Mar 30, 2009

Yogurt + Ice Cream. Yummy.

Rooted in the room for the whole day. It was so boring. OMG. How to go through the rest of the weeks like this? :(

2 months haven't watch any movies in cinemas. Quite amazing la. I never expect i can stand that. We used to watch on every weekend, at least twice a month when he's busy. I'm so missing it. I'm planning to watch with him everyday when I'm back on May. HahA.

When I was bored with exam revisions, I did research for my assignments, vice versa. There goes my day. Or i look for food. Gosh, I'm getting fatter. I'm not as thin as the two sticks who are living with me. HAhaHa.

I don't like exercises. Have to sweat, don't want. Walks to classes are more than enough for me. I never walk that much in a day before lo, seriously. Especially on Thursdays, i walked home three times! Long breaks.

I miss my cats. Hubby said, they grew fatter. :)

I'm cooking on tomorrow's night! I thought of several dishes. Only, I'm not sure whether is it good. Based on what i can imagine of. I searched for recipes, but we kinda lack of a lot of ingredients. wth. ya, so I'll cook with what we have. Hope it turns out alright. HahaHA

Time to oi oi. 5 a.m. for 2 nights already. :P

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