May 30, 2010

My sweetest friends

Yes, it's him. A lollipop robber. HahAHaHAhA

He's most probably the one who always have the sweet talk. Always made me smile and laugh with his words.

We might not started well, but we definitely doing well now.

Thank you. =)

Another one is you, Jason Chu. Although you're not the one who comes out with the sweetest words, but your teasing always made me mad yet can't get angry at you.

But, thanks for being a considerate friend all this while. Tolerate my attitude and continue to be my buddy.

Thank you. =)

Twins, are next. All this while, I know both of you are not really the type of friends who express your feelings face to face. As in, like hugging. But I know, we do care for each other during the period in Perth.

Didn't expect our friendship would continue until now, since secondary school. Still remember the times where I hardly able to differentiate both of you.

Thanks for being my friend all this while. =)

* Hwey, who doesn't want her face to be show publicly.*

A quiet and sweet girl. We knew each other later than others, but still managed to become each other's baby. Hehehe.

I'm glad you said I've changed through out the years and we're still learning how to be a better friend to each other. (remember this?)

I didn't expect we would be this close and continue to be close with each other.

Thanks for all the consideration and suggestions. And, being my buddy when we're miles away. ♥

May 26, 2010

I'm moving again!

This time, it's to Hobart, Tasmania.

I thought my dad is hard to handle. Turned out, it went quite smoothly. He just replied with one SMS saying, "go ahead with your plan. Dad". Maybe he was touched with my 9 pages long SMS? But it was all I wanted to say. It wasn't really like "life is short, why we still wanna live separately?".. But similar to that.

Anyway, I'm really glad that we can finally be together again. Seriously, life is short, we don't even know what will happen tomorrow. The main thing that triggered Wayne to suggest this to me, was because Finance and Marketing aren't listed on the SOL anymore. Check it out. I'm really amused by the new changes.

So, why not just go over and live with him? Since I may not have the chance to get a PR. There's only a year left. But, what will gonna happen a year later, that's still a mystery. But I'll appreciate what I have now. =)

I really thank my parents for supporting my decision and let me do what's best for myself. Without their financial support, I don't think I'll even come to this far. I'm glad that they have my back and not say a word to disagree on this. =)

So, since Finance and Marketing are not listed, I'm still going for the fun one - MARKETING. At least, it doesn't involve too much of figures. Or maybe not at all. That's what my Dad wanted me to do as well.

A random one.
There's a half dead cockroach in my room this morning! And I stepped on it when I wasn't wearing my spectacles. With my slipper lah of course! First thing to do, knock on Jimmy's door. Thank God he's always around when there's cockroach. FYI, this is the 2nd time. Eeeeee.

Hwey, it's not gonna affect our trip plan. I'll still be coming back and gonna stay until both of you are leaving too. Can you let me know the confirmed date? I'll have to buy another air ticket.

It's a beautiful day. Isn't it? Except, it's a little cold and windy. HahAhaHA
But hot and humid in M'sia. Sorry guys. X)

I'm gonna miss the sunset view from my room though. It's really nice.

May 23, 2010

Things going on here.

The past few days, was like the days before my semester started.


Final is less than a month away. But, I'm still waiting for revision week, which is next week. The week that lecturers will give out past year questions and some TIPS. Cannot wait for it.

People around me, been 'camping' in the Uni or posting status on FB, as if to remind me that final exam is around the corner. I really know. But I really have no idea what to start with.

I did pretty well for all the mid semester exams and assignments. So not worry passing the unit. Only thing is, whether I can get a 7 point scale. Higher expectation, greater disappointment.


I'm also thinking whether to shift out this month or next month before exam. I found a few places with lower or same rental, around the same distance. I'm just not sure whether it's a good time to shift. So many things to pack and then unpack when I get to the new place. Have to make up my mind!

I told myself, either I get myself a job to cover the extra $40 per month or shift to a lower or same rental place. But, JOB.. never comes to me. Still haven't get one yet. Then, exam is coming. When I'm back from vacation, the new rental will starts. So 烦 lo.

I thought that extra $40 a month is not a huge amount for my dad. But I feel it's not worth it for long run. If I'm leaving next semester, it's okay. But there's a year left! I should find a cheaper alternative right? Tell me, I'm right.

How good if you're here. We can discuss together then I don't have to face with the dilemma now. Being alone, sucks. I miss you. ♥

May 19, 2010

vite vite

Wayne received the card I sent to him. It's a cute one, a chain hanging there "Be strong". I attached a picture of us too. Unfortunately, I didn't take any picture of the card. I hope he can take some pictures of it though. *If he reads this*

But, what I felt from the call wasn't what I expected. He didn't sounded sweet, I guess. Like out of sudden, you receive a card from your half and with lots of lovey dovey message in there. Seriously, how would you feel? I would, call him right away. But he didn't. I suppose, work loads are too heavy till no feeling for this liao? Sigh. What can I say?

I really hope, this semester could over quicker. *vite vite*. He kept telling me that, after this semester, everything will be back to normal. He knows that he ignored me a lot, but he couldn't do a thing. When he texted me, told me that he's sorry for not caring me much these days, I can only tell myself to be patient. Everything will be fine. Try not to throw too much tantrum on him. *uncontrollable*

Well, just be patient.

I just wanna tell you that, I love you, always have, always will. ♥ I'll support you, no matter what you do.

