May 16, 2009


What a news. I'm considering taking Master in Marketing after this last year of degree in Finance and Marketing. I never thought I'll even consider it as I really can't wait to get rid of this study life. But i considered because of him, The One.

Situation is, apply PR must meet the requirement of studying 2 years in Australia. So, it gives me no choice but to THINK about it. Probably I have to take it. Half study, half work, can? Work as in OFFICE work. Not restaurant part time work. Not sure can or not. Lots to think of. =(

I'm not even sure will my parents let me stay. But I'm looking forward to be with him right here, together. We even talked about stuffs of living together. It's the strength that keeping me strong here. I wanna hang on with it.

Everything he did for me, I remember. I wanna do something for him too. The life of living together, happily.

4 stars*:

Shu Fen said...

Eh! I wanted to give some advice....but you gave very little sorry no advice :(

Vicissitudes of Life

_VeL_ said...

details? what details you need? =)
thanks for dropping by.

hy said...



_VeL_ said...


希望我们都能为我们的另一半做一些事。 你要加油啦。

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