Jul 29, 2008

couple bracelet =D

we watched 3D Journey to the Centre of the Earth at MV today.

thought could enjoy the show, but the glasses changed my mind. i don't feel comfortable with my specs on plus that glass. at least, not as enjoyable as he did. =/

anyway, when we planned to leave the mall, we saw Tomei Roadshow.

the he said: i thought of buying a couple bracelet for us. an expensive one. won't stain and nicer ma.

we went over and asked the sales girl.

she said: there is no couple bracelet, unless you go for stainless steel or custom made one. mainly, white golds bracelets are all for ladies.

then, we changed to couple rings. also white gold type, like the one i'm wearing for few years already. =)

but this time is a lil bit different. there is this TINY and REAL diamond on it. Hahahahaha

and so we checked out the price. guy's one is RM530, while girl's one is RM399. if i'm not mistaken.

well, girl's one is cheaper because it's lighter, less white gold on it. the one we looked at, it's 4+ grams only. =S

she said these designs normally don't exist in shops, roadshows have more collections.

these designs are really nice la. plain, simple and gorgeous! =)

so if anyone of you looking for one, go there and check it out! got bracelets, necklaces, rings. so shiny la.

see see also not bad ma. =D

Jul 27, 2008

friends shopping day =)

shopped with Dexter at Sunway Pyramid. actually, the purpose was to watch The Dark Knight with Jason. but the only option of time we had was at 630pm. * cough2ndtimewatchingcough*

we had our lunch at
Pappa Rich before we started our shopping journey. Curry Laksa! nice one.

Dex and I walked the whole pyramid from 1pm to 5pm, to shop for a
dress i wanna wear on my sis's wedding registration day and his leather shoe.

he bought his leather shoe. by eliminating several shops and designs, yeah, finally. =/

me? we went into almost all of the shops in Pyramid and look and look and look. try and try and try! so tired la. have to change and change and change. but, i didn't make up my mind. i just have those dresses in mind, and took some pictures.

this is my first choice for now. around RM180.
mom said it's nice too.
it's cotton type, feel so soft and comfortable with it.

have to go back there and try it again for Wayne to see first. hahahaHahaha
i can't decide by myself and with Dex's opinions. just can't. lol

*i realized Dexter was sorta enjoying the process we shopped for my dress. he looked excited after i tried it on and showed him. the dresses were so pretty, right?*

so Jason came at 5pm with a sudden guest, May Ling.

we played bowling before headed to our movie. i was seriously sucks! no direction-sense at all.
guess what? i scored 18, ONLY! Dex scored 114, Jason scored 80+, if i remember correctly.

anyway, it was kinda fun and of course, tiring. leg also feel numb already at that time.

after movie, waited for Wayne to end his work at Pyramid too. then, he was so semangated to tell me that we are going to Kajang eat satay. and there we go.

he picked me up from my house and drove there with his car. many people eat satay la. of course, mostly are Malays. called 15 sticks of Chicken also can't finish, have to force him eat my portion some more. lol

ya, so this was my day. from day to night. reached home after 12am. =D

Jul 26, 2008

excitement. WooHooooo =D

it is the last day of my work! i was seriously very excited la. lol

can't wait to step out of the office.

the whole day, i was smiling. sometimes, i smiled alone. =/
even when i walked to my car, i also smiled. lol
people looked at me with a weird kind of look. hahaHahaha

anyway, next week will be first week of lectures. some sort like orientation gua.
the lecturers crap and bla bla bla. we just listen and no QUESTIONS! =)
then can leave!

5 days a week also got classes wo. how tiring and sien would it be leh? =S

i can't sleep la. how how how? =D

Jul 23, 2008

an unexpected sadness =''(

my friend's sister passed away today.

i really feel sorry to hear that. just so sudden.

hopefully he will stays strong and be stronger. i will be by your side, we all will, my friend.

i understand the situation you going through now as i was there before. i think we all do.

just want you to know i'm always here for you. all of us do.

