Aug 24, 2009

Final Destination: Rest in Pieces

I just watched the trailer of it, from Nuffnang website. They're giving free tickets away. Have to include your very own horrified pictures. HahAha.

Anyway, it's so scary! Rest in pieces. You can imagine how they all gone into pieces. =S

I've watched the 2nd and 3rd one.
2nd one is about car crashes. Very very horrible when they died. Watched with my brother.

3rd one is about theme park accident. Very very very horrible and funny. Watched with Wayne.

I've no idea why I had the guts to watch them. Seriously. I hate horror movies.

This rest in pieces seems more scary. I guess I have no guts to watch it anyway. Pieces wor.

I saw a part, the girl was stuck in the car while the machine was washing her car. Her car roof opened for some reason. The water flooded in. She put her head out, and stuck there. And ya, she's gone. =S

Okay. Don't know can sleep or not. T.T

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