May 31, 2008

what a thought

yes, he just got his 3 months salary on hand.

but due to the unexpected trip to Redang and losing his hand phone (plus his debts, haha), his salary doesn't left much. lol

however, he had a positive thinking after i been telling him the same old thing over and over again. lol

i said, money is earned to spend. so never mind lar. the job's salary u working now is coming in soon too. haha

the only sweet thing that i think it was sweet is,

he said, this time i can't buy anything for you yet as i didn't left much from my salary. but next salary of mine, i will let you buy things that you like. (as in shopping. things that i like ar? haha)

ya, so his salary ended up left few hundreds. lol

final exam is coming soon. don't know why am i still slumbering.

one more week
to go~! and i'm ready to fight for it. haha

May 28, 2008

day with laughters and shocks

unexpectedly, we went to One U for a movie. we watched What Happen in Vegas which is very funny, touched, romantic. definitely yes. thumb up for this show~!

the part, they get married in Vegas when they were drunk. lol

we both heard the whole cinema's audiences were laughing like shit.

seriously, it's funny when they were making fun of each other and arguing as if they were really doing it. haha

okay, so before we went for this movie at 5pm, we wondered around and went to Big Apple.

it's the same as J. Co. but i think the price is cheaper lor.

After ate till full full, we passed by this stall which selling the tickets for the Reptile Exhibition. it's RM5 per person. it started since Dec 07, so i think most of you that always hang around there should have been there lor.

below are the pics which i wanna say something about it. lol

the pink color spot are the baby rats which just born.
eyes also haven't open yet.

Guess how they end up?

ya, they end up eaten by this REPTILE! can u see it?!!!

i saw the worker put it in, this creature started to eat it from the head. and this baby rat was still struggling inside, with the legs keep moving.

pity little rat. born to feed these creatures.

and one more thing. i didn't take the scene down. i couldn't continue seeing it.

above those baby rats cage, there are those white, black, grey mice in the cage. guess what i saw?!

there is this bunch of mice eating another mice. i saw this mice was all eaten up, they were taking turns to bite here and there. shit man. what a scene.

May 26, 2008

得不偿失, not at all.

for those who don't know Chinese word, it means what you gain is not worthy for what u have lost. is it? -.-" i'm not so sure lor.

anyway, the story is like this.

today, wayne, his mother and I were happily going to Hush Puppies warehouse sales at Puchong. so, take this take that, many stuffs they bought, cost almost 400MYR. (vomit blood! i'm not rich mar)

ok, so so so.....

we get back to the car, car is moving already, reached the junction of the road. (he was driving)

me: where is my phone? (cz i asked him to keep my phone as i don't have pockets to keep mar)

him: ei? where is my phone ar? (he took out my phone then search for his phone. -.-)

me: har? not u keeping it ar? got left it at home anot?

him: no ar..i remember just now i touched my pocket before i get down from car time, still got wan.

me: then where is it? (tried to call his phone.)

*the number you have dialed is not available*

*try and call again. same response.

him: shit! sure got stolen already.

me: har?! serious shit ar?

him: go back, find and see lar.

*no need to say, you guys also know we didn't get to find the phone back lor.

while walking back to the car,

me: how? sad anot? mou duen duen lost a phone.

him: aiya, lost already more good. can buy the China phone lar. this phone trade in also cost 100 plus MYR only. nevermind lor.

me: not sad ar? ( i see he like quite happy lor) no phone to use now wor.

him: nevermind lar. my mom have spare phone, can give me use first.

me: then later still got mood to go watch movie anot?

him: got! later go back home check the time. (-.-, syok lor)

okay, so that was what i meant by 得不偿失. haha.

May 25, 2008

rescued a bird

yup, i rescued a bird....from my cats. -.-

Molly was playing this bird at the pool side. i realized it when i wanted to call them for lunch. then, Slowy saw it. so he ran over there to play together. lol

i guess this bird, a small one, was injured. i saw this basket out there, so faster grab it and put it inside. it didn't fly up after all. probably it's in shock?! i don't know.

so, it's safe inside now. haha

then my 'cute' cats all waiting for him outside. lol.
naughty cats.

after 30mins, still don't wanna move. only posed differently in the basket. -.-"

now, it is still in the basket. 3hours already. haha.

my maid said must let it fly, if not, will die of hunger in the basket. lol

probably he was learning how to fly. unfortunately, Molly caught him. now don't dare to fly already. poor birdie.

