Jan 31, 2009

i cried again. it's 26 hours more to go. aww.

it's sad to leave and me going there. talked with Wenni, and i'll miss her a lot. i wonder why didn't i know her earlier. maybe we can be some sort of BBBF. Haha

it's the last day already and not intended to meet everyone once again. i think i will cry if i do it.

just came back with him from a movie - Brides War. it's a funny show and kinda let me know that, having one BBF is enough. :)

this morning, my dad checked out my palm lines again. this time, it's marriage line. however, mine ends with a split end, which indicates that there's a major disagreement between husband and wife or two of them will be at different countries for a very long time. WOW.

recently, been listening to this song - Long distance by Janice. okay, it's really a sad song. leaving people i love to pursue something i want. now, it's not what i wanted it to be. :'(

he supported me and hold his tears to make me feel better. keep telling himself, study aboard is not bad and nothing to be sad of. i was selfish enough to made this decision.

i know, this sadness will last for a little while. i'll try my very best to maintain our relationship in the best shape it can be. i know, he'll too. :)

i can never find a good guy like him. he's just too perfect for me and will be my forever-other-half. sound so naif. but, it will be. :)

continue packing again. no student allowance for excess weight la. RM20 per kg for excess weight.

Jan 30, 2009


2 more days. i think i can't do it. i'm afraid. :'(

while i was busying packing my stuffs, i was thinking of him. thinking of our life, separately. i'm not sure i can do this, so not.

seeing the letters that he wrote to me, i think e-mail will be the only way to express our loneliness to each other. i told my parents, he is different. we can totally make it till the day, we are together as one. but now, i'm not so convinced.

although after 3 months, i'll be back again. but, i'm already missing him so much now. and i'll be back to Perth again.

he'll be back tomorrow, estimated time at 12p.m. time can pass real fast and real slow, sometimes.

ok, continue packing stuffs and eliminating stuffs. it's over weight now! god~!

Jan 25, 2009

updates. CNY!

several updates in one post. i was kinda fed up with what happened to me on a week ago and now, it's alright. finally. :)

case 1: right after few days i got into an car accident, my car tire flat at somewhere near Kajang Police Station. and so coincidentally, i forgot to bring my phone out. i walked across the busy-cars-road. called Wayne with public phone. oh, my rescuer is on the way. LOL

case 2: i bought my Compaq laptop at Lowyat Plaza. testing time, it was ok. got sound, picture, everything was alright. till we reach his house, no sound from the laptop. i was thinking, "i black till this level meh."

now, everything is alright. i just can't imagine what else can happen to me. :(

24/1/09. it was my dad's birthday. went to Hulu Klang again for the celebration. also kinda a farewell dinner with my families. it's our usual spot.

Wayne and I made
Longan Jellies as a present to my dad. it was pretty easy but we need to speed with time. :)

my dad is
61 years old already! so old. when i was 11 years old, he was 51. Duh.

dad and mom, with the "yu sang". :)

the jellies. sweet. :)

and, dad gave me a big kiss. LOL

thanks to my brother's professional photographing skill. :)
and i resized the picture to a small size.
if not, it takes hours to successfully upload it here. HaHa

25/1/09. it was the reunion dinner night. we had a great night with nice food and gambling. HaHahAha. it was so fun and cam-whored with people around. :P

dad was adding abalone slices into the "yu sang". HahaHaha

our reunion dinner! :)

a not very complete family picture.
sister "balik kampung" with her husband. :)

happily smiled. grandpa, you will always be healthy. :)

our first round. HahAhaHa
dad was the banker. :D

on second night of cny, we went out for dinner again.

this time, my dad brought out his older-than-him V.S.O.P.
taste so pure. nice! :)

look at how my grandpa laughed. so funny la.

brother and I. plus, my aunt's hand to made him into a cow. LOL

some random pictures.

Wayne and his brother, Terence. funny faces. ;)

Tira Miss U. :)

Cendol from Penang Cafe. red beans are lesser already. :(

the total millage of my car; 22,222km. so kebetulan. HahaHaha

Jan 18, 2009

it ended great! =)

13 more days, and off we go to Perth. so fast, and i haven't pack anything yet. i don't know what to pack instead.

the briefing guy said, no need to pack so many winter cloths as M'sia's ones are not as good as those selling in Perth. it sells reasonable price there and latest fashion available. it could drop to -3C and ours can't keep us warm. LOL

he advised us to bring our own toiletries such as tons of tampons and 5L of bottle shampoo too. i wonder can i bring my own pillow. don't bring books! blardy heavy. and, February will be very hot there, up to 40C. that's what he said. =s

some pictures of the farewell party. thanks all of you guys that came and hopefully you guys had fun and didn't get bored of it. especially, people's BFs.

seeing/teaching/guiding on how to poke the chicken wing. LOL

secondary life friends. :)

the girls. :D

the guys and I. :)

my closest friends in college. :)

Our friends. :)

Couples of the night:
#1 couple, Wenni and I.
the right one is not taken yet. :)

#2 couple, Eva & Sean.

