Sep 29, 2008

i'm not sure what condition i'm in now

well, my stomach doesn't feel well, but i still went out with him.

the occasion was to search for his tires rim at Kajang town. so, i accompanied him by sitting in the car only. =D all the while, i was waiting in the car. HahahahaHa

and so, we went all around Kajang, which i never been to before. even out of Kajang area, a little bit further.

not everywhere selling BMW tires rim, i see. so far, we only found one spare parts shop in Kajang selling it. RM400 for a set. quite cheap, compared with what he found from other places. if anyone of you have any contacts, can inform him or me.

he is finding 15 inches tires rim. actually, he needs one only, he already have 3. =)

so back to the point. last time, i was pain to dead on the first day. but now, on the 2nd and 3rd day, i'm still feeling a little unwell. bloody uncomfortable la.

hopefully, tomorrow i'll be totally fine to go for a comfortable movie watch with Twins and Cathy. =)
i can't have cold drinks tomorrow! no sprite for me! =( Maybe Twisters or Popcorn then.

Sep 28, 2008

i didn't cry to dead, this time.

as usual, the worst day of the month has come. it was yesterday night.

i was cleaning my room half way, then stomach began to feel unwell. luckily, i was at home.

if i'm outside, i don't know how to come home by myself again. HahaHahaha

but it wasn't really pain, this time. still can stand the uneasiness. =)

lay on the bed, thought will fall asleep. but i didn't get to sleep.
instead, i woke up and STUDY! yes, study economics. a mid term exam is on after hols la.

read few pages and jot down notes, then eye lids dropping already. very effective. HahahaHAha

i wanna watch Eagle Eye la. bila boleh pergi? =(

Sep 27, 2008

The Mines has changed A LOT

was very bored at home, so i brought my maids and little sis to The Mines for a walk.

haven't been there for ages, it changed to more systematic, i think. and, everywhere is under renovations. lol

we had our meal at Uncle John, which you might not seen or heard about this Kopitiam anywhere before. the food was ok la. Auntie like their Rendang Nasi Lemak. =)

then we walked around. see got anything to buy or not. also, helped them to take pictures. memories ma. so, when they go back to Philippines, can show to their families.

we passed by The House of Leather. they were having promotion. 2 for RM25. *selected items only*
it's Juliano. the design very nice and good quality. a big one and a small hand beg. Auntie thinks it's quite cheap, so she bought it.

i thought of buying too. but was thinking, maybe it's too mature for me and probably buy already also won't use. so didn't want to waste the money la. =)

not to mention, i just bought one not too long ago. didn't want to waste too much money on luxuries. HahahaHahaha

walked around for almost 3 hours. finally, decided to ciao home la.

before we left, bought a 龟连膏 (guai lin gou). ok, i don't know what's the "lin" word la. lol

Birdies Template is ON

changed to a new one.

the birdie is cute. HahahaHahaha

everybody is changing blog skin. =)

Sep 26, 2008

Not-Alone-Day =D

went to a newly open cafe, nearby our college, called 面对面. the name sounds cute.

anyway, Wenni had 特式板面 and i ordered 肉酱板面. oh ya, they only sell 板面. =)

took longer time to cook it. she was very hungry. Haha

nice and just delicious.

and i went home after that. thought will not meeting him today. but, i still called him up. see what was he doing. then, i was waiting for him to say, " come find me la.". HahahaHahaha

however, he didn't say it. he came to my house and brought me out for a movie instead. =)

we watched Connected, 保持联络. very exciting la. i covered my sight with hands several times. but i think Louis Ku acted a little slow, especially needed him to save people. lol

when we were on the way home, he said, "i waited for you to say come my house, but u didn't mention anything. so i come your house find you la."


we were thinking the same thing but just don't tell things out.

so, we went to eat Satay at Kajang. AGAIN! sien or not oh you two? =)


my dad finally got my mom a new Honda Accord. a surprise! =)

i just knew when i came home.

the back sight of the car not really nice thou. fat ass it has. HahahaHahaha

Sep 24, 2008

Macau Trip =)

yes, that China, Macau, 澳门. it's an incentive trip from Olympus.

It's on December. i'm going with angel, dad and 2 more staffs from shop.
guess that will be fun. have to take ferry la. hopefully i won't puke. =/

saw the schedule and details of the trip. we are staying at Venetian Hotel & Resort.

and we get to go for massage too! hahaHahahaha

anyway, i never been there before. just Hong Kong la. only shopping and shopping because my mom and i didn't follow a tour.

this time, we have a tour and are going to those museum to see statues thingy. =)

so, let's hope this time i will get to go. you know, unexpected things could happen, anytime. =/

Sep 23, 2008

An annoying idiot

our presentation is done! quite well, i think.

adrian and wenni were nervous. maybe the room was too cold. hand shaking all. =/

but there is an annoying idiot, kept asking unrelated question.

nevermind. he some more acted as if he is a pro in camera industry. he thinks he know more clearly than me.

i am Lilian and Ho Fee Yong's daughter ok. *proud* =)

when we were having lunch, we kept talking about this idiot la. HahahaHahaha

however, thanks to this idiot. many question were asked and it took an hour only finish.
then another group presented.

