Feb 25, 2010

Cambodia's children need help!

To my dear fellow friends and whoever bump into this post, please click the website below to help the Cambodia's children in order to have a healthier life. Starts from drinking clean water. There's 25% of the children under 5 years old died from consumption of dirty water. You can see, how serious is this going. And it's going to be even worst if we don't help them.

What do the soft toys, the stationary, the book can do for them if they don't even have a healthy life to live through? It means nothing to them. So, this is a little favor that you can do for them.

All you need to do is to click into the website and spread the words with any mean you have. Facebook, Twitter, E-mails or even your blog. Every click you clicked, it will contribute 10 cents to CUP in order for them to build infrastructures and provide education for the children.

Of course, if you would like to donate more to them, you're most welcome to do so. Just look out for the address under Contribute column.

Please help them. This is the very least we can do. Thank you.

Feb 24, 2010

♥ It's never too late. ♥

The day I've been waiting for, has finally come - the day when class starts. Back to Uni life! Yay! I think study life is for a loser like me. I mean, furthering studies after degree. Like I'm afraid to get a job or something. But actually the reason behind all this is him. I guess, I have no regrets.

Although I'm alone here, without seeing him everyday, as not planned. I'm still living my life as happily as possible. I have no more emotional moments. Unlike the day he left to Hobart. I cried like hell.

Honestly, when the plan changed, I was very upset. I had to accept the fact that, I'm living by myself again. It's like, someone just took something that you wanted the most, from you. My heart ached, the brain automatically popped out lots of scene, tears flowed. It's that serious. Everything that I dreamed most of the time, turned out, it's not going to come true. Maybe in another year time. You can imagine the feeling yourself.

Anyway, he comforted me by accompanying me over and settled everything for me before he leave me again. It was a touching move, because I happened to know that he fought for the chance. His Mom didn't allowed him to come at first, however he got his chance with his way. So, I really appreciated the days when he was here with me. Cherished every moment we were together.

But the day still comes. He still had to leave and I had to send him off, with courage. At first, I thought of sending him off at Auchenflower only. Changed my mind on the night before, decided to follow him to airport. I just don't feel like leaving him.

My Mom has been quite caring. MSN with me, telling me she missed me and how sad she is that she couldn't see me around. Dad telling me to study hard and live well. HAhAHaHAhA. Oh, and my dad joined FB! My sister helped him to create an account when he asked her how to log in. -.- Even my uncle in Melbourne play FB too now. So random.

It has been 2 weeks. I'm kinda liking this place, especially when the weather is cool. Today was cloudy, but didn't rain a drop. So great. Really love this kind of weather. But, this kinda weather condition don't stay long. Sometimes, the air is hot. Really hot. Everything in the room was hot.

Anyway, for now, I'm just gonna study hard and live well until he comes next year. Pray really hard that he could transfer to QUT next year. I'm looking forward for that day. =)

Oh, and PR regulations has changed. Now, students who wish to stay after completed their studies, can apply Temporary Residency (TR) to stay for 18 months in Aussie and look for employers who willing to sponsor them and apply Permanent Residency (PR) after that. It's quite a good news for me. I can at least stay after I've done my Master, instead of rushing to secure a job before I completed it. However, I still have relatives in Aussie to sponsor me, IF I really couldn't find a job within that period. But I hope I could get to stay with my own effort. =)

For now, stay HAPPY! ♥ ♥ ♥ We can do it, You and I. =)

Feb 23, 2010

Pancake House

Ya Lun finally brought me to the Pancake House, which opens 24 hours. It's very near to our campus. I didn't notice it at all, even though I always walk through that street. It's really a nice place. You will never think that inside will look like this. Seriously.

The menu.
It sells steaks too. But it was morning, so we only had pancakes. =)

The interior.
Ya Lun said, it's even nicer feel at the night. Must try it out someday.

Itu Ya Lun. Studying Electrical Engineering.
He's a nice guy. Thin like a stick.
And, he's single. Anyone?? XD

We ordered Long Stack, butter and syrup.
The syrup was separated.

With syrup. It was really filling and yummy. =)

Btw, that day our campus was having Market Week. So we got this free drink from Bundaberg. We thought it's alcohol. Seriously. Its tent wrote Ginger beer. Mana tau...

