Feb 27, 2009

random updates.

i have not e-mail him for 2 days. great news! :)
but we still talk on the phone thou, sometimes. just few minutes.
but we sms most of the time. cannot stop ar. HaHa.

breakfast we had, few weeks ago. i miss steamed buns! tomorrow must buy. :)


something scratched my hand and i didn't even realized it. it was that long.
when i saw it, it was bleeding. goodness! :o


going for groceries shopping tomorrow! and to my uncle's place for lunch. :)

and also a friend's bbq birthday party. bbq again. but it's at night, cool! Hah.

Feb 24, 2009

think hard.

my first class started today. i was sitting all alone for the whole day. i still get to know some people in my class though. overall, still not bad. :)

one thing must mention. i met the guy that went to the Macau trip too, i mean the business trip. he's a son of my dad's friend. if i'm not mistaken, Jonathan is his name. so ya, someone that i didn't expect to see here. apparently, he's been studying here for a year already. and his Australian accent is goooood. i don't remember he speaks like that. but, he talked with me in Cantonese. when he speaks Canto, he totally looks like an Asian. Haha.

and, after attended the class, i think i couldn't go back on May. there's a mid term exam for this particular subject, but the date is not confirm yet. *smacking the table*
what am i gonna do?! i wanna go back! :'(

i really don't know what to do.

today's weather is so cooling. walked back alone at windy evening. so cool.

Feb 22, 2009

I do.

missing him while i can't sms him at all. over used on video calls and now i'm running out of credit. i know, i used a lot of credits for this month. just this month.

bad thing is, i can't get to recharge online by using credit card because it's Sunday? it says the service is available on tomorrow. wth.
and he doesn't online at all. gosh.

i'm kinda regret now, for coming here without him. i'll never get use with the life without him. yes, i'm frail in long distance relationship. i just wanna see him when i want to. i still prefer the life that i can drive to find him when i want to.

and i'm hungry now. i'm thinking of the days that we can drive out to look for food that we were craving for. spending the days happily. i feel, my life is just not as perfect as when i'm without him. god knows how much we love each other.

everything should have decided by our fate.

Feb 21, 2009

another HOT day

Car Wash! it's conducted by Generation Care to raise fund for local care initiatives and part of it will be proceed to Victorian Bushfire Appeal. AND, we washed 102 cars today!

the sun is so hot sometimes and suddenly the sun is gone and it came out again. i felt so dizzy most of the times. and i washed the rims for the first 20 cars, i think. imagine, squad down and get up and splashed by water plus soup. :(
so i switched to be a dryer. :)

didn't manage to take any pictures. we started to wash and everything was left in the car including my camera. so ya, it was hot and tiring. but, i felt at ease that we can help out the helpless people and support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

anyway, today is extremely HOT! it was 38c this afternoon. we were all in our rooms to steam ourselves up. sleeping was a hard time for me. :(

also, Hwey complaint that her face is not moisturized so i gave her a mask for moisturizing. it was funny. the mask was not entirely sticking onto her chin. and her face is uniquely small. HahaHaha

classes are commencing on Monday. *nervous*
i wish i need not go through this, but i have to. it's like all over again, Metropolitan moment. :o

Feb 20, 2009

laughed and cried

msned with my lovest today. it was pretty frustrated and fun too. my mom sent out a box of things this morning without informing me first. and so, left out some things that i suppose to get it along with this box.

she said, there'll be another box coming soon. my dear parents, it's not cheap you know? this first box cost
RM290 for 6.5kg. and, now have to send another box. gosh.
apparently, it's because my mom reserved that box for my lovest to put the things that he wants to send to me. anyhow, it's still blardy expensive.

wookay, the fun part.
he sent me a picture of him driving to my house. HahaHaha.
he knows that i'll take a picture of him when he's wearing sunglasses. so he took it. :)

looks quite handsome thou. HaHa :)

and Bowie!
we named her. :)

she's not one of our cats. she's an alley cat's kitten. she is so cute and pretty!
we just love them to be around, but not Wayne's grandma. well, we still managed to keep them around. :)

apparently, she was born in Wayne's house. and there, they kept hanging out in his house. at first, she was kinda scared of stranger; no matter who. but, now she is getting closer with us. she even played with him! jealous la. i wanna play with her too.

and, Wayne recorded Molly and Cutie in videos too. miss them so much! this is where i cried. they are so cute! ;)

quality of the video is a little sucks. who cares? i get to see them when i'm in Perth. WooHooo. :)

can't wait to go back on May to see my lovest and them! :P

Feb 19, 2009

Uni's everywhere

went to Uni again, for a LIBRARY tour. yes, we needed a tour because the library itself has 6 FLOORS. in fact, it's very normal due to so many faculties in an university. it has so many journals, articles, folios, booklets, which are all references that we can use for assignments. so great! :)

however, it's just so huge. and i think i need to time to get use to it.

after that, we went for lunch in Uni as well. it's called Cafe AngaZi.
there's one cafe called Cafe @ Concept, that sells coffees or espresso, the fragrances attracted me every time i passed by it. gonna try it one day. :)

back to our lunch.