Jul 16, 2008

random days

.:: had a farewell lunch at Izzi, Uptown with my collegues for a girl who is leaving.

i only took a picture of this choco fudge. very sweet. =)

pure chocolate ar..very the chocolate. =D

.:: hooped to twins' house for dinner without being invited. sad la.

hwey said i so no face wo. ='(

because inviting myself to her house everytime. lol

dun la like so unwelcome me. i know u very happy wan. hahahahaha

a self-make blueberry yogurt.

her dad said: better than Nestle wan hor? =)

ya, it really taste nice. hwey, next time make again for me la. =D

.:: send my maids to buy fruits at Sri Kembangan.

it was a really jam time because everyone buys fruits on this day. seriously.

so i stayed in the car to wait for them.

this kid in front of my car thought that i was taking his picture. perasan betul. lol
i wanted to a picture of the crowd only lo. =/

then, he left with his mom by motorbike. =)

.:: a super duper jam highway.

today, i was stuck at 3 spots of jam.

after Sg Besi Tol, South Express way and LDP!

LDP is the worst part, it took me almost an hour to reach my work place. damn it!

the whole bloody process took me 2 hours. left my house at 7am, reached my work place on time!

and my petrol light was blinking already.

i won't wake up late anymore! stupid road blocks. block what la.

a picture i took when i was stuck after Sg Besi Tol.
it's nice la. look at the sky. =)
it's the Golden Horse something that looks like a castle. lol

Jul 14, 2008

didn't know mcd can bring us laughter =)

had our dinner at Old Town McDonald.

haven't been there for quite some time.

when i reached his house, he told me that he felt like eating Mcd. and so there we go. Hahahaha

our 2 medium sets of Mc Chicken and Onion Rings. =) Yummy
that's my bitten burger. lol

we sat at the window side, which can see the bus stop that full of people waiting for buses. it was 6.30pm. haven't been taking buses for centuries, i think. ever since we know how to drive. HahahaHa

i still remember those times where he took buses all the way from KL to Kajang just to look for me. and the times when he accompanied me home after school hours. =)

very touchy ar..lol

when we are not in cool war, we seems to have many things to talk about. anything. we won't stay in silence. that's the case when we are not in cool war la. =P

we sat there for an hour. seeing the sky turned to dark.

it was fun! =)

talking about today horrible traffic jam. it was seriously horrible! terribly horrible. whatever word to describe it. although i didn't stuck in it, but seeing people late for work make me felt terrible.

it jam till to Klang, i guess. everyone was wondering in car, 'what the hell happen front there?'

of course, i was a lil late for work too.

thanks to whoever that suggested road blocks at the morning when people are rushing for work and evening when people are leaving from work for dinner, which have creates longer traffic jam than ever.

THANK YOU! * bow bow bow*

have u caught any suspicious people yet? my guess: NONE.

Jul 12, 2008

no-title of the day

helped him to do a nose mud. he loves it when i help him do facials. lol

over-flashy. lols

ate coco-crunch. he loves it too! =)

went for some sort of Country Heights meeting with him. my dad's order as he is at overseas. damn bored. luckily, i brought him along. HahaHahaha. should be 3 hours, but we left after their 1 hour of 'speeches'.

i guess we were the youngest among those residents there. as i was a representative of my dad ma. many aunties and uncles. Dato Kadir. if you know who is him. the guy's house which got robbed.

went back home. chit-chatted. i love these moments. hold hands and laugh loud. watch tv. talk about my cats. lols.

then, he left home to prepare himself for the prom night. leaving me alone at home.

the story goes like this:

he didn't plan to go for this prom actually. but his friends lack of one person for the table, so they beg him for few weeks. and finally, he said OK.

with the thought that, MAYBE can slot one more person into the table, which has to be me. after he said yes to his friends, he came and told me about it. I was a lil sad, as can't share the fun moments with him.

he then tried to ask the board of the prom whether can slot one more person for the table. of course, it has to be a NO.

so, ended up i'm now at home watching drama.

it's ok. i still feel happy because he just smsed me tell me that "i wish you are here with me." =D

at least, i know he still thinks of me. =)

Jul 11, 2008

i wish we have more time.

i ran home half way from work due to PMS. HahahaHaha

reached home, hot pack on it, lay on bed. one word, COMFORTABLE! lol

i rested till 6pm. feel a lot better.

i went out to look for him, for some sort of date. planned to watch movie, but ended up we had dinner at Old Town White Coffee only.

talked about some funny stuffs.

actually, we had a very small fight before headed for dinner. some small matter la.

then, talking about pampering. hahahaHahaha

we both waited for each other to pamper each other before wanted to choi back each other.

