Feb 29, 2008

Sudden thought of Study Aboard

Out of a sudden..i thought of my days at Perth will be during my 3rd year of degree.

i was thinking..i might miss a lot of things in my family..and will cause him to be unhappy too.

yeah..studying aboard is a misery thing to think of..(if you have someone else to worry, to miss, to think of.)

i know i might worrying too much for now. but it wouldn't make any changes in the future, which is he will still don't want me to leave.

is it really the same if i complete my 3rd year degree here? if i miss this chance, i will not have another one to study there for my 3rd year.

maybe the next time, ya, for holidays lor. I wouldn't have the chance to experience the study environment. lol

p.s: is it really a stupid reason which i wanna go just to experience the environment and learn to be independent? i stay here also can be independent? change my thoughts..please..

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Feb 28, 2008

my hope becomes bubble

my hope of getting a new car just became bubbles..:(

a bit the sad ler..my new car have given to my mom..*cry*

thought will get rid of my Kenari soon geh. who knows, my dad..haih......

i shall wait..till the time come again lor..

i must 'lang jin' with my dad few days..so he know i'm not 'hou hap' geh..haha.

still, bit the sad cant run away from my Kenari yet. lol

p.s: whoever knows me should know how 'chan' is my Kenari is lor..haha.

Cutie's Castration

So yeah..yesterday i finally brought Cutie for castration. looks damn 'cham' wei. i didn't know have to shave off her hair b4 operation lor.

i didn't take down the pics of her when
her leg was kinda weak, cant stand at all. because i was kinda worry and bit nervous seeing her in that condition. (never experience b4 mar)

so, after i picked her up from the clinic, then i faster send her back home lor. then she keep having the sound as if 'i feel pain'. lol

once reached home, we gave her food. didn't eat much too. i think she was kinda tired gua and missed her bros. haha.

so this morning, i took a few of her pics that looks okay alre
ady lar.

we were so carefully handle her, cz scared she feel pain. lol

A close up view of her operation scar. can see the tread leh. scary.

we didn't let her run around also. just let her out of the cage once awhile only, scared something that will hurts her wound.

i wonder takes how long for her part of hair to grow..looks a bit the awkward without some hair there. haha.

p.s: it cost me RM100 for castration. haha. i pk dy. i have 2 more for this leh. :(
but, it sure worthy cz it can prevent unnecessary pregnancy! :) haha

p.ss: i know how serious it will be if i didn't do so. thanks to twins for invited me to the seminar! haha.

*oh ya..the clinic i went is located at PJ Old Town, called Animal Health Clinic. lame. lol
its an Indian veterinary surgeon. service not bad lar.

Feb 26, 2008

Red Wine Mask

Yesterday night, i applied this mask for the sake of.....erm....prettiness? is this the word? i'm so not sure. lol

anyway, what i wanna tell here is, this mask is really works, and it's awesome! i can feel the effects right after i applied the moisturizer. so smooth. haha.

it's from Japan and Taiwan, but i get to buy it from a forum. it's not very expensive also lar. still at affordable price, which is rm5 per piece. still okay right? yet, it's suitable for all skin type.

i have such sensitive skin that my cheek will be itchy for some unidentified reason. i also don't know why. then, after i use this Balancing Face mask, it improved my skin quite a lot.

u can check it out here!

p.s: i can assure you that she is a good and nice seller. becz i dealed with her few times already.

Morning View

Okay, this morning, i have the mood to take the pics for what i have seen while i was driving to wayne's house at 7am in the morning! lol

this rainy cloudy morning, i was driving in the highway. non stop, bcz the traffic wasn't that heavy yet. so smooth. 7am mar. what u think leh hor? haha.

so, i reached old town by driving 100km/h averagely. it took me 15mins, kinda fast already lar. lol

then, i stopped at this traffic light, which i saw this 2 dogs were sleeping at the junction of the road. kinda weird to see this becz dogs normally find hidden or not so crowded places to sleep wan mar.

they can sleep there as if it's so normal. haha.

then, i reached his house after this traffic light lor. while i was waiting outside of his house, i took another pic. it's the field that is kinda wet and dark at another part.

this field, normally full of a group of folks that 'sa tai gek' together one. i guess becz of the weather caused the day is still so dark at 715am.
this pic looks like, as if it's 7pm at night. lol

Feb 25, 2008

Salmon Steak

So yeah, we had lunch at Salmon Steak today. it is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. Opposite Taylor Business School. I guess whoever study there should know this place.

it have been a long time, we didn't go there to have lunch during our break in college. kinda miss those moments we purposely walked that far just to eat there. haha.

just because of one reason. food there is cheap a.k.a affordable. lol. but their food definitely 'can see, can eat' one.