May 24, 2008

Steamboat for dinner

suppose to find him at 4pm today for lunch.

unfortunately, something happened to my kenari. i wasn't the one who drove it out today, it was my brother. lol.

but it's his off day today. don't want him to be so 'dulan' on his off day lor.

so after i met with my 'old' friend, i volunteered to wait for the kenari to be done. so, i drove my myvi to him and he drove it off to d a t i n g. haha.

this bloody compressor, used up to 3hours plus to be done.
luckily, the guy is wayne's dad friend, and the workshop is nearby wayne's house, so i went to his house and wait for him to send over when it's done. haha.

if not, i think i will gonna rotted alone there. lol

so, after the car is done(6pm), i went to Ikano look for wayne. suppose during lunch time, then turned out to be our dinner. haha

went to these Steamboat shop in Ikano. didn't notice the shop name. haha.

wayne said too oily, so wanna 'filter' some oil. haha

and so, it became like this.

and then, throw everything in and wait for it to be cooked. lol

and so, that's my day. =)

May 23, 2008


today, we were talking about the 7.9 magnitude earthquake happened in China.

still in a shock of wondering how could these happened. ya, i know it's a natural disaster. but isn't it too cruel to take away so many lives? probably they were enjoying their happiness moment in their life, and these horrible thing just took away from them! too cruel.

god, please bless them, who survived and give them courage to live on.

hopefully, for those who survived will go on with their life and live stronger.

May 22, 2008

'cook porridge'

yesterday night, we both talked on the phone for 54 mins.

about many things. where to go for my birthday, Christmas, New Year Eve, his birthday and year end holidays.

talked about whether his salary is enough to 'yong' me for all these trips or not. lol.

also, he will visit me at Perth on the next year end, if his salary is enough to send him go. =)
even he can't go, i will still be fine. just an extra, if he can go.

yesterday's conversation was kinda fun, when we talked about all these.

laugh, laugh, laugh. teased each other. =p

and i asked him to go my house once a month to take my cats pictures. what he said was go there can't see me also, go for what. some more waste his petrol only. lol
(i will gonna kill him, haha)

p.s: anyone wanna join us for New Year Eve Count Down at Genting? fireworks there really nice.
not gonna over night there, btw.

May 20, 2008

Spotted Slowy, Molly, & Cutie

my cute lil Slowy began to fall in love with the Joba. lol

from far, i spotted him with this pose. was thinking what he was trying to do. -.-

went nearer, actually, his eyes were closed. but of course i woke him up. hehe.

i guess this is his another place to sleep when he gets in the house. haha.

love my 3 cats so much~! but too bad, can't bring them over to Perth. i will gonna miss them so much.

probably will ask wayne to go my house once a month to take their pics and send it to me, when i'm gone. =)

i wanna see their process of growing, even bigger.

but i know Cutie ain't growing any bigger. i don't know why.

she was so so cute when she was still small.

this is her biggest size. she was obviously borned with her brothers, but she remained the smallest among them. =)

my maid loves her the most, but she is also the naughtiest. haha.

well, i will gonna miss Molly's scratches too. lol. his nails are very long, although he does not attempt to scratch us, but his nails just uncontrollable. -.-

he loves to pose like this. only him, will lay like this. haha

his sleeping pose is so cute, sometimes. he is the eldest.

i just love these 3 creatures so much. wonder why. lol.

wonder will they still remember me when i get back. or they will run away from me? or they will come close and let me hug them? don't know lar.

finally, it's done.

just finish up my last piece of assignment. thanks to Wenni, helped me to do Chicago referencing~! thanks alot!

and Eva, stayed up late to wait for my piece of the group assignment. thanks lot guys~!


before i go sleep, let me talk about yesterday. (1 a.m now)

we had a mini celebration for his mummy's birthday. we had a wonderful dinner at Restaurant 88, which located at Kuchai Lama. the food there is extremely delicious and cheap~! dun ever think that 'cheap food no good food'. lol

we recommend : 铁板seafood, 铁板豆腐, 蒲京排骨 (it's recommended in M'sia tour guide book too)

and it's cheap. not like few hundreds for a meal. basically, around RM100- RM200. depends how many people lor.

wayne & I bought a cake from Polar, a new cake shop in MV. coffee flavored, his mom likes it.

took his family picture. =) (didn't bring my camera, my camera phone sucks in night scene)

from left: him, simon, terence
from left: ma ma, uncle, auntie

May 17, 2008

everything is set

so, tickets are booked. basically, is deng helped us to booked it. haha

we are confirm flying on 1st of Feb, 2009. there is 8 more months left.

twins going with their parents, and i'm going with my dad. i wonder how will it turn out. lol

still finding place to stay thou. not sure where yet.

anyway, i think everything will be just fine. =) since my dad is companying me for 4 days. haha

ok, better continue with my last assignment first. this is the very last one.