Yeah! class ended. =)

and people, please la. can you please listen clearly to what we said then only ask questions? what u just asked is what we have just said. Ya-Allah~ *smack forehead*

so we left 2 more group projects! *fly high*

next week is our break! for a week. *fly higher* hahahaHahaha

Sep 20, 2008


sometimes, i would heard some things from his friends talking about me, indirectly.

not bad ones, but i think it's quite a sensitive issue to me.

then, i will become emotional. *ON THE SPOT*
but will still try to remain some smiles on my face.

but my beloved bf, doesn't realized what had just happened. y'know?

maybe his friends didn't really "shoot" that issue to me.

but i heard already, also "ng lan song" lo. as if the person they talked about really do looks like me. can you imagine that?

so i requested to leave the crime scene immediately. *with reason - watch mid night movie*

he was still in blurring situation.

he asked me why i look so sad or moody or some shit. i don't know how to answer him. i feel hard to open my blardy mouth to tell him too.

do you think i shall not get along with his friends, too much? i can't take their so called JOKES. =/

Sep 19, 2008

Philippines, a very far country for me.

i'm doing the presentation slides of my mom's shop. the interview we had with her that day.

i feel motivated. for other assignments, i'll probably be on my bed now.

still a week more to the presentation day. =)

i wonder why do i feel motivated. because i know a little more than anyone else do? because i want her to know i am serious in doing everything?

never mind, i don't know.

anyway, we went to the Pasar Malam at OUG just now. haven't been there for quite some time. busy ma.

brought my maids along. usual la.

this time, they have to buy things to deliver to Philippines, as they are going back there on December for 2 weeks. attend their cousins' weddings and celebrate X' Mas! =)

Aunty told me, if ship by the plane, it is very expensive. so they have to buy now, and send on Nov as it takes a month to reach there. OMG!

happy for them la. they haven't been back for MANY years. and they are giving their families a surprise! =D

it takes them 6 hours to reach their house from the Manila airport. imagine that.

wonder what's their reactions. very shock la. =)


they say CNY falls on January, which means i can still collect my angpaos before i leave to Perth. YEAH! =)

but, this also indicates that Wayne will have to balik kampung on January too. we wouldn't get to meet for a week, i think.

there, a week is gone between us.

i still remember last year, our anniverysary falls on CNY period. he was at his hometown, Taiping. i was all alone here. lol

i'm thinking, can i follow him to his hometown this year? this is so subject to my dad's approval.

he will probably disagree, many reasons from him.

haih. life is hard. =S

Sep 17, 2008

fraud emails

just, i checked my junk mails. i got 2 fraud emails already.

first one, it's from UK International Lottery Prize Award Department.

(Sounds real huh? to me, ya)

saying i have won a lottery ticket which is big amount of money, based on my email. attached with reference number, batch number. it is sent by Mrs Vivian Jones. asking me to contact Mr. Chris Johnson.

so, i went to googled bout it. and ta da...!!

result. exactly the same. names, emails, content.

so stupid. i wonder how come they still put the contact number there or using free email accounts to contact the victims.

second one. it looks like WAH..what a tactic huh..

says that she is giving you some funds. hopefully could help you get through your current situation. *bullshits*

it comes from Mrs Marcia Oliveira.

so, i went to google again.

ta da...!! i got results. it is from the 419, which targets fraud emails.

they claimed that she have 2 versions.
first version and second version.

this is fun. so free ar. =)

don't get cheated ya.

Sep 16, 2008

mummy is the respondent, this time. =D

tomorrow, my group of friends a.k.a group project's members are going to Sg. Wang to interview my Mom a.k.a the sales manager.

our topic is basically about how to encourage the sales persons to pursue new customers.

i remember, the last time i did an assignment during secondary school was about my dad. =)

so, my studies life have both of them already.

anyhow, so we have thought of a lot of boring-type-of-questions for her.

just showed her the questions. *she just nodded. hmmm. hmmm.*

and my 38 daddy, kept interrupting our conversation. as if he is the respondent.

hopefully, tomorrow we will have a successful interview section. =)
*no mistakes happen! Pray hard!*

have not seen him for 2 days already. busy life here.

i always look at the puzzle to remind myself, we will have fun later. =/

please let the time flies to the right time, we shall have. =)

Sep 15, 2008


My favourite food - MUSHROOMS!

been refilled for few times. =)

yesterday night was a very full night.

went to his house for first round dinner at 7pm. hung around till 9pm.

second round, to my house! eat with my parents. it was rather fun. hahahHahahaha

each of us have our own partner. except for my younger sis, for sure.

dad and mom, Helen and her bf, Vivian and her husband, Howard and his gf (didn't show up), me and wayne. one family. =)

chit-chatted until almost 1a.m. talked about our past, dad's past. looked at our family pictures which was taken in studio. i was very young. tau-keh punya look.

