Mar 31, 2008

body itch

I have this problem since quite long ago. probably from secondary school? or maybe earlier.

every time after i bath, my body will feel itchy. not the whole body lar..only the neck and shoulder area.

very the cham wei. macam didn't bath only.

then i scratched it..can see many red spots around my neck lor. after a while, not itchy already.

but that is not the solution lor. i want a solution, which i won't feel itchy anymore after bathing!

sometimes, it will 'jangkit' till my arms also itchy!

i asked my dad bout it. he said:

'see you so skinny. because you don't have enough fats, that's why feel itchy. your mummy also got before.'

then i said:

'hai meh? then eat more fats ar? haha. but i seldom eat meats wan wor'

he replied:

'sik siu siu lor. that's why u feel itchy.'

p.s: question here. is it really because i bo enough fats? dad said, he read from the medical book wan wor. shall i trust him ar? lol

make me feel very the 烦 lor..

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...

there's this skin specialist in oldtown in some multi story building.

but go see doc first la.

-Littlenicky- said...

hahahaaha no lah. i kena b4 also.

I teach you:

1)bathe with warm water
2)wash with SOAP
3)rinse the soap with warm water
4)rinse further with colder water
5)wash ur body again with shower gel/foam that is moisturizing
6) rinse with cold water
7) rinse ur body further with even colder water


That's how i bathe all these while. and the problem vanished.

It happened becuz, the air is dirty and there are many fine tiny particles that got stuck and clog ur pores n all. so warm water and soap cleans it thoroughly

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