May 15, 2008

thinking of him

i'm waiting for him to end class in computer lab. only me, alone.

my bad. offer to send him to college this morning. so now i have to wait for him. -.-


i don't know why from yesterday night till this morning, i was a lil depressed? i don't know.

i was thinking about going to Perth again. talked with kae shiuh about it too. his words kinda making me feel like reconsider bout it again.

if i seriously just wanna learn to be independent, why do i have to go so far? just that staying here won't make me do so. =(

i think i will miss him so so so much when i get there. will miss my parents too. my maids. my car. my friends. ='(

i seems easily be emotional. can cry when i think of sad things. i can even imagine those scenes when i leave them at KLIA. kua jeong mou?!

will he even say a single word to ask me stay? probably he won't. it's not his style.

May 14, 2008

thing(s) i shouldn't do at this time.


okay, so i slacked a while after finished my 1st part of assignment.

i went down and eat (choco, coco-crunch plus milk. fattening wei).

walk walk around, play with my cats, and EXERCISE~! =)

i guess many people still don't know the JOBA from Panasonic. let me post the picture first. hehe.
so, it looks like this. not like Ogawa/ Osim one. lol

there is only 3 functions. lol. for waist, hips and warm up. =)

when i have nothing to do while watching tv, this is better than nothing. haha.

well, i am suppose to do
assignment now. still researching extra info, and lazy to put them in a paragraphs. lol

however, i tried the nail color i bought from Skin Food yesterday. thing that i shouldn't have do now. haha.

a lil regret of buying it. looks like the same color i'm having now. should be like pearl white, but turned out like pink, light pink. =(

not really the color i wanted.

ok, i think i should really continue doing my assignment.

shit!~ so lazy lar.

May 12, 2008

Wallet Phone

i was researching for my International Marketing Feasibility Study. it's about Japan~!

cultural and cool technology i found in Japan. their wallet-phone is seriously cool. i knew bout this very long ago on TV. lol

didn't really get into it. now i know very well bout it. =)

this wallet-phone can use as cash, but of course mesti ada money inside lar. and also as credit card!

can buy concert tickets also. just 'beep' your phone at the counter then can go in watch concert already~ haha.

some other rewards when u sign up for the membership. cool~!

however, only Japanese have it! =x Malaysia tak ada this high tech phone here. lol

if not, we won't feel scared anymore walking alone at night. haha. no need bring money out at all. a phone is more than enough. = o

May 8, 2008

can i seriously be with you?

i'm thinking if i come back after 2 years, will we still be together? as in together, yeah, together.

going to Perth, this decision, with a reasonable reason, which sounds unreasonable to you, i seriously thought about it for a very long time.

yeah, u said u already have the preparation that i'm going. however, i still feel a lil bit of fear.

i can't stop thinking of everything. things that might happen, might stop me.

i seriously hope that you're going with me too, but things don't go as the way i wish to.

May 6, 2008

slacking again (updated later on)

ya, i played Bingo at home for another half of my day~!

lazy to screen shot lar. so, took this picture. hehe. so mou liu right?

didn't want to go class, but stay at home play this.

'ngo dui ng ju lei dei ar, ba ba ma ma.'



i skipped lecture and class today. yet not going anywhere, stayed at home half day already.

don't know why. i haven't skip Finance lecture before, not even once.

but this morning, i couldn't wake up. my maid woke me up, and she was waiting outside my room because i didn't on my light.

then, i opened the door. and told her: call me up at 10am lar. haha

however, 11am already, i didn't want to go for class as well. so lazy lar. my body kept telling me not to go. LOL

slacking season, i guess. body felt tired so easily. such a pig.

i wonder will i get a warning letter soon. skipped IM class few times already. haha. boring class =(

May 5, 2008

a sleepy day

it's my first time of wanted to fall asleep when attending BST class.

luckily, it involved some calculations at the end, which gave me something to hold on before seriously fall asleep in front of my tutor. haha.

when i was listening to his explanation, seriously, my eyes were going to close.

i guess because was back quite late on sunday night, didn't get enough sleep, and need to send my sis to school at 6am. i went to his house and nap a while only, then off to college.

however, i reached home around 430pm. changed and straight jumped on my soft, comfortable bed~! haha.

slept till 930pm. missed my dinner. lol

just ate with my parents after i woke up. =)

i still feel sleep thou. what a pig. haha.

thoughts and decisions

just had 'dinner' with my parents, basically is a family gathering. with sisters and brother.

so, we had a long talk about all of us. which i think it work well on us so far.

