSED.

Apr 22, 2009

Being the one and only

Saw this dress on E-bay. i feel it's nice, simple and elegant. current bid is AU $149.99. not expensive for a wedding dress. ya, wedding dress can be this simple and casual. :)

Another one. Current bid is AU $139.99. A bit puffy like that. i think i like those like tube dress, no straps. HAha

i wonder how will mine looks like. manyak 'hen gah' sudah. HahaHa

Apr 21, 2009


Yep, i came across this - Blogsvertise when i was reading Teing's blog. It was a 2007 post entry. very long ago. I had a feeling of reading the posts that i missed before i started my blog.

I might not be VERY good in english, but still feel like giving it a try thou. everyone has to learn new things in their life, right?

So, this Blogsvertise is asking bloggers to mention, review, compliment or even complaint about the products or websites that they assign to them. i think it's pretty simple, if the particular product is useful or familiar to you. if it's not, you still get to learn some new stuffs. not too bad.

it's not the income that attracts me, it's the products or websites that they will ask me to review. probably i'll not going to do well in this. I shall see. hmmm.

1.30a.m. already. bed time.

Apr 20, 2009

Lovely Days

Came back from an overnight stay at my Uncle's house with Twins.
I miss playing Wii, although my right arm's muscle is aching now. played Tennis alone for too long. HahaHA. Luckily didn't play boxing so much.

Had fun with my Uncle's family, their friends and Twins as well. I hope they enjoyed it too. :)

And, i got darker after 2 hours plus at the park without sunblock. =.=

don't feel like writing a lot. uploaded a few pictures here, check out my Facebook for the res

uncle's lawn. :)

Little cousin brother, Arthur.
a shy boy. HAhaHA

cannot see our faces clearly.
that's the point. HahaHA
you can actually differentiate them by their poses. LOL

the black swam's family. :))

the statue very lovely la.

i dream that my hair cut by some idiot again. omg! is it a hint that i shouldn't cut my hair? very horrible one lo. i cried in the dream some more. LOL

Apr 17, 2009

please sms me.

got a call from the Curtin security office.
Hi there, you have been chosen to receive the Personal Alarm thingy. ya' know, for safety wan. (twins, remember that time 3 of us sign on something for the guard? Maybe both of you got it too.)
Yay! so safe when i walk home alone from now on. =.="

Anyway, he told me when and where the event is launching to receive the thing. it's on 29th of April! 29th! bloody hell. some more at 1p.m. i will be at M'sia seeing my hubby by then. :(

Yep, so i'm collecting it on another day. but i didn't get what he said at the last part. i said ok ok. gosh. i didn't get it. i remember security office and something. never mind, will check it out soon.

I wonder are we going for grocery shopping later. i think they haven't wake up lo. 3pm already! this shows how often they visit my blog. no reply from previous post, no sms from any one of them. Anyway, i sms-ed Hwey thou. still no reply. =.=

okay, i shall wait. Coles close at 6pm. still have time.



Met you and be with you, is the best thing that ever happened in my life. i mean it. :)

Apr 16, 2009

More shopping!

Thanks to Kae Shiuh, I'm now addicted to SHIN CHAN! and wasting my bandwidth. gosh. not good. left 3.5GB only. how to survive till August? i don't wanna purchase la. expensive shat.

Anyway, back to Shin Chan. it's from Youtube - 妈妈减肥记 (Ma Ma keep fit - one of the episodes). it's in mandarin thou. this is funny. i know it's quite stupid too. who cares? it made me laughed! Yay!

m' getting fatter due to the chocolate consumptions. I bought chocolates again today. walking in the mall alone feels good, as in walk in every store and see anything i want. don't have to think whether you companion feels bored or not. of course, sometimes having a companion for some shopping spree is great too. just that, today i wanted to be alone. alone.

To the twins, let's have grocery shopping on this Friday? don't know have mark down products or not. feels so great when get to buy cheap stuffs, you see. HaHahA. oh, and i bought the
Ski D'lite Strawberrt Yogurt for only $4! Special again! Yay! And, seedless grapes. I know, the green one haven't finish yet. never mind la. will finish it soon! :)

bought a black cotton skirt from
Cotton On for only $5! bloody cheap. but Teing and Hwey sure won't get to buy any, because they are size 6! (the size that is freaking hard to find here) im size 8! i'm fat, i know. Luckily still have size 8 for that skirt. *happy*
spotted a light blue denim skirt only for $15, but no size 8. *sad*

Mind that orange cloth, to make a contrast ma.

the water bottle i bought in Cotton On for $2. it's for charity.
The theme -
Message in the Bottle.
(Click on the picture to see what is written there.)
i was thirsty, so why not?

