Jul 13, 2009

Coming to an end...

Yep, less than 2 weeks. Come to think of it, I feel so sad.
Is that happens when you have your half separate far apart with you? 6 hours flight. So lonely.

Went to
Snow Flake yesterday night, with Helen and Wayne. Chong joined us later on.

We went in for 2 rounds. First round only 3 of us.
Ordered these.
Grass Jelly Series.
Red Bean + Peanuts + Grass Jelly

Red Bean + Taro + Grass Jelly
I don't like the Taro. =/
It's not really nice la. Tasted quite weird, mixed with all these.

2nd round, with Chong. =)

TouFu Series.
With grass jelly. This tasted lots better. =)

Helen and Chong.

Blurr blurr one. Wasted. =(

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