.:: during lunch time, they have this offers: RM5 for the food, included with a glass of ice lemon tea. (of course, NO taxes or service charge)

_we ordered Spaghetti Chicken & Italy Chicken Crispy Rice. (i think so)_

.:: the environment there is nice too. cool and comfortable! haha.

therefore, many students go there for lunch break.

.:: night time, their environment is not bad too. but the food is definitely not RM5 anymore. lol

*didn't take any pics to show, unfortunately.

p.s: go there to have a lunch sometimes, would have different kind of feelings. i would say.

Feb 24, 2008

Last day of FUN

Tomorrow my class is starting already. i feel it's kinda fast that my 2 months holidays are gone. haha.

Although today is my last day of holiday, but it don't seems fun. lol

just met Wayne for lunch again, because he is working today again. didn't have a chance to go out together to have some fun thou. sad :(

btw, today we went to tried new food. haha.
we went to a cafe called Jom Bali Cafe (I guess so). not to say a new food to us, just different environment gua. lol

.:: he ordered nasi lemak ayam rendang which is the 'special offer' for today that free 'tau fu fa'! and also one cold white chocolate. haha. for me, i only oredered Ribena Longan. lol

.:: Total cost is RM16.62. included taxes and service charge. i still can remember wor. haha.

* for your info, this Jom Bali Cafe is located inside the Tesco, of Damansara. Opposite Mega Courts. go try it out someday! haha.

Feb 23, 2008

Slowy's Stickyness

I was walking back to my room..

then i realized Slowy was following me at the back..he looks like he needs a companion to play with..haha..

i dun mind letting him in my room lar..but he is really very the sticky lor. when he can't hear a human voice or can't see anyone, then he will 'miow' till very pity that type. i listen time also feel bit 'cham' for him. lol

so..i let him in my room. i do my things and online, while he was wondering around in my room.climb here and there. however, there is a while, which he was sitting there 'diam diam'. lol

the only
time he was laying there. looking so innocent.

actually, it was kinda annoying because i need to take care of him while i was doing my things. and basically, he plays with anything that hangs around in my room. therefore, i scolded him a bit lor.

he was playing with this string. then he drag the string to another place.

so, he went under my table to play again. haha.

since he didn't disturb me, so i let him be lor.
Conclusion, this is he. Slowy can't stay still unless he is kept in the cage or when he is sleepy. lol

Feb 22, 2008

started to hate saturday

Last time, Saturday was a day i kinda waited for..because it is the only day that we can spend a day together with relaxing mood..nice food..nice day..

but then..it's not anymore..becz he have to work..people still have to face the cruel side of the reality..he have to work so can earn extra money to repair his car..to be nicely done..

.:: of course, i supported his decision when he told me he wants to work during the weekends..
he said: " in the future, i won't have so much time to accompany you on weekends already. you won angry hor?"

the me that time, surely said: "nevermind lar, weekdays we still can meet mar..its ok de, ur car plan is important mar.." (pretended to be understanding a bit, lol)

but honestly, weekdays we meet at college, for what sake?sometimes, we might just go college together, send him home, then i go home..won't have the time to eat together tim..

however, nothing i can do..since i'm not a RICH girl, that can 'bao' him and pay him 10x higher than his pay nw..i hope i could! haha.just pray that his car can be nicely and completely done of fixing as soon as possible!

i still can meet him during his lunch mar..already good enough lar..lol

i should be understanding right? i should..haha.

*going to see him soon! go prepare first..hehe.

Feb 21, 2008

saja saja a day is gone.

