Mar 18, 2009

muffin fever

yep, i'm blogging in the early morning. i should be on the bed now, instead of sitting in front of my laptop.

i slept at 4a.m., woke up at 11a.m. by a phone call.

*phone vibrating*

still don't know it's my phone. i forgot i put it in silent mode.

*still vibrating*

when i realized, i picked up but it hung up already.

*called back with blurring tone*

me: who are you?
May: i'm May. we are at library already.
me: *当场醒* oh oh oh. sorry, i studied till 4a.m. and totally forgot bout today.

my usual Wednesday has no classes wan ma. so forgot bout this meeting we set.

yup, so i quickly brush up and changed and walk damn fast to library.

bought muffin as breakfast before i headed home.

looks delicious. $2.70.

the size is 3x bigger than M'sia ones.
30 minutes passed, i'm still eating it. probably i'm not concentrating eating it. HAha

i been eating muffins a lot. when i can't think of what to eat, this is what i spotted.
i even had one yesterday. wtf.

now i realized Kenny Roger's one is damn small. -.-

0 stars*:

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