13 more days! walked the whole Carousel, cannot spot any Nougat for my "mother in - law". will ask Claire to buy it for me at South Perth, i think. the next grocery shopping, i shall buy the seasonings packets for Aunty too. Remind me please. thank you. :)

i should have brought the Coles bag with me. didn't want to buy so many stuffs from Coles as their plastic bags tear off so easily. u know, i don't want to be so clumsy in front of so many people in case the blardy bag tear off half way.

can't wait for our grocery shopping! :D

Apr 15, 2009

Be alone, is the way then.

If you think you can live by your own life, without accepting new stuffs around you and being used to the things you have by ignoring what others have, you're meant to be alone.

you think that your are pretty smart over others while none of my words make sense? i had enough of things like that. you can live with your life, don't even bother to change anything you have to adapt to me. feel so pretty pathetic every time i have to think that myself is dumb and you are so smart.

you just wanna get the attention from others and getting everyone or everything encircle you, don't you? yes, you're meant to be alone. with no friends. if you think you have a lot of close friends, they are just wanting you to give them the attention.

if you think that i'm a girl that knows nothing. i can tell you that i was and i have changed. being the good one never really works. you are just so self centered.

i hope i don't even have to go through all this with you. i hate it.

Apr 14, 2009

Lovely Or Not?

Do anyone of you actually envy of my 5 years relationship with Wayne? Seriously.

Many people told me, we are still so sweet la. he so good la. we are so lovely la.

Honestly, ya. we are still loving each other so much.
And the feeling is like the year we first got together. Only i feel so, not sure about him thou.

But, come on la. 5 years only. Even Teing and Bernard are going to 2 years already. Time flies damn fast la.

his birthday, Chinese New Year, Anniversary, Valentine's day, my birthday, Christmast, Count down New Year. Poof! one year already. damn fast right?

Sometimes, i feel loving each other is already a habit. Seeing him everyday is a must. Kissing him every time is a must. hugging him before good bye is a must too. But, his smiling face never fails me. It tells me how much it means to him after all the must.

We had arguments, tears, and misunderstandings like any couples do. It really depends on whether you wanna continue this relationship with him. I know he is different, different from any ordinary guys. And of course because i love him, so we can still go on this far.

No idea why since started, i always feel he is different. Probably because he was changing himself for me. Being more expressive and sweet. sometimes, he like just eat honey, can talk a lot of sweeeeet stuffs to lam til i drown wan lo. =.= Ya, just SOMETIMES.

i read someone's post before saying the guy not expressive enough, not doing anything to enhance the relationship. Well, my Wayne was once like that before. Glad that he changed! HAhaHa. Just be patient, and everything will goes well. It works so well when you actually cry and tell him how you feel. =.=

Yay! we are still together and still counting for the days.
I love you! my super dearest. :)

when the moment comes


i was hungry so i thought it would be good to have a nice meal - instant noodle + egg + "kai lan". so i cooked. after i brought it into my room, i stared at it for like sweet 10 minutes. didn't feel like eating it anymore. i'm very shit. =.=

still, i ate it. as if i have no taste bud anymore, i can't feel a shit when i was eating it. and so, i took a picture of it instead. took me an hour plus to finish it. wtf.

sorry for wasting your vegetarian flavor mee, Teing. =(
i know you love it with the pepper.

when i was half way eating it and looking around my table, i saw my accessories box kinda dusty. so i thought why not wipe it and clean it first. i took everything out, wiped it and put it back. lame sentence, i know.

then i took another freaking pictures of it.

don't have many nice pairs. need to get some more when i'm back.

i realised a lot of missing pairs. started to think did i leave it at his house. =.=

missing Molly and Cutie. they are so freaking cute. i need somebody to talk with and they are the one i can think of. at least, they do listen when you're sad.

i have 375 pictures of them in my laptop. most cute pictures i chose are..

Cutie, is Aunty's precious. her name, is from her too.

my precious, Molly. i miss touching his fat tummy.
so nice to hug yet he's heavy.

Apr 13, 2009

72 days without you

it's been cloudy since morning and it rained. so cold even in the house. i didn't even realised it was raining. so quiet. no thunder storm or anything. silent rain.

took from our dorm. inside, obviously.

the humongous tree outside my room that blocks the sunlight.
and, make creepy sound at the night when wind blows.

and Hwey, in case you wondered what i did to your

it's under those shoes now. re-new their place. lol

i think i'm sick. or i'm home sick again. no idea. feel so not energetic and i wanna cry. it's just not normal today.

Apr 12, 2009

random of the day.