My day...:(

today thought can meet up wayne for a pasar malam walk lor..
at first, he said 4pm see how 1st lar..then then then..

wayne: kenot lar..have to help my dad out abit for my car repairing. 7pm lar..k?

me: ok ler..then 7pm lor.. (better than nothing)

wayne: i kenot promise u sure can wan wor..don't know dat time can finish or not.

me: har..ok lor.. (i seriously thought he could finish all his work by 7pm)
7pm is here..so, i called him lor..

wayne: haven finish wor..later i sms u lar, k?

me:(honestly, i was abit the 'ng lan song' dy) ok lor..

9pm already lor..

.:: i know he do so much work today also tired like hell lor..samore got mood go pasar malam with me meh..so, i told him dunwan meet ler..

just like this, from noon excited sia sia only..what a day..cannot angry also..he wants to repair his car so can pick me mar..everytime also this reason..i already used to it lor..:(

Feb 17, 2008

hate confession


Just too bored to be at home..:/

Just now went to eat Satay with my grandparents and lil cousins. cz my grandma was lazy to cook for us..haha.

so, she said "y dun we just go out and eat leh?" lol (in Cantonese, of course!)

*for ur info, i hv 3 lil cousin bros..but we kinda isolate the 2nd bro alot.

.:: personally, i don't really like him bcz he was rude to my grandma when she was still alive. i cant 4get that scene. he was 6years old. can you imagine that? i was really so mad till i wanna slap him! but i couldn't, because my grandparents was there. till now, i cant forgive his rude manners. even my maids don't like him too. what i can say is, my grandparents spoil him a lot.

This is taken with my lil cousins bro today..which i purposely don't want the 2nd bro to take with us. haha.

I might sounded a bit the small gas to him. but if u saw what he has did, u wouldn't want to forgive him too. if it wasn't for my grandparents, i would slap him and kick his ass off from my house! i mean it!

and till now, he hasn't change his RUDE manners. such a fat ass boy! and i really hate to see him hang around in my house. maybe he would hate me when he grows up..but he really should 'gim tou' of what he did. he is the 2nd bro among them..

but look at Seng Seng, the youngest one. he is so adorable and nice manner. he listens to what we say, what is can do, what is cannot do. that's why we love him.

*maybe you guys will feel i should be more generous and kind to him. but i just can't do it. i love my grandma so much. i just hate him everytime i see him. out of control. i wish i will never see him again, sometimes.

weekend sucks

This weekend, i spent my time on my dad's shop stocks report..cham!

Can you imagine the whole day i was facing this computer and seeing all those little words? :(

i even did this till 2am for 2days..cz there is really a lot to see..not just this thick..lol.
have to apply mask dy..if not my face will be damn 'chan'..haha.

i wanted to vomit when it is almost done..cz i can't wait it to be done! XD
so, i rush and rush and rush..faster..faster..and faster!
Finally, it all done! :) can sleep kao kao dy..but next day have piano class..lol.

anyway, i will get my pay for doing all this for my dear dad..haha.
im just so glad..lol

Feb 15, 2008

Valentine's day With Wayne

He gave me a surprise..haha.

.:: he came to kl to pick me up..and i went into the car..he kissed me..then he gave me flowers..real flowers..haha. which i didn't expect he will give me one..lol

*nice packing..haha.

And so, we went to Mid Valley for a movie, CJ7! luckily he bought the tickets on the night b4 Valentine's, if not we will have to que so long for those tickets..lol

the movie is kinda funny and sad..we both cried for the scene that we thought Steven Chow is dead. haha. silly us.

i gave him the sandwiches that i made instead of an expensive romantic dinner..he said its delicious..haha.

p.s: anyone has any romantic stories on Valentine's to share? hehe.

First Time on My Valentine's Day

On this romantic day..i chose to be with Hwey Hwey for half day!~ haha.

On the night b4, we decided to make sandwiches for the day! lol

i was quite excited actually..don't know is it because it is valentine's day or can meet Hwey Hwey to make sandwiches..haha.
* I woke up damn early..i guess it was 10am..but of course..i left house around 1115am..then reach her house around 12pm..cz i drove really slow to drag the time..LOL stupid right?

She just woke up when i reached her house..haha. aiyo..only me that feels so excited..lol

ok..so we checked and checked what ingredients are available in her house..then we went to Giant at Atria..i didn't know what's that place also..haha.