:. firstly, was about my dad's attitude. so we 'changed' his thoughts. we asked him to smile when he wants to nag us. haha.

don't nag us with a 'black' face, which make us feel more 'willingly' to be nag by you. lol

:. and my youngest sister is changing school. she is probably quite unhappy with her school now, Kuen Cheng Girl School, which is now mix. stress with those homeworks, marks. i think private school isn't that good, cz they don't communicate in english. bad for future use.

so, we changing her to Assunta Girl School. haha. my eldest sis studied there before, which i think it's better. at least, you will be communicating with 4 languages, chinese, mandarin, english, malay. haha. great~!

:. and so on so on. bout my eldest sis, 2nd sis and brother. work, marriage, studies. short one. =)

:. lastly, me! they almost forgot bout me, probably im the less worrying one. haha.

finally, i decided to go Perth for my degree. my mom said don't think so much, just go for it. i was seriously thinking quite a lot. my parents even arrange everything for me, i think it wouldn't be a problem right?

my dad even joked bout it.

he said wanna go for 6months ar? i call the manager of curtin for special arrangement lar. haha

so, i will be registering myself soon. =S probably on June or July.

god~! i'm scared. =x

May 3, 2008

being together

when i drove out from sg wang, it was bloody hell jam. plus, i think it was going to rain and it's saturday~! how could it be not jam leh?

anyway, so i was stuck in the jam. which i saw 2 couples are not really in a mood, i guess.

the first couple:

they were walking towards kl direction.

the guy was holding her bag. and he wanted to 'tem' her and hold her, but she push his hands away. macam
' don't touch me!'. (this situation is common lar, haha)

the second couple:

while they were walking towards KTM. probably going home already.

i feel they are a lil awkward or weird being together. not that their outlook not match or one thin one fat lar. it's like,
they were walking with holding hands.


the girl doesn't look happy, and this guy is like holding a kid. he walked at the front and hold her hand. from what i saw, they didn't speak a word throughout the journey walking to the KTM.

maybe they were having cool war, but how come they still hold hands ar?

anything just say out only lar. still can hold hands and walk wan ar? (i can't do it if im having cool war with him, haha)

this question pop out in my mind when i saw them.

if not happy, why wanna force yourself to be with him? even you really like him.

love don't count, i know. but sad moments count in the memory between you and him. you will remember those too, seriously.

May 2, 2008

unexpected date~

after my class ended, i thought of going home. be guai lui. haha

but i still can't held myself to called him, and ask him where is he. so he said he is at home. as i expected. lol

so, we talked on the phone quite awhile, and

he said: you come over my house first lar.

that time, i was Weeeeee. haha

so, i reached his house. chat and chat. then decided to go Mid Valley watch movie. AGAIN.

at first, we planned to watch..opps..i forgot what is it called.

however, we switched to Iron Man. which is fantastically nice! i guess everyone of you know what show it is lar. go watch it!~

i wish i am as rich as him and as genius as him. haha. he is seriously cool and great~

after the movie, when we wanted to go back, we passed by the Urban & Co. it is having sales, which is from RM9 to RM69. it's seriously cheap.

however, i can't find anything that fit into my sight. seriously. RM9 ones are like aunty looking, or not my size. RM69 ones are really nice and working type, but i wouldn't buy it. haha.

so this weekend, i'm not going out already. need to stay at home and finish up my assignment. the very last one. =)

have to control myself to stop walking around my house. haha.

May 1, 2008

recovery. NOT

i guess i'm not back from the trip yet.


don't have the mood to do assignments. not at all. but still a lil. totally shit thou.

it's a simple assignment, i think. i just don't know why i can't just one shot finish it. i love to drag and drag and drag till date-line is here. then oh god! 55 rush it. lol

any medicine to cure it? or rehab centre? or what else?

i don't know what am i talking about. i don't know what's the purpose for writing this post.

probably, i need a motivator. as nicole wished to have one before her final exam too. lol

forget it. =)

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