Oct 28, 2010

I'm offically a KFC girl now.

I got a job from KFC! You would've known if you saw my FB status. *You, Wenni!*

Anyway, so I received a call from the manager, Tony this morning, congratulated me and asked me to attend training session at later evening. I was pretty excited and nervous.

And something came at the wrong time - menstruation. Something to annoy you. -_-

Anyway, so I still went for the training. Discomfort feeling gets stronger gradually. But guess what? I made it through for the 3 1/2 hours training session! I think less cold drinks for the past 4 weeks paid off. Totally cut down would help A LOT.

More of the training details. It was okay. Out of 20 of us, 15 of them are under aged - around 14/ 15 years old. I think that's how KFC save on their labour expenses. Apparently, their wages are lower than us - above 18. Most of them are kinda big size though.

So yeah.. We're given the details of everything - benefits, rules, behaviours, etc. Watched some videos. KFC is owned by Yum!. Pizza Hut, A&W, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's too, FYI. I didn't know that before today, at least.

So well.. I'll be working with under aged colleagues. Guess what? I think it'll be fun. They're quite funny and friendly. The restaurant manager is helpful and has a strong personality, named Kelli. I think she likes me during the interview session. I mean, the way I present and 'sell' myself to them. I think I impressed her and the other 2 managers.

I didn't mention this earlier on. We're recruited for a new store opening in Sorell, nearby the airport. It's opening on 1st of December and apparently is a big deal because in the past 5 years, KFC have not open any new stores in Tassie. The CEO is flying in for the store opening. We saw him on the video. Hahaha. It's gonna to be very busy because it's Christmas month. So she's expecting us to be really good at our job and do well in every aspect from this four weeks training. FYI, this is a paid training.

I haven't mention the payrate because I don't know exactly how much yet. She didn't mentioned but based on some Google - research, it's roughly >$20 per hour. Well, hopefully it is. :)

KFC has a quite good career path if you intend to work further up. Until management team in KFC. She did mentioned about higher level of position after finishing university studies. I think it's probably a good opportunity to work from bottom now. At least I hope it'll be.

Kay. Gotta go oi oi. It's been a tough day. Pain, discomfort, cries. Not to forget the excitement of getting a job. We're suppose to celebrate tonight, but hell no. I'm laying on the couch and typing this. Didn't even have appetite to have dinner.

Night. Tata. ♥

Oct 26, 2010

Still in shape. ♥

Thank God I didn't gain too much weight during this exam period. I just eat when I'm home, do assignment, study for exam, revision and all. Our house have quite a lot of snacks. Maybe green tea actually helps. Not too sure.

I started to use Loofah sponge a month ago. I really love what it does to my skin. He loves it too! *Scrub scrub scrub*

I sat for my first paper yesterday. And I screwed it. I was so confident and thought I did very well. Who knows.. I did a few stupid mistake. Why am I so careless? I should double check one more time! But to be honest, my head was really heavy. There was quite a lot of long calculations and I didn't have enough sleep on the night before, I really can't wait to finish and leave. So I left an hour earlier as soon as I finished all of the questions.

I have to admit, I'm a very careless person. Some very tiny mistakes that I shouldn't even make. Is this why I can't get flying colours for my studies? It's like out of 4 subjects, there must be one subject that only get pass. I can't do well for all of them and it's because I'm a careless person in exam. -___-

I can't blame my gene. Hahahaha

Anyway, 5 more days for the last paper. Hope I'll do well for this one. :)


I got a job interview from KFC.
Going for it tomorrow. Hopefully the manager is a nice person. Not thinking too much. See how will it goes.

Oct 23, 2010

Hang in there. ♥

2 more days to exam! I'm quite excited yet I have a 10 pages assignment to due on the same day of the first paper. Complicated feelings. I can't wait to go for shopping after my exam ends. He promised to let me shop alone after mine's over. He still have 2 more papers after that. Hehehehe.

But, seriously. Hobart city is not a big place. Unlike Brisbane city, it was huge and so nice to walk! So many shops that I fancy. Quite jealous of those days in Brisbane. Only the part where I get to shop. -_-

At the same time, I've applied few jobs online too. Fast food chains, retail shops, cafes. A few replied said they're reviewing other applications too, so gotta wait. I wish I have my own business here. Opening a dessert shop, selling my favourite desserts. When it's winter, we can sell hot red bean, barli. When it's summer, we can sell cendol, ice kacang, sirap leong fen. Wait until we have the capital. Maybe. Or my Dad sponsors me. As if he will.

Anyway, one thing for sure, Wayne's treating me very well. Not once we argued or get furious to each other. Well, sometimes I did threw a little tantrum on him. When I have problems, he's just right there to listen to me and help me to think of a solution. I think it's more than enough.

Back to my 10 pages assignment. I've only done 3 pages so far. Not sure whether I can make it. :(

Tata. ♥

Oct 17, 2010

Pre exam life.

He went out to his friend's house for exam revision. While I'm facing my laptop, doing my assignment. I think he's too stress. Keep thinking of what to focus and what kind of questions will come out in the exam. Engineering is that hard, huh? Sometimes I think I understand what he's studying by looking at his notes. Those alien language. I think I understand. HAHAHA

I'm really worried for him. But I know as long as he try his best, it's okay. I know he can do it. I think his potential isn't out fully yet. I always feel he can do more than he thinks he can. It's like he's somewhat special. At least to me.

Can't wait for the exam to come, yet I have 2 more assignments on hand. I feel it's quite ridiculous because there are assignments to rush a week before exam. It's suppose to be study week for me already. Curtin and QUT didn't have this kind of system. But not here, in Utas. Yet, need to stop complaining and do my best.

We had Pizza Hut for dinner. Totally lazy to cook at all. We bought 3 regular pizzas for $13. Limited offer only! So yeah.. And he ate quite a lot. I only had one piece from each. We were very hungry though. Slept at 6am, woke up at 12pm, went to Uni to hand in assignment and came home for a 2 hours nap. Wow... That's a total of 8 hours. HAHAHA

I'm still crazy for Wii. Hopefully we'll get a job soon! Can't be unemployed for 3 months. It's gonna be crazy.

Time to ciao again. Tata. ♥

Oct 12, 2010

Mama, for now.

My current look. Sien 9 jor.

Wayne's playing CS to release his stress. He had to get my permission to play. HAHA. Because I didn't want him to waste too much time on games, y'know. But since he'd studied quite a lot today, so I let him. I'm like his Mama when I actually keep the external hard disk from him so he can't play at all. -___-

Well, for his own good.

Left less than 2 weeks to final exam. I haven't even start studying at all. Because I have 3 assignments to rush. At the same time, my brain is so stuck. I can't even think of how to organise the sentences. It's like I have the points but the sequences are all wrong.

There was once I actually washed the toilet bowl because I ran out of brain juice. I can't think anymore! So yeah..

I just hope it'll over soon. So we can have our chillax time again. Too much chillax at the beginning of the semester. -_-

We'll most probably staying here for the summer. Not going back to M'sia for holidays or CNY. So sad. TWICE. No angpao for me. :(

Hopefully we'll get a part time job then. We've started to apply and I've called in to register interest. I don't wanna be unemployed for the summer! I need income to buy Wii..! My target. Hehehe.

Time to continue my work. It's not hard and I can finish it quick! I keep telling myself that. Life, for now.

Tata. ♥

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