Aug 28, 2010

Side Income ♥

As you can see, I've joined Neobux recently. On July. There's a banner on the right, FYI.

What attracted me at the first place, was its instant payment process. Using Paypal, Netteller or Alertpay. Pretty safe, I would say. Unlike, they have a queue. Gosh.

Anyway, I joined and try my luck on this. I bought 10 referrals for $2.50, which consider pretty cheap compared with other clicking ads site. I recovered my capital in 9 days and starting making money. I tried cashing out and it paid me instantly to my Paypal. :)

After consideration and discussing with Wayne, I bought 30 more referrals and upgraded to Golden membership. Depends on how active are my referrals, I'll probably recover my cost after 3 months. These things gonna need patience.

Talking about referrals. Because those are rented referrals, therefore you can recycle them if you found them being inactive. They're human as well. So you can't expect them to behave like you are. Some of my referrals don't click everyday. Some even funnier; skip alternative day to click.

Fortunately enough, I have a Golden member under my referrals. Golden members have 9 - 10 ads per day, while standard members only have 4 - 5 ads per day. So, you gotta observe your referrals clicking behaviour to determine who to recycle. :)

I'm sharing this, because I guess everyone wants a side income even though they have a stable full time job. Who doesn't want to earn some easy money? You just need to invest a little for a bigger return. You can't expect for better return if you are hesitate to invest. That's reality.

Of course I would want you to join under me. What's more important is, I think everyone in this world needs EXTRA money. A full time job salary just couldn't fulfill most of their wants after satisfying their needs. Right or not?

What's better? My investment money comes from other side income such as online surveys or writing sponsored post. It helped a lot when you think there's a risk to invest. Not using your own money, you'll feel even you lost it, you won't feel your money was wasted. But when there's a real life example, it's not too hard for you to make a decision. :)

If you're interested to earn some side income, why not join Neobux? Simple registration and off you go! :)

Aug 18, 2010

Our lovely landlord ♥

# Something else I would wanna point out first.

I got my new camera two days ago. Mom and Wayne gave me as a birthday pressie. Took quite a lot of pictures with it. They looked awesome on the camera screen, until I transferred them to my laptop. Awful, I can only say. Because my laptop isn't HD, I guess.

So I connected my laptop to the TV. ****, it looked awesome again. The colour was so much brighter, just like on my camera screen. I thought the camera screen was deceiving, at first. Time to change my laptop?

Hate the one on my laptop screen. Fugly.


This time, I'm gonna stop talking about us. So SOMEONE will stop saying I sai meng. XD

It's our lovely landlord, this time. I don't have a picture of them. If I could stalk them with my new camera now. Better not. Later they'll sue me. HAHAHA

Just kidding. Btw, their name are Joanne and Victor. Joanne is a primary school teacher, while Victor is a bus driver which explains why are they good and helpful people. :)

There was once I had to take bus to Uni. Victor drove me around to show me the bus stops that I have to take and get down. After showing me, he still offered to send me to Uni. But I still took the bus anyway. Gotta take it for once. :)

They come to our house occasionally and see what else do we need. Check on the house as well.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say, how lovely and friendly are they.

The self-separated cottage house, we're living now is still as gorgeous as before. It's fully furnished with everything, from appliances to bed. It's really nice of them to provide everything for us, with a reasonable rental. FYI, it's $210 per week, for two person, including electricity.

I think I posted these pictures before. But I took it with my new camera this time! XD

Where we park our car.

Outside of our house. Lovely. ♥

Their house entrance.
Isabella, their dog always sit by the window. :)

Our house entrance.

The couch that can expands into a bed. As big as ours.
It's comfy, love it a lot.

This is our current bed.
Just change our bed covers all, the bed sheet is silky brown anyway. Bright! :)

A lovely cupboard. Top with my daily care products. XD

Our whitey bathroom, with yellow walls. Fresh right?

Joanne stitched this. There's a lot hanging in our house as well. :)

They changed our heater to a better one as well before I moved in July.
They even asked us what kind do we want. How kind.

