Apr 12, 2008

unwell-ness, go away!

didn't go for checkup today.

dad said tomorrow going to pathlab to do 42test + MRI + something else. don't know whats that.

anyway, feel kinda nausea even im at home. why ar? feel so 闷. not bored, is can't breath that type.

is it really because my heart is smaller size than others? lol. i can't breath well, i feel.

i'm not stress ar..atleast, i feel so. why lar i feel so unwell? not that I 体弱多病 also.

feeling so bad this few days. how to have fun in this condition after this week?

cannot lar. i must faster get well, be healthier.

feel like sleeping.


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-Littlenicky- said...


teach you..

eat more carbohydrates like rice. Rice is good. It provied lotsa energy to your body. Don't worry wont get fat wan.

You eat so little.. where got enough strength. Your liver, lungs, heart n etc need energy to hoi gong wan ma...

And dun so fussy. I know u very picky on food wan.

second, exercise!

Third, eat supplements like multi vitamins.

Go see doctor.. take blood test.. see doctor say you lack of what nutrients...

_VeL_ said...

i got eat rice ar..just that now if only im eating, i will call them not to cook. eat bread or snacks for dinner lor.

im not fussy on food lar. just tat i dun prefer eating meats. dunno y.

i think i seriously maybe probably lack of exercises. haha.


-Littlenicky- said...

If you always feel dizzy, usually it's due to low sugar level. Thats what happens to me all the time lah.. especially if I skipped breakfast and been busy, by noon i'll feel like collapsing.

NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST lor..have something light, it helps. Oats is best.

Dinner eat something more proper lah like rice. Snacks wor. Dun lemme see u have snacks during dinner, I'll sure smack you wan!

And please, eat appropriate amount of rice. I dun like meat also but i eat vege and bean so get more protein. I drink milk and soya and i have supplements

Lunch is optional. You can have all the snacks u like during lunch.

After each meal especially dinner have some fruits. It's important!!
Not only helps you to digest, the food chain is simple so the body can absorb the vitamin and nutrients easier and faster.

You so weak ah.. next time how to be mother wor?? To be a mum, to get pregnant, you must have enough nutrients for yourself then only you can feed the infant in the tummy ma...Otherwise, sure get complication wan lor!!!

For your future, and sae weng's.. eat more lah


_VeL_ said...

u wanna be my food consultant is it? haha. long advices u have ere.

i will sure take very the good care of myself till i fei fei bak bak..ok? haha.

and help me tell sae weng lar.so he can take care me more! lol

-Littlenicky- said...

LOL... u sure u want me to tell him? haha...

later he too fan dun blame me oh.. =)

_VeL_ said...

please..i beg u. haha

no lar. he won fan me even he know im not healthy lor. lol

'hui ng lei ngo sei' wan lar. haha

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