Ham & Cheese Croissant.
tasted so cheesy. nice!

Fisherman Bowl. am i right?
a lot of chips.

grasses are so green. i won't lay on it unless it's autumn. so hot! :S
look at the sky. so blue. :)

went for Welcome Night at Vickery house. had pizzas again. gosh. so full of fried food nowadays. i need to eat loads and loads of fruits now. Hah.

Feb 18, 2009

flash back memories :)

i was wasting my time instead of wasting a lot of data by going online. HahaHaha
at least, uploads are more than downloads for the day. :P

as uploading pictures don't really counts in subscription plan, i re-uploaded my "FRIENDS" folder from FRIENDSTER to FACEBOOK. :)

it was kinda fun thou. seeing everyone comment on their pictures taken from years ago and realized we changed a lot. well, i realized it.

part of my e-mail which are notifications from facebook.

i don't know what else i can do for the rest of the days. :0

Feb 17, 2009


gosh. this automatic sprinkle frightened me when i was msn-ing half way. it's just right outside of my room's window. the sound at first was loud enough to scare the soul out of me.
it's 12.15a.m. now. can't they set it earlier?

i been frightening myself for the past few days. i didn't realized it when i first moved in.
there's wind sound over it already. and now plus this. OhhhH.
now it sounds like raining. HahaHa

scary shit. :S


half month gone, and i'm going back to M'sia after 2 months for my sister's wedding night.

problem is, i don't know which date to go back. can i skip lectures for 2 days? not so sure yet. if i'm able to skip that 2 days lecture, i'll get to stay for 6 days. if not, it will only for 4 days. :(

anyway, i'm still flying up high now as i can see him again after 3 months. better than not seeing for a year. i'm missing him badly wookay.

tonight was the graduation night for last year students and i saw the fireworks shoot off to the sky. yes, they had fireworks every year for their graduation night. it added some glamour for the night. nice! :)

outside is so windy now. listening those wind *blow blow blow* kinda scaring myself. HaHa. it's 24c, not cold but can shiver if you're standing outside facing the wind. HaHa. but, it's kinda hot at noon. summer.

had Domino's Pizza with our house mates and also discuss on sharing stuffs related matters. Wow! Teing and I finished a large Pepperoni pizza, i think it has 8 slices. it's cheap on Tuesday. only $5.50
for one Pizza! cheap for us to share too. :)

night everybody! time to oi oi. :)

Feb 16, 2009


one more week for our classes to commence, which means left one more week to root. it's either we will be staying in our room to online, sleep (that's what i did) or thinking hard of going where else.

half month gone and i'm still not used to the life without him. many things changed. i really miss those days that he do things for me, think everything for me and pamper me when i want him to. just not used to it yet.

i'll be most probably going back on
May for 4 days. just for my sis's wedding. and i'll get to see my lovest! missing him so much. :(

just half month, i have used up
2GB of data. so quick. the subscription plan was 3GB for 6 months. i wonder how can i survive if i didn't subscribe extra 10GB. however, now i have to save save a bit on using internet already. cannot buffer dramas whenever i'm bored. :(

internet here is so blardy expensive. why why why?!

ciao. :)

Feb 13, 2009

Valentine's Webcam Day

we get to webcam at 3a.m on 15th of February, 2009. therefore, it's not a Valentine's Webcam Day anymore. still, i'm happy that we get to see each other online. :)

he showed me the blueberry cheese cake that his friend (it's a guy) made. looks so chessy. i want it too! :(
he promised to make me one when i'm back. oh, miss him so much!

No. it didn't happened. V Day is supposed to be an ordinary day.
he was out with his friends. so it didn't happened.

this day, we spent our whole day out.
went to
Harbour Town for shopping/ window shopping.
bought a top and a short pant dirt cheap. in Perth, it is. :D

went to Subway for our lunch. we save our each penny on everything including food. we shared a footlong bread which cost 3 of us $7. so cheap. promo period la.

after walked a round, we headed to my Uncle's place for dinner..
experienced taking buses and trains to everywhere and also walking to places. legs are quite tired but still feel okay.

Perth Station.

the weather was kinda cool and windy. *blow blow blow*.
no sun at all until it was 6p.m. weird.

played Wii Sports with Arthur after our dinner. we played BOXING. so tiring. HahaHahaHa
only won a round. Haha. Hwey's arms will be pain tomorrow. probably mine too. :P
but it was kinda fun. some games, we didn't really know how it works. LOL

new. spent Valentine's Day with families, although it's not really a celebration but just spent the night happily. :)

but, i like flowers. LOL

Feb 12, 2009


period came this morning, while i was on the bed lazying around after awake and felt something weird. gosh, it came.

