Mar 12, 2009

we could have done more.

had my first volunteer job from Curtin Uni - Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, 2 days ago.

we were suppose to leave around 12pm, but turned out Matt, the guy who organized this was late due to his classes. so we left Uni around 1p.m. and we had to leave the place by 2.30p.m. so rush.

reached there, and started to pick up dried leafs by eliminating the twigs. so hard to pick thou except those big ones. after 45 minutes of picking up leafs, we had the chance to see the baby
Quenda. so tiny, like a rat. however, we missed the feeding time. it would be awesome if we can feed it. :)

the baby Quenda. :)

only 2 weeks old. so tiny. :o

we also met the Echidna. both of them have names.

if you can't spot them, they are at the corner. black surface. (click on the picture for clearer view)
leafs that we picked are all theirs now! HAhA.

they like to hide under those leafs and we were only able to touch its pocky skin. they were quite shy.

yep, that's it. so tired, gtg bath.

continue study later! :(

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