Aug 29, 2009


Disappointed lo. Hwey checked out Matsuri's not opening on Saturday afternoon!! wtf.
And, basically every restaurant is like that. more wtf.


No more excited lo. I didn't expect that. T.T
My fault. I didn't check out the trading hours earlier on. I assumed. Sigh.

But I'll still get dress up. For the sake of completing my mission. I want to get dress up la. *pout* HahahHahahaHA

Okay. Go to bed now. But I have hard times sleeping nowadays. :(

Aug 28, 2009


I'm taking Master in Brisbane after finish my degree in Perth. :)

Finally, a great news. I can stop worrying what I'm gonna do after my degree. Live with him and going the same Uni as him. It was my dream. It can finally come true.

Of course, there'll be hard times when we're there. My dad is expecting me to work part time to pay for my own expenses, which I've already expected. And, I've planned to do it as well. Okay, no more loaded in my bank account. HahAha.

But, I know I'll be fine. With him and everyone's help, I know I'll be fine. I'll be just fine. :)

Gosh, I feel like crying. I miss my mom. She keep SMS me, telling me to be happy.

Now, I have to think how to pack all my stuffs here. Don't know will have how many boxes. Leaving some here and take it with me during my Convo on February.

Hmmm. Maybe won't have too many things la. :)


How would we end up, if I've took the first step to ajak you out.

Life's strange. Nobody really knows what would happen after so many years.

恋爱的感觉. We always have that feeling. :)

This is so random. After all the talk.

A dream, just a dream

The night before yesterday, I dreamed that we got married. Ya, very random. It's not like I'm so desperate in getting married.

I'm missing a lots of things, now.

If the webcam can brings me travel time to time or place to place, it would be great. But that would only happen between Perth - Malaysia. HahahAha. Or if Daryl in Japan would wanna invite me over, it would be great too. HAhAha.

I'm hungry. Don't know what to eat. Bookmark Cafe's food kinda sucks now.
I miss McD, but it has to be a meal with someone else. Like, with Kae Shiuh. It was fun how we talked about the past on MSN. And, I wonder can we talk like this when we meet each other again.

My life has never been this dull. It just happen to be so dull.

2 more months!! I'm gonna go home again. But, I really don't miss the polluted weather in M'sia. *haze*

Aug 27, 2009

Cari Pasal

I'm listening to Malaysia radio station, One FM.
Wasted my data to listen the traffic report. wtf. Like it has something to do with me. HahA.

That's how I finished my data in library yesterday. 200MB finished in like 3 hours, I think.

That's it. Just to say it out.

One more thing.
Doing laundry is so tiring!! Including collecting dry cloths.
When I get back in the room, feel so exhausted man. wtf.
I think I need more exercise. But no, I don't wanna jog.

Aug 26, 2009

Dress up!!

Another day in library. Getting later and later each day. From 12pm on the first day, to 2pm today. What to do? I sleep damn late this days. But I'm happy to sleep late. Only he knows why. :)

Since library closes at 9pm, so stay for 5 hours is more than enough la, for me. Except for Teing. She's still researching and outlining her assignment.

Today is kinda warm. 20c. No clouds are seen.

It's already Wednesday. Few more days, the tuition free week comes to an end. T.T
Got 2 mid semester tests la. Gan jeong lo.

One happy news is, we're going over to my Uncle's house this Saturday!!
Can't wait to play the Wii. The car race thing. Teing or me always at the last place. Hwey and Arthur always fight for the first place. +.+

Maybe Arthur has new game again. HahA

This Saturday, we're going to a Japanese restaurant called Matsuri for lunch too. I'm thinking of getting dress up a little. It's like an early birthday celebration for twins. A day before. Hehe.

Teing and Hwey, please get yourself dress up a little too. After all, it's your birthday celebration. :)

Another Valentine's Day

I wish I'll have another Valentine's Day this year.
But it just over, last week on 20th of August. T.T

It's Chinese Valentine's Day. Just suddenly thought of it, So I went to googled it. :)

It sounds romantic. Look up the sky at that night, and you'll see Niu Lang and Zhi Nu meeting each other on the bridge of magpies across the Milky Way.

If I did not googled it, I think I'll never remember the story again. It's sad.
But, they still get to meet each other once a year. A little mercy.

People, the next Valentine is on 16th of August, 2010. Mark this on your Calender and look up to the sky that night. :)

Aug 25, 2009


Through webcam. :)

And, he said it twice because I pretended I didn't hear it the first time. HahAhaHA

The sky is so blue today, with scattered clouds. It's getting warmer. :)

Aug 24, 2009

Unsophisticated in a way

Still remember, in Form 4, we went for the Interact Club event at Catholic High School. And the one in your school. It's funny how you looked at me that time.

