Jul 30, 2009

I need advices.

Went for a job interview today, for a part time administrative job. Unfortunately, they're looking for people who can work longer than 6 months that later on will become a permanent role. They asked me to consider about it and give them a call if I change my mind. But I've made up my mind to go Brisbane. Suddenly, there's so many stuffs to think of.

And I get emo when he's not free at all to talk with me. He was busy fixing his car absorbers on the whole day, till now. Except this morning. :(

He told me to take the opportunity to work for them, maybe for a year. Then only go Brisbane and look for him which I really don't want to. FYI, it's an accounting and legal firm. What if I really can't make it for a year?

But, I'm also worry that I can't get a job at Brisbane. Economy is so down. Recessions. Sigh.

Random pictures:

Large strawberries. $3.48/250g.

One of the large ones. :)

GO Edward Park.

After walking on the sand. Dirty lo.
Was talking on the phone, didn't realise.

The beef steak, rump. Marinated.
So cooked, till so hard to chew. HaHA.

Jul 27, 2009


Ah, so warm!
I was at the table, with my legs frozen under the table, using my laptop.
Then, I thought of my electric blanket! Ah. Okay, can move to the bed, by putting my laptop on my chair. Now, my bud feels warm and my legs feel even warmer. :)

We just had dinner. 2 dishes with rice, poor thing. We wish to add a SOUP word. :/

Now our rack is full of food supplies! Yay! Have coco puff, bread, banana, orange juice and milk at the morning! Happy. :)

Weather is so freaky cold. Hands are freezing. Miss hubby so much! He would hold my hands and rub it till I'm warm. :)

Promised to send him pictures of tonight's meal. Ciao. :)

Jul 25, 2009

I Heart You

This little surprise, makes him greedy.
I told him to open a piece of it each day. They're love notes. I wrote it. HahAHa.

This morning, he opened a few! He said, read the first one feel quite happy, so he opened a few more. What the. Like that where enough for few months wor?

I started to miss him already. He been so sweet. :)
Cried again when I walked away from him. I even walked back to hug him. Made me cry even more. Missing him so much now.

He waited for me to reach Perth and called me, which was around 5a.m. Make sure I reach home safely. He so sweet la. HahA. :)

So cold la. 8.30pm only, it's already 9 degrees! Damn cold.
Wonder how to walk to Uni next week. :(

Jul 22, 2009

A small surprise

The little surprise. :)
For the future few months. Hopefully he will likes it.

They're not stars k. HahA.

Jul 21, 2009


Lately, I been quite down or moody. Or sad. Unhappy, maybe.
But thanks to my brother, been going out with me everyday. Here and there, and spend me on everything. Still, it doesn't stop me from thinking. About everything - uncertainties.

Yesterday, we attended a birthday celebration of Wayne's mom's friend's mom. Okie, a little confusing. In short, a grandma's birthday, 81 years old. They're Christians, whole family. So they had this little short section for gratefulness.

Her children talked about her nobleness. It was very touching. Then, her grandchildren talked about bringing them to McD everytime after school. Gosh, it makes me think of my grandmas. I wanted to cry. I miss them. PoPo didn't like fast food, she didn't allow us to have any fast food when we were still young. Until, I was standard 6. I had my first McD. That's very late.

I'm emotional now. Few more days and fly off again. Gosh, I'm gonna cry like mad again. I don't like separation. It's so silly. I'm even tearing now. =(

Jul 17, 2009

The Pig.

While waiting for Wayne to pick me up at the morning, I took a series pictures of Molly.

First pose.
"Do I look fat at this angle?"

"Take a picture of my face la. Handsome!"
Shocking face, instead.

"My 'huge' palm."
So soffy. Love it!

"This pose better or not? Very yeng hor?"
Ya right..

"The pirate la then. Quite handsome with one eye ma."
Scary, to me. =/

"I wanna sleep la. Can take faster or not?"
This looks cuter. =))

"*YAWN*" Automatically hide his face.
His last life was a pig.

Lastly, a picture of us. Bad focus and angle.
He was sleeping very sweetly already. Look at his sleeping face man.
So cute!

Sayang him so much! =)

p.s: The whole process only takes 15 minutes. Damn fast fall asleep la him. XD

Jul 15, 2009


Did a nose mud on his nose. Was only for his nose. HahA.

So happy and sad at the same time. We had wonderful times together, but when we think of the months that I'll be in Brisbane without any confirm plan, we kinda worried. And, he's worrying that I can't stay along with him.

