Aug 28, 2009


I'm taking Master in Brisbane after finish my degree in Perth. :)

Finally, a great news. I can stop worrying what I'm gonna do after my degree. Live with him and going the same Uni as him. It was my dream. It can finally come true.

Of course, there'll be hard times when we're there. My dad is expecting me to work part time to pay for my own expenses, which I've already expected. And, I've planned to do it as well. Okay, no more loaded in my bank account. HahAha.

But, I know I'll be fine. With him and everyone's help, I know I'll be fine. I'll be just fine. :)

Gosh, I feel like crying. I miss my mom. She keep SMS me, telling me to be happy.

Now, I have to think how to pack all my stuffs here. Don't know will have how many boxes. Leaving some here and take it with me during my Convo on February.

Hmmm. Maybe won't have too many things la. :)

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Cathy C said...

Going which Uni with him?Queensland? Waa...but that time he'll be taking his degree right?? you got the offer letter for master already? what course you taking for master o?

_VeL_ said...

Going QUT. Yes, he'll be taking his degree that time.

And, I haven't complete my degree so how am I gonna enrol? But I've check their requirement.

I'm taking Master of Business (Applied Finance). =S

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