And so, we began our make-sandwiches plan once we reached her house after buying all the stuff. She said im kinda sucks in cutting cucumber or anything..but i think im good! haha.

The ingredients that we have. looks like it should taste damn nice. haha.

*bread, bacon, sausages, cucumber, tomatoes, tuna, cream cheese, cabbages, scrambled eggs*

So, we began to make our own 'desired' sandwiches. haha. Lets see what we have make.

This is what i made for Wayne. haha. looks like only have veges hor..actually, it's not. all the ingredients are all inside! haha.

p.s : it actually feels nice to celebrate Valentine's day with my close friends. now i know. haha. what say u? lol

Feb 13, 2008

New Specs? shall I?

I wanna get a new specs lar..my glasses still okay...just wanna change a half frame..

any suggestions of which shop is cheap for specs frames? haha.

btw, i'm not sure which color is suitable for me too..when its my turn to choose, it will take kinda long time to choose, i think. haha.

*any suggestions? thanks in advance~ hehe.

Vaccination & Dewormed

today i brought Cutie to Clinic for vaccination and dewormed. is it called dewormed? i supposed it is gua..haha.

i only brought her..cz actually i wanted to 'mandul' her too..lol but cant do at the same time with vaccination..so, have to wait 2 more weeks then bring her there again lor..

.:: at first, when we left my house, Cutie was so scared..keep 'miaw' for very long time..i guess she thought im bringing her to sell or dump her at somewhere else gua..haha.

she only stayed at that corner for the whole journey..
nothing i can do, even though i know she is scared..
be patient lor..

.:: when i reached the clinic, the doc went out for lunch, so i waited in the car lor..then i took this pic..which i realized Cutie's eye lashes are brown too~ so cute...lol

this is taken when im not driving dy, so she stopped miaw-ing. lol
look so sad hor..can see her eye lashes? now only i realized after having her for 6months++..lol

*p.s: taken by my nokia 7390! damn clear hor..haha.

.:: by the time at 2.00pm, the doc is back..then he injected some medic on her..Cutie tak ada reaction pun..maybe its not pain gua..lol then ate some medic..i guess it is so bitter..she doesn't want to swallow it..the doc forced her to swallow..cham! i felt for her too. but no choice, have to eat it..lol

*p.s: it cost RM50 for vaccination and dewormed..just one injection lor..damn expensive..kill me..lol. left Molly & Slowy..should just bring them 2 along..it might be cheaper..haha.

Feb 12, 2008

Kung Fu Dunk~!

Yes..we went to watch Kung Fu Dunk today..in Mandarin Version! haha
when the movie first started, no english subtitles at all..:/
i mean for those director, actor..
y we were worrying got subtitle or not? bcz wayne is a pure banana~ lol. that's y.
anyway, the movie has english and MALAY subtitles lar..no worries! hehe.

* we kept laughing during the movie..Jay Chou is so good in acting dumb! haha. the way he showed off his kung fu skills to his enemy is so cool~! it is worth to watch for making your day brighter.lol

btw, we got a souvenir when we purchased the tickets at MV. i guess we had a funny conversation with the counter boy. lol

doesn't look like him lar..haha.
btw, its a calender, which is behind it..LOL

Feb 11, 2008

:) glad he is back.

Finally, i get to see wayne today! so happy ;)

we actually planned to watch Kung Fu Dunk but kinda many people queuing in MV. so, i suggested we go eat..don't want to watch lar..lol

but we walked around MV, like nothing is nice to eat lar..haha.
then....i saw F.O.S~ hehe.

we went in and bought 2 shirts which i bought b4..but its different color lar..the fabric is soft lar..nice to wear..he pay mar..nvm lar..lol

so, we left MV then..drove to Jalan 222, ate 福建米粉面..seriously taste nice..and we also ordered spicy LaLa. haha. damn nice~!

*for ur info, the restaurant called Restaurant AHWA. and it is recommended in the Star's guide for tourism. it is rated 3 *. hehe.

Anniversary wor?