The song that I remember the most, A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

No idea why we joined Interact Club. HaHahAha.

I wish we are still in secondary life, seeing each other everyday, taking bus together after school. It was kinda stress-less. And, you can redo your SPM. HaHAhahA.

I miss you. You're the one who always plays in my mind. :)

I admit, I'm an emo girl

We've finished our gaduh. We're good now. A lovey dovey couple. HahAhA.

He was very pissed off la. But glad to know that he cares. Cares a lot. :)

Hasn't quarrel with him like this for a period. It's actually kinda interesting. Although the one day process might be a little torturing, for the both of us.

Went to library today. Thought of finishing my Client's brief assignment. But no, I did not have the mood to do it. Been wondering around. And it happened, when I walked to the toilet. I almost went into male's toilet. Wah, thank God. I didn't push the door. HahAha.

Him? He went over to my house today, with a piss off mood, to pick up the modem from my brother. He wanted to crash my things in my room. HahA. And, he didn't take any pictures of my cats. T.T

We talked on the phone, after bombing over on MSN. Continue bombing each other with vulgar words on the phone. Haven't hear him so agitated over the phone for quite long too. HahAha.

He said, he would crash the present he made for me if it's done by now. What the.

Suddenly, I feel I have the cutest husband on earth. Quite gellish. HAhaHA. But he really is. He cares, he angry, scold me with vulgar words, don't know how to express, don't know how to say the words I wanna hear so much. After together for 5 years and 7 months. HahAHa.

He's still keeping it to himself. Secretly care for me. Secretly miss me. Although it's not what I wanted, but I really hope he'll at least tell me once. SMS doesn't count. HahaHA.

P.S: I do need you. You're the only one I ever needed. :)

Final Destination: Rest in Pieces

I just watched the trailer of it, from Nuffnang website. They're giving free tickets away. Have to include your very own horrified pictures. HahAha.

Anyway, it's so scary! Rest in pieces. You can imagine how they all gone into pieces. =S

I've watched the 2nd and 3rd one.
2nd one is about car crashes. Very very horrible when they died. Watched with my brother.

3rd one is about theme park accident. Very very very horrible and funny. Watched with Wayne.

I've no idea why I had the guts to watch them. Seriously. I hate horror movies.

This rest in pieces seems more scary. I guess I have no guts to watch it anyway. Pieces wor.

I saw a part, the girl was stuck in the car while the machine was washing her car. Her car roof opened for some reason. The water flooded in. She put her head out, and stuck there. And ya, she's gone. =S

Okay. Don't know can sleep or not. T.T

Aug 22, 2009

Words I wanna hear from you

When I called and asked, "What are you doing?"

I would wanna hear, "Missing you la."

Which it's not possible to hear it from you, anytime. YET. Probably you will after you read this, which I do not hope it happen because of this post.

Ah, just bit disappointed every time the answer is not I wanted to hear from you. Lately, it been about cars. Sam's car, your car, your dad's car. And some stranger's car you saw. You hope you would get to drive that CAR.

I know you're just a silly guy in love matter. Do what you think that it's the best for me. Everything is straightforward and honest. I totally get it.

I guess the words I wanna hear from you will never go across your mind. :)

Aug 21, 2009

What is wrong?!

I guess it started after the "why 4 person use the right side shower room while 2 person use the left side shower room?".

What's wrong with that? Do I only wash one side of it where there's cleaning inspection? So why can't I use the side that I want? Maybe it's causing inconvenience. Fine. I switched to the left side. Then?

The tap thingy just fell off, so I wrote a note just to ensure they know. It wasn't even me that made the thing fell off. It was loose, like that fella just put it back on after it fell off and when I turned it on, it bounced off. It frighten me, so I assumed it might frighten someone else too. That's why I left a note there!

What happened?

"Go to the office let Andrew know for any maintenance issue, do not expect someone will do it for you." Something like that. Whoever wrote that. It kinda pissed me off. You're not using the shower room is it? And I bet the times you drop by the office is more than I do.

WTH. I wrote the note, so I'm responsible for the damage?! Fuck you. You don't have to care. I don't care.

So I replied with, "nobody mentioned, that's why."

Someone wrote, "it's a wear and tear thing. Nobody damaged it." Something like that.

LEAVE A NAME LA! I don't know who to confront when I want to. At least I did leave a name, for every note I left. Come tell me if you're unsatisfied with anything.