Happy Moon Cake Festival! =)


another night, jason, dexter, wayne and I went for a movie at Cineleisure. this time, i brought my younger sis along.

they said never see her before, so wanna see wo. lol

before the movie, we went to Penang Cafe. we were hungry even after we had dinner at home.

Angel and I. with a Curry Mee. Taste great!

we watched The Luckiest Man. this story is sucker than....which movie i said the story line was sucks before? this is even sucker. OMG!

as if they ran out of idea and simply film this out to show people.

Jason and Dexter wanted to watch Money No Enough 2. unfortunately, wayne and I watched already. sorry guys!

that movie is full of sadness. i cried and cried and cried during the show. only the front part is full of funny-ness la. great show!

who wanna watch again, come ajak me! =)

Sep 8, 2008

finally, the briefing day is here

i had this short briefing for the transfer-to-Perth program.

annual tuition fee is AUS 18,200 plus other deposit thingy and insurance cost.

i was not really in a mood. realizing that the day is coming so soon.

anyway, the girl said we will have a short interview with someone from Curtin, individually. not sure what's the occasion. reasons to transfer?

i'm thinking, whether have i made up my mind. i can really do this by myself? *pray*

this few days i was not really in a mood. he tried to make me happy, tem me and tolerate me in many ways. but i still a little emotional sometimes.

probably PMS is coming. i asked him. lol

i want to tell the world that


p.s: just a sudden psycho-ness. please don't mind. =)

Sep 6, 2008

The Love Guru is not loving at all

just came back from a movie with him - The Love Guru

the movie ended after an hour and 10mins. isn't it quick?

anyway, the story line is sucks. so-not-what-i-thought-it-was.

just some parts are funny. especially the part where the elephants humped and make out at the hockey ice rim. and, the part where he shows his private part actually is locked by something, says. OMG!

i helped out at my mom's shop, at another outlet. i gained a lot from them, not cameras knowledge la. hahaHahahaha

a lot of human's theories, they said.

now i know why Malays have so many children. lol

Sep 4, 2008

under stress

OMG! can someone help me in this?

ECONOMIC MARKETS! i hate this hate this hate this!

why la people have to study economics? this is pathetic. i don't even know what am i answering for my assignment questions.

well, i know what am i writing. but it just doesn't make any sense to me. O.o"

what's the use even i passed my exam with distinction? it's just all memorizing theories. once i stepped out of the hall, everything tend to leave my brain, i think.

i wonder how i stand it till the ECONS paper day. =/

Sep 3, 2008

i need some backups.

i don't know what kind of backups i need. lol

i have an exam on tomorrow. can bring in cheat sheet some more.

nothing to scared, actually.

my uni life really is that easy, isn't? what will happen to me when i end up at Perth?

miserable? cry alone? conscientious?

i have no idea AT ALL. i don't know what kind of a person i will be after i get there.

i might wanna see my family, my cats and him on webcam everyday.

at first, twins planned to go. i thought at least i have shoulders to lean on, in case anything happens.

but they have better choice out there. it's okay.

i just have to be independent. all on my own.

i know i can go through those days by myself. without my parents and him, i still can do things by myself.

i just have to be tougher in facing everything.

that day is coming so soon. another 6 months. just 6 months left.

this few days, i was acting one kind.
suddenly, wanted to see him so much.

it's stupid, i know. no idea of why. =/

Sep 2, 2008

thinking back =D

listening to Jay Chou's songs.

specifically, 晴天 and 七理香 =) very long haven't been listening to these songs. i realized it sound kinda nice and peace.

it makes me think back the times when i was still in secondary school. i was so called a fan of Jay Chou.

also, when i was in different moods, i listen to his songs. although people says they can't actually listen what is he singing, but maybe is the rhythm. nice and easy to sing along.

today, we went to MV for a movie - Don't Mess With the Zohan. it is freaking funny. after all my assignments, i feel relief and i laughed. lol

before that, we went into the Jigsaw shop. he bought a puzzle from there before. he got one for me as our anniversary present.

it is to remind me, whenever he have the time, he will companion me to wherever i want. indirectly telling me that, when the times he ignored me, is not what he wanted.

i just love his way of l'ving me. sometimes it's not so direct, maybe he doesn't really know how to express it, but i can feel it. so warm. =)

i wish this could continues. never end. i wish.

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