Jan 12, 2012

It's almost time.

Haven't been working for 3 days. Thinking will I get used to it again. Sometimes kinda wish that I don't have to work for this job. But.. I don't have a choice. Sometimes, I feel miserable even though I have a job now. The only thing that keep me going is probably the good pay. I want to ciao. T_T

It's already January. Time passes really fast. 14 more days and we're moving to a new place. I really can't wait. Have to start packing again. Couple of things more to sell.

Ahhhhhh! Don't want to go work tomorrow. :( New challenges everyday. I'm lazy. Haih. I'm feeling mixed. Difficult staffs are harder to handle than difficult customers. Haih.

I'm thinking of the delicious yummy food in Malaysia. When can I have them?! :(

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