Apr 6, 2008


Helen, my s i s t e r and I went for movie together. yes, just the both of us. yeah, seriously only both of us. lol

my family doesn't have the tradition of going out with sisters, actually. pathetic betul.

ya, i look elder than her.i knew it. haha

so, we watched 27 dresses today.
after 27 times being the bride mate, finally she has become the bride. haha
she is beautiful, isn't she?

it's kinda funny and interesting. the way they express themselves are so fine. lol

go watch it then you will know. at least we both laughed, very loudly. haha

the ending is so funny shit~ cant describe the picture lor. if really there is. lol

after the movie, we went to Penang cafe again! i mean me. hehe. i didn't know where to suggest anymore.

p.s: everything is free for me today. wEeeeeeee. my sis is capable to spend me. haha

5 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

no wor u look younger wor... eh how come u both dun look alike wan?

cheahwey said...

Nicole's siblings are just like her. They look like her and walk like her. MY GOD THE SIMILARITY!

_VeL_ said...

nicole: dun lie! i know she looks younger. lol erm, basically, all of my siblings dun look alike at all lor. maybe the tooth my bro and i have, yes, it is alike! haha

hwey: ya meh? i think i met her sis b4..maybe i didn't observe 'clearly'.haha

-Littlenicky- said...

hwey: haha where got lah.. look maybe lah.. walk mana ada wor?

PC: yes, i didnt lie. u look younger lol.

_VeL_ said...

nicole: we looks pun dun hv lar. you and ur siblings have some alike, it's great! haha

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