Aug 24, 2009

I admit, I'm an emo girl

We've finished our gaduh. We're good now. A lovey dovey couple. HahAhA.

He was very pissed off la. But glad to know that he cares. Cares a lot. :)

Hasn't quarrel with him like this for a period. It's actually kinda interesting. Although the one day process might be a little torturing, for the both of us.

Went to library today. Thought of finishing my Client's brief assignment. But no, I did not have the mood to do it. Been wondering around. And it happened, when I walked to the toilet. I almost went into male's toilet. Wah, thank God. I didn't push the door. HahAha.

Him? He went over to my house today, with a piss off mood, to pick up the modem from my brother. He wanted to crash my things in my room. HahA. And, he didn't take any pictures of my cats. T.T

We talked on the phone, after bombing over on MSN. Continue bombing each other with vulgar words on the phone. Haven't hear him so agitated over the phone for quite long too. HahAha.

He said, he would crash the present he made for me if it's done by now. What the.

Suddenly, I feel I have the cutest husband on earth. Quite gellish. HAhaHA. But he really is. He cares, he angry, scold me with vulgar words, don't know how to express, don't know how to say the words I wanna hear so much. After together for 5 years and 7 months. HahAHa.

He's still keeping it to himself. Secretly care for me. Secretly miss me. Although it's not what I wanted, but I really hope he'll at least tell me once. SMS doesn't count. HahaHA.

P.S: I do need you. You're the only one I ever needed. :)

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