faster grab towel, cloths, pad and off to toilet. met Teing on the way. HaHa. so early wake up wan? actually, the toilet is not very far away. just that, it's not the one that connected to my room anymore. :(

first few hours, i was fine. then, it started to get pains and felt uncomfortable. especially, the room is so heat up. i started to cry. think of my maids and him. thought twins went out to somewhere, so i called him up. turned out, they were actually in their rooms. ate the medicine that Teing gave, felt a lot better with the hot pack on my stomach.

this day is sucks. i cried a lot before actually called him up. i thought i can handle this thing well when i'm at oversea. now, i know i can't. i miss home.

had biscuits and half tom yam mee for lunch. so spicy and Teing had to finish mine.
i'm so grateful that Twins are here with me. i don't know i'll cry until when if they were not here to check me up. conclusion is, i am so sucky. so weak.

when i was crying on the phone to tell him how pain it is, i told him i wanna go home. it's like, i can drive and reach home anytime. i used to do it when i was in M'sia. miss him so much.

Feb 11, 2009


living under the SAME roof with people that i can actually communicate with is quite hard, sometimes. it just doesn't work well. we have different thoughts, minds, brains, whatsoever. each of us have our own wants. so, it's difficult. duh.

anyway, life here is kinda sucks for now. so free. so bored. so HOT.
take a nap at the noon is not possible for me. it's like a heater in the room. it just happened once today. i miss my room's air conditioner. environment spoiler.

still have 12 more days to have our first CLASS on! WooHooo. wonder how will it be. i'm all alone. i have to know new classmates. :S
i'm panic and i can't suck the air out. Hah.

called home today, not to look for my parents but my maids. see how's my cats doing. are they at home or playing at somewhere outside. miss them so much! :(
basically, i asked them to help me pack stuffs that are going to send over here. there's a list. still thinking am i missing anything out.

so HOT in here. have a cold bath first. :)

Feb 9, 2009

Anniversary - far apart

it's our 5th Anniversary! this year, we are so far apart from each other. we celebrated by sending each other sms. :)

was reading the sms that he sent at 12a.m., i started to cry already. although there's no present this time, but i know how does he feels.

this is the most lonely anniversary that i ever had. :(
miss him so much. i guess, that's what i wanted to feel. but it's just out of the boundary.

loving him more each day.

Feb 8, 2009

we cooked. Haha

we had fried rice for our dinner today. our first proper cooked meal, i think. we had our dinner at 9p.m. HahaHaha

due to we haven't buy any pans, we cooked it with a rice cooker. amazing leh? lol
but it's not bad. still can cook nice food out la. HahaHaha

Prawn fried rice + veges.

i consumed a lot of orange juice ever since i had it at Twin's rented apartment. so addictive la. but it really taste great! got pulps and sweet. i likey! :)

don't know why i don't miss home. i just miss my cats and Aunty's cooking. is this consider missing home? -.-

i miss him too. sent out 2 letters to him and a letter to my families today. not e-mail, is LETTER. takes a week to reach that type. HahaHa. more meaningful ma. :)

hopefully, i can survive through this. 9 more months to go.

Feb 3, 2009

happy mood. :)

video called with Wayne yesterday. finally get to see his face, funny faces. i miss it. he was eating in front of the PC. prawns! HahaHa

he always keep me excited and happy. thank you so much, 老公. :)

some pictures i took.
on that morning, my last shot with Molly, lovely son. :'(

and with Cutie. cute girl. :)

missing them so much now. do they miss me? miao miao all day to look for me. not.

my little cousin brother, Arthur. :)
completely a BANANA. HahaHa

further down is the main station in Perth. weather is so hot.

Bunning Warehouse. a large one.

a drive thru liquor store. so much of liquor. :)

tomorrow will be the day for us to move into Vickery House. i wonder how's our rooms look like.

this few days, i'm so free. e-mailed him everyday. and he replied me everyday. once semester starts, i will starts to be busy. good to forget loneliness. :(

Feb 2, 2009


i don't know what to write, what to post.

i think, i didn't have enough hugs. god knows why. :(
i feel sad. empty minded. blank.

can't wait till that day comes. the day, he will come over to hugs me. i'm so waiting for that day.

i pretended to be strong and kept my tears to walk away from him. but i'm defeated by all the things that he gave me, keep me thinking of him. i miss him so much.

maybe i'm used to stick with him always. do things together. call him no matter what happens.

i hope, he does feel the same as me. a selfish thought. so, he will always think of me. silly.

love you so much, 老公.

Feb 1, 2009

gotta miss you guys! :)

ok, leaving is not totally a bad thing. i received several red packets again. HahaHa
it's like significant for the elderly to do that. or, the married ones. :)

anyway, i have thought all about it again. i'm fine and alright. not seeing each other is indeed very torturing, but i know it will make our bond stronger as the time passes.

enough of talking about leaving and leaving.

time to sleep. 4 more hours to leave the house. and dad gave me 2 big packs of face masks. so afraid that my face will get so dry. HahaHa

Wayne, i love you no matter what happens, what occurs. we, us work hard for our future, even we will be at different places. :)

and finally, i'll miss all of you here in Perth. thanks for being my friend, friends. LOL

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