Oct 19, 2012

Work day!

It has been a productive day! Work, work, work and work. Feeling content.

My management team is working so well together, towards a goal and doing all we can to be at the top of other stores. I think we will be on top of the board! Can't wait...

I am start thinking that things might actually go well here. Besides missing home.. I think I can manage what I'm doing now. I just need to be more confident than I'm already am now. :D

I'm this kind of person in work. Hahahaha!
Not really.. I wish!
But there's always one person in store can do this to everyone. Awesome!    

Oct 15, 2012


We were walking past a cake shop in City today. I Saw this lovely chocolate swirl cheesecake at the display fridge. I just decided... I should get this. Thinking how stress is Wayne due to exam. He totally needs this! So I walked back in the store.

He hesitated for a while because we never try it before. But... Screw it. He is stress. So I just decided to get it.Turned out, it taste awesome! Fortunately, I bought a whole cake! He's thanking me now. Hehe. :)

We should do this more often. ♥

Oct 13, 2012

A new page.

I shall start updating my blog from now on. It's been 9 months, since my last post. *Guilty*

Well, my life.. It'd been hectic, I shall say. I don't know why. 
I'm on a job that I didn't wish for. But, I care for what I can do to make a difference in that place. I can't shut my sense down and just work for the sake of money. I just feel that I shouldn't be caring that much, anyway. Or, at least that's what Wayne's been telling me all this time. Maybe revolving around teenagers in workplace makes me want to be more empathy. Hmmm. I shall stay at the professional line. 

One big news is popping up soon - I'm getting promoted soon, as Assistant Manager. It's pretty comforting at this stage as I'm getting into the grey zone.  I want to be my Daddy's little girl, sometimes. It's just me missing home, I guess. 

Please find me online as often as possible. :)

Feb 11, 2012

8th anniversary! <3

We've come through this far. I believe we are meant for each other. I can't say we are totally compatible with each other because we still fight for small things sometimes. Haha! But I guess that's how it suppose to be. That's what going to get us together for life. :)

Baby, I love you. Thanks for loving me with the way you do and always making sure I won't get hurt. Able to be with you, is the best gift I ever have. <3

Jan 12, 2012

It's almost time.

Haven't been working for 3 days. Thinking will I get used to it again. Sometimes kinda wish that I don't have to work for this job. But.. I don't have a choice. Sometimes, I feel miserable even though I have a job now. The only thing that keep me going is probably the good pay. I want to ciao. T_T

It's already January. Time passes really fast. 14 more days and we're moving to a new place. I really can't wait. Have to start packing again. Couple of things more to sell.

Ahhhhhh! Don't want to go work tomorrow. :( New challenges everyday. I'm lazy. Haih. I'm feeling mixed. Difficult staffs are harder to handle than difficult customers. Haih.

I'm thinking of the delicious yummy food in Malaysia. When can I have them?! :(

Nov 7, 2011

Cheesecake is heaven.

Have this once a while feels awesome. :)

Oct 9, 2011

New spot.

We've no idea why she always come to our place whenever we're home. She would follow us at the back and slip into our door.

And yeah.. That's her new place to hang out. :)

Oct 7, 2011

谢谢你 <3

每天早上都要叫这个懒虫起身。我好命苦哦。哈哈。可是没有了你,我的人生就没那么完美了。谢谢你 :)

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