Apr 30, 2008

relaxing day with assignments

i spent my day with him at home today. guess what we did?

we eat, play around, chat, and some times i did my assignments too. he just accompanioned me.

but most of the time, he was eating. chocolates, biscuits, keropok, coco-crunch, 'leong sui'. he just can't stop e a t i n g . haha

btw, i helped him to do facial too. lol.

i bought those peeling-mask for him. he some more acted like bullied by me. haha

tada~! look at his shiny face. maybe because of the flash. haha.
NO! it's the mask! ok?

when i was doing his face, i realized he macam quite handsome.

so my mouth slipped out this sentence. 'you like so handsome lar'

guess what he said again?

he said: ya wor. last time a lot of Assunta girls after me wan lor.

then we both laughed like hell. even himself also feel sarcastic. hahahaha


we had a funny conversation just now. again.

i almost forgot what was it about. ya, it's about our salary when we will be working.

me: eh, what if, my salary is higher than you? how would u feel?

him: how high first?

me: what if, i earn 5k a month, u only earn 2k a month?

him: then ar..u give me 3k of your salary, then i ma higher salary than yours lor.

me: *laugh* i mean, what if, i really got higher salary than you, how will you feel? will 'zi bei' anot?

him: 'zi bei' ar? no lar. i will surely earn more than you wan.

me: i mean what if lar. how how?

him: easy lar. we total up our salary and divide by 2, then we spilt it. (this is the part i laughed the most, i don't know why) then ma same same lor. don't know how to do maths kah?

US: *laugh laugh laugh*

(maybe you guys can't feel the atmosphere. at that time, i was seriously laugh till cried. haha)

stupid lar.

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