Sep 5, 2009

The dangling sandals

So windy today. Maximum 15c. But sometimes, it shows 17c. Either way, it's still cold, with the wind blowing. There's sun anyway.

Just now, I ran out to hang my sandals under the sun. Just washed it last night. WoooOooo. So cold man. I actually felt the wind can blow me away, if I stand still there. HahahahaHA.

I was worrying the wind will blow my sandals away. So I keep peeping from my window. Then, I thought of taking a picture of it. HAhAha.

My sandals dangling there.
Hopefully, you can see the dangling sandals from the picture. :)
It's maximum zoom. LOL

I checked M'sia weather. OMG! 30c. No wonder all of them complained hot hot hot. Wayne's working in a warehouse now. For 3 days. Freaking hot also. Pity him. God, pour M'sia with some rain la. So cham la. Hot like shit.

Ah, I need to finish my portfolio. Please, don't distract me anymore. Heeee.

One more thing, did anyone realize the top left of my blog's flowers are back? It just appeared from no where again. Hmmm.

5 stars*:

iyouwe said...

go europe for cold weather!
nang u, hope u nang me back!
nang me!

cheahwey said...

Don't beg. It makes you look desperate.

nicole said...

actually sometimes its kinda windy here. not everyday hot.. sometimes 4pm only start to feel the heat.. night time till noon is ok

nicole said...

seriously what is wrong with all these nuffnang-ers?

_VeL_ said...

Maybe iyouwe is new to Nuffnang? He looks kinda desperate for people to nang his post.

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