...it's lemon lime and bitters. Which tasted kinda sweet and nice. =)

Feb 20, 2010

Another place to chilax

We went to this Old Town White Coffee in Kerinchi for once. This one was a little different from the others. It has 2 floors and it's kinda spacious which have couches too. Good place to lepak and chit chat. Comfy seats. =)

He wanted to bring me there long time ago. But, because we have to go through federal highway and it's ALWAYS jam. So we kinda waited till that night, around 12am, before heading to the movie.

Part of the place. CNY was coming.

The one who had the thought. =)

He wanted to take a picture of us with that background. HAHAHA
But I did a bad job.

Then, he tried. He got it. But with my yong sui face. T.T
Angle problem. Wth.

The Rose Float. It tasted really nice.

The curry mee, as usual. *Yummy*

The nasi lemak.

I forgot to take a picture of the couches. There's limited couches though. Oh, and there's a smoking zone; more like a smoking room.

If you are a Old Town White Coffee's fan (I know someone who's Anti OTWC. HAHA), maybe you should try this place out. Pay the same price, but enjoy a better atmosphere, I suppose. =)

Feb 18, 2010

Panorama Restaurant

The last place we went before we left M'sia. =)

We went to Look Out Point, for the very last time. Wayne doesn't really like the place, because he feels there's nothing special about the place and the view are just lights only. HAHAHA. But because I insisted, so we still went there. =)

Us. At the stair case.

Then we walked around, see which restaurant to settle in for light snacks. Then, we found this new place called Panorama Restaurant.

The entrance. Before climbing the stairs again.

The place that used to view the sight only, turned out to be a dining place already.

The view. Kinda blur from my camera. =/
Right, they're just lights. HAHAHA.

Ordered French Fries, as usual.

My, hot lemon tea. His, apple juice.

It's kinda the same as Gasoline or other cafes. We chose this restaurant, plainly because it's new to us. HahAhaHA. But, the view is clearer than Look Out Point Cafe. Lesser trees blocking lah.

Oh, one thing. After we left the place, my body felt itched. Really itched. I was suspecting the chairs. Wayne was a little bit itchy too, but not as serious as mine. Probably is just me, skin too sensitive.

So, if you wanna experience something new, go for it. Not a bad place to lepak after all. =)

Feb 17, 2010

❤ Our 6th Anniversary ❤

On 9th Feb, 2005, we've tied the faith together. We been through lots of things together and solve every problem together. Everything you did for me, has gave me the confidence and trust that you're the only one who I can spend the rest of my life with. And, I believe in that deeply.

This anniversary, we were in a place where we do not know very well. Not like in M'sia, we could drive to anywhere we love and spend the night away. This year, we went to the river side to have a lovely night walk. =)

There's a walk path and bicycle lane beside the river. It's really windy at night. So cooling.

From the top view.
It's a restaurant above the water. Looks really nice.
Guess it's quite expensive la.

A close shot of the restaurant. Nice huh? =)

Missing him so much. ❤

The walk path and bicycle lane.
Looks quiet. But there was people walking alone. Probably it's safe. =)

Sign to City or Toowong for bicyclist.

A view of the city and the river. Heeeee.

The rest station, with water provided.


We've made till this far. Faith tied us together, and I believe there's more anniversaries to come. I ❤ U! =)

Feb 13, 2010

New place, new life.

Moved into my new place 2 days ago, a day before Wayne left to Tasmania. So grateful that he was here with me. =)

Let the pictures do the talking.

My door. High ceiling, with fan.
Opposite of my room, is my house mate called Jimmy. From China, who speak English quite well. And, friendly.
His wall colour is RED. Mine is GREEN. HaHAha.

My queen size bed.
We repositioned it to make more space in the room.
Thanks to Wayne, helped me to transfer it. =)

My wardrobe. But I prefer the hanging type.
Might get a portable wardrobe soon. =/

My study table. Kinda new. =)
It comes with a leather chair. But it's kinda hot to sit on at the noon.

The classic window. Looks kinda dangerous hor?
But I'm at 2nd floor lah. Wayne checked. SAFE! X)

The open type kitchen. So windy at the noon.
I rather stay there than in my room. It's so much cooler. =)

The view from my window.
It's really cool to look out at night to enjoy the breeze and watch the stars. =)

Yep, that's all for my place. But, I guess I won't be staying here long. It's really hot at the noon. Lets see how will the winter like.