WoooHooo. 3 post in a day. =.=

I was in front of my laptop from day to night. When i was bored, i logged in and crapped. If not, i can go mad, real mad. i kinda screamed in my room this afternoon, "loudly". so pathetic.

mini cracker with chocolate that my mom sent.
sucks! don't buy this again la, okay?

custom made yogurt.
strawberry yogurt + grapes + banana.
damn healthy la. :)

my messy rack.
looking back, seriously quite messy lo.

transformed. not really.
just wiped and cleaned it. put things in the cute little box.
damn sucks la. so much dusts. wth

note: i just realised when i click to enlarge the picture, it's damn clear! my camera, geng ar. LOL

i kinda feel like my room is for prisoners. everything is white and systematic door. so plain. not to mention, single bed. look at the walls, like brick walls, in white. design is just like a prison.

miss those days, those places. why didn't i appreciate it as much as i am now?

have to start shopping to bring stuffs home on 29th! YAY!
still haven't get the Nougat for my mother in - law. LOL
seasonings for Aunty Delly. :)

i wonder do i have time to do the shopping. assignments damn a lot. i wanna go home happily, you see. sacrifice time.


I think i don't really know how to express the exact meaning i wanna say.

instead of saying "don't cook my portion for tonight's dinner", i said "tonight, i don't eat. you all cook for yourself la". WTF.

im eating tonight, okay? just that most probably will be instant noodle instead of rice, veges, chicken. wth.

*back to assignment PART 2.*

i thought i forgot his number..

I still remember it's his birthday today. I shouldn't have. Smsed him thou, he doesn't know who am I with an Australian number. HAha. and he replied at 3a.m.! I was sleeping. woke me up and took me another 15 minutes to sleep back lo. wtf.

Anyway, oh. I'm online! god~! please bless me with determination. I'm needing it, desperately. :(

building sentences are hard, very hard!

And i just wiped and vacuumed my room. Why? I felt itchy suddenly. I guess those dust are making me itchy. wth there's dust all over my room even my window is close?! i think i just can't take it. feel so dirty la. goodness.

Tomorrow is Wayne's first day of exam.
Don't worry. I'll pray for you, okay? Darling, do well ya! :)

I LOVE YOU! xoxo

Apr 11, 2009

Be a neeeerd for a day, will ya?

I'm gonna lock myself in the room tomorrow! yes, pee shit eat drink in the room! goodness. seriously, i'm so slacking! cannot continue like this man. it's just not gonna work!

too bad, i can just walk out like that from my room instead of locking myself out. insane.

anyway, i will finish this assignment by tomorrow! no more postpone work! disconnect the internet will work. LOL. since i have all the points, i just need to type them in sentences. if you see me on MSN, ask me go heaven. HAhaHA.

Apr 10, 2009

motivations, puh-lease..

I'm doing very little work in a day - work as in ASSIGNMENTS! progress is too slow.

I need MOTIVATIONS! Looking forward to that day is one, but it's making me depress. LOL. No idea of why.

washed my cloths today, few pieces. i think if i'm doing it for everyday in this week, i can save the
$1 for laundry. HAhaHA. still some left in the laundry basket. hand-washing all at a time, is VERY tiring. i rather doing it everyday, bit by bit. arms muscles also bigger already. HAhAHa

and i feel sleepy all the time. it's the room or just me? seriously. my room is white, all white! accept the curtains are blue. probably is the laptop's brightness. I can't seem to get a suitable mode. :(

i feel hungry easily, even after a full meal. especially middle of the night. don't know what to eat although i have supplies in my room that my mom sent it over.

2 Pringles gone! addicted.
someone is jealous over my junks here. LOL

getting fatter each day. sigh. i hope the first thing i will be hearing from people when i'm back in M'sia is
NOT "Wah, fatter already la." GrrrRr.

Feeling so dead.
So freaking dead. Whole body is dead. I'm dead. :S

Apr 9, 2009

I miss you.

i miss you, so much. really really do.

Sometimes when i was trying to fall asleep at the night, i will look around my room and wonder why the hell am I here, in Perth. I can live happily in M'sia by seeing him everyday, while i chose to came here. Missing him badly everyday. :(

I felt what i wanted to feel. It's horrible. feel like crying again. Damn.

Apr 7, 2009

green hat all over.

found out that my friend cheated by this girl who already together with him for 4 years plus. so farking bad! how can she does all these shits and says sorry later? and this time is the worst one that he ever seen among those few times. gosh.

he went over her house to ask her out for lunch. what he saw was, another guy and her were walking out from the house, did something else. he was calm enough to confronted to them and the guy said everything. wasn't it clear enough? *heart broken*

how can he stands all this? loving her blindly, forgiving her as she says sorry, still loving her the most. sigh. he is so grievous, being hurt again and again. you, flirty bitch! *hating you!*

don't anyone of you hate this kind of bitch? probably she thinks that her make up makes her feel DAMN pretty.