Today, Teing heard them saying about bitchiness. Probably they were referring me only. I guess it's because the way I wrote the notes.

Whatever. I'm so glad it's my last semester and don't have to stay any longer.

And please la. You're not even friendly to me when you're at home. Don't pretend you are when we're outside with someone else around. At least, I feel it that way.

Gosh. Housemates.

Aug 20, 2009

Webcam Nights!!

We been webcam-ing quite frequently after his exam over last week. But not everyday la. See too much also sien.

On 17/08/09, 2a.m.

RISKED his life by letting the gang of 5 cats into his house. The risk is his grandma would awake anytime and walk out from her room or the cats might make noise.

And, it happened! His grandma walked out from her room. He quickly shoo them off to the back door. HahAhahA. It was funny.

It was only Bowie who was playing with, at the beginning.

Then, the other 2 came in too. And another 2 were hiding under the table. HaHA. There's one who always sneak out to look at Wayne. Soooo cuuuute!!!

On 20/08/09, 3a.m.

I requested for the "middle-finger-show' picture.
He acted so innocent. wth.

Then, he drew me a
LOUSY word. Because I'm sucks in the hand writing skill on MSN. His concentrating face. I thought he was going to write me another ugly words. HaHA.

But, NooooOoooo! He drew this.

Yes, he drew me "
His acted nooby face. He's making me in love with him even more. :)

Lastly, his handsome looking face. HahAHa.

Aug 18, 2009

I'm trying.

I'm trying very hard to live my life happily here, you effing PERIOD!
It just ruined my day, by crying while on the way walking home.

I don't understand. It was alright for the past few months and now it's back again. I'm still feeling uncomfortable after crying on the bed for an hour. Resisted to take medicine and heat my hot pad up. I want it to be cure, naturally.

And it did. I put a pillow behind my back, leaned there and stopped crying. Closed my eyes. Tried to balance the thing in my stomach. Don't know what thing. I just know, If I don't move, i don't feel the pain THAT MUCH. Stayed at that position for an hour. Only realised the day is dark. 8pm. Nobody called for dinner. Guess they're not eating. So I got up and made myself an instant noodle.

The feeling sucks. Walked out with not much strength left. Tried very hard to lift everything up. T.T

Called him. When I was in lesser pain, I was still crying. I feel so sad, without him by my side when I really need him to. Who could understand that feeling?

Nobody does. :(


"Because you don't love me the way I want you to, doesn't mean that you don't love me with all you have."

Isn't it sweet? It's not from him la. I read it from an e-mail.
It's kinda true. But sometimes I just don't get it why. The day I received it, I just understand it suddenly. So I texted him. HaHA.

To all the girls, don't ask for things that he wouldn't wanna show but do it secretly for you. It's just the guy thing. :)

I love you hubby! It's forever. Thanks for everything you've done for me.

Happy for you!!

Didn't update for 5 days already. Nothing to blog la. Busy watching Burning Flame 3. Finally it's finished.

There's one thing I must say today.

Happy for my buddy who finally have a GF!!
That day, he told me they're both taken now. Hung a while, then only I got it. But that day I wasn't in a good mood. So wasn't too happy la.

Til, I saw the pictures on Facebook. So cute! I mean, finally I got to see him hold a girl's hand and hug her from behind while taking picture. HaHA. I'm happy for you okay. :)

Anyway, enjoy the process of dating. You no need jealous of me already la. But too bad, we can't go for like double dates. HaHAhA. It would be fun.

Maybe the end of the year? We shall see. *wink*

Miss my hubby. I smiled when I think of what he said.

"I'm not there beside you for one reason. Because I'm inside you. I smile as you smile."

It's kinda impossible to hear him say that to me la. He's such a silly and shy guy. HahA. It was a SMS. You should guess so.

Keep thinking of the trips we went. First was Perhentian, then Terengganu - Redang and Langkawi - Penang - Ipoh. One day Malacca trip. Didn't expect we get to go so many places together. It's our memories.

I remember he once said, "next time I wanna show our children our pictures. So young we went to so many places and took so many pictures already." :)

*open folders, see pictures again.* T.T

Aug 13, 2009

Time to cheer myself up!

Was seeing the pictures in my laptop. Miss the Langkawi - Penang - Ipoh car trip. And, I found this!! It was taken during the flight from K.L to Perth. I still remember there's this lovely old couple beside me were looking at me.

I was bored. Can't fell asleep. So had to do something to make myself happy.

