Mar 6, 2009

what i always wanted.

missing my cats so badly. i can cry by seeing their pictures in my laptop. so emotional la.
it's like losing my pets. lost to somewhere else. that feeling. :(

today was extremely happy. happier than previous days. someone was so stressed out.
i laughed till cry. watery eyes. HahaHAha.

haven't heard of his voices this few days. only keep on sms-ing.
and, e-mail him lesser too. 35th days without him today.
but, i still like the days going out with him. Heh.

books are so heavy. he's not here to take for me until the doorstep of the class. not good. :(

girls' talks tonight. just some kind of gossips, few years back or recent ones.
funny, complicated, embarrassed, mysterious, strange.

let's have beer night. soon. get drunk and sleep. just don't puke, wookay?
oww, and don't say something that you shouldn't say. HaH.

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