hopefully it's understandable. lol

i wish i could chat with him for the whole night. find a place, have unlimited - refill drinks. =)

talk about years, 4 years are not really long. we spent everyday together, doing similar things everyday. days just pass without realizing.

it's not that 'Wah, so long ar...' that type. lols

just crapping. =p

Jul 9, 2008

i love busy moments. =D

it's lunch time now. i had mine at Pantry with my colleages, Yvonne and Jess.

we both bought fried rice, but different cooking style. haHahaha

anyway, just now was pretty busy. but i like it! lols. it seems better than sitting here to check mails.

my table is full of paper and my place is full of boxes and bags. =S

there's thousands of Shell Petrol Card has to courier out, which i need to pack everyone of it. =/

bit tiring, but i love these day.

busy doing stuffs, forget what time is it. =)

k, got to continue my job. WeeEeeeeeEe

Jul 7, 2008

和好如初的感觉 =D

i guess this will be another post about us again. HahaHa

most of you sure feel annoyed of reading it. lol. what to do? we "ngam ngam hou fan" ma. =p

today we seemed treating each other differently. why?

just recovered from an argument ma. sure got a lil different la.

i can't tell what's the difference. just feel he treats me more softly and gentle. HahahaHa

talk to me with a sweeter tone. i like it. =)

i now wish we could have more small fights in the future. can get some different treatment sometimes. HahaHAhahaha

Jul 6, 2008

sound of sweetness

we are good, everyone! =)

no more arguments but sweet voice and words. lol

now i realized how much of effort was spent on this relationship. period wasn't long, but seems long.

i'm just glad that we are fine now.

anyway, thanks for listening, Kai. although i didn't really listen to your advices, but ya, i felt relieved. =p

Jul 5, 2008

argument seriously is not good. ='(

the small fight continued to be a bigger fight after i called him and talked about it again.

i asked him why he scolded me so loud. i just wanna know.

i tried not to ask that question, but i cannot hold myself. so it slipped out from my mouth.

and so, we fought through phone. i hung up his call and off the phone till this morning.

today, we sms the whole day while he was working.

i don't know. it just complicated. everything seems to be complicated.

i don't know whether the problem is solved.

our sms-conversation was getting shorter by sms lesser and lesser words. it stopped there.

have some time to clear our mind then.

Jul 4, 2008

Don't you feel Hancock rocks? or Will Smith?

Will Smith, he is seriously cool in this movie.

but there was several sad parts, i almost cried for him. LOL

funny part is when Embrey was teaching him how to say " Good Job" to people. HahahahaHa
it seems took him forever to open that mouth and say "Goode Jobe". =P

another one is when he used the big fork poked it into Mary's skin. it bended! and he tried to act shock. so funny la.

His outfit. Wolf - what? i forgot. lol

anyway, it's just funny and shockable. the part he cut off the robber's hand with a flash. lol

we had a small fight before the movie, about how he drive.

didn't expect that he will be so angry and will scold me so loudly.

i was kinda angry, mixed a lil of sadness. he scold me wo.

after the movie, he held me and said:

"still angry ar? sorry la. i know i shouldn't scold you. next time i won't scold you la."

*plus a kiss*

and so, i smiled. HahahaHa

a happy ending, it is. =)

Blardy cold

my hands are freezing. kinda.

outside is raining, and office's aircond is in lowest temperature! =/ i think.

guess it's because i'm sitting here, doing nothing but checking emails, docs, and liquid things.

others are walking here and there. is that why they don't feel cold? lol

anyway, tonight i'm going to watch Hancock with him.

and feel like finding Hwey and Nicole tomorrow. for a gathering again or what. i miss them, so much. let's play Mahjong or continue the Phase 10 game. =)

Jul 1, 2008

thinking of 'scouts' moment

what i meant was the Marathon that we joined during form 1 or form 2.

the fun part was the passing water part. in the end, we all got wet instead of the runners. =D ya la, the runners also got wet la. difference is theirs were sweat, ours were pure water. haha

i still remember i was so blardy cold. blowing wind all the way back to the Stadium. lol

one more, there is once we were all chatting at the parking lots there. and someone 'intai' us with microscop. is it? someone was talking about it wan. haHaha.

what makes me remember all these? because the parking lots are beside of the Stadium, which i always stay in the car before work starts. haha

anyway, left 2 hours to 6pm. Yeahhh! end work, go home! Haha


can online already, time passes very quick today. =)

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