The "S" bear that he gave me during secondary school. There was a period of time I always brought it to school. Cute ma. And it's still alive. :)

A series of actions.


Spotted me. Shy.

Posed for me, with the huge head pose.

Shy again. Turned around.
With his sexy back.

Turned back and said, "Sorry, I'm attached."

HAHAHAhaHAhAHaHAHA. Miss him so much.

Gosh, I haven't done my client's brief summary. Yes. Brief already, still need to summary first. :/

When do this stops?

I'm having a cold war with him now. He's so innocent.
I'm so gonna be mad. Nothing can freaking cheer me up. Not even him. Only some occasional stuffs. Like statuses I saw in FB and the ice cream. So sweet.

His last paper is on this Saturday. His BIG day. Probably after that, he'll only spend some time cheering me up. Only that black Monday, he actually called me up and comforted me.

He's gonna hunt for my present after his last paper, which is so so so belated. Estimated 2 weeks more for me to receive it. Maybe I'm gonna be freaking happy at that time? Hope so.

When I was studying half way, I cleaned my room again. Weird. When I'm all tensed up, I'll tend to avoid it and do something else instead of quickly finish it. I chose to clean my room. Sticking up all the dust and wiped everywhere.

AhHhhhHhh. At one moment, I was a little impetuous to buy a ticket online and fly home. And it has to be MAS. Then, I was thinking what shall I say when I get home. If I say I'm too stress, probably only Mom will believe it and not scold me.

Life's so difficult. I really have no idea why am I so pessimistic these days. I wasn't like this before, not the last semester at least. Maybe because it's approaching the end. I'm gonna face everything alone for few months and no specific decision is made yet. I'm at a fork in the road. Don't know which direction to go. Don't know which move to make.

Aug 12, 2009

blogging in the dark

I really don't want to, but turned out I can't sleep and I'm lazy to switch on my lights again. And, I don't have a freaking lamp..for one and a half semester already. Do they still remember they owe me a lamp?

I wanted to sleep early, but it just didn't work out. End up blogging in the dark. Fortunately, I'm trained to type without seeing the keyboard. WeeEee. One thing, I think my dark circles are gonna get worst.

I had a few random stuffs played in my head just now.

I feel unhappy living here. So unhappy. So sad. So no-life. Shifted to one new place, does it mean I can't have a normal life anymore? No night life (6pm - 10pm)? It's like I'm so limited to everything. Everything.

Honestly, sometimes I'm so ****ed up with the attitudes. S0metimes, I really feel like slamming my door. I tried to be patient. Sometimes, it just didn't work out quite well. However, mostly it ends peacefully.

I don't know why the hell am I here anyway. Why the hell I torture myself? I guess the reason I gave myself before isn't that valid anymore. It didn't turn out as perfect as I wished and happened the conflicts that I didn't expect to happen.

There's few things happened on me recently and I feel so terrible. Feels like staying in my room for the rest of my life. The feeling is like you got an E for your Maths and your mom punished you by not letting you have snacks for a month, then your dad came to you with a cane. And your brother laughed at you. Even I have friends, they just don't understand and wouldn't show up at the right time. And I can't go anywhere by myself at the hour where everywhere is closed. So shit.

I'm weak, emotionally. I can cry for little stuffs and situations that's not pleasant at all.

2 days ago, someone stole my Pendrive. I forgot to unplugged it out from the CPU, 5 minutes later, it's gone. I asked around, even the tutor. I cried once I stepped out of the lab. Not like it has important things inside, but it's my 3rd one. My very 3rd one! Also given by him. I just can't believe it disappear from my side again. When do I freaking learn my lesson?!

The worst part of the day is, my steamed chicken rice fell in the bus while I was going to tag my card! My dinner!! And, the driver had to sweep the floor before it depart. I was thinking why the hell it happened on me. It just sucks terribly.

For that half day, I didn't eat anything. I was starving till I wanna cry. But I beared it till I had to cook my own dinner. I've grown up. Not the girl that cries when she doesn't have food in front of her anymore. Because I'm without him now.

Aug 9, 2009

Something is missing

Feels something is missing. Lack of some sort of thing. Just feel ain't complete today. Makes me feeling kinda down and helpless. Don't know where to look for that missing part. :(

The second he picked up the call, I started to teared. I really don't know why. My body feels weak. Lay on the bed, with the phone and started to cry when he asked me what happened. I said I miss you. He didn't say a word. He didn't comfort me. He didn't say anything. That moment, everything seem miserable. And I hung up.

I know why. He's having final exam from Monday onwards, yet he still haven't master the formulas completely. He is stress. How about me? I feel totally lost.