*when you feel lonely, don't ever think of him. he will not be generous again to accept you, dirty bitch in his life anymore.*

sigh. feel so sad for him. she thought she can flirt safely. but, he understands her so well that can predict her moves. what a waste. you can hardly find someone that understands you well enough to know what you're thinking. this kind of guy can be over the limit , also can be a sweet guy. he's the sweet guy!

he once thought she's innocent enough to did all these shits, but he finally have a clearer mind now. hopefully, he will get over it and start a new life.

life is always meaningful, as long as you're with the right one. :)

Another dinner. :)

My first time editing a movie. WOOOHOOO. :)

Seriously, it took me an hour to finish it. It was quite easy thou. Split, attach, add title, add song. but i had
5 video to split and attach. :S

when i wanted to upload it to Facebook and here, only found out that the format (.MSMWW) is not supported. this morning googled about it. chiu, very easy to convert the format to wmv. one. LOL

So, here it is. ENJOY! :)

opinions are needed. can improve ma. :)

Apr 5, 2009

All i can think of...

...is Aunty. That huge-flying-cockroach made me think of Aunty. I can't help but cry.
It sounds stupid, but what i can feel of is scared and cry.

called Aunty. she thought something bad happened to me. i called and said nothing. anyway, i still told her what i saw la. she said, " don't scared, just take your slipper and hit it. then throw it away." gosh, i cried even more. she usually appears right in front of me when i shout for help at home. :(

i wanna go home.

Apr 4, 2009

Lemon smell..

My room smells so lemon-ish now. Smells so nice. :)

As i just applied cucumber juice and lemon drops on my face, to vanish the pimple's marks. Those brown and red marks. Seriously, it's annoying. I didn't do anything to it, let the pimples vanish itself but it left marks there.

Hopefully, it'll fade away before my sister's wedding night. Seriously.

Oh, and dark circle under my eyes. I'm gonna put two slice of cucumber on my eyes before sleep. HAha. Don't know whether it works, but just give it a try. I don't trust on chemical made products for dark circle anymore.

Wookay, time to start typing for my assignment.

Type, lady! :S

Apr 3, 2009

Pick up the phone!

Came across the news of Tiger Airways just now. It was about customers' complaints. Wow.

They are now 'popular' with canceling flights without notifications or unexpected schedule changes and bad customer service. i googled about the opinions on Tiger Airways. Most of it are about customer service. Rang them the whole day, no one picked up. Or put them on hold with songs for an hour or longer. Terrible, right? f***ing hate this kind of situation.

The news on TV just now was about this lady, booked the flight online and everything was confirmed. Like how we book our air tickets online with Air Asia, booking number is given and status is confirmed. Ya, and on the week she was going to take the flight to enjoy her holiday, she received a letter from Tiger Airways that flight schedule changed. Woop, no more holidays! wth, seriously? Can't they inform earlier by calls or email, at least? So horrible. And, she kept calling them. Nobody answered. sucks!

* Either, they post up schedule times that do not exist at all, but just to attract people with their low price or their system is seriously sucks! Please la, how many times of schedule change you wanna make? *

Another old man. His case was, he bought the air ticket during promotion period saying $29 for the air ticket to Melbourne. And, Tiger Airways sent him a letter saying some operation problems, and he needs to pay extra how much for the seat now. Can't remember the rest.

Yep, so Tiger Airways is out of my list. Some more which domestic airline fly from Perth to Brisbane? :o

And, luckily Air Asia doesn't have this kind of problems. Better pray, it won't have. I wanna go back M'sia on time, on day, ok?

Apr 1, 2009

Dato tai jung wo

Had to read a 29 pages document about Hofstede's Model.

What so long about it? It's not about the 5 dimensions anymore. It's about the author disagree of his model and arguments about the model. Damn shit wei. Now have to write an analysis about it.

So freaking bored the whole afternoon. Luckily Dexter was working, and he was in MSN to chat with me till his work ended. And also Kai Kae Shiuh. Talked some craps in Cantonese.

Part of it. Try to understand it man. HahAha
(click on it if you can't see it clearly.)


He read my blog. My hubby is so cute. :)

It makes me love him more when he says all this. HAhaHA

April Fool Day~! Have you successfully fool someone yet? :)

And, Happy Birthday! Choo Yang. Have fun wherever you are now.

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