Saturday was our 4th year anniversary. but guess what?.....

he wasn't ere..we din meet each other..*sad*

he was at his hometown, which is Taiping..too far for me..cant go there see him too...

that was a boring day for me..alone at home..if not hwey hwey called..i would be all alone for the whole day..lol

So, thanks to hwey hwey for inviting me to her house..Nicole and Siok Wah too..hehe..forgot bout gua zhang.. you too!

hwey hwey, your called actually made my day up! lol.

*hope to see u guys again! i'm just too far from you all. haha.

Feb 9, 2008

A sudden date

when i was watching tv, suddenly hwey hwey called...

hwey hwey: are you awake? (siu jie, it was 3pm, as i still rmbr)

me: ofcourse i wake up dy lar..what time dy oh?

hwey hwey: wanna come over to my house? siok wah and gua zhang are here. and can u fetch nicole
ere too? she doesn't have a car now.

me: erm..shall i go pick her up? haha. (after 1min) okay, i will go pick her up.

went up room to change. rush and rush, cuz need to pick nicole up mar...lol.

sdly..hwey hwey called me again..was asking whether am i on the way to nicole's house..then one sms popped up..she and
gua zhang going to pick her up..cz dunwan i take the RISK..lol.(what do u mean? yea chea hwey!)

*p.s: i was at the federal highway dy when hwey hwey called me again. haha.

30mins later, i reached her house.

we went into her house, we played carom. chit chat too. LOL
i realized gua zhang loves to take pics..and lousy in playing carom. haha.

around 1 hour later (i think). I suggested to go out yum cha! haha.
i drove them to SS2, finally decided to yum at 记得吃, siok wah and i ordered Mango Loh, while nicole ordered 骆米鸡 (i guess its wrong) haha.

4 of us being so mou liu there for around 30mins..then we ciao..lol. Nicole ciao to 'chang tou giok' with her dad..haha. after sending siok wah home, hwey hwey and i decided to go OLD TOWN to see whether the restaurant that sell 'cha siu pao' got open anot..know lar..cz its CNY, so dunno its open anot..

we reached there..not m
uch shops were open..but then.....
we saw! the restaurant was open~! haha..abit the excited..atleast didn't waste my petrol to go there..haha..

'cha siu pao' we bought~
for ur info, it cost RM1.40 each.
nowadays ar..food is getting more expensive. lol

*p.s: it worth our RM1.40 each. haha.

end of the day!

Feb 8, 2008

1st day of CNY

Eventually, we went to Malacca yesterday for one-day trip! it was a tiring and HOT trip..luckily i wore sleeveless shirt, if not i would have been whining for the whole trip. LOL
btw, we dropped by at Seremban 2 to had our lunch after jamming 2hours since the trip started 10mins. we were all HUNGRY! haha.

又一城 at Seremban 2.
The lunch cost my dad rm68. haha.

I'm still wondering why i wanted to follow them..

1. bcz i get to drive my dad's Mercedes during the trip? OR

2. bcz i get to take many pictures with my maids and sis? haha.

anyway, we had much fun under the sun too. LOL. we ate cendol when we first reached there. haha. it was cooling~ lol.

eating cendol at the road side. haha

and then....we walked and walked and walked..around A' Famosa and those malls..legs were damn tired..cant imagine we can keep walking and walking..didn't buy much things too..sigh..

such a hot weather..and we still need to smile and cheese!~ *chik chak* lol

after hanging around about 2hours plus, we drove around Malacca to find some 'good' food to feed our stomach. unfortunately, those restaurants or cafes that recommended in the tourism book weren't open. so, we decided to ciao and head back home.

half way driving, then my dad suddenly spoken.

dad: wanna go Port Dickson to blow sea wind?

me: har???? seriously ar? go there just to blow sea wind ar?

dad: yes, wanna feel the wind there. (then he asked people behind, which are my maids, my sis, and cousin bro) * everyone raised hand! means we are going to PD! sigh.

me: ok, fine. we are going then.

so, we drove there..hang around for 15mins at the beach side..then we are damn hungry dy..
thus, we found a restaurant which is open! we stepped into the restaurant and order dishes!
PD Beach side~

Finally...... we can finally go home. really miss the leg massage machine at home. this is the only moment i miss it. haha.

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