Apr 9, 2008

:( bored bored bored

i was kinda excited when think of the view i will gonna see at redang. haha.

but now, i'm seriously bored to death. as i have no class today. even, i have car but i have no destination to head to. so, just stay at home.

my dad even said to me no place to go then stay at home wor. lol

kinda sick also lar. not feeling so well. walk walk abit feel dizzy. better stay at home sleep lar. hahaha.

another point, i was browsing for ways to slim down. haha. getting fatter nowadays. need to control my snacks level. :(

then wanna do a while of sit-ups, but i can't even stand for few times. so, i gave up. lol

p.s: my dad says he is going to buy the panasonic, JOBA. macam the osim one, ride horse one. -.- but this is back and forth type. lol. got many functions wor.

sien betul~ am i the only one so bored today?

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