Dallas Auto Repair

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May 18, 2010

Mountfield Lawnmower

When you have a lawn, the first thing that comes into your mind is a mower. I'm suppose so. Then you'll start looking around for a good one. Right?

Mountfield has a wide range of lawnmowers such as electric or petrol self propelled machines. Different ones has different size of collection bag too. So it depends on how huge is your lawn.

However when you're choosing Mountfield electric lawnmower, you'll need to consider the length of the power chord as well. Although it's cheaper, but it may not suitable for your lawn as the power chord is only 15m long.

You might want to consider Mountfield petrol lawnmowers. It has a slightly wider cutting range and a larger collection bag. You could probably use a few times before dumping the grass off. However, the machine is heavier though. But still, it's a man job!

It offers free engine oil too if you purchase online now.

May 12, 2010

My dad - Humour.

Yesterday I told my Dad that I'm switching to Master of Marketing. Say NO to Finance! Yay!

Surprisingly, he didn't ask WHY. He just said, "Better lah. Can expand my business empire". Then I proceeded with, "Business empire ah. You very big business ah now?". I really asked that. As if I wasn't sure what else is he doing. But now, I'm really clear of what other business is he doing except camera industry.

He also asked whether I'll finish my course earlier. I told him I still have a year left too. Gosh. I think my Dad really misses me. I didn't believe it every time my Mom told me that.

Anyway, most probably I'm going into Marketing next semester, although I haven't get the confirmation yet. Shouldn't be a problem lah.

I also asked my dad whether I can go for a trip with Twins and Wayne on this June. I sounded pretty spoilt in the SMS that I sent to him. HAHAHA.

Surprisingly again, he said OKAY! But I'll have to pay him back when I start to work. I think he's putting some pressure on me so I can get a job ASAP. *OMG* Then he told me to enjoy my holidays. Is that possible? Anyhow, I thanked him for being so goooooood to me. =)

I'm looking forward for this holiday. Especially, it's right after my final exam! Have fun with Wayne and my buddies. =)

♥ you guys!

Btw, I watched IRON MAN 2 in Uni yesterday! It was awesome! I think it'll be even awesome to watch in the cinema.

It used up 580MB out of my 1000MB quota for University's usage. XD

But no regrets. Really nice. ♥♥♥ His suits! So yeng...!

May 9, 2010

♥ Clouds + Sun + Sky ♥

Just wanna share these beautiful pictures with you guys. Personally, I think they are pretty awesome. I know, there are more awesome views out there. Wait till I have the chance to capture them. =)

There was a hole between the clouds, and make it like blessing whatever it was there. ♥
Love the clouds.

Like an explosion going on there. But I really love the colour. So nice. ♥ ♥
When I saw it, I "Wah!". Seriously.

Now, I hope I have a DSLR with me. Just to capture these moments. One day.. =)

May 8, 2010

I need YOU.

No matter how strong I appear to be, I'm mentally weak. A hug is really what I need now. But who can I get one from? I wanna hug you and cry on your shoulder. I have to substitute it with my pillow now. =(

No matter what, I'll try to be strong for you. I'll tell myself, we can get through this.

Gosh. I miss home.

May 7, 2010

Our ♥ will grow stronger.

I have 2 bad news and 2 good news.

Bad news is W can't transfer to QUT. No chance to go Uni together anymore. As sad as it is, we have to move on.

Another bad news is, I'm switching to Master of Marketing. Well, I think this is partially good. I think I'll do better in Marketing though. Finance is not my cup of tea. Oh, and the reason of changing is because of the SOL. In fact, Marketing has higher points than Finance. I've consulted about it. Besides, I won't get any extension in my course period and will get exemptions for few subjects too. So, hollah! =)

Marketing has wider range, I think. It can be anything. It just needs a creative and open mind. Not like designer lah. But still...

So, good news is, W is switching to Civil Engineering! Apparently, his gang of friends had switched to Civil Engineering and realised that it's much easier than Mechanical Engineering, ONLY in TASMANIA UNIVERSITY yo. (It's a sucky Uni btw) So, don't get it wrong. If he get over Year 2, the rest of it will be easy for him. That's the experience of his seniors.

One more, the trip is ON! We can still go to Tasmania and head to Melbourne sama sama. I think, this is the only thing I'll be looking forward to for this winter. Hwey, Teing, I miss the both of you! ♥

So, turned out, things weren't that bad. Be positive! Although we're not going to see each other everyday, like the other couples do, but we're going to live through this happily. Go for holidays together and have our little vacation once a while. =)

Honestly, when I knew about it, I can hardly think straight. But thank God, it turned out right. Only thing is, the together-go-uni-days will be gone. I bet he will compensate me in the future. HaHAhA.

May 6, 2010

My ♥

Had a 30 minutes talk with my ♥. I been referring him as my ♥ these days. It just sound so sweet. HahAha. At least I feel so.

One more month. One more month... And we'll see each other again. =)

It was the first time I heard him laughed so happily. Keep teasing me. Told me some old stories. Suddenly wanted to find out one of his long lost friend, who is staying at P.J too. *sweat*

I miss his laughter. I miss the happiness we used to have together.


This is dedicated to someone called Ass Hole.

I don't know how much is our friendship meant to you. But I can tell you, I'm really disappointed in you. I think I can never forget this. If you think I stopped talking with you because we didn't see each other when I was back, you're wrong. So wrong.

Or probably I wasn't worth it at all. I'm thinking, it's really over.

So, live happily with your life. I'm sure you will do. It has nothing to do with me now.

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