They're just very nice people. Although this place is far from Uni, but we really love this house a lot. Don't plan to move at all if it's not necessary.

# Tell me whether these pictures appear to be the bright one or fugly one on your laptop. Just wanna know.

Aug 9, 2010

Birthday! ♥

It's been 5 days since my birthday over. Nothing really special happened. But I feel it was indeed the special-iest one I ever had.

Day before the big day.

Went to this bakery shop. Didn't expect they have such nice cakes. :)

Bought these 8 pieces of cakes. ♥ Delicious!
Each of them has their own unique taste. And they're only $3.80 each. :)

Thought of having them when the clock ticks 12am. Then, Wayne thought of a better idea. He asked me to stay in the toilet while he went to prepare the little surprise. :)

He held me out, I saw one slice of cake is there, with 2 candles on and sang me the sweetest birthday song ever. ♥

When the clock ticked 12am, made my wish. I was greedy. Hehehe

Got a kiss before the camera clicked. :)

Tiramisu. Freaking soft! ♥
He picked the right one for the night. :)

#Gosh, I can't remember all of the cakes' name. But, seriously. *thumb up!*

On my birthday. Had dinner in Nando's after class.

Us, with Nando's No. 1. XD

Our dinner, called Fiesta. A whole flamed-grill chicken with Coleslaw. ♥ Well spent.

Went home and had two slices of cake. Can't help myself! Haha..

Chocolate fudge. It tasted just right, not too sweet. ♥
The strawberry was very fresh!

Can't remember this one! I think it's pure cheese cake. Cheesy. ♥

Ended the celebration, with a self timer picha. ♥

The following days, we had each for each day. Funny hor.. :)

Chocolate mixed with cheese. Melted in your mouth right away. ♥ It was cold.

Cheese cake with raisins in it. A different taste. ♥

Wine left from Twin's visit on July. Finished it, finally. :)

Lemon and lime cheese cake. ♥
I thought it would taste weird. But no..! It was really appetizing!

Vanila slice. Really hard to eat.
The top was really hard, middle was very soft. Wouldn't buy this again.

Rapsberry with white chocolate. ♥
Unique taste. :)

So, that was it. Really ♥ the cakes. Ah, this is a long post. Hope you're not bored with it.

# Dedicate specially to 'HER' who doesn't play FB. For you! ♥ You know who you are. :)


Aug 3, 2010

행복한 느낌 (幸福的感觉)

There was a free hotdog event thingy going on outside of Engineering building yesterday. The smell was so nice, but the queue was so long. Long enough to make me leave. HAHAHA

We headed home. Then, he started cooking hotdog for me. :)

It's nacho cheese hotdog, wrapped with egg and bread.

He added mayo and sweet chili sauce too. Delicious!

I'm so spoiled right now. XD

I'm at the happiest stage of my life now.

Back to my studies. So far, it's pretty alright. Settled my enrollment stuffs, finally. I didn't know International students are not allowed to enroll in weekend classes. Fortunately, my lecturer supported me not to switch to another subject now as it's too late. Most fortunate thing is, he's the lecturer-in-charge for both subjects. HAHAHA

Gonna have my first in class test tomorrow in this semester. Kinda prepared. :)

Didn't make lots of friends. Only ONE close classmate. T_T

For those who doesn't know, we live opposite side of the City, a river away from our house to Uni. So, we travel by car to Uni everyday. It's not really that far, only 15 minutes journey. Petrol is cheap here! We get a discount of $4c per litre of the pump price and a student price as well. :)

I'm looking for a part time job as well. For Wayne, he's doing car service for his friends when he's free. If he didn't tell me, I won't know that car service in Aussie is so expensive. Workshops charge $100+ just to change engine oil. Only ONE element. Gosh.

I really love the place we're staying. It's so warm and comfy. Except the place is really too compact. We just bought a portable wardrobe and having a hard time where to put it. The space is so limited. Shall see how later on.


My birthday is coming soon! In two days! Not gonna do anything special. Gonna thank my Mom and Dad for bringing me to this world. :)


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