I used to feel happy by just looking at him, when he is busy with his studies. I'll just sit nearby him and watch. Sometimes, he get distracted. But it's better than not seeing him at all the whole week.

Anyway, so I had a bottle of beer while I was crying. Thought I'll get drunk in some way. But nope, I'm still so awake and typing this.

Ah, I guess I'm just sad. I miss going anywhere with car, with him, with friends. It's just so not me anymore. Everyday stay in, homework, study. I miss playing with my cats. Seeing how lazy are they and sleep beside me while I'm watching TV. I miss home. My bed. Some extra space for me to go. I miss my toilet that's connected with my room, and it's warm.

I wanna go home. :(

Aug 6, 2009

I lub you guys too!

Another birthday card slipped under my door. =.=
And it's from my buddies plus housemates, Teing and Hwey. How weird is that? HahA
I guess Asians are not used to express themselves. LOL

Promote Genting's pen some more. HahA

No idea why this picture keep turned out this way.
Anyway, awesome of what you wrote! HahA :)

Because I like cats I guess? XD

The message. I get it. :)

Thanks a lot for the wishes and greetings all. Although it's my first birthday spent in Ausie with some loneliness, but still I have 2 great friends beside me. :)

Aug 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Obviously, tomorrow is my birthday. Not so happy. I got an email from the company today, saying application is not successful. But still, I'm glad that twins are here with me. So not alone. :)

If he's here too, then i'll be totally alright. He smsed me, told me tha
t there'll be a better job and try again. "No problem wan." :))

When I was alone, freaking sad in the room, I saw a card on the floor.
(wonder who slipped it under my door) A cute and sweet card, with a touchy message. It's from Wenni! I almost cry out when I read it. It just arrived at the right time.

From across the miles. :)

Cute four leafs clover.

The touchy message. :'(
So bad la you. Make me so sad.

I'm glad that we have made it so far, and still learning to be a better friend for each other. It's so nice to have a friend like you. Although you're quiet and secretive person, but you have your enthusiasm side too. HahA.

Thanks a lot for the support and opinions that you gave me too! Especially the moment I was so broken in pieces. Always look for me when you have problems too ya! (of course I wish you never have any problems. HahA) Always ready to online for you. ;)

Oh, you better quickly get one too! You know, the one. HeeHe. I'm always curious, who will that be, you know. Whether 高大威猛, 超级handsome, or what la. Like those in Korean dramas. :P I'll warn him not to bully you okay. HahAHa.

And getting married before 30 is very possible. HahAhA. Don't worry, I'll call you to be one of my bride maids. It's gonna be so fun!

Thanks buddy! You're always there for me. :)

Aug 2, 2009


我好想他. 突然的想念, 让我好想哭.

每一晚, 当我躺在床上要入睡时, 我会想起他. 我会边叫着老公边哭. 想着见他的时间还有多久.

我回复了给那间公司, 说毕业后我会留下来工作, 希望他们会考虑请我.
如果我真的被录取了, 我会留在Perth几年.

前晚, 我和他谈起了这件事. 他说一月会来看我, 逗留一个月, 然后才去Brisbane. 听了,我真的很开心. 他还说了一连串的计划,说每两个月会飞来看我一次. 为了我, 他会省吃省用, 买飞机票来看我. 我也会资助他啦! 想到为了我们的未来而努力奋斗, 我觉得我们真的长大了; 有我们自己的家和未来. 不再是什么都没有想过的年轻人. :)

听到了他的甜言蜜语, 我觉得每一天都充满着希望. 每一天,都有着我们的未来.

昨晚, 我才记得在一个很旧的手机里, 装满着两年的SMS. 我都装进了电话的一个Folder里, 有一百多封是我很不舍得delete掉的. 我又重新读回每一个SMS. 我的心觉得好甜哦. 他对我说过的每一句, 仿佛又回到了从前.

我们一起在学校的时候; 在食堂一起吃东西的时候; 看他听课的时候; 一起回家的时候; 只敢走到很远很远才牵手的时候; 下雨一起跑的时候; 什么都迁就我的时候.

一起读书的时候, 有时真的很开心, 有时我会惹他很生气. 可是,他从来都没有放弃哄我. 他真的是我遇过最好的男人了. :)

5 年了. 好想还是那时候的情侣, 一起手牵手拍拖. 好怀念!
希望,这个semester可以快点over. 让我可以快点见到他! :)

P.S: My Mandarin still damn good hor? Thank god, there's dictionary. :)

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