I don't want to come home, without him. I just wanna follow him no matter where, what, how. You can see I might relying him A LOT. But, it's kinda suffering to have a long distance relationship. And I don't wanna experience it again. =(

The few months that I'll be alone there might be a little suffering, but I know I can go through it. I was inspired by someone too. She did it, I can too. Nothing is impossible to achieve, as long as I have the determination. =))

I heart you.

Jul 13, 2009

Coming to an end...

Yep, less than 2 weeks. Come to think of it, I feel so sad.
Is that happens when you have your half separate far apart with you? 6 hours flight. So lonely.

Went to
Snow Flake yesterday night, with Helen and Wayne. Chong joined us later on.

We went in for 2 rounds. First round only 3 of us.
Ordered these.
Grass Jelly Series.
Red Bean + Peanuts + Grass Jelly

Red Bean + Taro + Grass Jelly
I don't like the Taro. =/
It's not really nice la. Tasted quite weird, mixed with all these.

2nd round, with Chong. =)

TouFu Series.
With grass jelly. This tasted lots better. =)

Helen and Chong.

Blurr blurr one. Wasted. =(

Jul 9, 2009

First paycheck!

Checked my email. Spotted 10.00USD with Paypal. *cepat cepat click* HAhaHa

Dang dang dang dang dang!

I got my first paycheck from Blogsvertise. =)

Although it's only 10USD, still, it's my first paycheck. But I haven't receive second task from them yet. Hopefully there's more to come to train my writing skill. =)

Jul 8, 2009

Another 2 D.

Final exam result is out.
1 PASS, 1 CREDIT, 2 DISTINCTIONS which consider B to the twins. What the. =(

Sigh. Thanks to the group assignment that got such low mark, I cant pull it up to CREDIT! I tried my best in the final exam. I really tried. =(

At least, I can spend the rest of the days here happily instead of worrying. =)

I pretended that my results were very bad. Then, he called. I held my burst-out-laugh and pretend to be very sad. HahA. Okay la. He got conned at first. XD

Thank goodness I didn't fail any subject and will get to finish my one and only semester in Perth. =)

Going to a barbecue party at Ming Yie's house tomorrow for a farewell. Another farewell. I'm gonna see them in Brisbane in like another half year. wth. HahaHa.

Jul 7, 2009

Still feeling the same?

He once told me, she might change and be a better person. And now, she has another half already. With the 'dear' here and there in Facebook. S***. How long it has only been? She acts damn fast.

What bout him? Still hoping. Or still dating on and off with other girls with the hope that she might come back. It's sad. =(

Who am I to ask him stop hoping? Stop expecting? Stop thinking of her?
Hopefully, he'll get to find a girl that touches his heart and treat him with a sincere heart, one day. He deserves a better girl, that love him truthfully.

He always tell me there's no one to blame in this relationship failure. Of course, there's no one. But obviously, she has no one cent of feeling left for you. Why still feel the same for her? Get over it.

For laughter! =)

Watched Ice Age 3 today. It's so so so so FUNNY! A must watch movie!

Sid, the sloth. Steal dinasaur's eggs and take himself as their mother. wth. He's the funniest! 'You're so beautiful, just like your mom. Thank goodness. *look at the daddy*' HahaHAhahaA

is funny during the child birth part. *breathhehehahabreath*

We are very smart in purchasing tickets already. This time, we didn't make any booking also, reached MV only buy the tickets. It was selling fast, only left front 2 rows. We asked whether reservation row still available. He told us that 30 minutes before the show time can purchase. Okay, so we went to
Little Taiwan, which is NEARBY and had our dinner. =)

'Tang Tang' noodle and Honey Pork Rib noodle. Just so you know, it's called 擔擔面. Tasted quite nice, texture is alright.

擔擔面. RM9.90.

Honey Pork Rib, with noodle similar as above but without the egg and meat balls. RM9.90.
Omg la. They poured the
honey on it. Didn't expect they just pour on it la. Tasted so weird. Honey is weird. =.=
He soaked it in the noodle's soup to make it taste right. LOL

Taiwan style 'Ying Yong'. Rm3.90
Tasted damn weird la. Watery and too bitter.
We told each other, Taiwan style ma. HahA. Kim Gary's one nicest! Hong Kong style ma.

Conclusion is, we won't go there for second time. Maybe other food taste okay. But won't waste our money to try la. XD

Remember to watch ICE AGE 3! Great for a laugh. =)

Jul 2, 2009

Wither away

Looked back the pictures in my laptop. Found this, to make a comparison. =)

On 2008's Valentine's Day, he gave me this little roses in the car. Saying he won't give me one.

A year ago.

A year later.

I'm still keeping it. It withered and fall. I missed. Don't know when will I receive another little roses from him again. Perhaps in our new lives in Brisbane. I hope.

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