Sep 7, 2009

I'm not gay, but I look at good looking guys

Ah, moody. Don't know why. Hardly smile today.

Ogay, talk about the test this morning. It was so tensioned. Everyone is sitting side by side la. But, it's a calculation subject, so no point. People poking their calculators and writing noises. Annoying.

The whole 2 hours, I kept hearing people coughing la. Sneezing la. What the hell man. One guy 2 rows above me, sneezed out loudly out of nowhere. Hear also know he didn't cover his nose lo. Disgusting. I damn scared I'll kena H1N1 from anyone of them lo.

Wanna fast fast finish all the questions and leave. Guess what? I stayed till the last minute. One question takes damn kao long to finish lo. First question already takes up 35 minutes. Yes, I counted the time. In total, there's 5 questions. I didn't do one of it, because I really don't know how to do and I don't wanna waste my brainjuice to figure it out. Since, it's only worth 10 marks out of 100. I have 90 marks on hand. Although I really wanna get full for everything.

Then, keep hearing people sighing in the whole 2 hours. The fact is, it's not hard. It's just VERY VERY VERY long working for one blardy sub question. Even I sighed la. Then, the guy beside me sighed too.

I can't wait to tick off all the assessments and exams on my schedule. It' just so stressless when I look at the slashed off ones. Even, there's like 10 more of it left. :(

I can't wait to go home. Thanks for comforting me. You know who you are. :)

P.S to someone: your title just made me smiled. :)

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