Apr 1, 2008


tomorrow will be the day of the week.

no classes to attend..no lectures..what also tak ada. hahahaha

so, will be watching the water horse or 27 dresses with him. but not confirm yet lor. he still playing bsb now with his friends.

hmmm..some more what we are going to do leh? i have no idea at all. just feel glad that tomorrow is Wednesday! lol

wanna go to some special places..with nice atmosphere..nice view..erm..nice food..lol

wanna take more pictures of us to put in our special photo album! haha

something like this would be special hor.. imagine is me and him..sei gen lor. haha



‘如果accidentally 中了, 怎么办啊?'

'我不理, 我不要. 你不要 purposely 搞大我的肚啊!'


p.s: i don't know what's the purpose of typing this. lol

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