Apr 12, 2009

i thought i forgot his number..

I still remember it's his birthday today. I shouldn't have. Smsed him thou, he doesn't know who am I with an Australian number. HAha. and he replied at 3a.m.! I was sleeping. woke me up and took me another 15 minutes to sleep back lo. wtf.

Anyway, oh. I'm online! god~! please bless me with determination. I'm needing it, desperately. :(

building sentences are hard, very hard!

And i just wiped and vacuumed my room. Why? I felt itchy suddenly. I guess those dust are making me itchy. wth there's dust all over my room even my window is close?! i think i just can't take it. feel so dirty la. goodness.

Tomorrow is Wayne's first day of exam.
Don't worry. I'll pray for you, okay? Darling, do well ya! :)

I LOVE YOU! xoxo

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