Feb 12, 2010

Kick start in Brisbane

We reached Gold Coast later than the arrival time, because of the bad weather. We fly around the sky for freaking 9 rounds before the pilot get to find a place to land. That's why we almost wanted to PUKE. I even cried, because the discomforting stomach. Thank god, he was there for me. I even had my menstruation started in the plane. *sweat* But, it didn't cause any pain after we landed. Thank god. *prayed*

The International food that we ordered. BBQ Chicken & potatoes. *Ewww* Tasted bad for me. Wayne said it was alright. He finished up my portion. HAHAHA. Then I bought Oreo. *yum yum*

So we took the Air Asia bus shuttle to Toowong and a cab to Auchenflower. The journey was pleasant, I guess. But I think the taxi driver wasn't helpful at all. Didn't even get down to help us load the luggage. He just sat in the car from the beginning till the end. We reached and our new friend came out to welcomed us and helped us with the luggages as well. A good guy. HAHAHA. He was really a friendly guy. =)

Our luggages. Another bagpack and hand luggage.
Most of the time, he did all the heavy carrying. He didn't allow me to carry the heavy ones.

The past few days, we've been busy looking around for a place to stay for me. We lost lots of ways and walked thousand miles just to get home. It was rather frustrating but fun. I miss the days where both of us just bang the way home. X)

Us, in the bus. =)
The bus fare was extremely expensive, without the Go card.
Only 1 zone, it cost $5++ per person. Gosh.

So we applied the Go card. As a student in QLD, definitely there is concession. So much cheaper!! For Wayne, he applied adult card. It's still cheaper than buying the ticket in the bus. And,cut the time of asking the driver how much is it. Just TAG on and off! HaHahAha.

One thing is, I dislike their bus system. It was so hard for us to find the info from their website. There was no map given, so we didn't know which stop to get down or press the bell. Damn it. Perth's one is better A LOT.

I've no idea why this picture couldn't turn up right. Just to show ya', that's the concession card for student. HAHAHAHA.

Oh, and both of us subscribed to 3 postpaid plan. $29 per month, $150 call time and $160 free talk time to 3 network. So we called each other for free! Worth it lah. Because at the end of the contract, we'll get the phones. And, it's Nokia E71, the business phone. HAhaHa. Both of us got the black ones. Finally, we have the same phone. =)

It's very nice to use. Lovin' it. =)

Btw, there's this casino in Brisbane City which do not looks like a casino. We both were shocked when our new friend told us that. *jawdropped* X)

Looks damn classic wehh. Like a library.

This morning, Wayne flew to Tasmania. We went to airport together, because I can't bear to send him off just like that. I teared like hell. I can see, he was trying to hold his tears. His eyes was kinda red. I know, he didn't wanna make me feel even sadder. The last hug, was rather warm.

Don't worry. I can wait till the day you come find me again. It won't be long, I know. Let's work hard for our future. =)

Feb 11, 2010

He's leaving me soon.

This day, finally has come. The day, where he leaves me here and fly there by himself.

I feel sad, because I'm not gonna be there to share the fear with him. I feel extremely grateful because he came with me and let me start my life here without so much fear. We took bus together, lost our ways together, explore the place together, and inspect the place where I'll be staying, together.

No matter how sad I am, I'll try to stay happy. I hope he could fly there without worrying me too much. I hope, I can; he can; we can do this. *talkeasydohard*


Anyway, I've found a place to stay which is at City. The place called City. HAHAHAHA. $150 per week. Fully furnished, bills and internet included. It's the best compared with others. I realised there's so many cottage and wooden house in Brisbane. Kinda hot at the noon. I guess I can get over it. =]

Moving into my new place at 6pm later. And, having dinner with our new friend at City later. Korean food!! Hahaha. =]

I'll upload some pictures soon. Kinda lazy to transfer pictures from my camera.

Feb 2, 2010

It's SHORT now.

BEFORE. Long, boring, straight hair.

My first time cutting it short, after so many years. Real short. I had the guts. HAHAHA

AFTER. Short and light.

It's so much flatter now. I can't wash my hair for 2 days, because I did rebonding. So, it's kinda smooth and flat. Kinda like it this way. Maybe I'll look better without specs. What say you?

I'm liking it! :)

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