#3 couple, Teing & Bernard.

#4 couple, Nicole & Bird. ;)

#5 couple, Hwey & Sim Ai.
they are still SINGLE! :)

edited: i know some of the picture's quality are sucks. 将就一下啦! :)

i missed out Siok Wah and her OMG. and someone else too. sorry. :)

it's so bad that Wayne and I don't have a
PROPER and NICE picture together on that night. :(
hwey, help us to take a nice one at the airport on the morning we leaving, can? Haha

ok, come to think of it. i think it couldn't be a nice one. :(

Jan 16, 2009

accident happened, again.

this beautiful morning, when i was on my way back from morning market with my maid. this happened.

when i was at the pay tol, just a few more km to reach my house, there's this car came from no where, stopped right in front of me and i stepped my brake all the way down.

it couldn't stop. so it banged that blardy VIOS. this chinese lady, claimed that she's just back from Australia, told my maid that she didn't know what had just happened. she does have a MALAYSIA IC. it's very hard for me to believe that she doesn't know anything.

we parked aside. i called my mom and she called her so-many-friends. no one came, and finally one man came but i think she doesn't really know him. LOL

i didn't panic. just calmed down and mom talked with her. wasted our time there for an hour. write this, write that. talk this, talk that. finally.

okay. conclusion is, after i brought my car for price quotation of the damages which quoted RM1,000. the lady doesn't wanna pay at all. so we decided to lodge a police report.

this is so bad. first accident on my new Myvi.
not even a year yet, it already has scratches.

the driver side dented. i can't even open my door. it was a strong impact to my car, i think. luckily my car's air bag didn't buzz out. LOL

her Vios. looks so small matter to her car. =(

it wasnt' really frustrating moments, seems ok. maybe it's due to my dad is at overseas now. he's not here to nag me YET. However, the only thing that make me felt comfort was when i get home and saw my cats around me.

they are so cute and it seems that Molly listened to me when i was cursing that lady. LOL. oh, he blinked his eyes. HahaHaha

they are just my cure for everything. i wish i could bring them over to Perth with me. :(

things are finally settled. she's the careless one, and i'm right! so, she paid for the compound and paying for my car damages. so called, she said wanted the law to decide whose wrong and right, after she was committed. BoooOoo!

anyway, thanks god it's settled and i won't get nag by my dad when he's back.


i almost forgot tomorrow is the night. so many people reminded me after the accident. LOL

don't have the mood already. =(

Jan 14, 2009


everyone has commitments. everyone has burdens.

i don't know what my parents has. i just know that, i'm not happy living in this family.
some people, might wanna live in a big house. but, i only wanna live happily no matter is with who and where. sometimes, people just don't get the point.

ordinary people gets what they want. i just want to be like them.

i'm so in a mood to cry and hitting people's chest now. ='(

Jan 11, 2009


it was a very simple celebration for him. maybe that's the effect of being together for 5 years. however, it was a surprise for him. he thought i won't have any preparation for him. LOL

a mini cake.
orange flavored with cheese, chocolate on the bottom.
with a flower on the top. =)

the present that i got for him.
guess what's the use of it. i just love the funny face it has. HahaHaha

the birthday boy, with the mini cake. HahaHAha

that was a very simple one at my house. i didn't want to buy a big cake and store it into the fridge. and, wait for everyone to finish it. =P

we were in a rush to my sister's house; the spoiler of the day, because we have to send them to airport. it took us 2 hours, through and flow. wasted our precious time. HahaHaha

we watched YES MAN! funny shit. say yes to everything, even you don't feel like saying it.

it was a little hot that night. LOL

Jan 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, 老公

my BABY is back! i can finally upload my pictures here and facebook. but it's a lot thou, around 300 pictures to pick from.

Wayne was afraid that i will have sea sick again, so we didn't go for water activities. we just wanted comfortableness during the trip, not suffers. HahaHaha

basically, we drove all around the island to look for tourism spots. it was fun and amazed to see different kind of animals.

Langkawi Bird Paradise
The lovely parrot.

the smooth otter. hyper active one. =)
but it's alone. so lonely.

some type of bear. it has a very long tail, didn't captured in. =P

feeding time. hunger-ness.

Crocodile Farm
this one looks very dead. seems like it's really dead. no idea.

this is the brother of the Bujang.
he's a very shy crocodile; not as aggressive as Bujang, according to the board.
maybe it's due to the look it has.

Underwater World

the penguin A push the Penguin B into the water. LOL
and all of them looked at Penguin A. HahaHaha

forgot what this called. long, dangerous thingy. LOL

Picture of that day:

taken at the beach side.

i love you, W.

My dear Wayne,


i wish everyday of ours will be your ever happy moments.
i wish you will live happily, even without me with you.
i wish, all of your wishes come true.

i still remember the first time i kissed you in the cheek, instead of your lips.
i remember how happy were you.
i hope, the days that are awaiting us will be the same too. =)

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